Walter E. TULL (private).3770 Parents: Walter E. TULL-172193 and Joyce J. -172194.

Spouse: Susan WAKEFIELD-166478.

TULLAR died before 1920.2390

Spouse: Emma -88460. Emma and TULLAR were married. Children were: Grace E. TULLAR-88458.

Grace E. TULLAR was born in 1890 in MI.2390,115457 She lived 1538 South 29th Street in Omaha, Douglas, NE in 1918.128457 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Omaha, Douglas, NE.2390 Grace appeared in the census in April 1930 in Omaha, Douglas, NE.115457 She died. Her parents were both from MI in 1920, but her father was from Ireland in 1930. Parents: TULLAR-88459 and Emma -88460.

Spouse: William M. TEMPLE-88457. Grace E. TULLAR and William M. TEMPLE were married in 1908.115457 Children were: Merle E. TEMPLE-88461, Maurice Richard TEMPLE-88462.

Harriet J. TULLER (private).25454

Spouse: Abner A. SNOOK-66024. Children were: Bert A. SNOOK-66022.

Emma TULLEY was born in 1879.132773 She died on 6 November 1917 at the age of 38 in De Soto Parish, LA.132773

Spouse: TEMPLE-135094.

Charles TULLIS Jr. was born on 4 July 1887 in SD.46070,132774 In June 1909 he was a butcher in Pendleton, Umatilla, OR.46070 He died on 10 May 1946 at the age of 58.132774 Buried in Olney Cemetery, Pendleton, OR. His parents were from Troy, OH (father) and WI (mother) in 1909.

Spouse: Ada Myrtle HURST-62800. Ada Myrtle HURST and Charles TULLIS Jr. were married on 20 June 1909 in Freewater, Umatilla, OR.46070 This was his first and she claimed this was her third marriage.

TULLOS (private).

Spouse: Mary Athelee TEMPLES-17223.

TULLOS (private).

Spouse: Sherrie Diane (Diane) TEMPLE-109352.

Caroline TULLOS (private).

Spouse: Alan ASHWORTH-115426. Children were: Erma Louise ASHWORTH-115423.

TULLY (private).

Spouse: Gail TEMPLE-172968.

Joseph Robert TULLY (private).

Spouse: Gail Louise TEMPLE-165414.

Norma Lois TUMA17110 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Alfred Cameron BRINSON-83720. Norma Lois TUMA and Alfred Cameron BRINSON were married on 6 June 1955.17110 Children were: Laura Lee BRINSON-83713.

William G. TUMA (private).

Spouse: Linda L. TEMPLE-177196.

Drusilla TUMBELSON57662 was born (date unknown). The Brookover genealogy gives Susanna Reaves as the wife of Aseal, but this appears to be wrong.

Spouse: John MC NULTY-22611. Drusilla TUMBELSON and John MC NULTY were married on 13 August 1822 in Adams Co., OH.57662 Children were: Priscilla MC NULTY-21645.

TUMERI died before 1920. The existence of this person derives from the surname given for Laura's mother in the 1920 census. The handwriting was illegible, and I tried to make out what it said.

Spouse: Lucy D. LEHR-39572. Lucy D. LEHR and TUMERI were married.

Bonnie Faye TUMLIN (private).132775 Parents: Lloyd Arlin TUMLIN-81693 and Tennessee M. (Tennie) TEMPLE-42403.

Donna Marie TUMLIN (private).132775 Parents: Lloyd Arlin TUMLIN-81693 and Tennessee M. (Tennie) TEMPLE-42403.

Geraldine TUMLIN (private).123973 Parents: Lloyd Arlin TUMLIN-81693 and Tennessee M. (Tennie) TEMPLE-42403.

Linda Sue TUMLIN (private).123973 Parents: Lloyd Arlin TUMLIN-81693 and Tennessee M. (Tennie) TEMPLE-42403.

Lloyd Arlin TUMLIN35594,123973 was born on 17 April 1919 in Jonesboro, Jackson, LA.123973 He died on 28 February 1995 at the age of 75.123973

Spouse: Tennessee M. (Tennie) TEMPLE-42403. Tennessee M. (Tennie) TEMPLE and Lloyd Arlin TUMLIN were married on 13 November 1943 in Wisner, Franklin, LA.123973 Children were: Geraldine TUMLIN-120232, Linda Sue TUMLIN-120233, Bonnie Faye TUMLIN-120234, Donna Marie TUMLIN-120235.

