Edwin BURLING (private).14822

Spouse: Lucy BURHAM-57112. Children were: James P. BURLING-54708.

Frederick Temple BURLING was born on 23 March 1896.14865 The Field Genealogy gives a year of 1876, making his parents not yet teenagers, which is unlikely. Parents: James Perkins BURLING-92554 and Terese TEMPLE-92553.

James P. BURLING14866 was born in 1867.14822 He appeared in the census in 1925 in Decorah, Winneshiek, IA.14822 Parents: Edwin BURLING-57111 and Lucy BURHAM-57112.

Spouse: Therese (Tessie) TEMPLE-30080. Therese (Tessie) TEMPLE and James P. BURLING were married on 21 February 1895 in Cook Co., IL.14867

James Perkins BURLING14865 was born on 10 August 1866.14865 Parents: Edward BURLING-92556 and Lucy Hubbard BURNHAM-92557.

Spouse: Terese TEMPLE-92553. Terese TEMPLE and James Perkins BURLING were married in Chicago, Cook, IL.14865 Children were: Frederick Temple BURLING-92555.

Ava Susan BURLINGAME14763 was born in 1885. Parents: Serrel Judson BURLINGAME-11696 and Marie PARKER-11682.

Ensign Christopher BURLINGAME (private).

Spouse: Susanna PUTNAM-18010. Children were: Martha BURLINGAME-17472.

Clara BURLINGAME (private).

Spouse: George H. MILLER-68711. Children were: Marguerite MILLER-68704.

Eva Prudence BURLINGAME14763 was born in 1885. Parents: Serrel Judson BURLINGAME-11696 and Marie PARKER-11682.

Gertrude Marie BURLINGAME14763 was born in 1881. Parents: Serrel Judson BURLINGAME-11696 and Marie PARKER-11682.

Martha BURLINGAME14868 was born in 1794 in OH.14869 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Marietta, Washington, OH.14869 Enumerated living with her daughter's family. She died. She was the granddaughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam, the leader of the party which originally settled Marietta in 1788. Parents: Ensign Christopher BURLINGAME-18009 and Susanna PUTNAM-18010.

Spouse: Reverend Samuel Prince ROBBINS-17471. Martha BURLINGAME and Reverend Samuel Prince ROBBINS were married. Children were: Hannah Gilman ROBBINS-1762.

Pearl Ellen BURLINGAME14763 was born in 1878. She died in 1896 at the age of 18 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC. Parents: Serrel Judson BURLINGAME-11696 and Marie PARKER-11682.

Serrel Judson BURLINGAME14763 was born in 1854.

Spouse: Marie PARKER-11682. Marie PARKER and Serrel Judson BURLINGAME were married in 1875.14763 Children were: Pearl Ellen BURLINGAME-11697, Gertrude Marie BURLINGAME-11698, Eva Prudence BURLINGAME-11699, Ava Susan BURLINGAME-11700.

Theodore J. BURLINGAME (private).7834

Spouse: Theola Florence OSTROM-57533.

Effie Dena BURMA (private).

Spouse: John Hensman OSTERLOO-29135. Children were: Dora Irene (Dora) OSTERLOO-29128.

Hannah BURMA14870 was born in 1842. Some sources give her surname as Burna.

Spouse: Henry TEMPLE-91430. Hannah BURMA and Henry TEMPLE were married on 13 November 1863 in St. Clair Co., MI.14870

Hugh BURN14871 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sarah TEMPLE-93058. Sarah TEMPLE and Hugh BURN were married on 24 July 1779 in Frederick Co., MD.14871

Sarah BURNAP14872 was born on 3 October 1751 in Sutton, Worcester, MA. She died on 26 December 1815 at the age of 64 in Oakham, Worcester, MA.

Spouse: Jotham MERRIAM-32596. Sarah BURNAP and Jotham MERRIAM were married. Children were: Silas MERRIAM-32593.

Dorothy Louise BURNELL was born on 2 September 1906 in Porter, Oxford, ME.22,14873 She died on 10 October 2003 at the age of 97 in Fryeburg, Oxford, ME.14873,14874 Parents: Nathaniel P. BURNELL-38898 and Lizzie J. LIBBY-38899.

Spouse: Reverend Cecil Winfield (Cecil) TEMPLE-6619. Dorothy Louise BURNELL and Reverend Cecil Winfield (Cecil) TEMPLE were married on 10 December 1977.22 This marriage requires proof.

Nathaniel P. BURNELL (private).

