James L. MARTINDILL22424 died.

Spouse: Lenora CHRISTIAN-117552. Lenora CHRISTIAN and James L. MARTINDILL were married before December 1897. Children were: Ernest D. MARTINDILL-116833.

Vivian Gould MARTINEAU23 was born in 1912 in Fishkin, NY.7952 She died.

Spouse: Howard Russell TEMPLE-6547. Vivian Gould MARTINEAU and Howard Russell TEMPLE were married on 8 September 1934 in Derby, Orleans, VT.1310 They1310 were divorced on 17 September 1937 in Orleans Co., VT.55547 Divorce granted to Vivian on the basis of intolerable severity. Children were: Carolyn Edna TEMPLE-6629.

Jan MARTINEK55548 died.

Spouse: Frances SVODBODA-117946. Frances SVODBODA and Jan MARTINEK were married before 1899. Children were: Marie MARTINEK-117944.

Marie MARTINEK was born on 25 February 1899 in Bohemia.55548,55549,55550 In 1930, the place was given as Czechoslovakia. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Highland Park, Wayne, MI.55550 In March 1936 she was a secretary in Detroit, Wayne, MI.55548 Marie lived in MI before 1951.55549 She died on 5 August 1967 at the age of 68 in Royal Oak, Oakland, MI.55549,55551,55552 Died of undisclosed causes in an unnamed Royal Oak hospital. Buried in White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery, Troy, MI. Her husband Charles Temple did not list her as his next of kin when he registered for the draft in 1942. Parents: Jan MARTINEK-117945 and Frances SVODBODA-117946.

Spouse: Thomas SCHWEIGERT-117947. Marie MARTINEK and Thomas SCHWEIGERT were married in 1917 in MI.55548,55550 They55548,55550 were divorced before March 1936.55548 Children were: Thomas SCHWEIGERT-117948, Alberta SCHWEIGERT-117949.

Spouse: Charles Adam TEMPLE-113697. Marie MARTINEK and Charles Adam TEMPLE were married on 7 March 1936 in Wood Co., OH.55548

John MARTINES was born in PA.55553 He died.

Spouse: Elizabeth NUFER-92064. Elizabeth NUFER and John MARTINES were married before 1846. Children were: Mary Etta MARTINES-21688.

Mary Etta MARTINES8684 was born on 8 March 1846 in Penn Twp., Lycoming, PA.8684,35536,55553,55554 Gave MAr 1845 in 1900. In June 1900 she was a farmer in Penn Twp., Lycoming, PA.55554 Staying with her in 1900 was a maiden aunt, Carrie Fulmer. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Penn Twp., Lycoming, PA.35536 Mary died on 10 October 1912 at the age of 66 in Penn Twp., Lycoming, PA.45044,55553 Died of endocarditis. Buried in Penn Twp., Lycoming, PA. She has reference number RLT # U1211W.36216 Her parents were both from PA. By 1900, she had had no children. Parents: John MARTINES-92063 and Elizabeth NUFER-92064.

Spouse: Jacob F. TEMPLE-21495. Mary Etta MARTINES and Jacob F. TEMPLE were married on 3 January 1895 in PA.8684,35536,55554

Charles Edmond MARTINET (private).55555

Spouse: Ida Lina M. TEMPLE-144966.

MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Barbara TEMPLE-82818.

MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Louisa ACHULATA-94769. Children were: Maria Refugia (Refugia) MARTINEZ-25947.

MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Shirley TEMPLES-109268.

MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Lori L. TEMPLE-162237. Children were: Sierra Michelle MARTINEZ-162239.

MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Ruby B. TEMPLE-181111.

Arturo Alonzo (Arthur) MARTINEZ55556 was born on 25 May 1905 in NM.10411,55557 He lived 1951 Pelham Avenue in West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1946.10411 He died on 20 November 1990 at the age of 85 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.55557 Arturo was also known as Arthur Alonzo Martin.55557 Anglicized his name to Martin. Parents: Telesesfor MARTINEZ-95938 and Lucinda BACA-95939.

Spouse: Cordelia Louise (Cordelia) TEMPLE-489. Cordelia Louise (Cordelia) TEMPLE and Arturo Alonzo (Arthur) MARTINEZ were married on 14 September 1946 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.10411 Children were: Robert Lynn MARTIN-69272.

Beatriz MARTINEZ (private).55558

Spouse: Robert Neal TEMPLE-159358.

Carmen Prieto MARTINEZ was born on 7 May 1921 in Saticoy, Ventura, CA.55559,55560,55561 She lived 74 West Santa Clara Street in Ventura, Ventura, CA in February 1942.55562 She died on 24 September 2003 at the age of 82 in Ventura, Ventura, CA.55560,55563 Parents: Sam MARTINEZ-98347 and Isabel PRIETO-98348.