Franklyn D. TUMMINGS (private).110260

Spouse: Laquita D. TEMPLE-146989.

Earl Lee TUMPOSKY was born on 17 August 1921 in Utica, Oneida, NY.7389,7390,132776 Gave his age as 62 when he married in 1985. He served in the military between 1942 and 1953.109019 Dates may not be inclusive. He served in the Army from 22 Jul 1942. He was activated 5 Aug 1942 to 30 Apr 1943. He became a 1st lieutenant of cavalry on 1 May 1943 until 4 Jul 1946. Transferred to the Reserves as a cavalry 1st lieutenant on 13 May 1946 to 1 Apr 1953. He became a 1st lieutenant of infantry on 4 Feb 1953, and was promoted to captain on 15 Sep 1953. He served at least until 1956. Service number O1018096. He lived in NY before 1951.132777 Earl lived in Old Saybrook, Middlesex, CT in 1985.7390 He lived in Glastonbury, Hartford, CT in 1988.7389,132777 He died on 8 November 1988 at the age of 67 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.140,7389,132777 Earl was a management consultant.7389 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE:AKA]132776 Changed his name to Temple about Feb 1964. Not found as Earl Temple in 1930 or 1940. Only one Earl L. Temple was found in 1930, and he was from OH, but his name was Erle Louis Temple. His original name may not have been Temple at all. From the Social Security application of his wife Naomi Blackman, there is a curious trail of surnames, and one that indicates his name may have been Tumposkey. She changed her surname bef Aug 1944 to Tumposkey, and this turns out to be the same surname of Earl's second wife. Naomi's name then changed to Temple bef Jan 1961. The confluence of the Tumposkey surname raises some questions about Earl's name, and whether it changed. Parents: Hyman TUMPOSKY-170515 and Anne KOWALSKY-170516.

Spouse: Naomi BLACKMAN-130182. Naomi BLACKMAN and Earl Lee TUMPOSKY were married about 1942.11961

Spouse: Velma -136394. Velma and Earl Lee TUMPOSKY were married on 2 January 1985 in Stonington, New London, CT.7390 This was a second marriage for both.

Hyman TUMPOSKY (private).

Spouse: Anne KOWALSKY-170516. Children were: Earl Lee TUMPOSKY-130181.

Mary Susanna TUNAY95716 was born in 1835 in England, United Kingdom.44693,44695 Gave 1845 in 1920. She immigrated in 1904.132778 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Orient, Ferry, WA.44695 Enumerated with her son George. Mary appeared in the census in January 1920 in Orient, Ferry, WA.44693 Enumerated with her son George. She died on 11 June 1921 at the age of 86 in Orient, Ferry, WA.132779,132780 Buried in the Orient Cemetery, Ferry Co., WA. Cemetery records gave 11 Jun, but state death records gave 20 Jun. Middle initial was S in 1910 but H earlier. Find-A-Grave reports her maiden name was Finney. Parents: William TUNAY-163549 and UNKNOWN-163550.

Spouse: John George TEMPLE-136330. Mary Susanna TUNAY and John George TEMPLE were married before 1869. Children were: George H. TEMPLE-132471, William TEMPLE-178478.

William TUNAY (private).

Spouse: UNKNOWN-163550. Children were: Mary Susanna TUNAY-136331.

Johnny R. TUNE (private).132781

Spouse: Janice A. (Jan) TEMPLE-62660.

Ollie L. TUNE36473 was born in 1898 in TX.47866 In April 1930 she was a telephone operator in Greenville, Hunt, TX.47866 She died. In Roy Temple's SSACI, her name is given as Ollie L. Tune, but when they married, their Hunt Co., TX, marriage records gave her as Ollie Wright.

Her parents were from AL (father) and KY (mother). She may be the Allie Temple who died in Potter Co., TX in 1952.

Spouse: Roy Victor TEMPLE-41391. Ollie L. TUNE and Roy Victor TEMPLE were married on 17 November 1924 in Hunt Co., TX.36473,121883 An unreliable Ancestry database said they took out their license on 10 Jan 1924, which makes no sense, so the latter may either represent the minister's return, or it may be Ancestry is just screwed up and reversed the dates for license and marriage. They36473,121883 were divorced before April 1930.47866 Children were: Ollie Marie (Marie) TEMPLE-103200.

Lettie TUNNEL (private).

Spouse: W.H. ENGLAND-72193. Children were: Wlliam Henry ENGLAND-72192.

Walt TUNNELL (private).

