Charles W. HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Myrtle A. DOANE-43808. Children were: Edward Walter HOPKINS-43806.

Edward Walter HOPKINS was born on 11 May 1922 in Chatham, Barnstable, MA.23,44611 He died in May 1987 at the age of 65 in Columbia, Tolland, CT.44611 Parents: Charles W. HOPKINS-43807 and Myrtle A. DOANE-43808.

Spouse: Joan Constance TEMPLE-38161. Joan Constance TEMPLE and Edward Walter HOPKINS were married on 27 January 1951 in Harwich, Barnstable, MA.23,44612 Also registered in Chatham, MA.

Edwin F. HOPKINS (private).44613

Spouse: Tina N. TEMPLE-147379.

Eleanor Jean (Eleanor) HOPKINS was born in 1909 in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.44614,44615 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.44614 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.44615 Eleanor lived in Milford, Worcester, MA in 1996.43258 She died on 10 March 2004 at the age of 95 in Uxbridge, Worcester, MA.44616 Buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Milford, MA. Her parents may have been John W. and Margaret (Jefferson) Hopkins. Parents: Joseph HOPKINS-37914 and Martha BUTT-37915.

Spouse: BUTCHER-37916.

Spouse: Clayton Alvin (Clayton) TEMPLE Sr.-36541. Eleanor Jean (Eleanor) HOPKINS and Clayton Alvin (Clayton) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 18 December 1927 in Framingham, Middlesex, MA.23,44614,44617 Children were: Robert Leslie (Robert) TEMPLE-36543, Natalie Grace (Natalie) TEMPLE-36551, Clayton Alvin (Clayton) TEMPLE Jr.-37063, Shirley Ann TEMPLE-36552.

Elisha HOPKINS (private). Parents: Elisha HOPKINS-13840 and Rebecca MASON-13841.

Spouse: Marion SPRAGUE-13839. Children were: William L. HOPKINS-13836.

Elisha HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Rebecca MASON-13841. Children were: Elisha HOPKINS-13838.

Erman HOPKINS44618 was born in IN.

Spouse: Mildred MARCUM-106059. Mildred MARCUM and Erman HOPKINS were married before 1951. Children were: Nelia Anita (Anita) HOPKINS-106056.

Eugene Almon HOPKINS17434,44619 was born in April 1894 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.4099,44620 He died in 1972 at the age of 78. Parents: Almon L. HOPKINS-13835 and Clara E. TEMPLE-2199.

Spouse: Gladys Vera HUFF-16604. Gladys Vera HUFF and Eugene Almon HOPKINS were married on 25 October 1919 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.4099,4396,44619,44621 The news article of their wedding said it took place at the Universalist parsonage on Forest Street, but gave no city, though the newspaper was the Bangor, ME, Daily News. Marriage indexes indicate the place was Pittsfield, but the newspaper implied Bangor.

Fleeta I. HOPKINS was born in 1927.44622 She lived in CA in 1971.7837

Spouse: Herman Frank (Herman) TEMPLE-74836. Fleeta I. HOPKINS and Herman Frank (Herman) TEMPLE were married on 5 June 1971 in Las Vegas, Clark, NV.7837 They7837 were divorced in December 1971 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.44622

Francis E. HOPKINS was born in 1882.44623 He appeared in the census in 1916 in Chicago, Cook, IL.44623

Spouse: Marguerite TEMPLE-143351. Marguerite TEMPLE and Francis E. HOPKINS were married on 25 March 1916 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.44623,44624

Frank Loring HOPKINS17434 was born on 25 November 1886 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.44625 He died. Parents: Almon L. HOPKINS-13835 and Clara E. TEMPLE-2199.

Garfield HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Mae LUTZ-168928. Children were: Beatrice Elizebeth HOPKINS-168926.

Jacqueline HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: John Douglas TEMPLE-142961.

Jerry Dale HOPKINS (private).44626 Parents: William Jefferson HOPKINS-155119 and Louise B. GRICE-155120.

Spouse: Nell TEMPLES-155115. Children were: Terry Wayne HOPKINS-155117, Vickie Lynn HOPKINS-155118.

