Azubah P. POWERS was born in 1811.2903 She died in 1865 at the age of 54.2903

Spouse: Jabez M. PARKER. Children were: Isaac Myron PARKER, Addison Leslie PARKER, Isabella Brown PARKER, James Henry PARKER.

Duncan POWERS (private).

Spouse: Esther Alice STIGEN. Children were: Michael POWERS, Martin POWERS.

Captain Henry POWERS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Eunice GODDARD. Eunice GODDARD and Captain Henry POWERS were married after 1809.9183

James Dalton POWERS (private).

Spouse: Jeannette Helen SHOREY. Children were: James Dalton POWERS Jr..

James Dalton POWERS Jr. (private).18,41638 Parents: James Dalton POWERS and Jeannette Helen SHOREY.

Spouse: Pamela Kay TEMPLE. Children were: James Dalton POWERS III, Sabrina Lynn POWERS.

James Dalton POWERS III (private).18,41638 Parents: James Dalton POWERS Jr. and Pamela Kay TEMPLE.

John N. POWERS (private).

Spouse: Anna CONNOR. Children were: Mary Isabelle (Mary) POWERS.

Joseph POWERS (private).

Spouse: Colleen . Children were: Megan Elizabeth POWERS.

Keziah L. POWERS (private).

Spouse: Jacob NEWELL. Children were: Hannah C. NEWELL.

Lou M. POWERS (private).

Spouse: Jefferson Wiltse REWEY.

Spouse: COLLINS.

M.W.H. (Billy) POWERS16284 was born in Henderson Co., TX.41637 He died.

Spouse: Martha E. TEMPLE. Martha E. TEMPLE and M.W.H. (Billy) POWERS were married on 27 November 1873 in Henderson Co., TX.29547 Children were: Maude Mary POWERS, Allie POWERS.

Martha POWERS was born in 1842 in IN.29965,39442,41639 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Sterling, Crawford, IN.39442 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Sterling, Crawford, IN.29965 Martha appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wataga, Knox, IL.41639 She died before 1910 at the age of 68.19387 Her parents were both from VA. Surname from her son John's marriage records.

Spouse: John L. TEMPLE-RLT # U1345. Martha POWERS and John L. TEMPLE were married about 1859. Children were: Lettie C. TEMPLE, Ida E. TEMPLE, Mary E. TEMPLE, Edward C. TEMPLE, Jennie Eliza (Jennie) TEMPLE, Olive F. TEMPLE, John L. TEMPLE Jr..

Martin POWERS (private). Parents: Duncan POWERS and Esther Alice STIGEN.

Mary A. POWERS (private).

Spouse: Charles HAGERTY. Children were: William Wilfred HAGERTY.

Mary E. POWERS (private).

Spouse: Frank CANAVAN. Children were: Mary Elizabeth CANAVAN.

Mary Isabelle (Mary) POWERS41640 was born on 1 July 1872 in MN.259,9961,28269,32469,41641,41642,41643,41644 Gave her age as 60 in 1940. She appeared in the census in June 1905 in Morristown, Rice, MN.41643 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Morristown, Rice, MN.9961 Mary appeared in the census in January 1920 in Morristown, Rice, MN.41645 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Morristown, Rice, MN.32469 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Morristown, Rice, MN.28269 Mary died on 27 December 1958 at the age of 86 in Blue Earth Co., MN.259,41644 Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Waterville, MN. Her parents were from Rhode Island (father) and Ireland (mother). By 1910, she had had 3 children, all of whom survived. Parents: John N. POWERS and Anna CONNOR.

Spouse: Asa Leonard (Asa) TEMPLE. Mary Isabelle (Mary) POWERS and Asa Leonard (Asa) TEMPLE were married in 1897 in MN.9961,32469 Children were: Mary A. TEMPLE, Annie Evangeline TEMPLE, Adrian Asa (Asa) TEMPLE.

Maude Mary POWERS41646 was born on 26 March 1880 in Eastland Co., TX. She died on 14 May 1935 at the age of 55 in Ranger, Eastland, TX. Parents: M.W.H. (Billy) POWERS and Martha E. TEMPLE.

Megan Elizabeth POWERS (private).15659 Parents: Joseph POWERS and Colleen .

Spouse: Brian Dean TEMPLE. Children were: Allison Elizabeth TEMPLE, Emily Patricia TEMPLE.

Michael POWERS (private). Parents: Duncan POWERS and Esther Alice STIGEN.

Myrabelle R. (Belle) POWERS was born in September 1850 in VT.18,41647 She died.

Spouse: Charles TEMPLE. Myrabelle R. (Belle) POWERS and Charles TEMPLE were married on 5 November 1889 in Bakersfield, Franklin, VT.18

Rachel POWERS (private).

Spouse: John READE. Children were: Dorothy Alderman READE.

Sabrina Lynn POWERS (private).18,41638 Parents: James Dalton POWERS Jr. and Pamela Kay TEMPLE.

