James TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Bertha JOHNSON-182168. Bertha JOHNSON and James TEMPLE were married in September 1887 in Washington, DC.47427 Both were liviing in Washington, DC. Announcement of their license was published on 6 Sep 1887. It is not clear that the marriage took place.

James TEMPLE was born (date unknown). At the time of his marriage in Philadelphia, there were several James Temples whom he might have been, but none were known to have married a Jennie.

Spouse: Jennie CONNER-182223. Jennie CONNER and James TEMPLE were married in March 1898 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.24364 This marriage may not have taken place.

James TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Priscilla COLEMAN-182236. Priscilla COLEMAN and James TEMPLE were married about December 1900 in Philadelphia Co., PA.23862 It is not clear that this marriage took place.

James TEMPLE (private).2885

Spouse: Ruth Elaine WISE-182938. Children were: Molly TEMPLE-182944.

James TEMPLE (private).3970 Parents: Jessie L. TEMPLE Sr.-183984 and Katie Lee -183983.

Spouse: Martha -184001.

James TEMPLE (private).3865

Spouse: Anngeline PEIRCE-184172. Children were: Alexis Hale TEMPLE-184168.

James TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary SCOTT-184486. Mary SCOTT and James TEMPLE were married before 1875. Children were: James Lomax TEMPLE-184483, Annie TEMPLE-185455, Robert TEMPLE-185457, Joseph TEMPLE-185458.

James TEMPLE lived in East St. Louis, St. Clair, IL in 1932.9167

Spouse: Daisy MOORE-184618. Daisy MOORE and James TEMPLE were married before 1932.

James TEMPLE died.102408

Spouse: Mazie T. BURNETT-184702. Mazie T. BURNETT and James TEMPLE were married before 1916. Children were: Hushel TEMPLE-184700.

James TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Jane (Jennie) HOLLOWAY-184846. Jane (Jennie) HOLLOWAY and James TEMPLE were married on 19 November 1892 in Fayette Co., TN.44285

James TEMPLE (private).

Spouse: Rena GAITHER-184884.

James TEMPLE44000 lived in Harrisonburg City Co., VA in 1908.

Spouse: Josephine HOFFMAN-185054. Josephine HOFFMAN and James TEMPLE were married before 1908. Children were: Thelma TEMPLE-185051.

James TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Maud HOLT-185200. Maud HOLT and James TEMPLE were married on 14 May 1891 in Davidson Co., TN.44412

James TEMPLE (private). Parents: Louis ROACH-185463 and Kim TEMPLE-185464.

James TEMPLE (private).3611 Parents: Reverend George W. TEMPLE-185698 and Jeannie M. -185699.

James TEMPLE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Queen FRAZIER-186202. Queen FRAZIER and James TEMPLE were married about October 1938 in Memphis, Shelby, TN.35117 They took out their license on or shortly before 2 Oct 1938 in Memphis.

James TEMPLE died on 11 January 1848 in Tampico, Mexico.103372 Pvt, Co. A, 12th Infantry, died 11 Jan 1848. Col. Bonham commander. Not clear if he was related to John B.

James TEMPLE19407 died before 1850. Assumed because he does not appear with his family in 1850. He was born in PA.42128 Parents: James TEMPLE-21880 and Sarah MARSHALL-21881.

Spouse: Lydia EVANS-21622. Lydia EVANS and James TEMPLE were married on 28 October 1830 in East Whiteland, Chester, PA.8221,9292 Children were: Benjamin Franklin (Frank) TEMPLE-21891, Joel Taylor (Taylor) TEMPLE-21892, William Evans (William) TEMPLE-21893, Francis Marion (Marion) TEMPLE-21623, Caroline TEMPLE-21894, Mary TEMPLE-21895.

James TEMPLE died on 10 January 1857 in Chillicothe, Peoria, IL.45737 He is most likely related to the line of James Harvey Temple, and was at one time identified as James Harvey. However, James Harvey Temple lived well past this date, marrying in 1860 and having several children after that. This person's identity remains unclear, and comes from a source of unknown reliability. I believe, however, that the date is an error, since it is identical to the death date of James Harvey's wife, Frances Ann Temple. It could be correct, however, if the death of Frances Ann was in childbirth with James, but this is not proved. Association of James with this family is based on circumstantial evidence, such as the coincidence of death dates, but may not be correct given the differences in death locations of James and Frances Temple. Parents: James Harvey (James) TEMPLE-5311 and Frances Ann (Frances) TEMPLE-24216.

James TEMPLE served in the military in 1864. Dates may not be inclusive. Served as a private in Company E, 90th PA Infantry. Died as a POW. He died on 14 December 1864 in Salisbury, Rowan, NC.103373,103374 Died from unknown causes. Buried in Salisbury National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC. His data from military records closely resembles that of Joseph Temple, also buried in Salisbury, NC, with similar dates and military records (including the unit). It may be they were brothers, or they are the same person going by different names, or there is confusion between two different people.

