Horace James SARGENT (private).

Spouse: Cynthia Estella DAVIS-39626. Children were: Constance Geneva SARGENT-39624.

Job SARGENT23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mercy (Mary) -134414. Mercy (Mary) and Job SARGENT were married on 19 October 1864 in Middlefield, Otsego, NY.5919

Lucy A. SARGENT26957 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Kenneth E. SMITH-126351. Lucy A. SARGENT and Kenneth E. SMITH were married before 1944. Children were: Natalie Ann SMITH-126350.

Luther SARGENT was born on 5 November 1812.70383 Parents: Stephen SARGENT-13452 and Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977.

Lyman SARGENT was born on 15 September 1826.70383 Parents: Stephen SARGENT-13452 and Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977.

Mary SARGENT was born on 18 December 1801.70383 Parents: Stephen SARGENT-13452 and Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977.

Mary Horne SARGENT was born on 2 February 1934 in Hot Springs, Garland, AR.7838 She lived in PA in 1952/3.70384 She died on 19 February 2006 at the age of 72 in Pittsford, Monroe, NY.70384 Parents: Henry A. SARGENT-169642 and Elizabeth A. WEILER-169643.

Spouse: TEMPLE-169640. Mary Horne SARGENT and TEMPLE were married before March 1956.7838

Merrick SARGENT was born on 27 May 1810.70383 He died in 1883 at the age of 73.70383 Parents: Stephen SARGENT-13452 and Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977.

Rebecca B. SARGENT (private).

Spouse: Ivory WALES-32041. Children were: Mary Louisa Goddard WALES-5894.

Richard SARGENT70385 died on 14 October 1807 in Bolton, Tolland, CT.

Spouse: Lydia BOYCE-22914. Children were: Stephen SARGENT-13452.

Ruth SARGENT was born in 1797.4544 She died in 1864 at the age of 67.4544

Spouse: Amos PARKER-9456. Ruth SARGENT and Amos PARKER were married in 1830.4544 Children were: Sarah A. PARKER-9481, Freeman S. PARKER-9483, Nathaniel A. PARKER-9489, Prudence S. PARKER-9493.

Seth SARGENT53833 was born in Northborough, Worcester, MA.

Spouse: Maria TEMPLE-1241. Maria TEMPLE and Seth SARGENT were married on 6 April 1834 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.70386 Intention to marry possibly filed on 15 March 1834.

Seth SARGENT was born on 5 October 1807.70383 He died in 1851 at the age of 44.70383 Parents: Stephen SARGENT-13452 and Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977.

Silas SARGENT7850 was born about 1778 in Amesbury, Essex, MA.70387 He died in 1858 at the age of 80 in Glover, Orleans, VT.23 Existence derived from will of Sibbyl Temple, signed 28 Jan 1822 and
received for probate 30 Nov 1822. Parents: Charles SARGENT-26419 and Hannah TUCKER-26420.

Spouse: Content TEMPLE-16640. Content TEMPLE and Silas SARGENT were married on 28 April 1852 in Loudon, Concord, NH.23,7850,70387

Sophia SARGENT was born on 10 October 1805.70383 Parents: Stephen SARGENT-13452 and Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977.

Stephen SARGENT was born in 1774 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA.70383 He died in 1855 at the age of 81.70383 Parents: Richard SARGENT-22913 and Lydia BOYCE-22914.

Spouse: Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977. Mary (Molly) TEMPLE and Stephen SARGENT were married on 6 September 1801 in Boylston, Worcester, MA.11081,17336,19615,70388 Intention filed 6 Sep 1801 at Boylston, MA. Children were: Mary SARGENT-13453, Sophia SARGENT-13454, Seth SARGENT-13456, Merrick SARGENT-13457, Luther SARGENT-13458, Curtis SARGENT-13459, Emory SARGENT-13460, Cordelia SARGENT-13455, Lyman SARGENT-13461, Eliza SARGENT-13462, William SARGENT-13463.

William SARGENT (private). Parents: Stephen SARGENT-13452 and Mary (Molly) TEMPLE-977.

