Anita TEMPLE (private). Parents: Jacob O. Patterson (J.P.) TEMPLE-77715 and Margie YARBOROUGH-108967.

Spouse: COSTLEY-108977. Children were: Danielle COSTLEY-108979.

Anita TEMPLE (private).2511 Parents: James (Jim) TEMPLE-151825 and Carol -151826.

Spouse: Ceri THOMAS-151832.

Anita TEMPLE was born in 1889 in LA.79822,79823 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Plattenville, Assumption, LA.79822,79823 Her occupation was illegible in 1910. Parents: M. Jessie TEMPLE-133467 and UNKNOWN-139588.

Anita TEMPLE was born on 2 June 1916.81975 She lived in NY before 1950.81975 She died on 8 August 2001 at the age of 85 in New York City, New York, NY.81975 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Anita TEMPLE was born on 15 May 1924 in Clifton, Greenlee, AZ.64515,81976 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Clifton, Greenlee, AZ.64515 She died on 16 November 2021 at the age of 97 in Clifton, Greenlee, AZ.81976 Died at home. Parents: George B. TEMPLE-134848 and Sabina S. PEREZ-136678.

Spouse: Mike GAMEZ-153507. Anita TEMPLE and Mike GAMEZ were married about 1941. Children were: Robert GAMEZ-153508.

Anita TEMPLE81977 was born on 2 January 1944. She died on 12 January 1964 at the age of 20 in Marshallberg, Carteret, NC. Buriedf in Through the Woods Cemetery, Marshallberg, NC. It was not clear that Temple was her maiden name, given her age. She might have been a Lewis.

Spouse: LEWIS-156551.

Anita TEMPLE (private).81978

Anita C. TEMPLE died on 28 March 1908 in Fort Riley, Geary, KS.81979 Fort Riley Cemetery, KS, Section F Site 29c. Temple may not be her maiden name. She may be a confusion with Anita Edith Temple, whose twin sister died on the same date and at Junction City as well. This data point is probably erroneous.

Anita Edith TEMPLE was born on 14 January 1904 in Fort Ethan Allen, VT.59838,75942,75947,81980 In the censuses, she gave VT, but in her daughter's birth certificate, she claimed Fort Ethan Allen, TX. She lived in Junction City, Geary, KS in 1908.75947 She lived in Fort Wingate, Mc Kinley, NM before February 1908.75947 Anita appeared in the census in January 1920 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ.75942 She a student at the Tempe Normal School in 1923 in Tempe, Maricopa, AZ.81981 She lived in Long Beach, Los Angeles, CA in 1927.59845 Anita lived in Superior, Pinal, AZ in 1929.59838 She lived in AZ in 1962.81980 She died in August 1987 at the age of 83 in Mesa, Maricopa, AZ.81980 Parents: Brigadier General Oscar Fitzhugh (Oscar) TEMPLE-3259 and Susanna M. STOUT-3261.

Spouse: Cornelius Vernon (Neel) MORRIS-74205. Anita Edith TEMPLE and Cornelius Vernon (Neel) MORRIS were married on 20 June 1927 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.59845 Children were: Carrie Belle MORRIS-74206.

Anita Elaine TEMPLE81982 was born on 17 August 1933 in Newton, Middlesex, MA.34141,43367,81983 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Wellesley, Norfolk, MA.43367 She died on 5 April 1985 at the age of 51 in Westborough, Worcester, MA.23,81984,81985 Buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Marlboro, MA. Anita was a teacher. She was educated Framingham State College. Parents: Alton Hartwell (Alton) TEMPLE-5008 and Alice Elizabeth HILL-5009.

Spouse: Donald Eugene REDFERN-5021. Children were: Amanda Jean REDFERN-5022, Duane Adelbert REDFERN-5023.

Anita Frances TEMPLE39322 was born on 28 November 1916 in Bailey, Lauderdale, MS.39324,39327,81986 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Lauderdale Co., MS.39324 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Lauderdale Co., MS.39327 Anita died on 22 January 2003 at the age of 86 in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS.81987 Parents: Walter Foster (Walter) TEMPLE-18782 and Fannie Virginia GUNN-18787.

Spouse: Howard Taft CHISOLM-18798. Anita Frances TEMPLE and Howard Taft CHISOLM were married on 18 December 1937 in Collinsville, Lauderdale, MS.

Anita Hope TEMPLE (private).81988,81989 Parents: Joseph Cortez (Cortez) TEMPLE Sr.-35147 and Achsa Onita COPELAND-51480.

Spouse: Douglas Alan ABARE Sr.-51645.

Spouse: Robert Alan HOOKS-51659.

