Blanche HEREFORD was born in 1865 in MO.40232 She died. Parents: William J. HEREFORD-31277 and Margaret TEMPLE-31275.

Dixie HEREFORD was born in 1862 in MO.40232 She died. Parents: William J. HEREFORD-31277 and Margaret TEMPLE-31275.

Lewis (Cross) HEREFORD40233 was born on 13 October 1867 in MO.40232,40234 He died. Parents: William J. HEREFORD-31277 and Margaret TEMPLE-31275.

William J. HEREFORD40235 was born in 1835/6 in MO.40232,40236 In July 1860 he was a Farmer in Keytesville, Chariton, MO.40236 In June 1870 he was a retail grocer in Chillicothe, Livingston, MO.40232 William died in 1926 at the age of 90.40237 Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Wagoner, OK. Middle initial from the 1870 census. Surname appears as Heryford in the will of his father-in-law, George Temple.

Spouse: Margaret TEMPLE-31275. Margaret TEMPLE and William J. HEREFORD were married on 20 January 1859 in Keytesville, Chariton, MO.1141,40234,40236 Children were: Dixie HEREFORD-37540, Blanche HEREFORD-37541, Lewis (Cross) HEREFORD-37542.

James E. HERENDEEN (private).

Spouse: Joanna M. WELLS-106424. Children were: Larry DeWayne HERENDEEN-106422.

Larry DeWayne HERENDEEN (private).40238 Parents: James E. HERENDEEN-106423 and Joanna M. WELLS-106424.

Spouse: Lisa Marie TEMPLE-106420.

Edwin HERHOLD (private).

Spouse: Jennie A. TEMPEL-166455. Children were: Franciscus HERHOLD-166457.

Franciscus HERHOLD was born before 1921 in Chicago, Cook, IL.17455 Parents: Edwin HERHOLD-166456 and Jennie A. TEMPEL-166455.

HERIGSTAD (private).

Spouse: Marilyn TEMPLE-57271.

Ray HERIGSTAD died before 2013.

Spouse: Margaret LUCHT-68184. Margaret LUCHT and Ray HERIGSTAD were married on 2 September 1990.40239

HERIOT (private).40240

Spouse: Frances B. TEMPLE-94558.

Bertha Henriette Elizabeth HERKEMEIER was born on 23 February 1867 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.40241,40242,40243,40244,40245,40246,40247 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Harlem, Stephenson, IL.40245 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.40242 Bertha appeared in the census in January 1920 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.40243 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.40241 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.40246 Bertha died on 3 June 1950 at the age of 83 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.40247 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Freeport, IL. Her parents were both from Germany. She had had no children by 1910. Surname also given as Huenkemeier and Hankemeier. Parents: Johann Bernhard HERKEMEIER-72055 and Fredericka LAMBRECHT-72056.

Spouse: Heinrich Conrad (Henry) TEMPEL-51809. Bertha Henriette Elizabeth HERKEMEIER and Heinrich Conrad (Henry) TEMPEL were married on 20 June 1889 in Stephenson Co., IL.296,40241,40242,40245,40248 One transcription of IL marriage records gave 28 Feb 1888 in Freeport, ME. Another, with apparently better reliability, said 20 Jun 1889 and gave the record number with it.

Johann Bernhard HERKEMEIER40247 was born in 1823 in Germany.40242 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Freeport, Stephenson, IL.40242 Enumerated with his daughter and her family. He died.

Spouse: Fredericka LAMBRECHT-72056. Fredericka LAMBRECHT and Johann Bernhard HERKEMEIER were married. Children were: Bertha Henriette Elizabeth HERKEMEIER-72054.

P.M. HERLEHEY22979 moved in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.

Spouse: Fannie M. TEMPLE-2972. Fannie M. TEMPLE and P.M. HERLEHEY were married after 1880.

David HERLICK (private).

Spouse: Suzanne TEMPLE-150409.

Katherine HERLINE21852 died.

Spouse: William CLAWSON-118087. Katherine HERLINE and William CLAWSON were married before 1969. Children were: Christopher Robert (Chris) CLAWSON-83596.

