Patricia M. TEMPLE died on 15 December 1937 in Bartow Co., GA.111297 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Patricia Marie TEMPLE (private).22 Parents: Richard Howard TEMPLE-37110 and Mary Frances MC ATEER-38668.

Spouse: Steven Deegan LEE-48853.

Patricia Marie TEMPLE (private).72043

Spouse: Ronald Lee TAYLOR-140686. Children were: Zachary Joseph TEMPLE-140688.

Patricia Marion TEMPLE was born on 23 April 1926 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.51840,66555 She lived in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA on 1 April 1935.66555 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Mill Valley, Marin, CA.66555 Patricia died on 25 May 1991 at the age of 65.111298 Her identification as the wife of Martin and then Manning is based on her age and location, and no other Patricia's known to be close. This requires proof, though, since the CA marriage records did not designate whether Temple or Martin was her maiden name. Parents: David Francis (Dave) TEMPLE-48708 and Clara SCHWARZ-62285.

Spouse: MARTIN-88980. Patricia Marion TEMPLE and MARTIN were married before May 1945.51840

Spouse: Richard E. MANNING-88981. Patricia Marion TEMPLE and Richard E. MANNING were married on 18 November 1950 in San Francisco Co., CA.51548

Spouse: DEMPSEY-103245.

Patricia Mary TEMPLE (private).55836

Spouse: Robert L. MOORE-160428.

Patricia Mercedes TEMPLE26754 was born on 25 February 1929 in Chicago, Cook, IL.53071,53073 She lived in Chicago, Cook, IL on 1 April 1935.53073 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Middleton, Dane, WI.53073 Patricia died on 3 August 1997 at the age of 68 in Oak Park, Cook, IL.111299 Parents: Leslie Allen (Leslie) TEMPLE-31982 and Mercedes M. MC CUNE-46033.

Spouse: DIVER-46039. Children were: Brian DIVER-69099.

Patricia Odette TEMPLE (private). Parents: Benjamin Panic (Ben) TEMPLE-47238 and Estelle Idelle GAY-69230.

Spouse: Phillip John HOYT-109387.

Patricia Reed TEMPLE (private).111300

Patricia Ruth TEMPLE was born on 26 October 1929 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA.111301 While giving her age correctly as 3 months, her death certificate incorrectly gave her birth date in 1926. She died on 2 February 1930 at the age of 0 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA.111301 Died of pneumonia. Buried in Emerson, NE. Parents: George Francis TEMPLE-40376 and Doris -44607.

Patricia Ruth TEMPLE22 was born on 28 August 1930 in NY.16471,61299 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.61299 She died on 14 January 2011 at the age of 80 in Ossipee, Carroll, NH.16471 Parents: Gordon Everett (Gordon) TEMPLE-29083 and Lillian Grace POCKNETT-29084.

Spouse: BLEYLE-43441.

Patricia Ruth TEMPLE was born on 14 October 1942 in Holden, Worcester, MA.111302 She died on 20 May 2015 at the age of 72 in Fitchburg, Worcester, MA.111302 Buried in Riverside Cemetery, Milford, NH. Parents: William Russell (William) TEMPLE-38193 and Ruth Esther PATTERSON-38194.

Spouse: James Edward MACKIE-43846. Children were: Shelby MACKIE-124558, Christopher MACKIE-124559.

Patricia Ruth (Patti) TEMPLE111303 was born on 13 February 1932 in Escanaba, Delta, MI.12220,47946,111303 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Ford River Twp., Delta, MI.12220 She lived in Escanaba, Delta, MI in 1951.47946 Patricia died on 2 September 2001 at the age of 69 in Gladstone, Delta, MI.111304 Enumerated as the daughter of William and Anne (Becker) Temple, she would have been a very late daughter. However, in her marriage to Norval LaLonde, she claimed William and Ann as her parents. I wonder if she is confused with their grandchild known as Pat whose parents were Richard A. and Albertine Temple. She was not listed as a survivor in her apparent mother's obituary, probably further indicating she is misplaced. Parents: William James TEMPLE-36160 and Anne O. BECKER-42782.