Sallie POWERS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joseph TEMPLE-RLT # 92ii. Sallie POWERS and Joseph TEMPLE were married in 1873 in Pasquotank Co., NC.41648

Thomas POWERS11086 was born in 1815.

Spouse: Caroline TAYLOR. Caroline TAYLOR and Thomas POWERS were married.

William H. POWERS497 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nancy P. TEMPLE. Nancy P. TEMPLE and William H. POWERS were married on 22 February 1843 in Lorain Co., OH.497

E. Stewart POWLESLAND (private). Parents: Herbert C. POWLESLAND and Mary B. TEMPLE.

Herbert C. POWLESLAND died on 12 August 1935 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.41649

Spouse: Mary B. TEMPLE. Mary B. TEMPLE and Herbert C. POWLESLAND were married on 25 September 1895 in Collamer, Onondaga, NY.41649 Children were: E. Stewart POWLESLAND.

William R. POWRIE (private).

Spouse: Kathleen GRAHAM.

David J. POWROZEK (private).

Spouse: Shirley L. TEMPLE.

Charles Francis POXSON (private).

Spouse: Carrie B. TAYLOR. Children were: Laura T. POXSON.

Laura T. POXSON (private). Parents: Charles Francis POXSON and Carrie B. TAYLOR.

Spouse: George B. SCOVELL.

Richard PRAGLIN (private).41650

Spouse: Lila E. TEMPLE.

O.F. PRAGMA was born in 1872 in NH.36957 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.36957 He died. His surname was illegible in 1910. His parents were from NH (father) and MA (mother).

Spouse: Mary F. TEMPLE. Mary F. TEMPLE and O.F. PRAGMA were married in 1896 in NH.36957 Children were: Warren L. PRAGMA.

Warren L. PRAGMA was born in 1897 in NH.36957 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.36957 He died. Parents: O.F. PRAGMA and Mary F. TEMPLE.

PRANGE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth TEMPLE.

Elizabeth G. PRANGE (private).41651

Spouse: Edmund S. TEMPLE.

Geraldine Marie PRATHER was born on 29 January 1925.22902,41652 She died on 18 July 1990 at the age of 65.22902,41652 Parents: Jack PRATHER and Florence COWELL.

Spouse: Burton Otis TEMPLE Jr.. Geraldine Marie PRATHER and Burton Otis TEMPLE Jr. were married on 5 February 1944 in St. Joseph Co., IN.41653

Jack PRATHER (private).

Spouse: Florence COWELL. Children were: Geraldine Marie PRATHER.

Judez M. PRATHER (private).

Spouse: Albert Morrell EMFINGER. Children were: Judy Paulette EMFINGER.

Mattie Loretta PRATHER (private).

Spouse: W. R. CHANEY Jr..

PRATT was born in OH.26234

Spouse: Emma M. GRIMES. Emma M. GRIMES and PRATT were married about 1870. Children were: John PRATT.

PRATT (private).

Spouse: Alice M. BRALEY.

Abner PRATT (private).

Spouse: Mary WRIGHT. Children were: Mehitable (Hitty) PRATT.

Albert P. PRATT (private).

Spouse: Viletta WING. Children were: Ella Alberta (Ella) PRATT.

Alfred R. PRATT18953 was born in 1859.41654 He died on 15 December 1945 at the age of 86 in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME.

Spouse: Annie Arline (Annie) TEMPLE. Annie Arline (Annie) TEMPLE and Alfred R. PRATT were married on 10 November 1883 in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME.18953 Children were: Arthur Pearl PRATT, Hollis Samuel PRATT, Elna Arline PRATT, Ethel Caroline PRATT, Marcia Leota PRATT, Percy Alfred PRATT.

Allan P. PRATT (private).11265

Spouse: Myra Ann TEMPLE.

Arthur Pearl PRATT18953 was born on 12 November 1884 in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME. Parents: Alfred R. PRATT and Annie Arline (Annie) TEMPLE.

Barry PRATT (private).

Spouse: Lydia TOOTHAKER. Children were: Laura Ella (Ella) PRATT.

Captain Benjamin F. PRATT8787 was born on 1 August 1755 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.41655 He died on 29 December 1831 at the age of 76 in Franklin, Franklin, VT.41655,41656 Some sources include his middle initial, but this does not appear in the vital records. Parents: Elnathan PRATT and Abigail MIXER.

Spouse: Sarah TEMPLE. Sarah TEMPLE and Captain Benjamin F. PRATT were married on 15 August 1776 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.18,3477,8787,41655 Intent filed 31 Jul 1776. Children were: Sally PRATT, Zilpah PRATT, Reuben PRATT, Mary PRATT, Charlotte PRATT, John Gilbert PRATT, Benjamin T. PRATT, Eben W. PRATT, Nathan PRATT, Lamson PRATT, Lawson PRATT, Franklin PRATT, Windsor PRATT, Joseph W. PRATT.

Benjamin T. PRATT18 was born about 1785. Parents: Captain Benjamin F. PRATT and Sarah TEMPLE.