Anita Ida TEMPLE was born on 22 November 1911 in Erie, Erie, PA.18670,18671,81990 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Erie, Erie, PA.81990 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Erie, Erie, PA.81991 Anita lived 1051 East 28th Street in Erie, Erie, PA in 1933.18671 She lived 2734 West 24th Street in Erie, Erie, PA in 1937.18670 She died on 23 May 1982 at the age of 70 in Erie, Erie, PA.18672 Buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Erie, PA. Parents: Joseph Mathias (Joseph) TEMPLE-99970 and Ida Belle TINNEY-99971.

Spouse: Ronald R. BUCHMEYER-99969. Anita Ida TEMPLE and Ronald R. BUCHMEYER were married on 25 September 1933 in Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY.23,18671 Children were: Gerald BUCHMEYER-99985, BUCHMEYER-99986.

Anita J. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Brian K. OSTERHOUSE-174194.

Anita Jean TEMPLE30712,65991 was born in 1924 in WI.65124,65126,81992 She claimed 1926 in 1950. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Allouez, Brown, WI.65124 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Allouez, Brown, WI.65126 Anita served in the military between 1943 and 1945.65991 She served 18 months with the WAVES. Dates approximate. In April 1950 she was a public library librarian in Green Bay, Brown, WI.65992 She lived in Green Bay, Brown, WI in 2018.81993 Parents: John Emory (Emory) TEMPLE-23367 and Jean Lucile PICKARD-23374.

Spouse: Robert J. POWERS-115459. Anita Jean TEMPLE and Robert J. POWERS were married on 29 June 1946 in Green Bay, Brown, WI.65991

Anita Joan TEMPLE (private).45726 Parents: George Whipple (George) TEMPLE-38553 and Irvie Lee HUMBLE-78740.

Spouse: Wayne WARREN-78746.

Anita L. TEMPLE was born on 5 July 1947 in OH.81994 She died on 23 April 2014 at the age of 66 in OH.81994

Anita L. TEMPLE was born on 6 December 1955.81995 She died on 26 October 1980 at the age of 24 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI.81995 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Anita Lenore TEMPLE8827 was born on 2 April 1901 in Puyallup, Pierce, WA.14967,21993 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Morton, Lewis, WA.14967 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Temple Twp., Lewis, WA.21993 Anita died in October 1996 at the age of 95 in Kelso, Cowlitz, WA.6711 Cremated. Anita attended Bellingham Normal School (Teacher's College) in Bellingham, WA. Walter was a pharmacist. He worked at the Kelso Drug Company, which he bought in 1923. Now is the Kelso Rexall. Walt died of hardening of the arteries about Feb 1958 in Longview, WA. He is buried in Portland, OR (There was no crematory in Kelso at the time.) Anita died 6 (?) Oct 1996 of hardening of the arteries. She is buried Longview, Cowlitz Co., WA.

Parents: Augustus Alva (Gus) TEMPLE-23327 and Agnes Mathilda (Tillie) BLOOMSTROM-23328.

Spouse: Walter Jerome VETOUS-23334. Anita Lenore TEMPLE and Walter Jerome VETOUS were married in Kelso, Cowlitz, WA.8827 Children were: Walter Temple VETOUS-33333, Robert Franklin (Bob) VETOUS-33334.

Anita Louise TEMPLE (private).8460 Parents: William George (Dub) TEMPLE-19095 and Dorothy Mae ALFORD-19099.

Spouse: Bob DACUS-80755.

Anita Marie TEMPLE (private).23,81996 Parents: Allyn Russell TEMPLE-6631 and Monique Martha Maria (Monique) DAIGLE-6654.

Anita Renee TEMPLE (private).7904 Parents: William Ralph (Ralph) TEMPLE-94090 and Carolyn (C.T.) MATTHEWS-94091.

Spouse: Richie DUNN-94103.

Anita Ruth TEMPLE was born in 1930 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.48733,81997 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.48733 She lived in Sharon, Norfolk, MA in 1994.48731 Parents: Solomon (Sol) TEMPLE-88546 and Ethel KAPLAN-88547.

Spouse: WEINER-88551. Anita Ruth TEMPLE and WEINER were married in 1950 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.81998

Anita S. TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Mark J. WEINSTEIN-174983.

Anita Valoise (Anita) TEMPLE (private).81999 Parents: Charles Franklin (Charles) TEMPLE Jr.-18471 and Nona Valaise (Nona) WALDEN-18491.

Spouse: Hollis A. THOMAS-63583.

Anke Maren Thea TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Bruno Heinz JACHMANN-172040.

