Dora DODD (private). Parents: Isaac H. DODD-54935 and Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195.

Euda DODD29471 was born in 1902. She died in 1981 at the age of 79.

Spouse: Charlie Fred MURPHY-121184. Euda DODD and Charlie Fred MURPHY were married before 1927. Children were: Annie Flora (Polly) MURPHY-89870.

Frank DODD was born in 1893 in MO.29470 Parents: Isaac H. DODD-54935 and Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195.

Fred DODD was born in 1899 in MO.29470 Parents: Isaac H. DODD-54935 and Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195.

Harriet L. DODD29472 was born in April 1862 in England, United Kingdom.29473 She immigrated in 1880.29473 She apparently arrived after the 1880 census. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Williamstown, Dauphin, PA.29473 Harriet died. Her parents were both from England. By 1900, she had had 6 children, 2 of whom survived.

Spouse: Alfred TEMPLE-56301. Harriet L. DODD and Alfred TEMPLE were married about 1888. Children were: Alfred James (Alfred) TEMPLE-56296.

Spouse: William Charles WOODMAN Sr.-56295. Harriet L. DODD and William Charles WOODMAN Sr. were married on 1 April 1896 in Lykens, Dauphin, PA.29474 Date is estimated to place one child with Woodman and 1 with Temple as the two children she had had who survived to 1900. Children were: William Charles WOODMAN Jr.-56297.

Imogene DODD was born on 9 October 1922 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO.19567 She died on 1 June 1999 at the age of 76 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO.25481 Parents: Robert L. DODD-171718 and Rebecca J. BUSSELL-171719.

Spouse: TEMPLES-171716. Imogene DODD and TEMPLES were married before September 1947.19567

Isaac H. DODD29470 was born in September 1860 in Stoddard Co., MO.29475 He lived in Liberty, Stoddard, MO in 1894.29476 He died in 1902 at the age of 42 in Poplar Bluff, Butler, MO.29475 Parents: John Bolden DODD-69888 and Levina -69889.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195. Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S) and Isaac H. DODD were married on 27 March 1894 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.29476,29477 Children were: Allie DODD-54936, Frank DODD-54937, Fred DODD-54938, Zelma DODD-69890, Dora DODD-69891.

Jerry DODD (private).

Spouse: Barbara LIBEL-142861.

John Bolden DODD (private).

Spouse: Levina -69889. Children were: Isaac H. DODD-54935.

Mattie Katherine DODD was born on 29 December 1922 in Charlotte Court House, Charlotte, VA.22146,29478 She died on 17 February 1990 at the age of 67 in Richmond City, VA.29479 Parents: Claude Swanson DODD-98940 and Fannie Florence CONNER-98941.

Spouse: DUDLEY-98942. Mattie Katherine DODD and DUDLEY were married about 1944. They were divorced before August 1963.22146

Spouse: Chester Kraig TEMPLE-74831. Mattie Katherine DODD and Chester Kraig TEMPLE were married on 4 August 1963 in Rustburg, Campbell, VA.22146,29480 This was a second marriage for her and a third for him. They22146,29480 were divorced on 6 July 1965 in Charlotte Co., VA.29480 Divorce granted to Mattie on the basis of desertion. They had separated on 23 Jun 1964.

Spouse: BENNETT-101351.

Pearl DODD (private).

Spouse: Milton TORMOHLEN-142541. Children were: Nancy Jo TORMOHLEN-142540.

Robert L. DODD19567 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Rebecca J. BUSSELL-171719. Rebecca J. BUSSELL and Robert L. DODD were married before 1922. Children were: Imogene DODD-171717.

Rufus DODD was born in 1773.4544 He died in Westminster, Windham, VT.4544

Spouse: Polly PARKER-7699.

William F. DODD5966 died before 1976.

Spouse: Minnie -125639. Minnie and William F. DODD were married before 1901. Children were: Wilma Fern DODD-48240.

Wilma Fern DODD29481 was born on 3 February 1901 in Piatt Co., IL.5966,29482,29483,29484,29485 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Decatur, Macon, IL.29482 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Decatur, Macon, IL.29483 Wilma appeared in the census in April 1940 in Decatur, Macon, IL.29485 She lived 1349 North Monroe Street in Decatur, Macon, IL on 16 February 1942.29486,29487 She died on 24 June 1976 at the age of 75 in Decatur, Macon, IL.5966,29484,29488 Died of undisclosed causes in Decatur Memorial Hospital, Decatur, IL. Buried in Mount Gilead Cemetery, Decatur, IL. Her parents were both from IL. Parents: William F. DODD-125638 and Minnie -125639.

