Georgie BEASLEY was born on 2 March 1924 in Clyde, Haywood, NC.12581,12582 She claimed 1926 when she married. She died on 30 June 2017 at the age of 93 in Dinwiddie Co., VA.12582 Buried in Blandford Cemetery, Petersburg, VA. Parents: James Robert BEASLEY-98802 and Mary KIRKPATRICK-98803.

Spouse: Richard Gordon TEMPLE-45512. Georgie BEASLEY and Richard Gordon TEMPLE were married on 9 October 1942 in Hilton Village, Newport News, VA.12581 Children were: Richard Arnold TEMPLE-112810, Gordon Keith TEMPLE-99426.

Hattie BEASLEY was born in 1878.11050 Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Mattie BALENTINE-33421.

Ida BEASLEY was born in 1889 in TN.5686 Parents: Dan E. BEASLEY-162697 and UNKNOWN-162698.

Ida V. BEASLEY11050 was born in 1872. She died in 1873 at the age of 1. Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Martha Jane TEMPLE-16953.

James BEASLEY was born in 1921 in TX.12583 He lived in Seymour, Baylor, TX on 1 April 1935.12583 In April 1940 he was a cafe dishwasher in Throckmorton, Throckmorton, TX.12583

Spouse: Edith Estelle TEMPLE-54279. Edith Estelle TEMPLE and James BEASLEY were married on 25 November 1939 in Throckmorton Co., TX.12584

James Robert BEASLEY12581 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary KIRKPATRICK-98803. Mary KIRKPATRICK and James Robert BEASLEY were married before 1924. Children were: Georgie BEASLEY-98801.

Joseph BEASLEY (private).

Spouse: Narcissa -33420. Children were: George Washington BEASLEY-20120.

Joseph W. BEASLEY11050 was born in 1883. Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Francis K. MARTIN-33423.

Linda Elizabeth (Linda) BEASLEY (private).

Spouse: Carl Lee (Carl) TEMPLE Sr.-53769. Children were: Dean Ward TEMPLE-53771, Sammy Ray TEMPLE-53773, Tammy Renee TEMPLE-53774, Carl Lee TEMPLE-53775.

Louella BEASLEY11050 was born in 1870. She died before 2000 at the age of 130. Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Martha Jane TEMPLE-16953.

Louis E. BEASLEY12585 was born in 1910. He died in 1975 at the age of 65.

Spouse: Guinevere Jane Marshall TEMPLE-74988. Guinevere Jane Marshall TEMPLE and Louis E. BEASLEY were married before 1967.

Mable BEASLEY was born in 1895 in TN.5686 Parents: Dan E. BEASLEY-162697 and UNKNOWN-162698.

Malissa Rosanna BEASLEY (private).

Spouse: John Robert LYELL-33417. Children were: Neville Otto (Nev) LYELL-20188.

Mattie A. BEASLEY was born (date unknown). She may have married a different Frank Temple, as he appeared in 1900 as single.

Spouse: Francis P. (Frank) TEMPLE Jr.-56382. Mattie A. BEASLEY and Francis P. (Frank) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 26 July 1885 in Union Parish, LA.2065

Mattie Lou BEASLEY was born on 18 September 1911 in Evans, Columbia, GA.12577 She lived Route # 1 in Register, Bulloch, GA in October 1940.12586 She lived in GA in 1969.12587 Mattie died on 26 February 1998 at the age of 86 in Metter, Candler, GA.12587,12588 Buried in Upper Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Bulloch Co., GA. Based on timing, death locations and burial locations, she is assumed to be the wife of George C. Temples, but this requires proof. Parents: Daniel O. BEASLEY-105231 and Viney M. LEWIS-105232.

Spouse: George Clinton (Buster) TEMPLES Jr.-46491. Mattie Lou BEASLEY and George Clinton (Buster) TEMPLES Jr. were married after April 1940. Children were: Margaret (Peggy) TEMPLES-77968.

