Ralph William HAYES (private).

Spouse: YATES-150522. Children were: John James HAYES-150520.

Robert HAYES41856 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-160228. Mary TEMPLE and Robert HAYES were married before 1944. Children were: Ronald Taylor HAYES-160230.

Ronald Taylor HAYES41856 was born on 25 August 1944 in TX. He died on 18 May 1965 at the age of 20 in Hempstead, Waller, TX. Parents: Robert HAYES-160229 and Mary TEMPLE-160228.

Sabina HAYES was born on 15 July 1857 in Ashford, Fond du Lac, WI.1998 Parents: Ellis HAYES-46988 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-46987.

Thomas James HAYES41857 was born on 8 May 1887 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO. He died on 15 May 1945 at the age of 58 in Chicago, Cook, IL. Parents: James HAYES-143134 and Emma TEMPLE-141392.

Vernon Clarence HAYES was born in 1921.41858 He lived in Langlade Co., WI in 1986.41858

Spouse: Amaryllis Beula TEMPLE-139627.

Will HAYES (private).

Spouse: Lou Reddie BOWERS-56781. Children were: Melba HAYES-35217.

William HAYES (private).

Spouse: Ida M. BRUCKMAN-102373. Children were: Mabel M. HAYES-73297.

William Michael HAYES (private).41859

Spouse: Patricia Colleen TEMPEL-152597.

Shawn HAYFORD (private).8068

Spouse: Lisa Marie TEMPEL-165846.

Ella Pearl (Ella) HAYGOOD41860 was born on 7 December 1894 in AR.7523,25913,41861,41862,41863,41864,41865,41866 Gave her age as 14 in 1910. Cemetery records put the date in 1895. She appeared in the census in June 1910 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.41863 Enumerated with her brother Oscar living with their grandparents and what appears to be her mother. However, Mary Lowery, nee Johnson, claimed she had had only one child by 1910, and that child was also enumerated with her. She lived in Warren, Bradley, AR in 1917.41867 Ella appeared in the census in April 1930 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.41862 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Pennington, Bradley, AR.41865 She died on 8 December 1946 at the age of 52 in Pulaski Co., AR.25913,41866 Buried in Oakland Cemetery, Warren, Bradley, AR. Her parents were both from AR. Parents: Oliver J. HAYGOOD-57830 and Henrietta -57831.

Spouse: Joseph Vester (Vista) TEMPLE Sr.-24734. Ella Pearl (Ella) HAYGOOD and Joseph Vester (Vista) TEMPLE Sr. were married on 17 March 1912 in Bradley Co., AR.7862,41861,41862 Children were: Lucile Margaret TEMPLE-25129, Averice Marjorie (Margie) TEMPLE-25128, Joseph Vester TEMPLE Jr.-25127, William Travis TEMPLE-25126, Twila Mae TEMPLE-26680.

Irene Viola HAYGOOD41868 was born on 6 August 1918. She lived in Alpharetta, Fulton, GA in October 1940.41869 She died on 18 February 1947 at the age of 28 in White, Bartow, GA. Buried in Oak Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, White, GA.

Spouse: James Robert (James) TEMPLES-42177. Irene Viola HAYGOOD and James Robert (James) TEMPLES were married before October 1940. Children were: James Donald (Don) TEMPLES-124721, Nancy TEMPLES-124722, Ruthel TEMPLES-124723.

Oliver J. HAYGOOD (private).

Spouse: Henrietta -57831. Children were: Ella Pearl (Ella) HAYGOOD-25125.

Crystina HAYHURST71 was born in August 1915 in TX.7448 She appeared in the census in March 1920 in Callahan Co., TX.7448 Parents: Louis C. HAYHURST-59161 and Vinnie -59160.

Frankie HAYHURST71 was born in September 1916 in TX.7448 She appeared in the census in March 1920 in Callahan Co., TX.7448 Parents: Louis C. HAYHURST-59161 and Vinnie -59160.

