Terry TREDWAY (private). Parents: Curtis Arnold TREDWAY-90808 and Jacqueline -90811.

Martha TREE37948 died.

Spouse: Charles J. GORDON Sr.-116344. Martha TREE and Charles J. GORDON Sr. were married before 1876. Children were: Charles J. (Charlie) GORDON Jr.-116343.

TREESE (private).

Spouse: Nancy TEMPLE-28676.

Geerdina TREI was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Berend TEMPLE-143661. Geerdina TREI and Berend TEMPLE were married on 7 January 1869 in Stephenson Co., IL.84162

Constance A. TREMAYNE was born on 24 October 1937 in PA.706,132698 SSDI puts her birth in 1937, but she was enumerated as 8 years old in 1940. She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Kingston, Luzerne, PA.706 She lived in IL before 1951.132698 Constance died on 21 February 2004 at the age of 66 in Compton, Los Angeles, CA.132698 Services held in the Harrison-Ross Mortuary. Parents: W. Earl TREMAYNE-115727 and Arlene W. -115728.

Spouse: Howell Justin (Howell) TEMPLE-25794. Constance A. TREMAYNE and Howell Justin (Howell) TEMPLE were married in 1954 in Miami-Dade Co., FL.102254

W. Earl TREMAYNE was born in 1898 in PA.706 He died.

Spouse: Arlene W. -115728. Arlene W. and W. Earl TREMAYNE were married before 1925. Children were: Constance A. TREMAYNE-115726.

Beatrice TREMBLAY22077,51077 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Nelson LA BOUNTY-126211. Beatrice TREMBLAY and Nelson LA BOUNTY were married before 1925. Children were: Pauline Mary LA BOUNTY-115102.

George TREMBLAY99008 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-181512. UNKNOWN and George TREMBLAY were married before 1950. Children were: George Alphonse TREMBLAY-181509.

George Alphonse TREMBLAY (private).99008 Parents: George TREMBLAY-181511 and UNKNOWN-181512.

Spouse: Gillian Jane (Jill) TEMPLE-150937.

Perry TREMPER77161 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Florence TRAVIS-71644. Florence TRAVIS and Perry TREMPER were married before 1911. Children were: Winifred May TREMPER-71642.

Winifred May TREMPER was born on 5 March 1911 in Young's Gap, Sullivan, NY.77161,132699 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Rockland, Sullivan, NY.77941 She lived in Roscoe, Sullivan, NY on 16 September 1940.77940 Winifred moved before 1995 in FL.132700 She moved in 1996 in Roscoe, Sullivan, NY.132700 She died on 28 May 2005 at the age of 94 in Roscoe, Sullivan, NY.77161,132699 Buried in Riverview Cemetery, Roscoe, NY. Parents: Perry TREMPER-71643 and Florence TRAVIS-71644.

Spouse: George John TEMPEL Jr.-71632. Winifred May TREMPER and George John TEMPEL Jr. were married about 1928. Children were: George Perry TEMPEL-71641, James P. TEMPEL-71645, TEMPEL-71646.

Elizabeth TRENCH was born in November 1843 in NY.92733,112095,112096,130916 She appeared in the census in July 1870 in Ellsworth, Hamilton, IA.92733 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Ellsworth, Hamilton, IA.112096 Elizabeth appeared in the census in June 1900 in Ellsworth, Hamilton, IA.112095 She died before 1925 at the age of 82. By 1900, she had had 5 children, all of whom survived. Her parents were both from NY. Middle initial was D in 1880. In 1880, enumerated with them was on E.A. Pinckney, ae 19, who was given as their stepson. That might mean Oliver married twice, each time to a woman named Elizabeth. However, it might also explain Edward P. Temple's middle initial, if he was originally a Pinkney.

Spouse: Oliver S. TEMPLES-94525. Elizabeth TRENCH and Oliver S. TEMPLES were married in 1866 in NY.112095,130916 Children were: Edward P. TEMPLE-94517, Willis F. TEMPLE-94530, Lottie TEMPLE-94529, George H. TEMPLES-94520, Cora TEMPLES-94531.

Biddie Vivian TRENDAWAY71 was born in 1897.

Spouse: Anne Lee MC SWEEN-14143. Anne Lee MC SWEEN and Biddie Vivian TRENDAWAY were married on 2 February 1919. Children were: Vivian Hail TRENDAWAY-15857.

Vivian Hail TRENDAWAY71 was born on 28 May 1924. Parents: Biddie Vivian TRENDAWAY-15841 and Anne Lee MC SWEEN-14143.