Spouse: Lizzie J. LIBBY-38899. Children were: Dorothy Louise BURNELL-38897.

John J. BURNES14875 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Margaret Jane TEMPLE-93344. Margaret Jane TEMPLE and John J. BURNES were married on 12 December 1867 in Massac Co., IL.496,14875,14876

Susan BURNES (private).

Spouse: Wesley MASON-77983. Children were: Ida May MASON-48672.

Clarence BURNESON (private). Parents: Robert S. BURNESON-24832 and Wilda Mary TEMPLE-3117.

Clyde BURNESON (private). Parents: Robert S. BURNESON-24832 and Wilda Mary TEMPLE-3117.

Edna BURNESON (private). Parents: Robert S. BURNESON-24832 and Wilda Mary TEMPLE-3117.

Harold BURNESON (private). Parents: Robert S. BURNESON-24832 and Wilda Mary TEMPLE-3117.

Martha BURNESON (private). Parents: Robert S. BURNESON-24832 and Wilda Mary TEMPLE-3117.

Robert S. BURNESON48 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Wilda Mary TEMPLE-3117. Wilda Mary TEMPLE and Robert S. BURNESON were married before 1914 in West Bridgewater, Beaver, PA.14877 Children were: Martha BURNESON-53223, Clarence BURNESON-53224, Clyde BURNESON-53225, Edna BURNESON-53226, Harold BURNESON-53227.

Betty Banks BURNETT (private).

Spouse: John William CHAFFIN-69563. Children were: Hilda Kathryn (Hilda) CHAFFIN-24030.

Doris Cora (Doris) BURNETT22,14878 was born in 1914 in Guilford, Windham, VT.9130,14879 In April 1940 she was a retail supply company clerk in Brattleboro, Windham, VT.14879 Parents: Wilbur L. BURNETT-73888 and Lena KENNY-73889.

Spouse: Albert Hobbs (Albert) TEMPLE-6558. Doris Cora (Doris) BURNETT and Albert Hobbs (Albert) TEMPLE were married on 18 June 1932 in Whitingham, Windham, VT.9134,14878 They9134,14878 were divorced before 1956.22 Children were: Leaman Allen (Leaman) TEMPLE Sr.-6580.

Edward BURNETT was born in 1905 in KY.2734 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Gamaliel, Monroe, KY.2734 His parents were both from KY.

Spouse: Oda (Odie) TEMPLES-98703. Oda (Odie) TEMPLES and Edward BURNETT were married in 1927 in KY.2734 Children were: Elnora BURNETT-101466.

Eliza Ann BURNETT14880 was born in March 1852 in NY.6301,9905,14881,14882 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Gillett, Oconto, WI.9905 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Gillett, Oconto, WI.14881 Eliza appeared in the census in June 1900 in Oconto Falls, Oconto, WI.14882 She died before 1910 at the age of 58 in WI.14883 Her parents' birthplaces were unknown except in 1900, when she claimed both from NY. By 1900, she had had 13 children, of whom 11 survived. Some sources give her surname as Bennett.

Spouse: Albert (Ab) TEMPLE-13113. Eliza Ann BURNETT and Albert (Ab) TEMPLE were married on 1 October 1868 in Gillett, Oconto, WI.12402,14880,14882,14884 Children were: John Albert (John) TEMPLE-23350, Joseph W. TEMPLE-23351, Almira Alice TEMPLE-23352, Rachel May (Rachel) TEMPLE-23353, Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE-23354, Herbert Lester TEMPLE-23355, Mellen E. TEMPLE-23356, Charles Elmer (Elmer) TEMPLE-23357, Nellie TEMPLE-23358, William Richard TEMPLE-13632, Guy Ervin TEMPLE-23359, Luella Z. TEMPLE-23360.

Elnora BURNETT (private).2734 Parents: Edward BURNETT-101465 and Oda (Odie) TEMPLES-98703.

Fred F. BURNETT (private).

Spouse: Mabel WITCHEY-55403. Children were: Shirley H. BURNETT-55401.

Helen BURNETT (private).14885

Spouse: TEMPLE-127360.

Rosalie Josephine BURNETT (private).

Spouse: James Cyrus LONG-78290. Children were: Mary Lou LONG-73464.

Shirley H. BURNETT was born on 12 August 1932 in Shadyside, Belmont, OH.14886,14887 She died on 15 August 2006 at the age of 74 in Bellaire, Belmont, OH.14886,14887 Buried in Holly Memorial Gardens, Pleasant Grove, OH. Marriage assumed. Parents: Fred F. BURNETT-55402 and Mabel WITCHEY-55403.

