ROBB (private).

Spouse: SMITH-132060. Children were: Lennie Marie SMITH-132059.

George A. ROBB68619 was born about 1810 in Chicago, Cook, IL.9544 He died about 1890 at the age of 80.

Spouse: Martha TEMPLE-1517. Martha TEMPLE and George A. ROBB were married.9546 Children were: May ROBB-13143, Nellie ROBB-13144.

Harold ROBB was born in 1887 in Austria.68620 He immigrated in 1901.68620 He was naturalized in 1911.68620 Harold appeared in the census in January 1920 in New York City, New York, NY.68620 Surname may only be similar to Robb.

Spouse: Lena (Lillian/Lilly) TEMPLE-135814. Lena (Lillian/Lilly) TEMPLE and Harold ROBB were married before 1920.

Linda ROBB (private).

Spouse: Jack Martin TEMPLE-60154.

May ROBB (private). Parents: George A. ROBB-9983 and Martha TEMPLE-1517.

Nellie ROBB9544 was born on 10 February 1855 in Chicago, Cook, IL.68619 She died on 28 September 1941 at the age of 86 in Chicago, Cook, IL.68619 Parents: George A. ROBB-9983 and Martha TEMPLE-1517.

William Hamilton ROBB was born in 1899 in Scotland, United Kingdom.68621 He died in 1982 at the age of 83.68622 Buried in Rose Hill Burial Park, Fairlawn, OH.

Spouse: Clarice B. TEMPLE-69020. Clarice B. TEMPLE and William Hamilton ROBB were married on 9 April 1927 in Summit Co., OH.68621,68622

Doris I. ROBBILLARD (private).

Spouse: Alan P. CARLSON-48858. Children were: Peter A. CARLSON-4710.

ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: CHURCH-42853. Children were: Genevieve E. (Jennie) ROBBINS-42851.

ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Floye TEMPLE-20659.

ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Jennifer Jo SHAFER-90310.

ROBBINS68623 died.

Spouse: Margaret Lucille TEMPLE-44586. Margaret Lucille TEMPLE and ROBBINS were married about 1940. Children were: Linda ROBBINS-122234, Don ROBBINS-122235.

ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Bonnie Lee LEVAN-136401.

ROBBINS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Frances Margaret PIERCE-149326. Frances Margaret PIERCE and ROBBINS were married before November 1937.65189

ROBBINS died before 1870.

Spouse: Mathilda -172700. Mathilda and ROBBINS were married. Children were: Harrison ROBBINS-172698.

Anja C. ROBBINS (private).68624

Spouse: Matthew Wayne TEMPLE-159241.

Catherine Jenovee ROBBINS was born on 24 March 1909 in Davidson, Sullivan, PA.68625 She died. Parents: Ernest Clayton (Clayton) TEMPLE-22700 and Goldy Ethel ROBBINS-110401.

Reverend Chandler ROBBINS19127 was born (date unknown). Pastor at Plymouth, MA, 1760-1799.

Spouse: Jane PRINCE-17474. Jane PRINCE and Reverend Chandler ROBBINS were married before 1850. Children were: Reverend Samuel Prince ROBBINS-17471.

Charles ROBBINS was born in January 1884 in IN.68626 Parents: Harrison ROBBINS-172698 and Margaret Elizabeth TEMPLE-172697.

Charlotte Alma (Lottie) ROBBINS61851,68627 was born on 12 March 1832 in Acton, Middlesex, MA.11497,68628,68629,68630,68631 She appeared in the census in August 1860 in South Acton, Middlesex, MA.68628 She appeared in the census in June 1870 in Acton, Middlesex, MA.68630 Charlotte appeared in the census in June 1880 in Acton, Middlesex, MA.68629 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Acton, Middlesex, MA.68631 She died on 18 August 1907 at the age of 75 in Acton, Middlesex, MA.23 Buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, West Acton, MA. Her parents were both from MA. By 1900, she had had 2 children, 1 of whom survived. Parents: Tilley ROBBINS-24959 and Joanna Hunt NOYES-24960.

