JANOWSKI was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary FIRE-119278. Mary FIRE and JANOWSKI were married before 1926. Children were: Frances Mary TEMPLE-119279, Edward JANOWSKI-143599.

Edward JANOWSKI (private).27079 Parents: JANOWSKI-143598 and Mary FIRE-119278.

Eliza Maria JANSEN (private).

Spouse: Henry E. BEVIER-29730. Children were: Henrietta BEVIER-29727, Frances (Fannie) BEVIER-29732.

JANSMA (private).

Spouse: Eleanor TEMPLE-98273.

Joseph JANSMA Sr. (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth HAADSMA-96965. Children were: Joseph JANSMA Jr.-96963.

Joseph JANSMA Jr. was born in 1893 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.37200 He lived in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI in 1914.37200 He died. Parents: Joseph JANSMA Sr.-96964 and Elizabeth HAADSMA-96965.

Spouse: Jeanette TEMPLE-91350. Jeanette TEMPLE and Joseph JANSMA Jr. were married on 2 January 1914 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.37200

Johanna Hermanna JANSSEN was born on 16 November 1900 in Germany.14673,37201,37202 She lived in Clark, Clark, SD in 1923.37203 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Hague Twp., Clark, SD.14673 Johanna appeared in the census in April 1940 in Lincoln, Clark, SD.37202 She appeared in the census in 1945 in Hague Twp., Clark, SD.5806 She died on 6 June 1993 at the age of 92 in Jefferson, Jefferson, WI.37201,37204 Buried in Hague Cemetery (Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery), Clark Co., SD.

Spouse: John Bernhard TEMPLE-142935. Johanna Hermanna JANSSEN and John Bernhard TEMPLE were married on 24 January 1923 in Clark, Clark, SD.37205 This is most likely a second marriage for John. Children were: Alma J. (Bonnie) TEMPLE-142936, Gretchen J. TEMPLE-142937, John G. TEMPLE-142938, Louise Henrietta TEMPLE-142941, Donald Henry TEMPLE-142951, Shirley M. TEMPLE-142944, Jean TEMPLE-142943, Dennis TEMPLE-142945.

Jean Nolen JANZEN (private).

Spouse: Owen Clarence TEMPLES Jr.-128416.

Grietje JAPENGA (private).

Spouse: Ryke ACHTERHOF-85375. Children were: Janna W. (Jennie) ACHTERHOF-85373.

Jacquelon Joan JAQUA37206 was born on 30 November 1931 in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, NM.37206 She lived in OK before 1951.37207 She died in November 1988 at the age of 57 in Tolono, Champaign, IL.37207 Parents: Wesley E. JAQUA-159686 and Georgia A. PEDEN-159687.

Spouse: TEMPEL-159685.

Susie E. JAQUA37208 died.

Spouse: Wilson WILES-60305. Susie E. JAQUA and Wilson WILES were married. Children were: Irene Elizabeth WILES-60294.

Wesley E. JAQUA37206 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Georgia A. PEDEN-159687. Georgia A. PEDEN and Wesley E. JAQUA were married. Children were: Jacquelon Joan JAQUA-136141.

Sarah JAQUISH37209 died before 1880.

Spouse: Azariah TEMPLE-1030. Sarah JAQUISH and Azariah TEMPLE were married about 1832.17469,37209 Children were: Nathaniel TEMPLE-1422, Elizabeth C. TEMPLE-1423, Edward TEMPLE-1424, Frederick TEMPLE-1425, Ellen TEMPLE-1426, Sarah Virginia TEMPLE-1427, Georgianna TEMPLE-1429, Anna E. TEMPLE-1428.

Augusta Maria JAQUITH22 was born on 6 May 1842 in Hollis, Hillsborough, NH.35610 She died. Parents: Jonas Woods JAQUITH-75683 and Maria Jewett AUSTIN-75684.

Spouse: NUTTING-75682. Augusta Maria JAQUITH and NUTTING were married before 1870.

Spouse: Joseph Stevens HORTON-36555. Augusta Maria JAQUITH and Joseph Stevens HORTON were married on 3 May 1870.35610 Children were: William Franklin HORTON-75692, Harriet Eloise (Hattie) HORTON-2400.

Benjamin JAQUITH (private).

Spouse: Hepsibeth BLOOD-11017.

Jonas Woods JAQUITH (private).