James A. TRENT (private).

Spouse: Dawn P. TEMPLE-177437.

Mary TRENT9485 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: George ANSON-98366. Mary TRENT and George ANSON were married before 1855. Children were: Charles W. ANSON-43327.

Mary TRENTHAM60058 was born (date unknown). Spelling of her maiden name is a bit uncertain due to handwriting.

Spouse: Oscar POWER-120969. Mary TRENTHAM and Oscar POWER were married before 1879. Children were: George POWER-41085.

Kody TREPANIER (private). Parents: Tom TREPANIER-124891 and Natalie TEMPLE-124888.

T.J. TREPANIER (private). Parents: Tom TREPANIER-124891 and Natalie TEMPLE-124888.

Tom TREPANIER (private).

Spouse: Natalie TEMPLE-124888. Children were: T.J. TREPANIER-124893, Kody TREPANIER-124894.

John F. TREPKOWSKI (private).

Spouse: Louise KRUKOWSKI-170756. Children were: Rosalie Jeanne TREPKOWSKI-130404.

Rosalie Jeanne TREPKOWSKI was born on 28 January 1938 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.132701 She died on 28 July 1995 at the age of 57 in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.132702,132703 Parents: John F. TREPKOWSKI-170755 and Louise KRUKOWSKI-170756.

Spouse: TEMPLE-170754.

Marjorie Eunice TRESSLAR106892 was born on 26 August 1911 in Seattle, King, WA.106891,106893,132704 She lived in Seattle, King, WA in September 1930.106892 She lived in Yuba City, Sutter, CA on 1 April 1935.106891 Marjorie appeared in the census in April 1940 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.106891 She lived in Shelton, Mason, WA in 1998.132704 She died on 18 November 1998 at the age of 87 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA.106893,132704,132705

Spouse: John Clyde TEMPLE-79291. Marjorie Eunice TRESSLAR and John Clyde TEMPLE were married in September 1930 in WA.106892 They took out their license in Thurston Co. on 20 Sep 1930. Children were: June TEMPLE-85101, John W. TEMPLE-85102, Thomas TEMPLE-85103.

TRESSLER (private).

Spouse: Grace TEMPLE-42030.

TRESSLER (private).

Spouse: Patricia KUHLMAN-63389.

David TRESSLER71895 was born in OH.71897

Spouse: Elizabeth SHAULL-41048. Elizabeth SHAULL and David TRESSLER were married before 1868. Children were: Mary Wilda (Wilda) TRESSLER-35553.

Mary Wilda (Wilda) TRESSLER108691 was born on 5 August 1868 in Williams Co., OH.71897,108688,108692 She lived in Montpelier, Williams, OH in 1910.108692 She lived in Montpelier, Williams, OH in 1918.108691 Mary appeared in the census in January 1920 in Jefferson Estates, Williams, OH.71897 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Jefferson Estates, Williams, OH.108690 She died on 5 December 1937 at the age of 69 in Bryan, Williams, OH.71895,108688,132706 Buried in Schiffler Cemetery, near Bryan, Williams Co., OH. Although I have sources giving her surname as Tressler such as the 1920 census, I found no families of this name near her future husband in either of his enumerations in 1900. Her surname appeared to be Tensler in 1910 and 1930 when her brother was enumerated with them, though it was hard to read. It was quite clear as Tressler in 1920. Parents: David TRESSLER-41047 and Elizabeth SHAULL-41048.

Spouse: Joseph Benjamin (Joe) TEMPLE-35548. Mary Wilda (Wilda) TRESSLER and Joseph Benjamin (Joe) TEMPLE were married on 3 September 1910 in Williams Co., OH.108690,108692,108696 This was a first marraige for both.

Sarah Bowler TRESSLER (private).

Spouse: Oliver Seymore BISTLINE-68825. Children were: Zorie Ellen BISTLINE-52190.

David Scott TRETTENERO (private).

Spouse: Caroleigh TEMPLE-165172.

Alma Ida TRETTER132707 was born on 12 April 1918 in Ferdinand, Dubois, IN.4908,88522,132707 She lived in Jeffersontown, Jefferson, KY in 1999.132708 She died on 26 September 1999 at the age of 81 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY.4908,132709,132710 Given as Alma K. in the KY death records, she was Alma I. in the SSDI. The K may be from her marriage to Kute. Parents: Henrico S. (Henry) TRETTER-108181 and Agnes WEYER-108182.