Spouse: Walter Edward TEMPLE-69100. Carmen Prieto MARTINEZ and Walter Edward TEMPLE were married in 1941.55559 They55559 were divorced in June 1974 in Ventura Co., CA.55559 Children were: Walter Lloyd TEMPLE-98343.

Chris A. MARTINEZ (private).55564

Spouse: Rachel Elizabeth TEMPEL-152662.

Maria Refugia (Refugia) MARTINEZ11795 was born in 1847 in Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM.55565 Her marriage license said she was under 18 in Dec 1895. Some secondary sources make the year 1837. She died on 14 August 1869 at the age of 22 in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, CA.55565 Buried in San Gabriel Mission Cemetery, San Gabriel, CA. Parents: MARTINEZ-94768 and Louisa ACHULATA-94769.

Spouse: Thomas Workman TEMPLE-6079. Maria Refugia (Refugia) MARTINEZ and Thomas Workman TEMPLE were married on 1 January 1866 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.11795,55566,55567 Married at Mission San Gabriel. They do not appear together in the 1870 census.

Ricardo A. MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Cathleen Elizabeth TEMPLE-170900.

Robert Anthony MARTINEZ (private).55568

Spouse: Tiffany Ann TEMPLE-145654.

Sam MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Isabel PRIETO-98348. Children were: Carmen Prieto MARTINEZ-69105.

Sierra Michelle MARTINEZ (private).55569 Parents: MARTINEZ-162238 and Lori L. TEMPLE-162237.

Telesesfor MARTINEZ was born in NM.10411 He died.

Spouse: Lucinda BACA-95939. Lucinda BACA and Telesesfor MARTINEZ were married. Children were: Arturo Alonzo (Arthur) MARTINEZ-62488.

Yvonne Angelina MARTINEZ (private).

Spouse: Stanley Lamont TEMPLE Jr.-159574. Children were: Stanley Lamont TEMPLE III-141653, Naihla Rae Ann TEMPLE-159576.

MARTINMAAS (private).

Spouse: Diane L. REITZER-91147.

Frank T. MARTINO was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Grace Juanita TEMPLE-141782. Grace Juanita TEMPLE and Frank T. MARTINO were married on 1 February 1944 in Wayne Co., NC.55570

Axel A. MARTINSON (private).

Spouse: Agnes V. JOHNSON-43817. Children were: Harold Axel MARTINSON-43815.

Harold Axel MARTINSON was born on 31 October 1906 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.23 Parents: Axel A. MARTINSON-43816 and Agnes V. JOHNSON-43817.

Spouse: Noel Mae TEMPLE-37520. Noel Mae TEMPLE and Harold Axel MARTINSON were married on 2 April 1949 in Waltham, Middlesex, MA.23,55571

Jackie A. MARTIO (private).695

Spouse: Deeanna S. TEMPLE-158880.

MARTORANA died before August 1942.39145

Spouse: Alice GROUCOTT-98622. Alice GROUCOTT and MARTORANA were married about 1926.

Angelo MARTORANO9015 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ella Elmira TEMPLE-23510. Ella Elmira TEMPLE and Angelo MARTORANO were married on 28 December 1928.9015 Children were: Robert A. MARTORANO-84032, Marie J. MARTORANO-84033, Richard A. MARTORANO-84034.

Marie J. MARTORANO (private). Parents: Angelo MARTORANO-23520 and Ella Elmira TEMPLE-23510.

Richard A. MARTORANO (private). Parents: Angelo MARTORANO-23520 and Ella Elmira TEMPLE-23510.

Robert A. MARTORANO (private). Parents: Angelo MARTORANO-23520 and Ella Elmira TEMPLE-23510.

Jesse W. MARTS was born in September 1880 in Center, Hancock, IN.5502 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Center, Hancock, IN.5502 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.55572 Parents: William C. MARTS-76495 and Mary A. -76496.

Spouse: Lucia Ann (Lucy) TEMPLE-24202. Lucia Ann (Lucy) TEMPLE and Jesse W. MARTS were married on 2 March 1903 in Anderson, Madison, IN.55572,55573 Children were: William MARTS-76494.

William MARTS was born on 19 April 1903 in Madison Co., IN.7786,55572 Book 1CH-5, p. 34. He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Indianapolis, Marion, IN.55572 Parents: Jesse W. MARTS-76493 and Lucia Ann (Lucy) TEMPLE-24202.

William C. MARTS was born in August 1845 in IN.5502 He appeared in the census in June 1900 in Center, Hancock, IN.5502

Spouse: Mary A. -76496. Mary A. and William C. MARTS were married. Children were: Jesse W. MARTS-76493.

MARTT11265 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Elizabeth Jeanne (Jeanne) BANGHAM-21303. Elizabeth Jeanne (Jeanne) BANGHAM and MARTT were married about 1944.

Angelo J. MARTURANO was born in 1934.55574

Spouse: Betty J. TEMPLE-146546. Betty J. TEMPLE and Angelo J. MARTURANO were married in 1956.55574 They55574 were divorced in March 1969 in Santa Clara Co., CA.55574

Mary MARTYN (private).