Spouse: Maria Jewett AUSTIN-75684. Children were: Augusta Maria JAQUITH-36556.

Lucretia JAQUITH20419 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: James CORNELL-32178. Lucretia JAQUITH and James CORNELL were married on 4 January 1787 in Wilmington, Middlesex, MA.20419

Ann M. JARADO (private).37210

Spouse: Aaron OWENS-130399.

Charles JARBOE (private).

Spouse: Sarah Rachel RHODES-71867. Children were: Joseph Walter JARBOE-71865.

Joseph Walter JARBOE was born on 31 August 1911 in Champaign Co., IL.31035 He died on 10 August 1986 at the age of 74 in Penfield, Champaign, IL.31035 Parents: Charles JARBOE-71866 and Sarah Rachel RHODES-71867.

Spouse: Ruth Emma (Ruth) TEMPLE-48236. Ruth Emma (Ruth) TEMPLE and Joseph Walter JARBOE were married.

Mary M. JARENY (private).

Spouse: George COOMBS-43725. Children were: Barbara Gwendolyn (Barbara) COOMBS-3599.

Edna Irene JARMAN (private). Parents: Henry Tull JARMAN-69446 and Reba Pearl TEMPLE-24802.

Frank H. JARMAN lived in Clarkton, Dunklin, MO in 1920.37211

Spouse: Mayme TEMPLE-115026. Mayme TEMPLE and Frank H. JARMAN were married on 18 February 1920 in Dunklin Co., MO.37211,37212

Grace Temple JARMAN (private). Parents: Henry Tull JARMAN-69446 and Reba Pearl TEMPLE-24802.

Henry Tull JARMAN was born on 21 May 1887 in NC.37213 He died on 5 December 1937 at the age of 50 in Lenoir Co., NC.37213 Parents: John F. JARMAN-69447 and Spicey A. BRYAN-69448.

Spouse: Reba Pearl TEMPLE-24802. Reba Pearl TEMPLE and Henry Tull JARMAN were married about 1907 in NC. Children were: Raymond Tull JARMAN-69449, William Roscoe JARMAN-69450, Grace Temple JARMAN-69451, Edna Irene JARMAN-69452.

John F. JARMAN (private).

Spouse: Spicey A. BRYAN-69448. Children were: Henry Tull JARMAN-69446.

Raymond Tull JARMAN (private). Parents: Henry Tull JARMAN-69446 and Reba Pearl TEMPLE-24802.

William Roscoe JARMAN (private). Parents: Henry Tull JARMAN-69446 and Reba Pearl TEMPLE-24802.

Mary S. JAROSZ was born in 1904 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.37214 She lived 48 Merrimac Street in Rochester, Monroe, NY in 1926.37214 She died. Her marriage papers give a middle initial of S and H at different places. Parents: Michael JAROSZ-108934 and Emma POTOFSKI-108935.

Spouse: Charles H. TEMPLE-108805. Mary S. JAROSZ and Charles H. TEMPLE were married on 6 September 1926 in Rochester, Monroe, NY.37214

Michael JAROSZ was born in Poland.37214 He died.

Spouse: Emma POTOFSKI-108935. Emma POTOFSKI and Michael JAROSZ were married before 1904. Children were: Mary S. JAROSZ-108933.

April JARREAU (private). Parents: Brian JARREAU-53153 and Debra Kim (Kim) TEMPLE-53151.

Ashley JARREAU (private). Parents: Brian JARREAU-53153 and Debra Kim (Kim) TEMPLE-53151.

Brian JARREAU (private).

Spouse: Debra Kim (Kim) TEMPLE-53151. Children were: Ashley JARREAU-98443, April JARREAU-98444.

Joseph Edwin JARREETT37215 was born in 1920. He died in 1996 at the age of 76.

Spouse: Marion TEMPLES-44278. Marion TEMPLES and Joseph Edwin JARREETT were married.

JARRELL (private).

Spouse: Lou Ella (Louella) TEMPLES-40270.

Ann E. JARRELL was born in 1844 in MD.37216 Parents: Robert JARRELL-47474 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-47473.