Spouse: Norval R. LA LONDE-97578. Patricia Ruth (Patti) TEMPLE and Norval R. LA LONDE were married on 28 December 1951 in Hyde, Delta, MI.47946

Patricia S. TEMPLE (private).58693 Parents: Kenny Lee TEMPLE-156198 and Barbara OWENS-156199.

Spouse: LIVESAY-156210.

Patricia S. TEMPLE (private).111305

Spouse: Joe R. DOUGHERTY-139440.

Patricia Sue TEMPLE (private).17625 Parents: Richard Eugene (Dick) TEMPLE-40833 and Dorothy Elizabeth (Dot) GREEN-52336.

Spouse: Henry Richard BRYANT-99151.

Patricia Sue TEMPLE (private).111306

Spouse: Mark Allen WEDDLE-172483.

Patricia Sue TEMPLE (private).111307

Spouse: Timothy Alan TREAT-148902.

Patrick TEMPLE (private). Parents: Norman James (Norman) TEMPLE Jr.-41962 and Corinne Mila SHANER-52895.

Patrick TEMPLE (private). Parents: Michael David TEMPLE-28355 and Linda L. RICCITTI-65232.

Spouse: Linda COLEMAN-65236.

Patrick TEMPLE (private). Parents: James Calvin TEMPLE-19111 and Linda JOWERS-19114.

Patrick TEMPLE (private). Parents: John TEMPLE-66321 and Patricia -74163.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: BURKE-96572. Children were: Frank TEMPLE-56624.

Patrick TEMPLE (private). Parents: Lieutenant Jack Edward TEMPLE-31637 and Margo -103484.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).17783 Parents: Richard Mack (Mack) TEMPLE-22593 and Dixie Irene WILKERSON-22595.

Spouse: Eva -104330.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).69150 Parents: Ronald Gene (Ronnie) TEMPLE-28506 and Kathleen Carmel (Kay) ZEISLOFT-84425.

Spouse: Tami -116711.

Patrick TEMPLE (private). Parents: Warren Charles TEMPLE-97053 and Betty -124576.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).26500 Parents: Homer Earl (Pete) TEMPLE-46527 and Patsy A. MILLS-46528.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mary MC GRATH-150037. Children were: Margaret TEMPLE-131337, Marie Sarah (Sarah) TEMPLE-131336.

Patrick TEMPLE lived in County Offaly, Irish Free State in 1922.111308

Spouse: UNKNOWN-147420. Children were: Monsigneur Patrick Joseph (Patrick) TEMPLE-131513, Monsigneur Thomas Francis (Thomas) TEMPLE-131512, Kieran J. TEMPLE-147421, Brigid TEMPLE-147422.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Sheri SUTTLE-142026.

Patrick TEMPLE (private). Parents: TEMPLE-150642 and UNKNOWN-150643.

Patrick TEMPLE lived in Banagha, Kings, Ireland in 1918.78882

Spouse: UNKNOWN-152445. Children were: John Joseph TEMPLE-152443, Bernard James TEMPLE-152446.

Patrick TEMPLE served in the military in 1861/2.111309 Dates approximate. Served as a private in Company D, 23rd Georgia Infantry. He died on 25 March 1862 in Williamsburg, Williamsburg City, VA.111309 Buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Williamsburg, VA, Plot: 42nd grave in Georgia row.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1819 in Ireland.12424,109296 Gave his age as 48 in 1870 and 62 in 1880. He immigrated in 1851 to Nantucket, Nantucket, MA.109296 Arrived between 1 Oct and 31 Dec 1851 aboard the British Queen, having embarked at Dublin, Ireland. In 1851 he was a farmer.109296 In July 1870 Patrick was a railroad laborer in Snyder Twp., Jefferson, PA.12424 He lived in Tyrone Twp., Blair, PA in 1873. In June 1880 he was a coal miner in Sterling Twp., Clearfield, PA.12423 Patrick died. Parents: TEMPLE-93358.