John E. HAYHURST8684 died before 1939.41870

Spouse: Emma C. TEMPLE-22772. Emma C. TEMPLE and John E. HAYHURST were married before 1939. Children were: John Howard HAYHURST-92630.

John Howard HAYHURST lived in Courtdale, Luzerne, PA in 1939.41870 He was the informant on his mother's death certificate. He died. Parents: John E. HAYHURST-22823 and Emma C. TEMPLE-22772.

John L. HAYHURST71 was born in 1914 in AZ.7448 He appeared in the census in March 1920 in Callahan Co., TX.7448 Parents: Louis C. HAYHURST-59161 and Vinnie -59160.

Louis C. HAYHURST71 was born in 1871 in TX.7448 He appeared in the census in March 1920 in Callahan Co., TX.7448

Spouse: Vinnie -59160. Vinnie and Louis C. HAYHURST were married about 1921 in AZ. Date is assumed based on the children in the 1920 census, and therefore requires proof. Children were: Susie HAYHURST-59164, John L. HAYHURST-59165, Crystina HAYHURST-59166, Frankie HAYHURST-59167, Vernice HAYHURST-59168.

Susie HAYHURST71 was born in 1912 in AZ.7448 She appeared in the census in March 1920 in Callahan Co., TX.7448 Parents: Louis C. HAYHURST-59161 and Vinnie -59160.

Vernice HAYHURST71 was born in February 1918 in TX.7448 He appeared in the census in March 1920 in Callahan Co., TX.7448 Parents: Louis C. HAYHURST-59161 and Vinnie -59160.

Margaret Elizabeth HAYLES (private).41871

Spouse: Roger Brent HUGHES-99374.

Robbie Sue HAYLES41872 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Woodrow Wilson TEMPLE-34614. Robbie Sue HAYLES and Woodrow Wilson TEMPLE were married after August 1942.41873,41874 Children were: Cheryl Suzanne (Suzanne) TEMPLE-34641.

Eva May HAYLOR was born in 1892 in OH.41875,41876 She lived in Emmett, Gem, ID in 1913.41877 She lived in Marysville, Marshall, KS in 1917.41878 Eva appeared in the census in January 1920 in Marysville, Marshall, KS.41875 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Monrovia, Los Angeles, CA.41876 She died on 27 February 1937 at the age of 45 in Monrovia, Los Angeles, CA.41879,41880 Died of unspecified causes. Buried in Live Oak Memorial Cemetery, Monrovia, CA. Her parents were from England (father) and CT (mother). Surname from her brother who was enumerated with them in1 930.

Spouse: William Bennett (Will) TEMPLE-48464. Eva May HAYLOR and William Bennett (Will) TEMPLE were married on 15 October 1913 in Emmett, Gem, ID.41876,41877,41881,41882 Find-A-Grave cited their marriage license, indicating they married in Canyon, ID, but that did not include the minister's return. A news report from Caldwell, ID, said they had received a license there on 15 Oct 1913. Children were: William Bennett TEMPLE Jr.-61889, Robert Haylor TEMPLE-48466, Thomas Herbert (Tom) TEMPLE-48467.

Charles HAYMAN14422 died.

Spouse: Leafy June BLACKBURN-69376. Leafy June BLACKBURN and Charles HAYMAN were married before 1902. Children were: Florence M. HAYMAN-53929.

Florence M. HAYMAN was born on 6 May 1902 in Wyandot Co., OH.14421,41883,41884 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.41883 She died on 12 February 1940 at the age of 37 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.41885 Some sources say she died 21 Sep 1976 in Columbus, OH. This may be correct, as she was enumerated in Apr 1940 alive and well. Florence appeared in the census in April 1940 in Briggsdale, Franklin, OH.41884 She was included in the enumeration, though she had apparently died well before it. Her parents were both from OH. Parents: Charles HAYMAN-69375 and Leafy June BLACKBURN-69376.