James TEMPLE died in July 1871 in NE.103375 Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, NE, Section 16, grave 2. In 1870, there were 6 Templs, of both sexes, in Douglas and neighboring countioes of NE, and none were named James. He might have been an infant, a railroad worker, or otherwise passing through.

James TEMPLE died in April 1877 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, LA.103376

James TEMPLE24954 died in 1887.24954 He was born in County King, Ireland. Parents: Kieran TEMPLE-10110 and Margaret MADDIN-9757.

Spouse: Julie -10117. Children were: Thomas TEMPLE-10118, Mary TEMPLE-10119, Margaret TEMPLE-10120.

James TEMPLE died on 14 November 1894 in Denver, Denver, CO.103377 Buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, CO. No birth year given, only noted to be a child.

James TEMPLE died on 1 September 1895 in Denver, Denver, CO.103378 Buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, CO. No birth date given, only noted to be a child.

James TEMPLE died on 5 September 1898 in Cohoes, Albany, NY.103379

James TEMPLE died on 30 December 1899.103380 Buried in Dublin Cemetery, Dublin, OH.

James TEMPLE died on 9 October 1903 in Hibbing, St. Louis, MN.52385

James TEMPLE died on 20 September 1903 in Parish, Oswego, NY.79308

James TEMPLE2346 died before 1910.

Spouse: Sarah EVANS-183151. Sarah EVANS and James TEMPLE were married on 18 January 1897 in Lafourche Parish, LA.2065

James TEMPLE died on 18 January 1919 in Sunderland, Durham, England, United Kingdom.68244 He was born in Scotland, United Kingdom.68244 Place requires proof. He seems possibly to be James Joseph Temple.

Spouse: Mary Jane (Mary) RICHARDSON-129805. Mary Jane (Mary) RICHARDSON and James TEMPLE were married on 24 February 1861 in Sunderland, Durham, England, United Kingdom.68244 Children were: James Rutherford TEMPLE-129806, Robert TEMPLE-156306, John George TEMPLE-129807, Margaret TEMPLE-156307, Mary Hannah TEMPLE-129808, Helen TEMPLE-156308, Arthur TEMPLE-156309, William TEMPLE-156310, Charles TEMPLE-156311.

James TEMPLE died on 9 August 1924 in Hamilton Co., OH.103381 Not found in Hamilton Co., OH, in 1920.

James TEMPLE died in February 1925 in Uniontown, Bourbon, KS.103382 He might not be a Temple - there was a James Templin in Iola, KS, in 1920, who might be confused for James Temple. Also, it may be that they were simply reporting his former presence in the county, if he was James Burt Temple later of Fresno, CA.

James TEMPLE died on 8 February 1928 in Trousdale Co., TN.103383 Little is known of him. He might be the J.D. Temple who tooks out a marriage license with Maude Stamps on 11 Aug 1906, but which was revoked by order of the county attorney, for reasons unspecified.

James TEMPLE died on 4 February 1930 in Albany, Albany, NY.103384

James TEMPLE died on 31 August 1931 in Mansfield, Tolland, CT.2424

James TEMPLE Sr. died on 18 June 1937 in De Kalb Co., GA.103385 He held the title of Sr.. In 1930, there were 11 James Temple or James Temples in GA, but none were in DeKalb County. However, of the 11, only two were considered heads of households - the others were enumerated as sons. H4e may be the James Temple b 1871 who was enumerated in Brier Patch, Bulloch, GA in 1930.

James TEMPLE died in 1952 in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, OH.103386 Though their death dates vary greatly, he may be related to Maggie LiddickTemple, d 1995, who was buried in the same cemetery. He may be the John J. Temple who was b 1895 and who d 1952 in Cuyahoga Falls, but they appear to have been buried in different cemeteries.

James TEMPLE died on 6 April 1976 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA.103387 Buried in Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA, Plot: Section: 47 Grave: 358.

James TEMPLE62406 died before 2003. Parents: Jack L. TEMPLE-62117 and Elizabeth Arlene OLSON-77009.

James TEMPLE2511 died before 2005.

Spouse: Ethel -151824. Ethel and James TEMPLE were married. Children were: James (Jim) TEMPLE-151825, Ken TEMPLE-151835, Frank TEMPLE-151836, Shirley TEMPLE-151837, Betty-Jo TEMPLE-151838.

James TEMPLE103388 died before 2010.

Spouse: Louise Hines WILKINSON-154621. Louise Hines WILKINSON and James TEMPLE were married.

James TEMPLE36485 died before 2012. Parents: James A. TEMPLE-85534 and Phyllis L. SMITH-85535.

James TEMPLE died before 2015.6078 Parents: Ronald C. TEMPLE Sr.-76481 and Nancy -76482.

James TEMPLE died before 2017.2565

Spouse: Thurza Mae Frances -174904. Thurza Mae Frances and James TEMPLE were married. Children were: Dianna TEMPLE-174905, Jimmy TEMPLE-174906, Sandra Lynn TEMPLE-174907, Linda TEMPLE-174908, Marlene Ann TEMPLE-174909.

