Joseph A. VANDERBURGH was born on 20 September 1868 in Ontario, Canada.10665,27909 In 1898 he was an engineer in Lambton Co., Ontario, Canada.27909 He appeared in the census in 1901 in Plympton, Lambton West, Ontario, Canada.10665 Parents: James VANDERBURGH-150575 and Sarah LOGAN-150576.

Spouse: Ida Augusta SIMMONS-150266. Ida Augusta SIMMONS and Joseph A. VANDERBURGH were married on 1 July 1898 in Petrolia Village, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.27909 Children were: Earl VANDERBURGH-132770, Cecil VANDERBURGH-180224.

VANDERFORD was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Marian Evelyn PEARSON-26873. Marian Evelyn PEARSON and VANDERFORD were married before April 1956.33347

Enos A. VANDERFORD50107 died.

Spouse: Catherine KIRSCH-116491. Catherine KIRSCH and Enos A. VANDERFORD were married before 1905. Children were: James B. VANDERFORD-116489.

Ida M. VANDERFORD (private).

Spouse: John M. HARRELL-170304. Children were: Firn HARRELL-170303.

James B. VANDERFORD was born in 1905.50107 He died. Parents: Enos A. VANDERFORD-116490 and Catherine KIRSCH-116491.

Spouse: Goldie O. WILLIAMS-60070. Goldie O. WILLIAMS and James B. VANDERFORD were married on 24 February 1950 in Franklin Co., OH.50107

Mary Lee VANDERHEIDEN (private).133037

Spouse: Daniel James TEMPLE Jr.-139645.

Libbie VANDERHEYDEN was born in 1862 in Stockton, Jo Daviess, IL.4544

Spouse: Abraham Lincoln PARKER-9191. Libbie VANDERHEYDEN and Abraham Lincoln PARKER were married in 1882.63162 Children were: Philip Meade PARKER-9273, Clarinda A. PARKER-9277, LeRoy C. PARKER-9279, Emily E. PARKER-9280, Florence M. PARKER-9281, Helen E. PARKER-9282.

VANDERHOFF was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Maud D. MC BETH-124851. Maud D. MC BETH and VANDERHOFF were married before 1936.56213

John Craig VANDERLAND (private).133038 Parents: John Walter VANDERLAND-167944 and Patricia Gail TEMPLE-167943.

John Walter VANDERLAND (private).

Spouse: Patricia Gail TEMPLE-167943. Children were: John Craig VANDERLAND-167964, Kimberly Gail VANDERLAND-167945.

Kimberly Gail VANDERLAND (private).117901 Parents: John Walter VANDERLAND-167944 and Patricia Gail TEMPLE-167943.

Mollie Mary VANDERMARK was born on 23 February 1881 in Bartlett, Labette, KS.41799 She died on 19 February 1960 at the age of 78 in Burley, Cassia, ID.29162,41799 She died in the home of her daughter, Viola.

Spouse: Sam HAYDEN-61176. Mollie Mary VANDERMARK and Sam HAYDEN were married on 17 January 1900.29162 Children were: Viola Gertrude (Vi) HAYDEN-49316.

Johan William VANDERMEADE (private).

Spouse: Rosemarie J. TEMPLE-165157.

Cornelius VANDERPLOEG (private).

Spouse: Dora KATSMA-102230. Children were: Rena VANDERPLOEG-43927.

Rena VANDERPLOEG133039 was born on 3 June 1883 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.50700,103288,133039 She gave her age as 56 in 1940, but gave her birth year as late as 1890 in places. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.50700 In April 1940 she was a dry cleaning plant presser in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.103288 Rena died on 3 May 1967 at the age of 83 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.133040 Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Plot: BLOCK 01 Lot :240 Space :6. Her parents were both from the Netherlands. Parents: Cornelius VANDERPLOEG-102229 and Dora KATSMA-102230.

Spouse: Jacob Henry (Jack) TEMPLE-21587. Rena VANDERPLOEG and Jacob Henry (Jack) TEMPLE were married in 1930 in MI.50700

Fern VANDERPOOL (private). Parents: George Washington VANDERPOOL-64421 and Lillie Jane TEMPLE-64420.

George Washington VANDERPOOL was born in March 1873 in OR.7232 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Ramsey, Wasco, OR.7232 He died in 1960 at the age of 87.111610 Parents: William VANDERPOOL-64422 and Susan -64423.

Spouse: Lillie Jane TEMPLE-64420. Lillie Jane TEMPLE and George Washington VANDERPOOL were married on 31 December 1899 in Dufur, Wasco, OR.111609,111611 Children were: Fern VANDERPOOL-80126, Raymond Temple VANDERPOOL-80127.