Spouse: Andrew George (Andrew) TEMPEL Jr.-48227. Wilma Fern DODD and Andrew George (Andrew) TEMPEL Jr. were married on 2 July 1919 in Hannibal, Marion, MO.5966,29483,29489 Children were: Maxine L. TEMPLE-48241, Edwin Eugene (Gene/Ed) TEMPEL-48242, Lillyn Lorraine (Lorraine) TEMPLE-48243, Richard Lee (Richard) TEMPEL-72007.

Zelma DODD (private). Parents: Isaac H. DODD-54935 and Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE(S)-44195.

Daniel Gilbert DODDS1942,29490 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth -65686. Elizabeth and Daniel Gilbert DODDS were married before 1905. Children were: Marion L. DODDS-65684.

Elizabeth DODDS20019,20020 died.

Spouse: Harold H. CALDWELL-116688. Elizabeth DODDS and Harold H. CALDWELL were married before 1923. Children were: Forrest Dean CALDWELL-116687.

Marion L. DODDS was born on 7 October 1905 in OK.1942,29491,29492 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Stroud, Lincoln, OK.1942 She lived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK on 1 April 1935.29492 Marion appeared in the census in April 1940 in Houston, Harris, TX.29492 She lived 1205 Rosedale Street in Houston, Harris, TX in October 1940.29493 She died on 14 November 1991 at the age of 86 in College Station, Brazos, TX.29491 Buried in College Station Cemetery, College Station, TX. Parents: Daniel Gilbert DODDS-65685 and Elizabeth -65686.

Spouse: Floyd Lynn TEMPLE-49742. Marion L. DODDS and Floyd Lynn TEMPLE were married on 12 November 1930 in Stroud, Lincoln, OK.7640,29490 Registered in marriage book 22, line 16. The newspaper reort of the ceremony said the date was Sunday, 16 Nov, which disagrees with a source of Lincoln City marriage records. The Lincoln City records may be the date of the license.

Pamela R. DODEWARD (private).29494

Spouse: Patrick B. TEMPLE-179125.

DODGE died before 1956.

Spouse: Ruth L. STRATTON-10069. Ruth L. STRATTON and DODGE were married about 1930.

DODGE11831 was born about 1797.

Spouse: Oliver Crary PARKER-11132. DODGE and Oliver Crary PARKER were married. Children were: Elisha A. PARKER-11134.

Agnes S. DODGE was born on 10 April 1865 in Bear River, Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada.23,29495,29496 She immigrated in 1878.29495 She was naturalized in 1890.29495 Agnes appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lunenburg, Essex, VT.29495 She died on 24 December 1938 at the age of 73 in Lancaster, Coos, NH.29496,29497 Died of angina pectoris. Buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, Salem, MA. She was a registered nurse.23,29496 Parents: Gilbert F. DODGE-35977 and Maria HARRIS-35978.

Spouse: George Gilman TEMPLE-2223. Agnes S. DODGE and George Gilman TEMPLE were married on 6 March 1919 in Salem, Essex, MA.23,29498

Annie L. DODGE29499 was born in March 1860 in Nova Scotia, Canada.27247,29500,29501,29502 She gave her age as 50 in 1920. Gave her age as 23 in 1880. ME birth records for her daughter Laura say she was born in Kings County, Nova Scotia. The Levi Temple genealogy gave her birthplace as Nova Scotia as well, but she claimed ME in 1920. She claimed Canada in 1900. She lived in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME in 1878.29503 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME.27247 Annie appeared in the census in June 1900 in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME.29502 In January 1920 she was a domestic servant in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME.29501 She died on 24 August 1927 at the age of 67 in Newton, Middlesex, MA.23,29500,29504 Some sources give Waltham. She is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, ME. Her parents were both from Nova Scotia. Parents: Walter DODGE-46112 and Elizabeth -46113.