Myrtle BEASLEY died on 3 January 2011.12589

Spouse: John Wyatt TALLON-155502. Myrtle BEASLEY and John Wyatt TALLON were married. Children were: Frances TALLON-155501.

Narcissa Jane BEASLEY11050 was born in 1892. Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Francis K. MARTIN-33423.

Olive M. BEASLEY12590 was born in 1922. She died in 1985 at the age of 63.

Spouse: Owin Thomas MC DERMOTT-126737. Olive M. BEASLEY and Owin Thomas MC DERMOTT were married before 1959. Children were: Tane Lynn (Tane) MC DERMOTT-120569.

Rosa L. BEASLEY11050 was born in 1889. Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Francis K. MARTIN-33423.

Sidney D. BEASLEY (private).12591

Spouse: Sandra Lee TEMPLE-147265.

Spouse: Donna K. BOWDEN-147589.

Tommie G. BEASLEY11050 was born in 1896. He died in 1989 at the age of 93. Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Francis K. MARTIN-33423.

Willie M. BEASLEY11050 was born in 1886. Parents: George Washington BEASLEY-20120 and Francis K. MARTIN-33423.

Fannie Ethel (Fannie) BEASON12592 was born on 10 October 1931 in Cullman, Cullman, AL.12593 She died on 11 July 1992 at the age of 60 in Decatur, Morgan, AL.12593

Spouse: Eulas BROWN-66556. Fannie Ethel (Fannie) BEASON and Eulas BROWN were married on 1 January 1948 in Cullman, Cullman, AL.12593

Spouse: Thurston Jerald (Thurston) TEMPLE-53386. Fannie Ethel (Fannie) BEASON and Thurston Jerald (Thurston) TEMPLE were married after 1 January 1954. Children were: Anthony Gerald (Anthony) TEMPLE-63477, Melissa TEMPLE-63484, Fannie Mae TEMPLE-63485.

Lucille BEASON was born on 20 November 1926.12594 She died on 26 November 1983 at the age of 57 in Lauderdale Co., MS.12594 Buried in Beason Cemetery, Lauderdale Co., MS.

Spouse: W.E. TEMPLE-152813. Children were: Larry TEMPLE-152815, David TEMPLE-152816, Judy TEMPLE-152817, Owen David TEMPLE-152818.

Deborah BEATTIE (private).

Spouse: John MC DOWELL-96898. Children were: Charles Ernest MC DOWELL-773.

BEATTY (private).

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-156312.

BEATTY was born on 2 February 1907 in Franklin, Venango, PA.12595 He died. Parents: Michael BEATTY-91978 and Julia Ann TEMPLE-47687.

BEATTY12596 was born on 29 January 1909 in PA. He died on 18 March 1909 at the age of 0 in Franklin, Venango, PA. Died of a cold. Buried in Franklin Cemetery, Franklin, PA. Parents: Michael BEATTY-91978 and Julia Ann TEMPLE-47687.

Charles Samuel BEATTY12597,12598 was born on 22 January 1888. Parents: Thomas BEATTY-97908 and Ella THACKER-97909.

Spouse: Fay Tessa (Fay) TEMPLE-566. Fay Tessa (Fay) TEMPLE and Charles Samuel BEATTY were married on 9 December 1916 in Marion Co., IN.12597,12599

Frank BEATTY (private).

Spouse: Anna MITCHELL-97926. Children were: Ralph BEATTY-97924.

Frank BEATTY12600,12601 was born in 1872 in NY.12602 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.12602 He died. His parents were both from NY. In the obituary of Alfred F. Temple, his surname was Beattie, but in his Frank's marriage to Mary Temple, it was Beatty.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-2549. Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE and Frank BEATTY were married on 12 October 1907 in Canandaigua, Ontario, NY.12601,12602

George BEATTY (private).

Spouse: Polly -91980. Children were: Michael BEATTY-91978.

