Zena BYRAM was born on 7 December 1876 in Coffee Co., TN.19821,19822 She died. Parents: Lafayette BYRAM-91433 and Martha TEMPLE-30885.

Carl Emil BYRAN (private).

Spouse: Annie Christine DAHLIN-16936. Children were: Raymond Theodore BYRON-16934.

BYRD (private).

Spouse: Hazel Davis TEMPLE-56542.

BYRD (private).

Spouse: Betty TEMPLE-74811.

BYRD (private).

Spouse: Alice Alfa (Alfie) DEMPSEY-109855.

B. (Birdie) BYRD11429 was born on 13 February 1879 in Jackson Twp., Andrew, MO.19823,19824,19825,19826 Gave 1883 in 1930. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Jackson Twp., Andrew, MO.19826 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Seattle, King, WA.19823 B. appeared in the census in April 1940 in Seattle, King, WA.19825 She died on 29 August 1941 at the age of 62 in Seattle, King, WA.15826,19824,19827 Buried in Orting Cemetery, Orting, WA. Her parents were from VA (father) and IL (mother). No B. Byrd was found in 1880 in MO, but of the females born in 1879 there, Madge Byrd was the only one with a parent from either VA or IL, and her parents, William and Amanda Byrd, were both from VA. Parents: Samuel A. BYRD-94444 and Dolly HARRIS-94445.

Spouse: William Lewis TEMPLE-26943. B. (Birdie) BYRD and William Lewis TEMPLE were married before 1930.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-54079. B. (Birdie) BYRD and UNKNOWN were married in 1901.19823

Betty Jean BYRD19828 was born (date unknown). At the time of her marriage, her mother was Mrs. Margarite Bennett.

Spouse: Frank J. TEMPLE-181201. Betty Jean BYRD and Frank J. TEMPLE were married on 14 September 1948 in Lancaster Co., NE.19828,19829 The marriage was recorded in Lancaster Co., NE. The bride lived in Des Moines, the groom in Omaha, and the wedding was reported in the Des Moines Tribune, Des Moines, IA. That report said they were married in the Central Christian church, but provided no further information. That seems to point to Des Moines as the place, but it requires proof such as a marriage certificate.

Billy Joe BYRD was born in Pilot Knob, Simpson, KY.19830

Spouse: Barbara MILLS-106134. Barbara MILLS and Billy Joe BYRD were married before 1958. Children were: Bradley R. BYRD-85835.

Bonnie Jo BYRD (private).6890

Spouse: Jonathan Darrell TEMPLE-120537. Children were: Jonathan Willis TEMPLE-120539, Anne TEMPLE-120541.

Bradley R. BYRD (private).19830 Parents: Billy Joe BYRD-106133 and Barbara MILLS-106134.

Spouse: Karen Nanette (Nanette) TEMPLE-85833.

Brittany BYRD (private). Parents: Joseph BYRD-111085 and Tina Marie KELLER-111404.

Cody BYRD (private). Parents: Joseph BYRD-111085 and Tina Marie KELLER-111404.

Spouse: Janelle MERKEL-111514. Children were: Landon Daniel BYRD-111741, Nolan BYRD-111740.

Connie BYRD (private).7457 Parents: Melvin BYRD-115226 and Violet -115227.

Spouse: Harold Len (Len) TEMPLE Jr.-79486. Children were: Devan Dean TEMPLE-115225.

Spouse: Stewart DE LONG-115224.

Donna BYRD19831 was born on 19 August 1893 in TX. She died on 30 July 1960 at the age of 66 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX. Parents: James Abraham (Abe) BYRD-32377 and Thana Jane (Thanie) TEMPLE-32374.

Dorothy Ruth BYRD19832 was born on 15 May 1923 in Waynesboro, Wayne, MS.19833,19834 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Jones Co., MS.19833 She lived in MS in 1951.19835 Dorothy died on 29 July 2002 at the age of 79 in Laurel, Jones, MS.19835 Buried in Emmanuel Baptist Church, Laurel, MS. Parents: Henry Irvin BYRD-92829 and Dora Geraldine EIDSON-92830.

Spouse: James Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE Sr.-43313. Dorothy Ruth BYRD and James Nelson (Nelson) TEMPLE Sr. were married. Children were: James Nelson TEMPLE Jr.-92815, William Irvin TEMPLE-92816, Nelda Ruth (Nanny) TEMPLE-92817, Sherile Ann (Ann) TEMPLE-92818.

Ella Gladys BYRD19836 was born on 8 December 1903 in TX. She died on 10 March 1980 at the age of 76 in Campbellton, Atascosa, TX. Parents: James Abraham (Abe) BYRD-32377 and Thana Jane (Thanie) TEMPLE-32374.