Raymond Temple VANDERPOOL (private). Parents: George Washington VANDERPOOL-64421 and Lillie Jane TEMPLE-64420.

William VANDERPOOL was born in January 1852 in MO.7232 He died.

Spouse: Susan -64423. Susan and William VANDERPOOL were married. Children were: George Washington VANDERPOOL-64421.

Nellie VANDERSHAAF11938 was born in Netherlands.11940 She died.

Spouse: John BARSEMA-96655. Nellie VANDERSHAAF and John BARSEMA were married before 1859.11940 Children were: Stientje (Stella) BARSEMA-21027, Herman BARSEMA-96654.

Lottie J. VANDERSLICE56748 died.

Spouse: Dan MC DONALD-105136. Lottie J. VANDERSLICE and Dan MC DONALD were married before 1920. Children were: Arlene Fay MC DONALD-84918.

A. VANDERSPER (private).

Spouse: Eugene S. CLARK-73938. Children were: Bruce Edward CLARK-73937.

Delores Velma VANDERVEER (private).

Spouse: William Otto GRIMM Jr.-167855. Children were: Caroline Louise GRIMM-167854.

VANDERWARK was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Amelia GATES-36125. Amelia GATES and VANDERWARK were married after 1880.

A.D. VANDERWATER was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Peter TEMPLE-139485. A.D. VANDERWATER and Peter TEMPLE were married on 24 December 1888 in Petrolia Village, Lambton, Ontario, Canada.2546,118453

VANDERWEGE (private).

Spouse: Beatrice Arlene BLAUVELT-82948.

Aake VANDERZICHT82647 was born in 1836 in Holland.82647

Spouse: Antje (Annie) TEMPLE-160696. Antje (Annie) TEMPLE and Aake VANDERZICHT were married. Children were: Oscar VANDERZICHT-160698.

Oscar VANDERZICHT was born in 1890 in Holland.82647 Parents: Aake VANDERZICHT-160697 and Antje (Annie) TEMPLE-160696.

Alveretta Drusilla (Etta) VANDEWATER1998 was born on 31 August 1859 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.1998 She lived in London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada in 1899.76721 She died in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI.1998 Her surname might be Hawley. Her marriage to Edgar Taft took place in her uncle's residence in Minneapolis, MN. His name was G.T. Halwey.

Spouse: Fred TEMPLE-138548. Alveretta Drusilla (Etta) VANDEWATER and Fred TEMPLE were married.76721

Spouse: Edgar TAFT-138550. Alveretta Drusilla (Etta) VANDEWATER and Edgar TAFT were married on 4 May 1899 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.76721

Jeffrey John VANDREEL (private).133041

Spouse: Yvonne Beth TEMPLE-124657.

Henrik VANDYK was born on 9 February 1836.133042 He died on 10 April 1872 at the age of 36.51744,133042

Spouse: Grietje (Gertrude) (Maggie) LAPPENGA-141192. Grietje (Gertrude) (Maggie) LAPPENGA and Henrik VANDYK were married before 1872. They may have married in the Netherlands, as there was no record of such a marriage in MI records.

Roelvine VANDYK58110 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lammert MEREMA-80372. Roelvine VANDYK and Lammert MEREMA were married before 1903. Children were: Clarence MEREMA-80371.

VANECEK was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Kathryn -128820. Kathryn and VANECEK were married before December 1901. Children were: Marie VANECEK-124521.

Marie VANECEK128896 was born on 10 December 1901 in Montclair, Essex, NJ.128890,133043 She lived in NJ before 1951.133043 She lived in Passaic, Passaic, NJ in 1968.128896 Marie lived 30 Holden Street in Clifton, Passaic, NJ in September 1968.128891 She died on 17 August 1971 at the age of 69 in Clifton, Passaic, NJ.133043,133044,133045,133046 Her obituary did not give cause, circumstances or place of death. Buried in Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Upper Montclair, NJ, Plot Blk-EAST Tr-13 Gr-80 1A. Parents: VANECEK-128819 and Kathryn -128820.

Spouse: William Thomas TEMPLE-49438. Marie VANECEK and William Thomas TEMPLE were married in September 1943 in Paterson, Passaic, NJ.3930,128890 The newspaper announcement of their marriage was published 1 Oct 1943, but all it said about the date of the ceremony was that it took place "recently."

Andrew VANEMON (private).

Spouse: Bonnie TEMPLE-28509.

John VANGIESON was born in 1846 in Dallas Twp., Clinton, MI.94218 He lived in Dallas Twp., Clinton, MI in 1870.94218 He died.