Joe HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Josephine MC COY-92915. Children were: Lucille HOPKINS-85339.

John HOPKINS148,20227 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nellie DONIHUE-23090. Nellie DONIHUE and John HOPKINS were married before 1895. Children were: Marjorie Chess HOPKINS-23088.

John Milton HOPKINS was born on 10 February 1826 in Antrim, Hillsborough, NH.44627 Parents: Deacon Solomon HOPKINS-19293 and Sally TEMPLE-4404.

Joseph HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Martha BUTT-37915. Children were: Eleanor Jean (Eleanor) HOPKINS-36550.

Lillian May (Lillian) HOPKINS44628 was born on 24 July 1902 in Upton, Worcester, MA.23,22713,44629,44630,44631 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Upton, Worcester, MA.22713 In April 1940 she was a mill laborer in Upton, Worcester, MA.44631 Lillian lived in Upton, Worcester, MA in 1976.44630 She died on 27 December 1976 at the age of 74 in Dover, Norfolk, MA.23,44629,44630,44632,44633 Buried in Lakeview Cemetery, Upton, MA. Parents: Walter E. HOPKINS-38639 and Edith L. BATES-38640.

Spouse: Forrest Wilder (Wilder) TEMPLE-3223. Lillian May (Lillian) HOPKINS and Forrest Wilder (Wilder) TEMPLE were married on 5 May 1920 in Upton, Worcester, MA.23,22713,44628,44634 Children were: Dorothy Evelyn (Dorothy) TEMPLE-3366, Forrest Wilder TEMPLE Jr.-3365.

Lucille HOPKINS was born on 25 January 1916 in TN.8428,44635,44636,44637 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Sherwood, Franklin, TN.8428 She lived in Decherd, Franklin, TN before 1979.44637 Lucille lived in Grundy Co., TN in 1979.44636 She died on 3 January 1979 at the age of 62 in Anderson Co., TN.9626,44635,44636,44637 Her location in 1979 is a bit confused. Various recoreds point to Grundy, Anderson and Jefferson counties - and since they are all primary sources, it is hard to sort them out. Buried in Pelham Cemetery, Pelham, TN. Parents: Joe HOPKINS-92914 and Josephine MC COY-92915.

Spouse: John David TEMPLES-50017. Lucille HOPKINS and John David TEMPLES were married on 3 January 1934 in Franklin Co., TN.44635,44638 They44635,44638 were married on 18 June 1955 in Franklin Co., TN.44639 The reason for their second marriage is unknown. Children were: Rita Joy TEMPLES-85340, Mollie Ann TEMPLES-85341, Tina Pearl TEMPLES-109952, Irma Lucille TEMPLES-93294, Joe Thomas TEMPLES-109958, Johnnie Marie (Marie) TEMPLES-109961, Princess TEMPLES-109963, Janice TEMPLES-109965, Gordon Dobbins TEMPLES-127089.

Marjorie Chess HOPKINS18903,20227 was born on 25 January 1895 in Butte, Silver Bow, MT.148,20227,44640,44641,44642 She was educated A.B. Stanford University in 1918.20227 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.44640 Marjorie appeared in the census in April 1940 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.44642 She died on 12 December 1988 at the age of 93 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148,44641,44643 Buried in Bellevue Cemetery and Mausoleum, Ontario, CA. In 1930 and 1940, she claimed her parents were from KY (father) and MI (mother), but her father was actually from MO. Parents: John HOPKINS-23089 and Nellie DONIHUE-23090.

Spouse: Truman Kellum (Truman) TEMPLE-3029. Marjorie Chess HOPKINS and Truman Kellum (Truman) TEMPLE were married on 1 July 1922 in Riverside, Riverside, CA.20227,44644,44645,44646 Children were: Truman Donihue (Truman) TEMPLE-23091, Cynthia Teneriffe TEMPLE-23092.

Mary HOPKINS11997 was born in Ireland.4336

Spouse: Gilbert Vance GAMBLE-18273. Mary HOPKINS and Gilbert Vance GAMBLE were married before 1866. Children were: Alice Maud GAMBLE-2468.