James TEMPLE103389 was born in 1732 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.23,79912 He died on 18 October 1756 at the age of 24 in Holden, Worcester, MA.23,79912,79914,83815 His grave marker says he ded in his 22nd year. Buried in Old Hill Burying Ground, Concord, MA. Parents: Benjamin TEMPLE-122 and Abigail WAITE-128.

James TEMPLE Sr.103390 was born before 1750 in Pasquotank Co., NC.103390 He appeared in the census between 1784 and 1787 in NC.103391 Enumerated in "District No. 6" with 2 males 21-60, 2 females of all ages, 1 black slave 12-50, and 4 black slaves under 12 or over 50. He appeared in the census in 1790 in Pasquotank Co., NC.103392 Enumerated with 1 male over 16, 1 under 16 and 2 females, indicating a possibly unknown daughter. James appeared in the census in 1800 in Pasquotank Co., NC.103392 Enumerated with 1 male 45 or older (himself), 1 age 10-16, and 2 0-10, with 1 female 26-45, and 2 females 0-10. He appeared in the census in 1810 in Pasquotank Co., NC.103392 He appeared in the census in 1820 in Pasquotank Co., NC.103392 James died about 1830 at the age of 80.103390 At one time, I had linked this James as the husband of Rachel Baily/Baly. It may still be correct, but there is also strong evidence that another James, born about the same time but to Frederick Temple, was the husband of Rachel.

I have also found evidence that Brittain/Britton Temple, enumerated in the 1810 census of Pasquotank, was on the same page as James Sr. From other sources, notably a genealogy of the Forehand family, I found that Britton's mother was the daughter of Lemuel Forehand, and thus have added both the wife's surname and Britton as another son of James Sr.

To go even further out on the limb, I suspect that Angelico Temple, a female also listed on the same page in the 1810 census as James Sr., is in fact his wife. Angelico was enumerated as over 45, and thus would be the right age. So, she could have been Angelico Forehand. However, she could equally have been related to Robert Temple. Parents: Colonel Joseph TEMPLE-4448 and Mary (Molly) HILL-4519.

Spouse: Angelica\Angelico FOREHAND-35168. Children were: Britton TEMPLE-35170, James TEMPLE Jr.-5249, John Calvin TEMPLE-5250.

James TEMPLE was born about 1755 in Prince George Co., VA. He was elected as State Delegate in 1798/9 in New Kent Co., VA.103393 He died about 1820 at the age of 65. Parents: David TEMPLE-9837 and ROPER-9848.

James TEMPLE34772 was born on 11 April 1765 in Reading, Middlesex, MA.32041,34772 He died on 19 September 1800 at the age of 35 in Providence, Providence, RI.23,34772,61409,103394 Died in the Yellow Fever epidemic. Taken sick on 17 Sep, he died two days later. Buried in Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, RI, where his gravestone appears to incorrectly give a death date of 10 Sep. Parents: Deacon John TEMPLE Jr.-4384 and Hannah NICHOLS-27918.

Spouse: Mary FOWLER-5724. Mary FOWLER and James TEMPLE were married on 3 November 1793 in Providence, Providence, RI.23,29835,34772 Children were: Hannah TEMPLE-5725, Sarah (Sally) TEMPLE-5726, James TEMPLE-5727, Mary TEMPLE-5728.

James TEMPLE103395 was born on 20 September 1766 in Concord, Middlesex, MA.20652,103395,103396 Rise of the Temples gives year as 1776. About 1800 he was a lawyer. Graduated in 1794 from Dartmouth College. He taught grammar school in Concord in 1795-1796, and then studied law with Jonathan Fay of Concord. He then opened an office at Cambridge. He died on 10 March 1803 at the age of 36 in Cambridge, Middlesex, MA.20652,103395,103397,103398 His obituary, dated 9 Mar 1803, in the Columbian Centinel and Massachusetts Federalist of Boston, MA, says he died "Monday last" which would actually be 7 March. The eulogy almost sounds as though he died by his own hand. "At Cambridge, on Monday last, James Temple, Esq., attorney at law, became non-tuit in the action of human life, at the age of 36. He went out of Court on an interlocutory judgment at an early stage of his suit; for being but ill advised as to his mode of proceeding, he had a bad case! If he has lost his law here, there is a high cour of appeal and correction of error, open to him as to all others, and where justice is neither withheld or delayed! The former part of his life was passed in rustic employement and the alternation of labor and repose gave him healt and tranquility. Imagining there were conditions in life more eli..ible than his own, he became discontented. He estimated their value by the speciousness of exterior, and by common prejudice. Not suspecting the labors, anxieties and evils incident to the life of a studious or professional man, he placed all happiness and honor in that situation, and directed all his hopes and exertions to its attainment. He received a regular education, and found himself at the point proposed. What was his disappointment! He found he had dreamed! Neither ease, or happiness, or fame, or wealth awaited him! He perceived his elevation in the scale of being unaltered, and he felt that he had received no valuable consideration for the loss of health and content. While deluded by his imagination he had a sufficient share of enjoyment; when he wad obtained what he though a more philosophic view of human affiars, he languished and died." Unmarried. Parents: Benjamin TEMPLE-847 and Abigail HARRIS-916.