Anlece (Ann L.) TEMPLE was born on 8 September 1927 in Ingalls, Bradley, AR.39167,44608,58606,82000 Gave Oct 1926 in 1930. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Eagle, Bradley, AR.58606 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Eagle, Bradley, AR.39167 Anlece died on 2 November 2006 at the age of 79 in Wilmar, Drew, AR.82000 Buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Hermitage, AR. Parents: Romaltus Levi (Lee) TEMPLE-39690 and Nannie Lee MILLER-88520.

Spouse: HOPKINS-103246. Anlece (Ann L.) TEMPLE and HOPKINS were married after 1940.

Spouse: MC GUIRE-88530.

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Thomas TEMPLE-4457 and Luraney (Fannie) MC DANIEL-4503.

Spouse: Colonel John KOEN-19640. Children were: Betsy KOEN-19690, Polly KOEN-19691, Fanny KOEN-19692, Sarah KOEN-19689.

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: William TEMPLE-4450 and Susanna HILL-4513.

Ann TEMPLE26790,42124 was born (date unknown). Parents: William TEMPLE-26230 and Catherine HILTS-26231.

Spouse: William CUSICK-44314. Ann TEMPLE and William CUSICK were married on 7 November 1835 in Ontario Co., Ontario, Canada.8168

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Colonel Benjamin TEMPLE-4452 and Mary Brooke (Molly) BAYLOR-4509.

Spouse: Dr. William GWATHMEY-34871.

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Dr. John-Peter TEMPLE-64648 and Joan -64654.

Ann TEMPLE (private).52005 Parents: Albert Turrentine TEMPLE-41317 and Frances Pauline LAWWELL-69782.

Spouse: Ken SCHROEDER-74140. Children were: Ava Temple SCHROEDER-74141.

Ann TEMPLE (private).28939 Parents: Christopher Louis TEMPEL Jr.-78469 and Frieda Mae DIANA-78491.

Spouse: Drew SANTACROCE-78479.

Ann TEMPLE82001 died.82001 No dates, on a marker with Roberta, Robert and Ann. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Peru, IN. Parents: Robert Carl (Robert) TEMPLE-56648 and Rubie Marie (Ruby) SEE-56651.

Ann TEMPLE (private).17343 Parents: Floyd Olland TEMPLE-41404 and Beverly BROOKS-82998.

Spouse: Bobby CLARK-83002.

Ann TEMPLE40177 was born in IN.

Spouse: Elias HAMMERTON-129898. Ann TEMPLE and Elias HAMMERTON were married on 14 June 1841 in Jasper Co., IN.40177

Ann TEMPLE (private). Parents: Elias TEMPLE-130899.

Ann TEMPLE82002 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: BERKHEIMER-142745. Ann TEMPLE and BERKHEIMER were married before 1846 in PA. Children were: George BERKHEIMER-142746.

Ann TEMPLE was born in England, United Kingdom.40178

Spouse: John HAMMERTON-129899. Ann TEMPLE and John HAMMERTON were married before 1843 in England, United Kingdom.40178,40179 Children were: Mary HAMMERTON-176779, Elias HAMMERTON-129898, Fannie HAMMERTON-146012, Annie HAMMERTON-176780.

Ann TEMPLE was born (date unknown). She must be in some way related to Benjamin Luther Temple, who married in San Antonio 8 years after she. My suspicion is that she is either an elder sister, or an elder sister-in-law, with the former more likely, though no daughter for John E. and Mary (Hicks) Temples is known.

Spouse: Andrew KEIFF-149520. Ann TEMPLE and Andrew KEIFF were married on 16 June 1869 in Bexar Co., TX.49003,49004 License number 3280.

Ann TEMPLE (private).10752 Parents: Allan TEMPLE-154642 and Elizabeth BAKER-154643.

Spouse: Tom HOSKINS-154650.

Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Carroll ALLEN-156151. Children were: Jane ALLEN-156153.

Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Amir FIGUEIRADO-175046.

Ann TEMPLE was born in England, United Kingdom.45568

Spouse: William H. HUFTON-176789. Ann TEMPLE and William H. HUFTON were married before 1857. Children were: George Henry HUFTON-176790.

Ann TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Irvin G. DAVIS-177183.

Ann TEMPLE died on 2 June 1823 in Sparta, Hancock, GA.82003 Buried in Sparta Cemetery, Sparta, GA. Temple may not be her maiden name.

Ann TEMPLE died on 5 June 1928 in Waseca Co., MN.82004 Temple may not be her maiden name.

Ann TEMPLE died on 6 March 1987 in West Roxbury, Suffolk, MA.82005 Buried in Shara Tfilo Cemetery, West Roxbury, MA.

Ann TEMPLE82006 was born before 1670 in England, United Kingdom. She immigrated in 1674 to MD.82006