Spouse: Margery BEIGHLEY-93361. Margery BEIGHLEY and Patrick TEMPLE were married. Children were: Mary TEMPLE-93362, James TEMPLE-93356, Thomas TEMPLE-93372, Catherine TEMPLE-93381, Sarah (Sadie) TEMPLE-93378, Ann TEMPLE-93379, Susan (Sudie) TEMPLE-93363, Anna TEMPLE-93375, Agnes TEMPLE-93380.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1824 in Ireland.111310 He immigrated before 1850. In August 1850 he was a farmer in Mill Hall, Clinton, PA.107826 Patrick has reference number RLT # F.1331 Patrick may be the husband of Mary instead of her brother. Parents: TEMPLE-133495.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1825 in Ireland.4721 In August 1850 he was a laborer in Petersburg, Menard, IL.4721 He has reference number RLT # F.8558

Spouse: Margaret -137704. Margaret and Patrick TEMPLE were married before 1850 in Ireland.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1833 in Ireland.16119,16120,16121,25789,111311 Gave 1845 in 1880. Burial records gave 1842. He immigrated in 1845.16120,111311 Gave 1847 in 1920. He was naturalized in 1861.111311 Patrick served in the military in 1865.25789,106871 Enlisted 20 Feb 1865 in Philadelphia, PA, as a private in Company C, 213th PA Infantry, serving to the expiration of his term on 18 Nov 1865, when he was discharged in Washington, DC. He had probably contracted tuberculosis some time during his service. He appeared in the census in November 1870 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.16119 In June 1880 he was a laborer in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.16121 Patrick admitted to the National Disabled Soldiers Home between 1892 and 1896 in Dayton, Montgomery, OH.16122 Admitted 15 Aug 1892, his complaints were general, including deafness and an injury to his left leg, and he was discharged at his own request on 27 Mar 1896. He admitted to the National Disabled Soldiers Home between 1907 and 1921.106871 He was admitted 23 Feb 1907, and stayed until 26 Sep 1911. Readmitted at Central Branch on 22 Mar 1914, he was transferred from there to another location in Philadelphia on 6 Apr 1920 where he stayed until he died. In April 1910 he was a longshore laborer in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.16120 Patrick appeared in the census in January 1920 in Jefferson, Montgomery, OH.111311 He inmate in the Central Branch, National Home for Disabled Soldiers in January 1920 in Jefferson, Montgomery, OH.16122,111311 On 6 Apr 1920, he was transferred to S.B., and it was not clear what that meant. Another abbreviation, C.B., is apparently used to mean Central Branch. He lived 1805 South 19th Street in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA in 1921.48915 Patrick died on 26 March 1921 at the age of 88 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.25789,48915,106871 Died of heart disease. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, PA. His death certificate was informed by Margaret Kelly of 1805 North 19th Street, Philadelphia, his daughter-in-law, but of the same address. Parents: Robert TEMPLE-93348 and UNKNOWN-93349.

Spouse: Ann BRIDGMAN-93311. Ann BRIDGMAN and Patrick TEMPLE were married before 1864. They were divorced before 1892.16122 His marital status upon checking into the National Disabled Soldiers Home was that he was divorced. Children were: Mary A. TEMPLE-93335, William TEMPLE-93338, John TEMPLE-93336, Margaret A. (Maggie) TEMPLE-93325, James Patrick TEMPLE-93309, Thomas T. TEMPLE-93324, Catherine C. (Katie) TEMPLE-93337.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1834 in Ireland.111312 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chesapeake City, Chesapeake, VA.111312 Enumerated as an inmate in the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1835. In 1863 he was a laborer in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.2996

Patrick TEMPLE was born in November 1844 in Ireland.23946,23948,23949,101571 He gave Nov 1848 in 1900. He immigrated in 1869.23946 In June 1880 he was a railroad laborer in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.23948 In June 1900 Patrick was a day laborer in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.23949 He Sailed to France in August 1909 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.101571 In April 1910 he was a railroad laborer in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.23946 Patrick lived 188 South Leonard Street in Waterbury, New Haven, CT in 1914.58056 He died on 4 February 1923 at the age of 78 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT.2367 Buried in Saint Joseph Cemetery (Old), Waterbury, CT. He may be the brother or cousin of John J. Temple (1851-1909) as they had similar dates, birth locations, and locations after immigrating.