HERMAN (private).

Spouse: Molly TEMPLE-79565.

HERMAN (private).

Spouse: Barbara Joyce KRAMER-153450.

Anna (Annie) HERMAN40249 was born in May 1878 in Germany.30389,40250,40251,40252 She immigrated in 1880.40250,40252 Gave 1882 in 1930. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Chicago, Cook, IL.30389 Anna appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.40251 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Chicago, Cook, IL.40250 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Chicago, Cook, IL.40252 Anna died on 31 January 1934 at the age of 55 in Chicago, Cook, IL.40253 By 1900, she had had 1 child, who did not survive. By 1910, she had had 4 children, 3 of whom survived. Her parents were both from Germany. Parents: George HERMAN-114921 and Margaret MILLER-114922.

Spouse: Andrew August TEMPEL-114900. Anna (Annie) HERMAN and Andrew August TEMPEL were married in 1897.30389,40251,40252 Children were: John Joseph TEMPEL-114906, Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPEL-114907, Anna A. TEMPLE-114902, Ida TEMPLE-114903, Mary TEMPLE-114904, Arthur Joseph TEMPLE-114905.

Doris HERMAN (private).

Spouse: Benjamin SPECTOR-37491. Children were: Miriam SPECTOR-37490.

Edith C. HERMAN146,40254 was born on 20 May 1881 in Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee, WI.40255,40256,40257,40258,40259,40260 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Stephenson, Menominee, MI.40257 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Menominee, Menominee, MI.40255 Edith appeared in the census in April 1930 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.40256 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.40259 She died on 22 July 1944 at the age of 63 in Brookfield, Waukesha, WI.40258,40260 Secondary sources give 25 Jul, but that was probably the interment date. Buried in Wisconsin Memorial Park, Brookfield, WI. Her parents were both from MI, except in 1910 when they were from WI (father) and At Sea (mother). Her middle initial also appears as W. By 191, she had had 6 children, all of whom survived. Parents: William HERMAN-67164 and Emilie -67165.

Spouse: William Edmund TEMPLE-50821. Edith C. HERMAN and William Edmund TEMPLE were married in 1900 in WI.40256 Gave 1903 in 1930. Children were: Hazel May TEMPLE-50823, Lorraine E. TEMPLE-50824, Inez A. TEMPLE-50825, Grant TEMPLE-50832, Ethelynn TEMPLE-50826, Marvin TEMPLE-50820, Beatrice K. TEMPLE-50827, Clarice J. TEMPLE-50828, Dorothy J. TEMPLE-50829, Richard TEMPLE-50830, Jean Veian TEMPLE-50831.

Fannie HERMAN was born in Russia.40261 She died.

Spouse: George PRAGLIN-94814. Fannie HERMAN and George PRAGLIN were married. Children were: Richard PRAGLIN-89073.

George HERMAN40253 died.

Spouse: Margaret MILLER-114922. Margaret MILLER and George HERMAN were married before 1878. Children were: Anna (Annie) HERMAN-114901.

Henry A. HERMAN40262 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth F. WILDENHAUS-83616. Elizabeth F. WILDENHAUS and Henry A. HERMAN were married before 1916. Children were: Marjorie Catherine HERMAN-69669.

Jennie HERMAN (private).

Spouse: Ellroy MARIETTA-99048. Children were: Phyllis A. MARIETTA-99047.

Julia A. HERMAN2226,40263 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George F. JOHNSON-61964. Julia A. HERMAN and George F. JOHNSON were married before 1890. Children were: Phillip C. JOHNSON-61963.

Marjorie Catherine HERMAN40264 was born on 24 March 1916 in Burkettsville, Mercer, OH.40265,40266 She lived in Celina, Mercer, OH in 1987.40267 She died on 31 August 1987 at the age of 71 in Coldwater, Mercer, OH.40262,40265,40267 Death records indicate Celina, OH. Buried in Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery, Celina, OH. Parents: Henry A. HERMAN-83615 and Elizabeth F. WILDENHAUS-83616.