Spouse: Charles W. TEMPLE-3484. Annie L. DODGE and Charles W. TEMPLE were married on 16 September 1877 in Bath, Sagadahoc, ME.4099,29499,29500 Some research gives the year as 1878. They4099,29499,29500 were divorced before 1910.29505 Children were: Arthur Leonard TEMPLE Sr.-3513, Albert Harmon TEMPLE-3512, Laura Jean TEMPLE-3510, TEMPLE-77679, Julia TEMPLE-3511.

Antipas DODGE18178 died in 1847.18178 His will cited his granddaughter Abigail Temple.

Spouse: Sarah BROWN-29804. Sarah BROWN and Antipas DODGE were married before 1807. Children were: Sarah (Sally) DODGE-19357.

Asa S. DODGE (private).

Spouse: Lucy Robinson PARKER-7910.

Augustus C. DODGE (private).

Spouse: Clara Ann HERTICH-32876. Children were: Augustus Villars DODGE-17842.

Augustus Villars DODGE9245 was born on 31 January 1842 in St. Genevieve, St. Genevieve, MO.29506,29507 He died on 22 March 1888 at the age of 46 in Burlington, Des Moines, IA.23,29507 Buried in Aspen Grove Cemetery, Burlington, VT. Parents: Augustus C. DODGE-32875 and Clara Ann HERTICH-32876.

Spouse: Virginia Atherton (Virginia) TEMPLE-2836. Virginia Atherton (Virginia) TEMPLE and Augustus Villars DODGE were married on 15 April 1873 in Fairfield, Jefferson, IA.7765,9245,29506,29508,29509 Children were: Henry Temple DODGE-36930, Villars Atherton DODGE-36931.

B.E. DODGE was born in September 1879 in VT.29510 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Lunenburg, Essex, VT.29510 She died. Parents: William Chester DODGE-35969 and Estelle Maria MORSE-35966.

Bertha Useba DODGE was born in 1871 in MI.20320,29511 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Wells Twp., Tuscola, MI.29511 She lived in Boyne City, Charlevoix, MI on 21 March 1902.20320 Except for places, her profile is that of Berta W., wife of William H. Temple, of Riverside, MI. Parents: Elijah B. DODGE-166180 and Elvira HAMLIN-166181.

Spouse: William TEMPLE-161504. Bertha Useba DODGE and William TEMPLE were married on 20 October 1886 in Maple Valley, Sanilac, MI.29512 They29512 were divorced on 10 March 1902 in Charlevoix Co., MI.29512 Bertha sued on grounds of cruelty on 9 Jul 1901, and the divorce was granted absolutely. At the time of their divorce, they had two children.

Spouse: James F. CAMPBELL-166182. Bertha Useba DODGE and James F. CAMPBELL were married on 25 March 1902 in Boyne City, Charlevoix, MI.20320

Betsy DODGE was born in 1912 in MA.29513 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.29513 Parents: George Washington DODGE-143115 and Mabel TEMPLE-143114.

Byron G. DODGE was born in 1907 in MA.29513 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.29513 Parents: George Washington DODGE-143115 and Mabel TEMPLE-143114.

Daniel DODGE2001 was born in 1817 in PA. He died.

Spouse: Elizabeth -118674. Elizabeth and Daniel DODGE were married before 1836. Children were: Edith Victoria DODGE-21737.

Deborah DODGE was born in 1918 in MA.29513 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.29513 Parents: George Washington DODGE-143115 and Mabel TEMPLE-143114.

Deliverance DODGE was born in March 1661.17045,29514 Born on either 10 or 15 March. She died on 10 March 1717/8 at the age of 57 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.17759,29515 Parents: John DODGE-23936 and Sarah -23937.

Spouse: John PARKER-7017. Deliverance DODGE and John PARKER were married on 7 October 1689.17759,29516 Children were: Andrew PARKER-7028, Josiah PARKER-7032, John PARKER-7044.

Della DODGE (private).

Spouse: Roy HARDING-117519. Children were: Gary Marleen HARDING-117518.

Dorcas DODGE died in 1834 in Chazy, Clinton, NY.29517 She was born in Winchester, Cheshire, NH.29517

Spouse: Nathan RICHARDSON-30761. Dorcas DODGE and Nathan RICHARDSON were married. Children were: Oliver Robbins RICHARDSON-19309.