Frances Ellen BYRD19837 was born on 9 July 1897 in Jonesboro, Washington, TN.13870,13875,19838,19839 In April 1930 she was a school teacher in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.13870 In April 1940 she was a public school principal in Atlanta, De Kalb, GA.19839 Frances lived in De Kalb Co., GA before 1978.19838 She died on 3 October 1978 at the age of 81 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.19838,19840,19841 Buried in Green Lawn Cemetery, Roswell, GA. Parents: Smith Alexander BYRD-102362 and Sallie BIDDLE-102363.

Spouse: Charles Willis TEMPLE-61002. Frances Ellen BYRD and Charles Willis TEMPLE were married on 25 December 1924 in East Lake, De Kalb, GA.13870,19837 They married in Frances' mother's home.

Georgianna Mae BYRD (private).

Spouse: Carl Parem (Carl) TEMPLE-56557. Children were: Nina Catherine TEMPLE-56560.

Henry Irvin BYRD19832 was born in 1885. He died in 1969 at the age of 84.

Spouse: Dora Geraldine EIDSON-92830. Dora Geraldine EIDSON and Henry Irvin BYRD were married. Children were: Dorothy Ruth BYRD-92813.

J.O. BYRD (private).

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-56574.

James Abraham (Abe) BYRD19842 was born on 22 November 1872.19843 He died on 26 April 1959 at the age of 86.19843 Buried in Stockdale Cemetery, Stockdale, Wilson Co., TX. Surname appeared as Bird in several places.

Spouse: Thana Jane (Thanie) TEMPLE-32374. Thana Jane (Thanie) TEMPLE and James Abraham (Abe) BYRD were married on 7 March 1889 in Wilson Co., TX.19843 Children were: Wood Robert BYRD-33960, Donna BYRD-89362, William BIRD-33962, Ella Gladys BYRD-89348, Lillian B. BIRD-89461.

Joseph BYRD (private).

Spouse: Tina Marie KELLER-111404. Children were: Cody BYRD-111030, Brittany BYRD-111084.

Landon Daniel BYRD (private). Parents: Cody BYRD-111030 and Janelle MERKEL-111514.

Lisa Dawn BYRD (private).

Spouse: Kevin Scott TEMPLE-87254. Children were: Brooke Logan TEMPLE-87256.

Melvin BYRD died before 2018.7457

Spouse: Violet -115227. Violet and Melvin BYRD were married. Children were: Connie BYRD-115223.

Nolan BYRD (private). Parents: Cody BYRD-111030 and Janelle MERKEL-111514.

Ruby Lee BYRD (private).19844

Spouse: Michael Ray TEMPLE-145329. Children were: Tabitha Lee TEMPLE-159052.

Samuel A. BYRD (private).

Spouse: Dolly HARRIS-94445. Children were: B. (Birdie) BYRD-26953.

Sarah A. BYRD was born in 1842 in GA.3829,19845 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Hart Co., GA.3829,19845 She died about 1861 at the age of 19. Date is a placeholder. There were two Sarah Byrds, b abt 1844 in GA in 1850.

Spouse: Clark W. TEMPLE(S)-35212. Sarah A. BYRD and Clark W. TEMPLE(S) were married on 5 August 1855 in Hart Co., GA.19846 Children were: Mary E.J. TEMPLE(S)-35285, Mattison Elijah Gaines (Mattison) TEMPLE-35213, Rhoda Louisiana (Lucy) TEMPLE-56448.

Smith Alexander BYRD13875,19837 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sallie BIDDLE-102363. Sallie BIDDLE and Smith Alexander BYRD were married before 1897. Children were: Frances Ellen BYRD-61009.

Wood Robert BYRD19843 was born on 1 March 1890 in TX.19847 He died on 20 April 1977 at the age of 87 in Nixon, Gonzales, TX.19847 Parents: James Abraham (Abe) BYRD-32377 and Thana Jane (Thanie) TEMPLE-32374.

Charles W. BYRN (private).

Spouse: Anna (Annie) TEMPLE-31286.

Ann Marie BYRNE (private).19848 Parents: Martin BYRNE-126250 and Edith FULTON-126251.

Spouse: Robert Leroy TEMPLE-3658. Children were: Nanette TEMPLE-3667, Kelly TEMPLE-3668, Steven TEMPLE-76538.

