Reginal H. TEMPLE died in March 1930 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.119459 Buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN, Plot: Sec: FB, Lot: 119.

Reginal Lynn TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Jonnie Mae KELLY-165283.

Spouse: Anita Marie JOHNSON-164824.

Reginald TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Theresa BOZANT-175457. Theresa BOZANT and Reginald TEMPLE were married in 1954 in Manhattan, New York, NY.16238

Reginald TEMPLE105936 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-181682. UNKNOWN and Reginald TEMPLE were married before 1920. Children were: Jocelyn Beatrice (Pat) TEMPLE-181679.

Reginald TEMPLE (private). Parents: Robert Ricardo TEMPLE Sr.-184487 and Mary Ann BURNETT-184488.

Reginald TEMPLE was born in 1905 in England, United Kingdom.3565 He immigrated in 1928.3565 In April 1930 he was a barber in Detroit, Wayne, MI.3565 Parents: TEMPLE-137825 and Janet -137826.

Spouse: Mary E. -137830. Mary E. and Reginald TEMPLE were married in 1928 in England, United Kingdom.3565 Children were: Arthur TEMPLE-137831.

Reginald TEMPLE (private).119460

Reginald B. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Tammy R. BREWER-148601.

Reginald Bernard TEMPLE (private).119461

Spouse: Ashley Ann HARTMAN-181973. Children were: Reginald Martell TEMPLE-181974, Merissa Reann TEMPLE-182056.

Reginald Erwin (Reginald) TEMPLE was born on 14 September 1914 in Hampden, Hampden, MA.19112,49100,49101,49102 Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Hampden, MA. He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Hampden, Hampden, MA.49100 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Hampden, Hampden, MA.49101 In April 1940 Reginald was a poultry farmer in Hampden, Hampden, MA.49102 He served in the military between 1942 and 1954.19112,119462 Served in the Army in WWII and Korea. Enlisted int he Reserves on 24 Sep 1942 in Springfield, MA, as a private and was deferred until 1943. Service # 11098768. In September 1942 he was a mail carrier in Hampden Co., MA.119462 Reginald died on 26 June 2011 at the age of 96 in Springfield, Hampden, MA.19112 Buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Hampden, MA. Parents: Walter Erwin TEMPLE-36843 and Lydia Esther (Lyda) SMITH-36845.

Reginald George TEMPLE14656 was born on 24 August 1925 in Nixon, Gonzales, TX.14656,26625,57050,92019,119463,119464 Some researchers put him in Karnes county, which is what he claimed when he registered for the WWII draft. He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Karnes Co., TX.26625 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Wilson Co., TX.57050 In August 1943 Reginald was a farm laborer in Stockdale, Wilson, TX.119464 He died on 28 February 2005 at the age of 79 in Lubbock, Lubbock, TX.92019,119463 Buried in Nixon Cemetery, TX. Parents: Cure Elias TEMPLE-32352 and Lee Oreon (Oreon) MC GLOTHING-32355.

Spouse: Ethel Maxine (Maxine) MONTGOMERY-32358. Ethel Maxine (Maxine) MONTGOMERY and Reginald George TEMPLE were married. Children were: Edith (Edie) TEMPLE-49468.

Reginald Glentworth DeVesci TEMPLE8411,29961 was born in 1867 in Canada.23 He died in 1867 at the age of 0.23 Parents: Charles Vesey MacDonald TEMPLE-62324 and Mary Jones PLENDERLEATH-39053.

Reginald H.M. TEMPLE lived in York Co., Ontario, Canada in 1906.81224

Spouse: Beatrice Isabel WOOD-150249. Beatrice Isabel WOOD and Reginald H.M. TEMPLE were married before 1906. Children were: Dr. Allen Dorrien TEMPLE-150250.

Reginald Harold TEMPLE was born in 1896.119465 He died on 20 July 1952 at the age of 56 in Shuswap Lake, British Columbia, Canada.119465

Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE was born on 25 May 1876 in Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.43033,71680 He served in the military between 1899 and 1902 in Union of South Africa.119466,119467 Served in Canada's forces in the South African War. Graduated from the Infantry Short Course with a grade of "A," on 13 Aug 1898, he was a 2nd Lt. with the 48th Bath "Highlanders." On 24 Sep 1898, he graduated from the Infantry Special Course at Toronto, also with a grade of "A." Starting in October, 1899, he was a lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry. His service in South Africa was from November 1899 to 1901, for which service, he won the South African Medal with four bars. Received a grant of land in association with his service. He appointed district commissioner between 1901 and 1905 in Heidelberg, Union of South Africa.71680 He served in this post until Dec 1905. Reginald created Barrister of Law of Osgoode Hall in 1901 in Canada.71680 He was an employee of the Canadian Northern Railway. Sir William McKenzie offered him a position in the CNR, and although he began in the accounting department, he later worked in the drafting and other departments. In some unclear way, he came to prominence in legal affairs, and was asked by Sir William to join the law staff of the railroad, eventually (by 1931) becoming the general counsel of the Canadian Northern Railway. He died. In addition to his role on the Canadian Northern Railway, and possibly in conjunction with it, he worked in Mexico, Venezuela and other remote places. Parents: Dr. James Algernon (James) TEMPLE-39046 and Alice Evie Douglas HEU-DE-BOURCK-39054.

Spouse: Beatrice WOODD-62372. Beatrice WOODD and Reginald Herbert Montague TEMPLE were married about 1900 in Heidelberg, Union of South Africa.71680 Children were: TEMPLE-62375, TEMPLE-62376.

Reginald Lee TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Johnnie -144030.

Reginald Martell TEMPLE (private).119461 Parents: Reginald Bernard TEMPLE-181972 and Ashley Ann HARTMAN-181973.

Reginald Stanley TEMPLE was born in August 1910 in Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.12853,32711 He appeared in the census in 1911 in Port Stanley, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.32711 He convicted of perjury before 1935.12853 In 1935 Reginald was a fisherman.12853 He lived in Port Burwell, Elgin, Ontario, Canada in 1935.12853 He immigrated on 8 March 1935 to Detroit, Wayne, MI.119468 Reginald died in 1958 at the age of 48.119469 Buried in Woodland Cemetery, London, Middlesex County, ON, Plot Section FN, Row 5, Plot 17. He was also known as Frederick Eveland Temple.119469 Buried in Woodland Cemetery, London, Middlesex County, ON, Plot Section FN, Row 5, Plot 17. His ancestry was German. Parents: Arthur TEMPLE-115526 and S.D. Margaret (Maggie) EVELAND-115527.

Spouse: Flossie L. KENNEDY-115540. Flossie L. KENNEDY and Reginald Stanley TEMPLE were married on 27 November 1934 in Straffordville, Bayham, Elgin, Ontario, Canada.49306

Regine G. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Geoffrey C. OVINGTON-175272.

Spouse: Richard L. KORAL-175273.

Regnal TEMPLE was born in 1832 in Norway.95373 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in Peoria Co., IL.95373 She died in July 1857 at the age of 25 in Chicago, Cook, IL. By her positioning in the sequence of household members in 1850, she might be a cousin of some sort or an adopted daughter. Adoption seems to be born out by the research of Pete Temple and Grace Temple who found out about a scandal associated with the death, following an abortion, of Regnal in Chicago in 1857. See James Harvey Temple and his notes for the story. Parents: James Harvey (James) TEMPLE-5311 and Frances Ann (Frances) TEMPLE-24216.

Reif Barrington TEMPLE (private).50609

Spouse: Lori Louise (Lora) KOLBET-145462.

Reinhardt (Reiny) TEMPLE Jr. was born on 12 October 1905 in Kroft, Gatchina, Russia.17575,17577,81348,99854,119470,119471 Put the date in 1907 in his WWII draft registration. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Sugar City, Crowley, CO.17577 He appeared in the census in February 1920 in Crowley Co., CO.17575 In April 1930 Reinhardt was a farm hand in Morgan Co., CO.99854 He lived in South Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO on 1 April 1935.81348 In April 1940 he was a farm laborer in South Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.81348 In October 1940 Reinhardt was an employee of Dave Weimer in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.119471 He and his family lived next door to Dave Weimer's family. Weimer may have been his brother-in-law. He died in 1979 at the age of 74 in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.119470 Buried in Memory Gardens, Fort Morgan, CO. He is probably related, maybe as a nephew, to Heinrich Temple, who died in Fort Morgan in 1963. Parents: Reinhart TEMPLE-114332 and Anna Elizabeth BROWN-114333.

Spouse: Mollie WEIMER-114339. Mollie WEIMER and Reinhardt (Reiny) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 24 February 1929 in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.99854,119472 Children were: Harold TEMPLE-114340, Harry Roy TEMPLE-114355, Evelyn Mae TEMPLE-114356, Alma Jean TEMPLE-114357, Reubin TEMPLE-114828, Robert TEMPLE-114829, Irene Esther (Irene) TEMPLE-114830.