Spouse: Mary COUGHLIN-138246. Children were: Kate TEMPLE-139852, Mary TEMPLE-139853, Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE-139854, John Patrick (John) TEMPLE-131529, James TEMPLE-161130.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1846 in NY.450 He appeared in the census in September 1850 in Schenectady, Schenectady, NY.450 He may be the father of John P. Temple of CT. Parents: John TEMPLE-137810 and UNKNOWN-137812.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1868 in TX.111313 He appeared in the census in August 1870 in Burleson Co., TX.111313 Enumerated in the family of Robert L. and Rebecca Simpson.

Patrick TEMPLE was born on 11 February 1883 in Tullabeg, County Offaly, Ireland.27722,111314,111315,111316 Gave 1888 in his marriage papers. Gave Feb 1884 in 1911. In 1911 he was a laborer in Hamilton-Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.111315 He was enumerated as a lodger with George and Jonne Dixon, who may be the source of his meeting his future wife, Margaret Dixon. He served in the military in 1916. Volunteered for service in the Canadian Over-seas Expeditionary Force on 10 Apr 1916 in Hamilton, Ontario. Assigned to the 205th Battalion of the CEF. In 1916 Patrick was a laborer in Hamilton-Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.111314 In 1920 he was a beach hand in Hamilton-Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.27722 He died in 1945 at the age of 62 in Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada.111316 Buried in Grove Cemetery, Dundas, Hamilton Municipality, ON. Patrick was described as 5 feet 4 inches, ruddy complexion, gray eyes and gray brown hair.111314 Unmarried in 1916. Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-138091 and Ann DEVERY-138092.

Spouse: Margaret Ann DIXON-149931. Margaret Ann DIXON and Patrick TEMPLE were married on 29 September 1920 in Hamilton-Wentworth, Ontario, Canada.27722 Children were: Leslie TEMPLE-150914.

Patrick TEMPLE13292 was born in 1892 in Augusta, Kennebec, ME. He died in 1892 at the age of 0 in Augusta, Kennebec, ME. Parents: Ernest Fairwell (Ernest) TEMPLE-2190 and Sarah Jane (Sadie) DONLAN-3526.

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1903 in Irish Free State.111317 He immigrated in 1925.111317 In April 1930 he was a plumber in Manhattan, New York, NY.111317

Patrick TEMPLE was born in 1918 in TN.69215 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Nashville, Davidson, TN.69215 Parents: Walter Bond TEMPLE-51343 and Minnie Louise SMITH-61657.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).139 Parents: Charles TEMPLE-157374 and Aileen -157375.

Patrick TEMPLE (private).111318

Patrick A. TEMPLE (private).14684 Parents: Richard David (Dick) TEMPLE-73903 and Rose Marie MC KENNEY-73904.

Spouse: Jacqueline E. DRISCOLL-74015.

Spouse: Linda A. BOYCE-74018.

Patrick Adrian TEMPLE was born on 9 June 1947 in CO.5113,71647,111319 He lived in Calistoga, Napa, CA in 2004.18042 He died on 1 June 2014 at the age of 66 in Calistoga, Napa, CA.111320 Buried in Saint Helena Public Cemetery, Saint Helena, CA. Parents: Charles Virgil (Virgil) TEMPLE-60570 and Madge Arwilda (Madge) DAVIS-60574.

Spouse: Joan A. SWINGLE-72757.