Spouse: Emma Bliss (Emily) TEMPLE-509. Emma Bliss (Emily) TEMPLE and John VANGIESON were married on 29 November 1870 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.21879,94218,94219

Roxanne VANGIESON (private).

Spouse: Perry Anthony HORTON Sr.-14292.

Anna VANGUILD (private).

Spouse: Jacob RADENBACK-115327. Children were: Mary F. RADENBACK-55318.

Leona Marie (Marie) VANHUSS96978 was born on 17 June 1919 in Parke Co., IN.14590,71080,71082,133047 Given as 6 months of age in the Jan 1920 census, the Van Hoose genealogy date of Jun 1920 is off by a year. 1919 agrees with SSDI. She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Union Twp., Parke, IN.14590 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Union Twp., Parke, IN.14589 Leona lived in IN before 1951.133047 She died on 6 February 2001 at the age of 81 in Yukon, Canadian, OK.133047 Parents: Bert VAN HUSS-155108 and Edith BLAKE-155109.

Spouse: Fred TEMPLE-155123. Leona Marie (Marie) VANHUSS and Fred TEMPLE were married on 7 March 1944.71080 Children were: Van Richard TEMPLE-150782.

Albert VANIA (private).

Spouse: Adeline LAMITIA-38748. Children were: Alfred J. VANIA-38746.

Alfred J. VANIA was born on 17 May 1890 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.23 He died before 1990 at the age of 100. He was a fireman.23 Parents: Albert VANIA-38747 and Adeline LAMITIA-38748.

Spouse: Kathryn May TEMPLE-37320. Kathryn May TEMPLE and Alfred J. VANIA were married on 26 June 1922 in Worcester, Worcester, MA.23,109802

John VANIK14537 died.

Spouse: Rose BLAHA-117336. Rose BLAHA and John VANIK were married before 1917. Children were: Louis C. VANIK-117334.

Louis C. VANIK was born in 1917.14537 He died. Parents: John VANIK-117335 and Rose BLAHA-117336.

Spouse: Mary Lucille (Mary) TEMPLE-49584. Mary Lucille (Mary) TEMPLE and Louis C. VANIK were married on 14 September 1940 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.14537 The source did not discriminate between marriage dates and filing dates - this may be the date the minister's return was filed.

Catharine VANKIRK (private).

Spouse: Joshua LANNING-9705. Children were: John VanKirk LANNING-9704.

Fred N. VANLEY23 was born on 10 November 1924 in Webb City, Osage, OK.23,133048 He lived in OK before 1951.133048 He died on 18 September 2004 at the age of 79 in Napa, Napa, CA.133048 Parents: J.A. VANLEY-43669 and Edith FERP-43670.

Spouse: Gertrude Estelle (Gertrude) TEMPLE-37411. Gertrude Estelle (Gertrude) TEMPLE and Fred N. VANLEY were married on 10 May 1941 in Billerica, Middlesex, MA.23,98935

J.A. VANLEY (private).

Spouse: Edith FERP-43670. Children were: Fred N. VANLEY-38799.

Annie VANN (private).

Spouse: William Thomas Jonah BUMPERS-15436. Children were: Blonnie Lucille BUMPERS-14228.

Betty Faye VANN133049 was born on 7 May 1933 in Cedar Springs, Early, GA.980,130447 She lived in Graceville, Jackson, FL in 1998.981 She died on 2 November 1998 at the age of 65 in Fort Lauderdale, Broward, FL.980,981 Buried in Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery, Graceville, FL. Parents: Levy P. VANN-105009 and Ozie E. WINDHAM-105010.

Spouse: Carlton Glenn (Glenn) TEMPLES-53355. Betty Faye VANN and Carlton Glenn (Glenn) TEMPLES were married on 17 July 1950 in FL.130447,130448 Children were: Glenda F. TEMPLES-125856, Glenn Howard TEMPLES-89284, Debra K. TEMPLES-125858, Carla M. TEMPLES-125861.

Charles E. VANN was born in 1906 in FL.43781 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Leon Co., FL.43781 Parents: Clinton F. VANN-61134 and Daisy Elizabeth TEMPLE-60490.

Clinton F. VANN was born in 1880 in GA.43781 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Leon Co., FL.43781 His parents were from GA (father) and IN (mother).

Spouse: Daisy Elizabeth TEMPLE-60490. Daisy Elizabeth TEMPLE and Clinton F. VANN were married on 2 September 1902 in Leon Co., FL.89501 Children were: Frances M. VANN-61135, Charles E. VANN-61136, Sarah VANN-103997.