Spouse: Theodore Vean (Theo) TEMPLE-40961. Marjorie Catherine HERMAN and Theodore Vean (Theo) TEMPLE were married on 4 May 1940 in Celina, Mercer, OH.40268 Children were: Jenelda Ann (Jan) TEMPLE-83617, Peter Kent TEMPLE-83606, John Douglas (Doug) TEMPLE-83619, Gregg TEMPLE-83620, Cheryl TEMPLE-83621, Michele TEMPLE-83622, Lisa TEMPLE-103797.

William HERMAN (private).

Spouse: Emilie -67165. Children were: Edith C. HERMAN-50822.

HERMANN (private).

Spouse: Regina M. TEMPLE-109374.

HERMANN (private).

Spouse: Kathleen A. (Kathy) COLTON-146065.

Gene HERMANN (private).

Spouse: Charlotte (Char) TEMPLE-94240.

Dora HERMANSDOFFER40269 was born (date unknown). Not found in 1910 or 1920. There was a family surnamed Hermansdorfer in Baltimore in 1910.

Spouse: George Frederick TEMPLE Jr.-134334. Dora HERMANSDOFFER and George Frederick TEMPLE Jr. were married about 1935. They were divorced before 1940. She did not appear with George Fred in 1930 or 1940, which might mean she died early, so proof such as a divorce record is required.

Mary Katrina HERMANSEN40270 died.

Spouse: Charles Jorgen JORGENSON-119784. Mary Katrina HERMANSEN and Charles Jorgen JORGENSON were married before December 1921. Children were: Merrie Carol (Carol) JORGENSON-119775.

HERMES (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-136346. Children were: Peter Nicholas HERMES-136358, Leo H. HERMES-136348.

Leo H. HERMES was born on 14 September 1879.40271 He died on 2 March 1960 at the age of 80 in Ramsey Co., MN.40271 Parents: HERMES-136347 and TEMPLE-136346.

Peter Nicholas HERMES was born on 12 February 1877.40272 He died on 28 August 1968 at the age of 91 in Ramsey Co., MN.40272 Parents: HERMES-136347 and TEMPLE-136346.

HERMET (private).

Spouse: Delila TRAWICK-14477.

Manda HERN (private).

Spouse: Thomas J. WILSON-102163. Children were: Margaret WILSON-55183.

Geronimo HERNANDES-VARGAS (private).40273

Spouse: Pamela Sue TEMPLE-170943.

HERNANDEZ (private).

Spouse: Sylvia Mae SMITH-169692.

Gary HERNANDEZ (private). Parents: Raymond HERNANDEZ-87064 and Janet L. (Jan) TEMPLE-45847.

Gloria J. HERNANDEZ (private).7462

Spouse: Daniel R. TEMPEL-152051.

Janet Lee HERNANDEZ (private).

Spouse: William Wade TEMPLE Jr.-159012. Children were: William Wade TEMPLE III-159014, Hunter Lee TEMPLE-159040.

John HERNANDEZ died in 1970.22894

Spouse: Sylvia Mae (Sylvia) SMITH-120204. Sylvia Mae (Sylvia) SMITH and John HERNANDEZ were married before 1969.22894

Linda HERNANDEZ (private).40274

Spouse: Aubrey T. TEMPLE Jr.-93697. Children were: Tim TEMPLE-93699, Thomas Ryan (Ryan) TEMPLE-93700, Candace TEMPLE-93703.

Lonnie HERNANDEZ (private). Parents: Raymond HERNANDEZ-87064 and Janet L. (Jan) TEMPLE-45847.

Mary Esther HERNANDEZ (private).7612

Spouse: Thomas Edward TEMPLE-25956.

Nevada HERNANDEZ (private).1528

Spouse: William S. TEMPEL Sr.-172657. Children were: William S. TEMPEL Jr.-172658.

Noel HERNANDEZ (private).40275

Spouse: Christine A. TEMPLE-143829.

Pete HERNANDEZ40276,40277 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lizzie Mae (Mae) TEMPLE-81528. Lizzie Mae (Mae) TEMPLE and Pete HERNANDEZ were married on 24 December 1946 in Richland Parish, LA.40277