Maude Elma HOPKINS21161 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William Francis LAMOREAUX-40856. Maude Elma HOPKINS and William Francis LAMOREAUX were married before 1913. Children were: Martha Hopkins LAMOREAUX-40853.

Milly Gertrude HOPKINS17434 was born on 8 May 1896 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.44647 She died in 1949 at the age of 53. Parents: Almon L. HOPKINS-13835 and Clara E. TEMPLE-2199.

Nelia Anita (Anita) HOPKINS (private).44618 Parents: Erman HOPKINS-106058 and Mildred MARCUM-106059.

Spouse: NICHOLSON-106057.

Spouse: Daniel Lloyd TEMPLE Sr.-69276.

Omer A. HOPKINS was born in 1901 in LA.44648,44649 He lived in Shreveport, Caddo, LA on 1 April 1935.44649 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Bay City, Matagorda, TX.44649 Omer died in 1983 at the age of 82 in LA.44648

Spouse: Mattie Bell TEMPLE-140250. Mattie Bell TEMPLE and Omer A. HOPKINS were married in July 1937 in Union Co., AR.44650

Perley Russell HOPKINS17434 was born on 15 May 1891 in Detroit, Somerset, ME.44651 He died on 5 July 1958 at the age of 67. Parents: Almon L. HOPKINS-13835 and Clara E. TEMPLE-2199.

Ralph A. HOPKINS17434,44620 was born in 1889 in Detroit, Somerset, ME. Parents: Almon L. HOPKINS-13835 and Clara E. TEMPLE-2199.

Richard HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Bonney TEMPLE-153313.

Richard HOPKINS (private).

Spouse: Boots TEMPLE-153315.

Shirley Martin HOPKINS was born in Claysville, Washington, PA.7412 Her name is very uncertain. Some sources also give just Shirley Martin. Parents: EVANS-113705 and Verna -113702.

Spouse: Donald Wilmot TEMPLE Sr.-87746. Shirley Martin HOPKINS and Donald Wilmot TEMPLE Sr. were married before 1959. Children were: Donald Wilmot TEMPLE Jr.-113703, Rodney M. TEMPLE-113704.

Solomon HOPKINS23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hannah HIGGINS-46701. Hannah HIGGINS and Solomon HOPKINS were married before 1787. Children were: Deacon Solomon HOPKINS-19293.

Deacon Solomon HOPKINS19695 was born on 25 December 1787 in Wellfleet, Barnstable, MA.23 His parentage and birth information requires proof. Parents: Solomon HOPKINS-46700 and Hannah HIGGINS-46701.

Spouse: Sally TEMPLE-4404. Sally TEMPLE and Deacon Solomon HOPKINS were married on 26 December 1811 in Antrim, Hillsborough, NH.19695,44627,44652 Children were: John Milton HOPKINS-30958.

Sophia HOPKINS was born in 1835 in Springfield Twp., Windsor, VT.4544 She died in 1863 at the age of 28.4544

Spouse: James PARKER-7863. Sophia HOPKINS and James PARKER were married in 1850.4544

Terry Wayne HOPKINS (private).44626 Parents: Jerry Dale HOPKINS-155116 and Nell TEMPLES-155115.

Vickie Lynn HOPKINS (private).44626 Parents: Jerry Dale HOPKINS-155116 and Nell TEMPLES-155115.

Walter E. HOPKINS23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edith L. BATES-38640. Edith L. BATES and Walter E. HOPKINS were married before 1902. Children were: Lillian May (Lillian) HOPKINS-3364.

Warren B. HOPKINS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lucy Mary PARKER-8749. Lucy Mary PARKER and Warren B. HOPKINS were married in 1877 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.4544

William Jefferson HOPKINS was born on 13 July 1918.44626

Spouse: Louise B. GRICE-155120. Children were: Jerry Dale HOPKINS-155116.

William L. HOPKINS17434 was born in 1825.17434 He died in 1898 at the age of 73.17434 Parents: Elisha HOPKINS-13838 and Marion SPRAGUE-13839.