William SARGENT (private).

Spouse: Julia HASKINS-73919. Children were: Ernest Monroe SARGENT-38164.

Jennie SARLE died on 12 December 1888.4544

Spouse: Frederick B. PARKER-8530. Jennie SARLE and Frederick B. PARKER were married in 1881 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.4544 Children were: Howard Sarle PARKER-8532.

Archie SARLES was born in 1885 in IN.70389 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Jeffersonville, Clark, IN.70389 He died.

Spouse: Letta Opal (Opal) TEMPLE-107081. Letta Opal (Opal) TEMPLE and Archie SARLES were married about 1912. Children were: Temple M. SARLES-107684, Fern SARLES-107685.

Fern SARLES was born on 20 August 1915 in Sterling Twp., Crawford, IN.70389,70390 Parents: Archie SARLES-107683 and Letta Opal (Opal) TEMPLE-107081.

John W. SARLES was born in 1844 in Floyd Co., IN.47068,70391 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Whiskey Run Twp., Milltown, Crawford, IN.70391 He died.

Spouse: Catherine JENKINS-107381. Catherine JENKINS and John W. SARLES were married before 1883. Children were: Mattie SARLES-107053.

Mattie SARLES was born on 13 August 1883 in Crawford Co., IN.47068,70391,70392 She gave 1888 in 1910. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Mt. Carmel, Wabash, IL.70392 She lived in Milltown, Crawford, IN in 1913.70393 Mattie appeared in the census in January 1920 in Whiskey Run Twp., Milltown, Crawford, IN.70391 Enumerated in the household of her brother-in-law, John Igert and his wife Hanna, her sister. She died on 1 June 1920 at the age of 36 in Milltown, Crawford, IN.47068 Died of pulmonary tuberculosis. Buried in Milltown Cemetery, Milltown, IN. Her parents were both from IN. By 1910, she had had no children. Her death certificate was informed by Mrs. John Igert of Milltown, IN, who may be her daughter. Parents: John W. SARLES-107380 and Catherine JENKINS-107381.

Spouse: Ruby A. TEMPLE-107052. Mattie SARLES and Ruby A. TEMPLE were married in 1909 in IN.70392

Temple M. SARLES was born in 1912 in IN.70389 He died. Parents: Archie SARLES-107683 and Letta Opal (Opal) TEMPLE-107081.

Fran SARNACKI (private).

Spouse: Michael Lumsden (Michael) PORTER-3170.

Fausey SARNO was born in Italy.34511

Spouse: Dominick FORMICLA-173750. Fausey SARNO and Dominick FORMICLA were married before 1895. Children were: Baptiste FORMICLA-173749.

SAROG was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Charlotte May TEMPLE-60113. Charlotte May TEMPLE and SAROG were married before February 1944.65573

David C. SARTAIN was born (date unknown). In 1`930, there were three David Sartains enumerated, and none of them appear to be this one - all had different middle initials, and their marriages were incompaticle with this one.

Spouse: Shirley A. TEMPLE-148659. Shirley A. TEMPLE and David C. SARTAIN were married before 1927. They were divorced on 27 January 1927 in Davidson Co., TN.70394

Iva Jewel SARTAINE was born in MO.67500 She died.

Spouse: Carlisle REEDER-94812. Iva Jewel SARTAINE and Carlisle REEDER were married. Children were: Grover Elliott REEDER-79660.

Charles Robert SARTOR (private).

Spouse: Mary Marie TEMPLE-88127.

Gertrude SARTORTE28860,70395 was born in Germany.28860

Spouse: August TEMPEL-110202. Gertrude SARTORTE and August TEMPEL were married before 1898. Children were: Arthur Carl TEMPLE Sr.-110193, Irma Elizabeth TEMPLE-110214.

Eugene SASKE was born in 1878 in IL.5420 In January 1920 he was a farmer in Lima, Carroll, IL.5420

Spouse: Mary -135140. Mary and Eugene SASKE were married. Children were: Fran SASKE-135138.