Spouse: Howard E. TEMPLE-27228. Florence M. HAYMAN and Howard E. TEMPLE were married on 24 September 1925 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.14422,41883 Children were: Ruth Joy TEMPLE-53930, Charles Marion (Charlie) TEMPLE-53931, Robert Lee TEMPLE-76476, Ronald C. TEMPLE Sr.-76481.

Katharina HAYMAN (private).

Spouse: Josef TEMPEL-169841. Children were: Charles TEMPLE-158393.

Earl HAYMER was born in 1920.7781

Spouse: Mildred A. TEMPLE-45749. Mildred A. TEMPLE and Earl HAYMER were married on 11 July 1950 in Lake Co., CA.7781

Dora Lillian HAYMON was born on 25 December 1856.362 She died on 3 December 1935 at the age of 78.362

Spouse: Phineas Cushman PARKER-9572. Dora Lillian HAYMON and Phineas Cushman PARKER were married on 4 July 1874.362

Emma Mabel HAYNER30845 died. Maiden name could have been Haynes.

Spouse: Walter Cleveland MOYER-116770. Emma Mabel HAYNER and Walter Cleveland MOYER were married before 1922. Children were: Helen Marie MOYER-116769.

HAYNES41886 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mollie Lee TEMPLE-183627. Mollie Lee TEMPLE and HAYNES were married before 1955.

Abigail HAYNES was born in 1693 in Haverhill, Essex, MA. She died in 1752 at the age of 59 in CT. Parents: Jonathan HAYNES-4276 and Sarah MOULTON-4275.

Spouse: Jacob WARNER-4294. Abigail HAYNES and Jacob WARNER were married in 1714 in CT.

Alexander Joseph HAYNES (private). Parents: Gary HAYNES-111991 and Karen Sue SCHNAUS-112415.

Ann Ella HAYNES was born on 25 May 1928 in Eagleville, Rutherford, TN.41887,41888 She lived in Smyrna, Rutherford, TN in 1957.41887 She died on 5 December 2000 at the age of 72 in Gallatin, Sumner, TN.41889 Temple may not be her maiden name. Parents: Charles W. HAYNES-168846 and Willie M. VAUGHN-168847.

Spouse: TEMPLE-168848. Ann Ella HAYNES and TEMPLE were married before October 1946.41888

Spouse: Clifford SMITHEY-162752. Ann Ella HAYNES and Clifford SMITHEY were married on 31 October 1957 in Robertson Co., TN.41887

Spouse: CHOWNING-168849.

Spouse: RAYMOND-168850.

Bessie HAYNES (private). Parents: Dr. Joseph Orrel HAYNES-21233 and Georgia Anna TEMPLE-21231.

Charles W. HAYNES (private).

Spouse: Willie M. VAUGHN-168847. Children were: Ann Ella HAYNES-162751.

Christian HAYNES19961 was born on 24 March 1836. He died about 1900 at the age of 64. Name also appears simply as Hayes.

Spouse: Barbara Ellen TEMPLE(S)-9915. Barbara Ellen TEMPLE(S) and Christian HAYNES were married on 11 May 1858 in Davidson Co., NC.40313,40315

Christina Leora (Christa) HAYNES was born on 30 May 1886 in Carmi, White, IL.29470,33627,41890,41891,41892,41893,41894 Gave 1888 and MO in 1940. Her daughter Margaretta said the date was 20 May 1886 in her death certificate, and that date is reflected on her grave marker. A secondary source of unknown reliability put the date in 1883. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.29470 She lived R 1 in Dexter, Stoddard, MO in 1918.41895 Christina appeared in the census in January 1920 in Liberty, Stoddard, MO.41890 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.41891 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO.41892 Christina lived 6903 A Manchester Avenue in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO in December 1942.41896 She died on 12 March 1965 at the age of 78 in Stoddard, Stoddard, MO.33627,41894 Died of hypertenisve heart disease. Buried in Armstead-Dowdy Cemetery, Dexter, MO. Her parents were both from IL. She had 2 children by 1910, of whom only one survived. It may be that Fred had two wives, one was Christina and the other was Christa or Christal given the wide variation in her claimed age over the years. Parents: John Edward HAYNES-71999 and Clamanda (Amanda) FILES-72000.