Spouse: Albert J. KUTE Sr.-108183. Children were: James R. KUTE-108192, Albert J. KUTE Jr.-108193, Katherine A. KUTE-108194, Virginia L. KUTE-108195.

Spouse: Clarence Nicholas (Bud) TEMPLE-56600. Alma Ida TRETTER and Clarence Nicholas (Bud) TEMPLE were married on 20 April 1977 in Jeffersontown, Jefferson, KY.88522

Bradley Joseph TRETTER (private). Parents: Urban Otto TRETTER-111745 and Judith Marie GOEPFRICH-111290.

Brenda Kay TRETTER (private). Parents: Urban Otto TRETTER-111745 and Judith Marie GOEPFRICH-111290.

Spouse: Gary Eugene MEHRINGER-111510. Children were: Brooke Marie MEHRINGER-111508, Mitchell Reid TRETTER-111696, Noah Patrick MEHRINGER-111512, Linsey Kay MEHRINGER-111511, Evan Michael MEHRINGER-111509.

Henrico S. (Henry) TRETTER88522,132707 died.

Spouse: Agnes WEYER-108182. Agnes WEYER and Henrico S. (Henry) TRETTER were married before 1918. Children were: Alma Ida TRETTER-108179.

Kamie Lynn TRETTER (private). Parents: Keith Eric TRETTER-111694 and Laura RICKELMAN-111607.

Katie Reagan TRETTER (private). Parents: Keith Eric TRETTER-111694 and Laura RICKELMAN-111607.

Keith Eric TRETTER (private). Parents: Urban Otto TRETTER-111745 and Judith Marie GOEPFRICH-111290.

Spouse: Laura RICKELMAN-111607. Children were: Kamie Lynn TRETTER-111692, Katie Reagan TRETTER-111693, Lexie Rae TRETTER-111695.

Lexie Rae TRETTER (private). Parents: Keith Eric TRETTER-111694 and Laura RICKELMAN-111607.

Mitchell Reid TRETTER (private). Parents: Gary Eugene MEHRINGER-111510 and Brenda Kay TRETTER-111691.

Nathan James TRETTER (private). Parents: Richard Alan TRETTER-111698 and Catherine Sue MEYER-111516.

Richard Alan TRETTER (private). Parents: Urban Otto TRETTER-111745 and Judith Marie GOEPFRICH-111290.

Spouse: Catherine Sue MEYER-111516. Children were: Nathan James TRETTER-111697.

Samantha Lynn TRETTER (private). Parents: Scott Frederick TRETTER-112792 and Stacy Jean KLEM-112113.

Scott Frederick TRETTER (private).

Spouse: Stacy Jean KLEM-112113. Children were: Samantha Lynn TRETTER-112580.

Urban Otto TRETTER (private).

Spouse: Judith Marie GOEPFRICH-111290. Children were: Brenda Kay TRETTER-111691, Richard Alan TRETTER-111698, Keith Eric TRETTER-111694, Bradley Joseph TRETTER-111690.

Charles E. (Mutt) TREVATHAN12285,118272 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Pauline (Polly) TEMPLE-34009. Pauline (Polly) TEMPLE and Charles E. (Mutt) TREVATHAN were married on 10 February 1950 in Lake Charles, Calcasieu, LA.118273 Children were: Myron TREVATHAN-84876.

Myron TREVATHAN (private). Parents: Charles E. (Mutt) TREVATHAN-34015 and Pauline (Polly) TEMPLE-34009.

Dorothy TREVENEN (private).104607 Parents: F.H. TREVENEN-124682 and UNKNOWN-124683.

Spouse: James Ray (Jimmy/Monk) TEMPLE-86739. Children were: Leslie Jean TEMPLE-93523, Scott J. TEMPLE-93524, Wendy TEMPLE-93525.

F.H. TREVENEN111190 lived in Pineville, Rapides, LA in 1967.111190

Spouse: UNKNOWN-124683. UNKNOWN and F.H. TREVENEN were married before 1941. Children were: Dorothy TREVENEN-86740.

Raymond TREVINO (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth TEMPLE-108591.

Sylvia TREVINO (private).

Spouse: James Edward TEMPEL-152656. Children were: Ashlee Brooke TEMPEL-152658, Amber Victoria TEMPEL-152659.

Mary W. TREVITT132711 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John Fred VERNON-170637. Mary W. TREVITT and John Fred VERNON were married before 1927. Children were: Elizabeth Anna (Ibby) VERNON-157251.