Fran SASKE was born in 1899 in IL.5420 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lima, Carroll, IL.5420 Her parents were both from IL. Parents: Eugene SASKE-135139 and Mary -135140.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-135137. Fran SASKE and John TEMPLE were married about 1920.

Taryn E. SASS (private).

Spouse: Jason Clark TEMPEL-174222.

SASSER (private).

Spouse: Rhonda CROSBY-144486.

Cora SASSER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Thomas DeWitt TEMPLE-162689. Cora SASSER and Thomas DeWitt TEMPLE were married on 23 August 1894 in Fayette Co., TN.70396

Effie Beatrice SASSER (private).

Spouse: Larry ACREE-100268. Children were: Larry Randolph ACREE-79087.

Robert L. SASSER was born on 30 May 1930.70397 He lived in Multnomah Co., OR in 1963.70397

Spouse: Thelda Vervine CROMER-90566. Thelda Vervine CROMER and Robert L. SASSER were married on 8 June 1963 in Vancouver, Clark, WA.26065 License was taken out on 5 Jun, with a three-day hold. Marriage on 8 Jun requires proof. They26065 were divorced before 15 January 1972.

Mary SATCHER (private).

Spouse: William A. CLARK-34156. Children were: Irvin CLARK-34155.

Helen SATLER (private).

Spouse: James SMITH-48802. Children were: Robert M. SMITH-23836.

Andrew Clifford SATTERFIELD70398 was born on 10 January 1928. He died on 6 March 2015 at the age of 87.

Spouse: Myrdeise -120094. Children were: Linda SATTERFIELD-104993.

John Olin SATTERFIELD (private).70399

Spouse: Cynthia Jean (Cindy) TEMPLE-106207.

John Stephen SATTERFIELD (private).

Spouse: Jo Frances LEE-54231. Children were: Harold Albert GOOD-54234.

Joseph P. SATTERFIELD (private).

Spouse: Anna L. SEAGROVE-170280. Children were: Ruth SATTERFIELD-170278.

Linda SATTERFIELD (private). Parents: Andrew Clifford SATTERFIELD-120093 and Myrdeise -120094.

Spouse: Terry L. TEMPLES-104986.

Mamie Ruth SATTERFIELD70400,70401 was born on 25 September 1913.70402 She lived 704 Holt Avenue in Greensboro, Guilford, NC in 1959.70403 She an applicant for a veteran's headstone for her husband on 12 February 1959 in Greensboro, Guilford, NC.70403 Mamie died on 27 April 2004 at the age of 90 in Greensboro, Guilford, NC.70402 Buried in Guilford Memorial Park, Greensboro, NC.

Spouse: David Webster TEMPLE-54268. Mamie Ruth SATTERFIELD and David Webster TEMPLE were married about 1934. They were divorced before 1940.70404,70405 They were either only separated in 1940 or later reconciled and remarried - as they are buried together and she was the one who applied for David's veteran's headstone. Also, when David re-enlisted on 12 Jul 1940, he claimed he was married. Children were: David Allen (David) TEMPLE-80953, Shirley Ann TEMPLE-80954.

Ruth SATTERFIELD was born on 25 September 1913 in Harnett Co., NC.70406 She died on 27 April 2004 at the age of 90 in Conover, Catawba, NC.70407 Parents: Joseph P. SATTERFIELD-170279 and Anna L. SEAGROVE-170280.

Spouse: TEMPLE-170277. Ruth SATTERFIELD and TEMPLE were married before October 1946.70406

Spouse: CROTTS-170281.

Sandra E. SATTERFIELD (private).

Spouse: Ronda TEMPLE-128304.

Carl SATTERLEE (private). Parents: Floyd O. SATTERLEE-144369 and Patricia Ann Stephenson (Patty) TEMPLE-144164.

Floyd O. SATTERLEE (private).

Spouse: Patricia Ann Stephenson (Patty) TEMPLE-144164. Children were: Carl SATTERLEE-144370.