Spouse: Mary Ann WYMAN-13837. Children were: Almon L. HOPKINS-13835.

Hattie L. HOPPE was born on 11 October 1890.44653,44654 She lived in Carl Junction, Jasper, MO in 1912.44653 She lived 912 North Washington Street in Iola, Allen, KS in 1917.44655 Hattie died in June 1980 at the age of 89 in Peabody, Marion, KS.44654,44656 Buried in Carl Junction Cemetery, Carl Junction, MO.

Spouse: William Henry (Will) TEMPLE-31722. Hattie L. HOPPE and William Henry (Will) TEMPLE were married on 10 August 1912 in Parsons, Labette, KS.44653

Charles HOPPER1484 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Clarkie -122562. Clarkie and Charles HOPPER were married before 1827. Children were: Mahulda (Hulda) HOPPER-33757.

Classie HOPPER (private).

Spouse: Caswell K. QUIMBY-26784. Children were: Susan QUIMBY-26776, William R. (Doc) QUIMBY-24243, Columbus Caswell (C.C. or Lum) QUIMBY-26763, Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) QUIMBY-24244.

George HOPPER died.

Spouse: Dorothy May MORRISON-105587. Dorothy May MORRISON and George HOPPER were married in 1939.44657 They44657 were divorced in 1949.44657 Children were: Venetia May HOPPER-105591.

Mahulda (Hulda) HOPPER44658,44659,44660 was born on 11 August 1827 in Marshall Co., TN.1484,44659,44660,44661,44662,44663,44664 Gave her age as 31 in 1860. Gave her age as 42 in 1870 and 52 in 1880. She appeared in the census in 1850 in Bedford Co., TN.44661 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Marshall Co., TN.44659,44664 Mahulda appeared in the census in July 1870 in Marshall Co., TN.44663 In June 1880 she was a farmer in Marshall Co., TN.44662 She was ill with blind between 1900 and 1920 in Neodesha, Wilson, KS.1484 She moved to Neodesha to live with her daughters as she was in declining health. The greater mortion of her last 19 years, she was blind. Mahulda appeared in the census in 1900 in Marshall Co., TN.44659 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Neodesha, Wilson, KS.44665 Enumerated in the home of her daughter Nancy and her family. She died on 2 October 1920 at the age of 93 in Neodesha, Wilson, KS.44666 Abt one week before she died, she broke her right leg when relatives attempted to adjust her in her bed. She died in the home of her daughter, Nancy Houston. Buried in Neodesha Cemetery, Neodesha, KS. Name is also given as Hooper.

Parents: Charles HOPPER-122561 and Clarkie -122562.

Spouse: Leonard A. TEMPLE-33756. Mahulda (Hulda) HOPPER and Leonard A. TEMPLE were married on 4 May 1848 in Marshall Co., TN.457,1484,44659 Mahalda's obituary said the date was 4 Aug 1848. Children were: Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-33758, Catherine TEMPLE-33759, Nancy J. (Nannie) TEMPLE-33760, William A. TEMPLE-33761, Lewis T. TEMPLE-33762, Leonard Carter (Len) TEMPLE-33763, Robert R. (Bob) TEMPLE-51090.

Mina HOPPER44667 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: William E. VALDER Sr.-90753. Mina HOPPER and William E. VALDER Sr. were married before 1905. Children were: William E. VALDER Jr.-41566.

Venetia May HOPPER (private).44657 Parents: George HOPPER-105590 and Dorothy May MORRISON-105587.

Dawn HOPPES (private).44668

Spouse: Danford D. STONER-106647. Children were: Darrell Douglas STONER-106646.

Elias HOPPES (private).

Spouse: Maryann (Mary) -25647. Children were: Josiah (Si) HOPPES-21757.

Jasper G. HOPPES20389 was born on 12 October 1907.44669 He died in March 1974 at the age of 66 in Anderson, Madison, IN.44669

Spouse: Fanny Arrabelle TEMPLE-26200. Fanny Arrabelle TEMPLE and Jasper G. HOPPES were married in 1930.44670