Spouse: James Kenneth (Jim) TEMPLE-31516. Shirley H. BURNETT and James Kenneth (Jim) TEMPLE were married in 1954 in OH.14887 Children were: Lynne TEMPLE-55404.

Wilbur L. BURNETT (private).

Spouse: Lena KENNY-73889. Children were: Doris Cora (Doris) BURNETT-6579.

BURNETTE (private).

Spouse: Ethel S. TEMPLE-45526.

Lennie Mae BURNETTE14888 was born on 11 June 1903 in Franklin Co., MS.14889,14890,14891 SSDI gave the date in 1903, but Temple People Vol. 1 gave it in 1904. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Jackson, Hinds, MS.14889 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Jackson, Hinds, MS.14891 Lennie lived 724 Cherry Street in Jackson, Hinds, MS in 1953.14892 She an applicant for a veteran's headstone for her husband on 10 March 1953 in Jackson, Hinds, MS.14892 She died in December 1984 at the age of 81 in Jackson, Hinds, MS.14890 Her parents were both from MS. Name also given as Linnie.

Spouse: Thomas Jefferson (Tom) TEMPLE-18999. Lennie Mae BURNETTE and Thomas Jefferson (Tom) TEMPLE were married in 1924 in MS.14889 Children were: Billie TEMPLE-87134.

Rodney BURNETTE (private).

Spouse: Teresa TEMPLE-122601.

BURNHAM (private).

Spouse: Polly KOEN-19691.

BURNHAM (private).

Spouse: Myra H. TEMPLE-43264.

BURNHAM14893 was born (date unknown). He may have been Taye Burnham, of Detroit, MI, in 1910.

Spouse: Charlotte TEMPLE-124079. Charlotte TEMPLE and BURNHAM were married in 1897.14893

Annie L. BURNHAM (private).

Spouse: Charles A. MESSER-13480. Children were: Justine Frances MESSER-10892.

Bessie BURNHAM was born on 19 November 1895 in FL.14894,14895,14896 Gave 1897 in 1920. She lived in Munson, Santa Rosa, FL in 1917.14897 She appeared in the census in February 1920 in Dogwood Grove, Santa Rosa, FL.14895 Bessie died on 10 May 1928 at the age of 32 in Santa Rosa Co., FL.14894,14896,14898 Buried in McLellan Church of Christ Cemetery, Munson, Santa Rosa, FL. She also has a marker in Black Cemeterm Santaosa Co., FL, with complete dates. Her parents were both from AL.

Spouse: John Earl TEMPLE Sr.-48130. Bessie BURNHAM and John Earl TEMPLE Sr. were married before 1915. Children were: Oma Coley (Oma) TEMPLE-31204, James G. TEMPLE-53374, Annie Delia (Delia) TEMPLE(S)-53375, TEMPLES-57058, Willa Faye (Faye) TEMPLES-53376, John Earl TEMPLE Jr.-53377.

Deborah BURNHAM was born on 15 June 1809 in Bethlehem, Grafton, NH.14899 She died on 2 May 1874 at the age of 64 in Littleton, Grafton, NH.14899

Spouse: Reuben PHILLIPS-30781. Deborah BURNHAM and Reuben PHILLIPS were married. Children were: Laura E. PHILLIPS-2054.

Elgin E. BURNHAM (private).14900

Spouse: Sue Carol TEMPLE-83703.

Elizabeth BURNHAM was born about 1728.30

Spouse: Thomas RISLEY-10375. Elizabeth BURNHAM and Thomas RISLEY were married.30

Hattie BURNHAM died on 25 October 1919 in El Paso Co., CO.14901 Her marriage is assumed, and her middle name assumed to be her maiden name.

Spouse: TEMPLE-109849.

Jemima BURNHAM14902 was born on 29 December 1799 in Montague, Franklin, MA.22,14903 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.14904 She appeared in the census in July 1860 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.14903 Jemima died on 3 May 1878 at the age of 78 in Deerfield, Franklin, MA.22,505 Buried in Green River Cemetery, Greenfield, MA. Parents: Silas BURNHAM-32397 and Orellia ROBBINS-32398.

Spouse: Philo TEMPLE-1333. Jemima BURNHAM and Philo TEMPLE were married on 7 May 1826 in Vernon, Windham, VT.22,14902 Children were: Elizabeth TEMPLE-17514, Angeline TEMPLE-17516, Frances TEMPLE-26577, Eunice Lord TEMPLE-17515.