Reinhart TEMPLE was born on 12 June 1875 in Russia.17575,17576,17577,17578 He immigrated in 1907.17575,17576,17577 In April 1910 he was an odd job laborer in Sugar City, Crowley, CO.17577 In February 1920 Reinhart was a laborer in Crowley Co., CO.17575 In April 1930 he was a farm hand in Morgan Co., CO.17576 He died on 21 November 1963 at the age of 88 in Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff, NE.17578,119473 Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Scottsbluff, NE. May be the brother of Henry Temple, enumerated in 1930 in North Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO. Probably related to David Temple, b 1865, also of CO and NE, husband of Alice.

Spouse: Anna Elizabeth BROWN-114333. Anna Elizabeth BROWN and Reinhart TEMPLE were married on 20 February 1904 in Russia.17576,17577,17581 Children were: Reinhardt (Reiny) TEMPLE Jr.-114334, Kathryn E. (Katie) TEMPLE-114335, David C. (Dave) TEMPLE-114336, Mary TEMPLE-114337, George Johan TEMPLE-114338.

Reinhold H. TEMPLE was born on 28 April 1921 in Gering, Scotts Bluff, NE.36714,36716,78031,119474 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in North Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO.36716 He lived 817 Ensign Street in Fort Morgan, Morgan, CO in February 1942.78031 Reinhold died on 1 April 1991 at the age of 69 in Denver, Denver, CO.119475,119476 Buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, CO. He was a railroad worker.119475 His Social Security benefit was obtained through the Railroad Board bef 1951. Parents: Heinrich (Henry) TEMPEL-105571 and Eva Edith GERHART-105572.

Spouse: Gladys May NEEDENS-105569. Gladys May NEEDENS and Reinhold H. TEMPLE were married before 1947. They were divorced on 20 April 1973 in Denver, Denver, CO.60982 Children were: Karon J. TEMPLE-126999.

Spouse: Dorothy May MORRISON-105587. Dorothy May MORRISON and Reinhold H. TEMPLE were married on 11 March 1978 in Denver Co., CO.59941

Reinholdt Thurman (Ronnie) TEMPLE was born on 26 July 1943 in Hatton, Shelby, KY.4128,119477,119478,119479 He lived in KY in 1961.119480 He lived in Waddy, Shelby, KY in 2005.119481 Reinholdt died on 19 October 2005 at the age of 62 in Shelbyville, Shelby, KY.119480,119481 Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, KY. He was also known as Rhynold Thurman TEMPLE.119480,119481 Buried in Grove Hill Cemetery, Shelbyville, KY. Parents: Ernest L. TEMPLE-50704 and Anna M. (Annie) HEDGES-50707.

Spouse: Linda G. HILL-120397. Children were: Timmy Gayle TEMPLE-120402, Ricky Thurman TEMPLE-120392, Camilla Shawn TEMPLE-120398.

Spouse: Linda C. BANDA-120403.

Relief TEMPLE93407 was born on 4 December 1807.23869 Parents: Nicanor TEMPLE-345 and Relief PHILLIPS-5764.

Spouse: Artemus WOOD Jr.-19336. Relief TEMPLE and Artemus WOOD Jr. were married on 26 November 1834 in Windsor, Windsor, VT.23,23869

Relinslio TEMPLE was born in October 1929 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.6263 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.6263 His given name was not legible in 1930. Parents: Joseph TEMPLE-137997 and Tressia -138000.

Remba Georgina TEMPLE was born in 1897.119482 She died on 17 October 1961 at the age of 64 in Burnaby, Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.119482 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Rena TEMPLE was born in June 1874 in IL.119483 In June 1900 she was a seamstress.119483 Her parents were both from IL. Unmarried in 1900.

Rena TEMPLE50031 was born in 1882 in Logan Co., KY.119484 Her place of birth is uncertain. She died. She did not appear with her family in any census. Parents: Dr. James Richard (James) TEMPLE-5371 and Mary MC COY-23209.

Rena TEMPLE was born on 3 June 1883 in MI.148 She died on 3 May 1967 at the age of 83 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148 She was not found in 1900. Parents: TEMPLE-131681 and KATSMA-131682.

Rena TEMPLE was born on 14 August 1898 in KS.119485 She died on 13 April 1978 at the age of 79 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA.119485

Spouse: Amos Winfield TRIMBLE-151401. Rena TEMPLE and Amos Winfield TRIMBLE were married.119485 Children were: Scott T. TRIMBLE-151402, William Pershing TRIMBLE-151403.

Rena Mae TEMPLE was born on 7 February 1902 in Warren, Bradley, AR.24175 She died on 23 November 1903 at the age of 1 in Warren, Bradley, AR.24175 Buried in Holly Springs Cemetery, Warren, Bradley, AR. Parents: Charles Wiley (Charlie) TEMPLE-20877 and Lillie Ann WHEELER-20893.