George P. BEATTY was born in 1917 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.12603 He lived in Kings Co., NY on 1 April 1935.12603 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.12603 George died.

Spouse: Bernice Agnes TEMPLE-37591. Bernice Agnes TEMPLE and George P. BEATTY were married in April 1938 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.12604

Gerald BEATTY (private).

Spouse: Mary Ellen TEMPLE-105770.

John T. BEATTY296 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Hannah J. TEMPLE-138696. Hannah J. TEMPLE and John T. BEATTY were married on 3 June 1860 in Knox Co., IL.296,12605,12606

Joseph Royal BEATTY (private).12607

Spouse: Jane TEMPLE-105796.

Lydia BEATTY12608 died.

Spouse: James H. REVEAL-117068. Lydia BEATTY and James H. REVEAL were married before September 1879. Children were: John REVEAL-117067.

Mary Ann BEATTY (private).

Spouse: Cyrus Pearson CRAMER-69842. Children were: Amanda Bell CRAMER-52160.

Michael BEATTY was born in April 1885 in PA.12609 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Sugar Creek Twp., Venango, PA.12609 He lived in Franklin, Venango, PA in 1909.12610 Michael died. Parents: George BEATTY-91979 and Polly -91980.

Spouse: Julia Ann TEMPLE-47687. Julia Ann TEMPLE and Michael BEATTY were married on 7 November 1904 in Venango Co., PA.12611 Children were: BEATTY-97674, BEATTY-92353.

Ralph BEATTY12612 was born (date unknown). Parents: Frank BEATTY-97925 and Anna MITCHELL-97926.

Spouse: Martha Ann (Mattie) TEMPLE-39151. Martha Ann (Mattie) TEMPLE and Ralph BEATTY were married on 6 July 1907 in Bartholomew Co., IN.12612

Stewart Malcom BEATTY12613 was born on 26 March 1923.12614 He died on 11 July 1990 at the age of 67 in Meadville, Franklin, MS.12614

Spouse: Helen TEMPLE-19109. Helen TEMPLE and Stewart Malcom BEATTY were married on 26 December 1942 in Franklin Co., MS.12613

Thomas BEATTY (private).

Spouse: Ella THACKER-97909. Children were: Charles Samuel BEATTY-25905.

Columbus M. BEATY was born in 1827 in TN.12615 He appeared in the census in August 1860 in Giles Co., TN.12616

Spouse: Indiana TEMPLE-131220. Indiana TEMPLE and Columbus M. BEATY were married before 1860 in TN.

Florence Magnolia BEATY was born on 6 December 1848 in Catoosa Co., GA.12617 She died in 1936 at the age of 88 in Fayetteville, Lincoln, TN.12617

Spouse: William James STEGALL-77897. Florence Magnolia BEATY and William James STEGALL were married on 2 February 1865 in Madisonville, FL.12617

Spouse: J. Clark FOSTER-77904. Florence Magnolia BEATY and J. Clark FOSTER were married on 20 December 1863.12618

Hassie M. BEATY (private).

Spouse: John C. MATTHEWS-169233. Children were: Doris Evelyn MATTHEWS-169232.

BEAUCHAMP (private).

Spouse: Gwen TEMPLE-84803.

Billy BEAUCHAMP (private). Parents: W.W. BEAUCHAMP-124847 and Bonnie -124843.

Buddy W. BEAUCHAMP (private).1038 Parents: W.W. BEAUCHAMP-124847 and Bonnie -124843.

Ila June BEAUCHAMP (private).1038 Parents: W.W. BEAUCHAMP-124847 and Bonnie -124843.

W.W. BEAUCHAMP1038 was born in 1905 in AR.1038

Spouse: Bonnie -124843. Bonnie and W.W. BEAUCHAMP were married before 1934. Children were: Ila June BEAUCHAMP-124850, Buddy W. BEAUCHAMP-124848, Billy BEAUCHAMP-124849.