Spouse: Edmund BRIGHAM-28154. Children were: John BRIGHAM-28152.

Greta MARTZ (private).12878

Spouse: William Morris (Bill) TEMPLE-87014. Children were: Tammy TEMPLE-105173, Penny TEMPLE-105174, Shelly TEMPLE-105175, Peggy TEMPLE-105176.

Mary MARTZ24542 was born in 1876 in OH.24543 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Rockford, Mercer, OH.24543 She died.

Spouse: Augustus COOK-61896. Mary MARTZ and Augustus COOK were married before 1906. Children were: Helen Louise COOK-31664.

Adolph J. MARUSZEWSKI (private).30245

Spouse: Jean SCHIPPER-74020. Children were: Joseph P. MARUSZEWSKI-74016.

Joseph P. MARUSZEWSKI (private).1310,30245 Parents: Adolph J. MARUSZEWSKI-74019 and Jean SCHIPPER-74020.

Spouse: Jacqueline E. DRISCOLL-74015.

Benizal S. MARVIN54210 was born in 1825 in NY.54211 In June 1880 he was a Railroad conductor in Clinton, Clinton, IA.54211 Enumerated with his daughter and son-in-law. The Lum Genealogy gave his name as Benjamin.

Spouse: Letitia Maria LUM-48398. Letitia Maria LUM and Benizal S. MARVIN were married. Children were: Hannah A. (Anna) MARVIN-37761.

Hannah A. (Anna) MARVIN54210,54211,55575,55576,55577 was born in 1850 in Orange Co., NY.54211,55578,55579,55580,55581 She reported different ages in different censuses, but explicitly gave 1853 in the 1900 census. Claimed IA in 1870. She appeared in the census in 1870 in Creston, Union, IA. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Clinton, Clinton, IA.54211 Hannah appeared in the census in 1885 in Clinton, Clinton, IA.55580 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Carroll, Carroll, IA.55582 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Carroll, Carroll, IA.55579 Hannah died on 7 June 1911 at the age of 61 in Blairstown, Benton, IA.55583,55584 She died at the home of her daughter Edella due to heart disease. Her obituary stateed only she had died "last night" but not whether before or after midnight, so the date may be 7 Jun. Find-A-Grave incorrectly gave 9 Jun, which was her burial date. Buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery,Blairstown, IA, Plot: Block 57 Lot 5. Anne's parents were both from NY. Also appears in marriage records as Hannah. By 1910, she had had 6 children, 5 of whom survived. Name given as Hannah in History of Clinton Co., IA. Parents: Benizal S. MARVIN-37783 and Letitia Maria LUM-48398.

Spouse: Mathew B. (Matt) TEMPLE-37760. Hannah A. (Anna) MARVIN and Mathew B. (Matt) TEMPLE were married on 2 May 1870 in Clinton Co., IA.54210,55579,55585 Children were: Edella B. (Della) TEMPLE-37779, Marvin Hughett TEMPLE-37780, Marian (Mary) TEMPLE-37781, Anna L. (Annie) TEMPLE-37782, Floyd TEMPLE-57223, Matthew TEMPLE-37784.

Jane Carter MARVIN was born on 12 October 1926 in Florence, Florence, SC.43045 She lived 10406 Coleridge Street in Dallas, Dallas, TX in 1979.55586 She died on 30 October 1979 at the age of 53 in Dallas, Dallas, TX.109,43045,55586 Died of diffuse histiocytic lymphoma. Buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Florence, SC. Parents: Samuel Anderson MARVIN-163869 and Louise CARTER-163870.

Spouse: Douglas TEMPLE-163872. Jane Carter MARVIN and Douglas TEMPLE were married before 1958 in SC.43045,55587

Spouse: Elliott Rivers MAXWELL-163871. Jane Carter MARVIN and Elliott Rivers MAXWELL were married about 1947.

Joseph MARVIN27027 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Lucy Temple DANA-130994. Lucy Temple DANA and Joseph MARVIN were married on 24 December 1838 in Athens Co., OH.27027 The page of the marriage register for their marriage had at the top annotations that were "Vinton" and what looked like "Withsville" - neither of which were found as places in Athens County, and so were not understood as the place of the marriages.

Samuel Anderson MARVIN (private).

Spouse: Louise CARTER-163870. Children were: Jane Carter MARVIN-163868.

Eloise MARX was born in 1924.55588 She lived in Lancaster, Schuyler, MO in 1982.55588

Spouse: Reverend Paul Charles (Paul) TEMPLE-48454. Eloise MARX and Reverend Paul Charles (Paul) TEMPLE were married on 29 August 1982 in Clarence, Shelby, MO.55588

Spouse: SHOULTS-62961.

MARY (private).

Spouse: Caleb BUTLER-51011. Children were: Roxannia BUTLER-51007.