Rena Mattie (Rena) TEMPLE56156 was born on 17 May 1917 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.20369,20371,42195,56157 Enumerated as 15 in 1940. She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Franklin Co., MS.56157 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Franklin Co., MS.20369 Rena appeared in the census in April 1940 in Franklin Co., MS.20371 Enumerated living with her parents. Marital status code indicated she was separated or getting a divorce. She died on 11 June 1993 at the age of 76 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.42194,119486 Buried in Midway Cemetery, Meadville, MS. Parents: Thomas Madison (Matt) TEMPLE-19820 and Julia Ivanora (Nora) MC ALLISTER-19825.

Spouse: Lee Edward MIDDLETON-19835. Rena Mattie (Rena) TEMPLE and Lee Edward MIDDLETON were married on 9 February 1935 in Franklin Co., MS.48030

Spouse: Leonard Nicholas HEDRICK-62874. Rena Mattie (Rena) TEMPLE and Leonard Nicholas HEDRICK were married before December 1947.42195

Rena Mildred (Rena) TEMPLE was born on 28 January 1886 in Kingston, Caldwell, MO.31123,119487 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Enid, Garfield, OK.59229 She lived in Enid, Garfield, OK in March 1904.119488 Rena died on 5 March 1904 at the age of 18 in Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX.119484,119488,119489 Died of septicemia, secondarily an ovarian tumor. The septicemia may have been related to appendicitis. Buried in Enid Cemetery, Enid, OK. Parents: David Devore (David) TEMPLE-54647 and Mary Serena (Minnie) MOHLER-54644.

Rendy TEMPLE was born in 1878.119490 He/she died on 17 April 1928 at the age of 50 in West Feliciana Parish, LA.119490

Rene TEMPLE22015 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-181588. UNKNOWN and Rene TEMPLE were married before 1956. Children were: Christopher Rene TEMPLE-181583.

Rene TEMPLE was born in 1843 in France.14031 He immigrated before 1850. He appeared in the census in 1850 in Vermilion Parish, LA.14031 Name was illegible. Temple People, Vol. II gives her name as Desire. Parents: Alexander TEMPLE-130469 and Marcelite BINFORD-130470.

Renee TEMPLE (private). Parents: Rex Eugene (Rex) TEMPLE-63619 and Rosemary JACKSON-63620.

Renee TEMPLE (private).25402 Parents: Albert Riley TEMPLE-19919 and Wilda MC GEHEE-19922.

Spouse: Kip ROLLINS-119021. Children were: Allyn Elizabeth ROLLINS-119022, Sarah Carson ROLLINS-119023.

Renee TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Samuel BARNES-153264.

Renee TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Harold L. MELTZER-175275. Renee TEMPLE and Harold L. MELTZER were married in February 1950 in Bronx, Bronx, NY.58002 It is not clear when this marriage took place, but they took out a license, # 866, 2 Feb 1950.

Renee TEMPLE (private).3183 Parents: Michael TEMPLE-174413 and Ruby Doris (Ruby) YEATES-174412.

Spouse: Mike ABLES-177615.

Renee TEMPLE (private). Parents: Raymond G. TEMPLE-182701 and Cheryl BOLONE-182702.

Renee TEMPLE (private).106532 Parents: Edgar Allen TEMPLE Jr.-25979 and Rosemary O'BRIEN-25980.

Renee Annamae TEMPLE (private).73512 Parents: James Clark TEMPLE Jr.-110757 and Shirley Ann WILSON-110758.

Spouse: Donald Bradley SMITH-110760.

Renee C. TEMPLE was born on 28 October 1929 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.50661,119491,119492 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.50661 Parents: David TEMPLE-113234 and Anne (Annie) KOPPELMAN-113235.

Spouse: William T. WOOD-113246. Renee C. TEMPLE and William T. WOOD were married on 18 January 1981 in San Diego Co., CA.119492

Renee Danielle TEMPLE (private). Parents: William Herbert (Bill) TEMPLE Sr.-65316 and Pamela S. SCOTT-76043.

Renee Lavon TEMPLE (private).119493 Parents: Francis Pliny Fisk TEMPLE III-25951 and Darlene Marie JOHNSON-25954.

Renee Lynn TEMPLE (private).67756,72500 Parents: Ellery John TEMPLE-28519 and Suzanne Patricia KESO-98574.

Spouse: Wyatt Ross RENICK-100228.

Spouse: Jerry Lee SELF-100230.

Spouse: James Edward SHROPSHIRE-100229.