Spouse: Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE(S)-38521. Christina Leora (Christa) HAYNES and Frederick (Fred) TEMPLE(S) were married on 15 December 1908 in Bloomfield, Stoddard, MO.25451,29470,41897 Gave 1909 in 1930. A secondary source of unknown reliability said the month was Oct, but that disagrees with Fred's obituary. Children were: Lorene L. TEMPLES-38527, Alene Roberta TEMPLES-38529, Margaretta D. (Margaret) TEMPLE(S)-38530, Roy Edward (Roy) TEMPLE(S)-38531, James William (James) TEMPLE-53216, Leon E. (Leo) TEMPLES-87058.

Crockett HAYNES (private).

Spouse: Mary MAY-24256.

Dunbury HAYNES41898,41899 was born (date unknown). Also appears as Bunberry.

Spouse: Harriet Emma VAUGHT-21235. Harriet Emma VAUGHT and Dunbury HAYNES were married on 22 June 1853 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL.41898 Children were: Dr. Joseph Orrel HAYNES-21233, Ovid HAYNES-21237, William Bryan HAYNES-21236.

Elizabeth HAYNES (private).

Spouse: Moses FAY-5080. Children were: Josiah Newton FAY-5079.

Elizabeth HAYNES was born on 22 May 1696 in Haverhill, Essex, MA. She died in 1756 at the age of 60 in Plainfield, Windham, CT. Buried in Plainfield, Windham, CT. Parents: Jonathan HAYNES-4276 and Sarah MOULTON-4275.

Spouse: Isaac SPAULDING-4295. Elizabeth HAYNES and Isaac SPAULDING were married in 1717 in CT.

Francis HAYNES25123 died.

Spouse: Charles Thomas CORR-110785. Francis HAYNES and Charles Thomas CORR were married before 1903. Children were: Emma F. CORR-27991.

Frank E. HAYNES (private).

Spouse: Alana A. DAVIS-36273. Children were: Robert Carr HAYNES-16673.

Gary HAYNES (private).

Spouse: Karen Sue SCHNAUS-112415. Children were: Lindsey Rae HAYNES-111992, Alexander Joseph HAYNES-111990.

Hannah HAYNES was born in 1691 in Haverhill, Essex, MA. She died in 1750 at the age of 59 in Norwich, New London, CT. Buried in Norwich, New London, CT. Parents: Jonathan HAYNES-4276 and Sarah MOULTON-4275.

Spouse: John HEATH-4291. Hannah HAYNES and John HEATH were married in 1712 in Norwich, New London, CT.

Hattie HAYNES41900 was born about 1855 in Albany, Albany, NY.23 She died on 1 December 1891 at the age of 36 in Albany, Albany, NY.23 Place needs proof.

Spouse: James Henry (James) TEMPLE-1809. Hattie HAYNES and James Henry (James) TEMPLE were married on 14 March 1882 in Albany, Albany, NY.21039,21045,41900

Ida Ervila HAYNES41901 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ned JOHNSTON-122164. Ida Ervila HAYNES and Ned JOHNSTON were married before 1924. Children were: Darwin J. JOHNSTON-81015.

Jess HAYNES was born on 24 March 1905 in Midway, Bullock, AL.41902 Parents: John HAYNES-161067 and Sallie TEMPLES-161066.

Joe Dale HAYNES41903 was born in 1939. He died in 2009 at the age of 70.

Spouse: GATES-107967. Children were: Raylene Denise HAYNES-90935.