Elizabeth J. (Lizzie) JARRELL9256,37217 was born on 18 September 1887 in LA.30571,37218,37219,37220,37221 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Washington Parish, LA.37220 She lived in Varnado, Washington, LA in 1918.37222 Elizabeth appeared in the census in January 1920 in Washington Parish, LA.37218 In April 1930 she was a farmer in Washington Parish, LA.37219 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Washington Parish, LA.30571 Elizabeth died on 3 May 1965 at the age of 77 in Washington Parish, LA.37221 Buried in Sam Carroll Cemetery, Washington Parish, LA. Her parents were both from MS except in 1910 hen they were both from LA. By 1910, she had had 3 children, all of whom survived. Her daughters Louella and Berdie gave her maiden name as Jarrell in their SSAN applications, but it appears as Gerald elsewhere.

Spouse: John T. (Johnnie) TEMPLES-17208. Elizabeth J. (Lizzie) JARRELL and John T. (Johnnie) TEMPLES were married on 1 December 1900 in Washington Parish, LA.1953,9256,37220 Children were: William TEMPLES-17217, Rudolph TEMPLES-17218, Cordelia (Cordia) TEMPLES-17219, Bertie (Berdie) TEMPLES-40267, Annie TEMPLES-40268, Inis TEMPLES-40269, Lou Ella (Louella) TEMPLES-40270, Frank TEMPLES-42625, Johnnie TEMPLES-42626.

Joshua R. JARRELL was born in 1847 in MD.37216 Parents: Robert JARRELL-47474 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-47473.

Judith Adair JARRELL (private).

Spouse: Sam Ben ACREE-100090. Children were: Sherry Adair ACREE-100089.

Kenneth JARRELL (private).

Spouse: Dorinda TEMPEL-71216.

Robert JARRELL37223 was born in 1820 in MD.37216

Spouse: Mary Ann TEMPLE-47473. Mary Ann TEMPLE and Robert JARRELL were married on 10 December 1842 in Queen Anne's Co., MD.37223 Children were: Ann E. JARRELL-47475, William E. JARRELL-47476, Joshua R. JARRELL-47477, Robert JARRELL-48648.

Robert JARRELL was born on 23 October 1849 in Queen Anne's Co., MD. He died. Parents: Robert JARRELL-47474 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-47473.

Ruth E. JARRELL was born in 1890 in AL.26379 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.26379 Parents: William P. JARRELL-121868 and Sallie E. F-121869.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-121866. Ruth E. JARRELL and John TEMPLE were married in October 1909 in OK.26379

Shelley L. JARRELL (private).37224

Spouse: Edward A. TEMPLE-127493.

William E. JARRELL was born in 1846 in MD.37216 Parents: Robert JARRELL-47474 and Mary Ann TEMPLE-47473.

William P. JARRELL was born in 1857 in England, United Kingdom.26379 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK.26379

Spouse: Sallie E. F-121869. Sallie E. F and William P. JARRELL were married. Children were: Ruth E. JARRELL-121867.

Joseph Earl JARRELLS (private).

Spouse: Crecia DE BORD-83391. Children were: Verna JARRELLS-83389.

Verna JARRELLS was born on 9 March 1917 in KY.37225 She died on 30 May 1996 at the age of 79 in Columbus, Franklin, OH.37225,37226 Buried in Glen Rest Memorial Estate, Reynoldsburg, OH. Parents: Joseph Earl JARRELLS-83390 and Crecia DE BORD-83391.

Spouse: Edward A. TEMPLE-73404. Verna JARRELLS and Edward A. TEMPLE were married.

Alice JARRETT was born on 2 October 1868 in Erie Co., OH.13110,37227,37228,37229,37230 Gave Oct 1867 in the 1900 census. She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Florence, Erie, OH.37229 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Florence, Erie, OH.13110 Alice appeared in the census in January 1920 in Henrietta Twp., Lorain, OH.37227 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Florence, Erie, OH.37228 She died on 17 June 1935 at the age of 66 in Florence, Erie, OH.806,37231 Buried in Birmingham Cemetery, Birmingham, OH. Her parents were from England (father) and CT (mother) in later censuses, and both from MA in 1900. By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom had survived. Parents: George Thomas JARRETT-55232 and Sarah MASON-55233.

Spouse: John J. (Jay) TEMPLE-55217. Alice JARRETT and John J. (Jay) TEMPLE were married in 1887 in OH.13110,37228,37229 They gave slightly differing dates. At age 73, he claimed he married at age 29, while she, at claimed age of 61 said she was married at age 19. Children were: Etta Sarah (Ettie) TEMPLE-55229, George E. TEMPLE-55218.

Clifford Wayne JARRETT (private).

Spouse: Claudia June FOXWORTH-126081.