Dorothy Bowne DODGE29518 was born on 16 November 1902 in Mexico, Oswego, NY.29519 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in New Richmond, St. Croix, WI.29519 She lived in Highland Park, Lake, IL in 1963.29520 Dorothy died on 11 February 1988 at the age of 85 in Gaithersburg, Montgomery, MD.29521,29522 Her obituary seemed to imply the place was Highland Park, TX. Find-A-Grave says the place was Gaithersburg, MD. Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Saint Paul, MN. Parents: Robert Griffin DODGE-128131 and UNKNOWN-128132.

Spouse: Harry Samuel TEMPLE Sr.-751. Dorothy Bowne DODGE and Harry Samuel TEMPLE Sr. were married on 15 September 1926 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.29518,29523,29524 Children were: Anne Harkness TEMPLE-18658, William Bowne TEMPLE-18659, Harry Samuel (Harry\Tim) TEMPLE-18660.

Edith Victoria DODGE9387,29525 was born in December 1853 in OH.2001,18435,22240,29526,29527,29528,29529 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Norwich Twp., Franklin, OH.2001 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Washington Twp., Franklin, OH.29527 Edith appeared in the census in June 1900 in Washington Twp., Franklin, OH.29528 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Washington Twp., Franklin, OH.29529 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Washington Twp., Franklin, OH.29526 Edith appeared in the census in April 1930 in Washington Twp., Franklin, OH.22240 She died. She was also known as Victoria DOWDS. Her parents were both from OH in 1920 and 1880, but her mother was from PA in 1930 and 1900. By 1900, she had had 5 children, of whom 4 survived, which remained true in 1910. When her son James gave her as next of kin in 1918, he said her name was Eda. She and her family were enumerated as Dowds in 1870. Parents: Daniel DODGE-118673 and Elizabeth -118674.

Spouse: Thomas TEMPLE-21733. Edith Victoria DODGE and Thomas TEMPLE were married on 7 May 1872 in Franklin Co., OH.29528,29529,29530 Children were: Nancy Jane TEMPLE-27209, James TEMPLE-27210, William TEMPLE-27211, Marion TEMPLE-40837.

Edward L. DODGE (private).

Spouse: Lucy Ann HAVEN-35890. Children were: Marie Louise (Marie) DODGE-35888.

Electa Melvina DODGE was born on 26 September 1839 in Dummerston, Windham, VT.29531 Parents: Willard DODGE-240 and Zilpha TEMPLE-236.

Elijah B. DODGE (private).

Spouse: Elvira HAMLIN-166181. Children were: Bertha Useba DODGE-161505.

Eliza Thankful DODGE was born on 25 July 1838 in Dummerston, Windham, VT.29531 Parents: Willard DODGE-240 and Zilpha TEMPLE-236.

Franklin D. DODGE (private).29532

Spouse: Janis Y. TEMPLE-146868.

George DODGE was born about 1815.

Spouse: Harriet PARKER-7406. Harriet PARKER and George DODGE were married.

George Washington DODGE29533 was born in 1881 in PA.29513 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Greenwich, Fairfield, CT.29513 His parents were from NY (father) and VT (mother).

Spouse: Mabel TEMPLE-143114. Mabel TEMPLE and George Washington DODGE were married on 21 June 1905 in Holyoke, Hampden, MA.29534,29535,29536 Children were: Byron G. DODGE-148352, Robert K. DODGE-148353, Betsy DODGE-148354, Deborah DODGE-148355.

Geraldine D. DODGE (private).29537

Spouse: Paul J. MURPHY-74028. Children were: Paula Marie MURPHY-74027.

Gilbert F. DODGE23 died before 1920.29495

Spouse: Maria HARRIS-35978. Maria HARRIS and Gilbert F. DODGE were married. Children were: Agnes S. DODGE-35976.

Henry Temple DODGE was born on 4 June 1874 in Burlington, Des Moines, IA.29508,29538 Some sources give 4 June, but that doesn't agree with his response to the 1900 census. He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Queens, Queens, NY.29538 Enumerated with his mother and grandmother. Parents: Augustus Villars DODGE-17842 and Virginia Atherton (Virginia) TEMPLE-2836.

Herbert O. DODGE (private).

Spouse: Julia HOWE-17662.