Spouse: Kenton TEMPLE-106073.

Walter S. TUNNELL (private).

Spouse: Beverly K. TEMPLE-148879.

TUNNEY (private).

Spouse: Beth Anne TEMPLE-4772.

John TUNSTALL64160,116585 was born on 8 July 1733 in King and Queen Co., VA. About 1774 he was a Clerk of King and Queen County in King and Queen Co., VA.132782 Assumed the office when his father gave it up. He died in 1796 at the age of 63.132783 Also given as Joseph, as in the history of Old New Kent County, Virginia, p. 822. Parents: Colonel Richard TUNSTALL-16455 and Anne HALL-16456.

Spouse: Sarah (Sally) TEMPLE-4451. Sarah (Sally) TEMPLE and John TUNSTALL were married about 1757.122732 Children were: Joseph TUNSTALL-16457, Sarah TUNSTALL-52364.

Joseph TUNSTALL64160 was born in 1758. Parents: John TUNSTALL-16454 and Sarah (Sally) TEMPLE-4451.

Spouse: Jane PEARCE-16458. Jane PEARCE and Joseph TUNSTALL were married in 1781.64160

Rachel Rebecca TUNSTALL59508 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edward Eugene MOORE-84870. Rachel Rebecca TUNSTALL and Edward Eugene MOORE were married on 27 May 1901 in Crockett, Houston, TX.59508 Children were: John Benjamin MOORE-54161.

Colonel Richard TUNSTALL (private).

Spouse: Anne HALL-16456. Children were: John TUNSTALL-16454.

Sarah TUNSTALL132784 was born about 1770 in VA. Parents: John TUNSTALL-16454 and Sarah (Sally) TEMPLE-4451.

Sarah Elizabeth TUNSTALL66839 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Emmit Allen RAINEY-98744. Sarah Elizabeth TUNSTALL and Emmit Allen RAINEY were married before 1893. Children were: Emmette Owen (Emmit) RAINEY-22590.

Avanelle TURAN13659 died.

Spouse: Raoul BESSE Jr.-114067. Avanelle TURAN and Raoul BESSE Jr. were married before December 1936. Children were: Lydia Grace BESSE-93047.

TURASKA was born (date unknown). He might have been Peter Turaska, who died in 1912.

Spouse: Rose Estelle DAVIS-40055. Rose Estelle DAVIS and TURASKA were married before 1917.

Teresa TURBERVILLE (private).

Spouse: Carl David HORTON-14293. Children were: Megan Reann HORTON-14209, Tyler Lamar HORTON-14210.

James TURBYFIELD (private).

Spouse: Cindy TEMPLES-125877.

Frank Hiram TURBYFILL Jr.132785 was born on 22 October 1918. He died in June 1951 at the age of 32. He held the title of Jr..

Spouse: Elizabeth LIVINGSTON-155548. Children were: James Franklin TURBYFILL-155543.

James Franklin TURBYFILL (private).132785 Parents: Frank Hiram TURBYFILL Jr.-155547 and Elizabeth LIVINGSTON-155548.

Spouse: Cindy TEMPLE-155542. Children were: Shawn TURBYFILL-155544, Shannon TURBYFILL-155545, Shea TURBYFILL-155546.

Shannon TURBYFILL (private). Parents: James Franklin TURBYFILL-155543 and Cindy TEMPLE-155542.

Shawn TURBYFILL (private). Parents: James Franklin TURBYFILL-155543 and Cindy TEMPLE-155542.

Shea TURBYFILL (private). Parents: James Franklin TURBYFILL-155543 and Cindy TEMPLE-155542.

TUREAU (private).

Spouse: Grace -65194.

Lillian A. TUREEN132566 was born in 1909 in PA.132786 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Johnsonburg, Elk, PA.132786 She was an A. Elaine Wensel, Erie Times-News, Erie, PA, 8 May 2005..

Spouse: Arthur W. WENSEL-146487. Lillian A. TUREEN and Arthur W. WENSEL were married. Children were: Audrey Elaine (Elaine) WENSEL-146486.

David TURK12651 was born (date unknown). Apparently, when they took out a license in Aug 1910, the clerk assumed that Hazel's maiden name was Temple, and listed only her father's first name.

Spouse: Elizabeth BECK-181107. Elizabeth BECK and David TURK were married before 1885. Children were: Hazel E. TURK-181105.

Edwin J. TURK (private).

Spouse: Adelaine KLEINGARDNER-79764. Children were: Viola TURK-79761.