Dorothy Frances BYRNE9686 was born on 18 February 1901 in AR.4110,4111,19849,19850,19851 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.4111 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.4110 Dorothy appeared in the census in April 1930 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.19849 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.19850 She died on 16 November 1946 at the age of 45 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.19851,19852 Died of a heart attack but her obituary did not say where other than the city. Buried in State Line Cemetery, Texarkana, AR. Her parents were both from AR.

Parents: Lawrence S. BYRNE-55576 and Leslie H. -55577.

Spouse: William J. TEMPLE Jr.-34862. Dorothy Frances BYRNE and William J. TEMPLE Jr. were married on 7 June 1921 in Bowie Co., TX.19849,19853,19854 Gave 1923 in the 1930 census. Children were: Suzanne TEMPLE-55574, Sally TEMPLE-55575.

Eleanor M. BYRNE19855 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Patrick HOYNE-67171. Eleanor M. BYRNE and Patrick HOYNE were married before 1817. Children were: Thomas HOYNE-9666.

Jeannette M. BYRNE (private).19856

Spouse: Lawrence G. TEMPLE-147004.

Lawrence S. BYRNE19852 was born in 1860 in AR.4111 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Texarkana, Miller, AR.4111 He died before 1920 at the age of 60.

Spouse: Leslie H. -55577. Leslie H. and Lawrence S. BYRNE were married before 1901. Children were: Dorothy Frances BYRNE-55573.

Malcolm BYRNE (private).

Spouse: Dorothy SHERWOOD-17974.

Margaret Ann BYRNE15190 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James Martin BOGGS-27903. Margaret Ann BYRNE and James Martin BOGGS were married on 22 September 1862 in Sutton, Braxton, WV.15190 Children were: Charles Anderson BOGGS-27898.

Martin BYRNE19848 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edith FULTON-126251. Edith FULTON and Martin BYRNE were married before 1945. Children were: Ann Marie BYRNE-3666.

May BYRNE8277 was born on 14 February 1883.19857,19858 She died on 22 August 1968 at the age of 85 in Seattle, King, WA.19857,19858,19859 Buried in Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle, WA.

Spouse: Reverend William Henry Grenville TEMPLE-4590. May BYRNE and Reverend William Henry Grenville TEMPLE were married on 5 April 1917 in Victoria, Capital Region, British Columbia, Canada.19860

BYRNES (private).

Spouse: TEMPLE-131608. Children were: Catherine A. TEMPLE-131610.

James F. BYRNES (private).

Spouse: Judy M. TEMPLE-177121.

Mary Ann BYRNES (private).

Spouse: Frederick Vincent TEMPLE Jr.-78112.

Mary B. BYRNES was born on 30 October 1920 in Winnsboro, Franklin, LA.13670,19861 She lived in LA in 1968.19862 She died on 27 July 2000 at the age of 79 in Farmerville, Union, LA.19861,19862 Buried in Crossroads Cemetery, Farmerville, LA. Parents: Tom G. BYRNES-102924 and Dorothea BESSINETT-102925.

Spouse: Rebert S. TEMPLE-59608. Mary B. BYRNES and Rebert S. TEMPLE were married before 1940.13670 Children were: Rebert Allen TEMPLE-89330.

Tom G. BYRNES13670 died.

Spouse: Dorothea BESSINETT-102925. Dorothea BESSINETT and Tom G. BYRNES were married. Children were: Mary B. BYRNES-81265.

BYROM19863 was born (date unknown). The handwriting on his wife's death certificate was inconsistent, so the name can be read as Bynom.

Spouse: Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE-30884. Mary Elizabeth TEMPLE and BYROM were married before 1930.

Margaret BYRON (private).

Spouse: Joseph BROWN-23271. Children were: William BROWN-23270, Sara Ann BROWN-13313.

Raymond Theodore BYRON19864 was born on 26 June 1900 in Gardner, Worcester, MA.23 He died on 22 December 1972 at the age of 72 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.23 Buried in North River Cemetery, Colrain, MA. The marriage to Marion was his second, the first having ended in divorce. Parents: Carl Emil BYRAN-16935 and Annie Christine DAHLIN-16936.

Spouse: Marian Helen (Marian) TEMPLE-6553. Marian Helen (Marian) TEMPLE and Raymond Theodore BYRON were married on 26 July 1939 in Colrain, Franklin, MA.19864,19865 Also registered in Gardner, MA.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-46134. UNKNOWN and Raymond Theodore BYRON were married about 1921.

Carolyn BYRUM was born on 10 April 1934.19866,19867 She died on 21 September 2011 at the age of 77 in Hartwell, Hart, GA.19868 Buried in Reed Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Reed Creek, GA.

Spouse: TEMPLES-155930.