Spouse: John TEMPLE-1558. Charlotte Alma (Lottie) ROBBINS and John TEMPLE were married on 29 November 1857 in Acton, Middlesex, MA.23,17633,68627,68631 Children were: Etta Cora TEMPLE-2226, Herbert Ervin TEMPLE-2227.

Clara Ann (Clara) ROBBINS was born on 5 June 1852 in Lena, Miami, OH.2183,36914,45092,68632,68633,68634 She gave her age as 65 in 1920. She reported June 1851 in 1900. She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Franklin Twp., Mercer, OH.2183 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Franklin Twp., Mercer, OH.68633 In April 1910 Clara was a nurse in Lima, Allen, OH.68635 Working in the household of Neriah and Lucinda Rayhouser, of no known relationship. In January 1920 she was a nurse in Sidney, Shelby, OH.68632 She died on 19 August 1926 at the age of 74 in St. Mary's, Auglaize, OH.843,45092,68636 Died of unspecified causes at her son David's home. Buried in Bodkin Cemetery, Mercer County, OH, row 12, plot 2. Her parents were from OH (father) and England (mother) in 1880 and 1900, but became both from US in 1920. By 1900, she had had 8 children, of whom 6 survived. By 1910, she had had 8 children, of whom 6 survived. Parents: David ROBBINS-42572 and Ann Elizabeth (Ann) GIBSON-42573.

Spouse: Jasper TEMPLE-42557. Clara Ann (Clara) ROBBINS and Jasper TEMPLE were married on 9 September 1875 in Shelby Co., OH.465,5561,68633 Children were: David Jasper TEMPLE-42564, Anna Nettie (Anna) TEMPLE-42574, Margaret Rhetta (Maggie) TEMPLE-42575, Leona Alice (Leona/Lone) TEMPLE-42576, Ruth Florence (Ruthie) TEMPLE-42577, Henry Torence TEMPLE-42578, Fanny Ella (Fannie) TEMPLE-42579, Laura M. TEMPLE-42562.

Curnie R. ROBBINS68637 was born in 1894 in TN.5654 He died.

Spouse: Mary E. -121147. Mary E. and Curnie R. ROBBINS were married before 1920. Children were: Sybil F. ROBBINS-119250.

David ROBBINS23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Ann Elizabeth (Ann) GIBSON-42573. Ann Elizabeth (Ann) GIBSON and David ROBBINS were married on 23 January 1848 in Miami Co., OH.36914 Children were: Clara Ann (Clara) ROBBINS-42563.

Don ROBBINS (private). Parents: ROBBINS-122233 and Margaret Lucille TEMPLE-44586.

Edward Lee ROBBINS was born on 8 July 1921 in Madison, Jefferson, IN.68638 Parents: Jack ROBBINS-107679 and Viola TEMPLE-74272.

Elda ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Archie RIDER-28682. Children were: Arch Warren RIDER-22946.

Enid Hubert ROBBINS was born on 18 March 1919 in England, United Kingdom.39955 She died on 23 May 2009 at the age of 90 in Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.68639 Buried in St. Andrews-St. James Cemetery, Orillia, Ontario. Parents: Frederick S. ROBBINS-151739 and Elizabeth HUBERT-151740.

Spouse: Corporal Lawrence Wallbridge (Larry) TEMPLE-151737. Enid Hubert ROBBINS and Corporal Lawrence Wallbridge (Larry) TEMPLE were married on 28 December 1940.68640 Children were: Dianne TEMPLE-152155, Penny TEMPLE-152156.

Ethel Jane (Ethel) ROBBINS296 was born on 23 June 1897 in Parkersburg, Richland, IL.12875,68641,68642,68643,68644 She lived 314 South Jackson Street in Danville, Vermilion, IL in 1918.68645 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Danville, Vermilion, IL.68641 Ethel appeared in the census in April 1930 in Danville, Vermilion, IL.68642 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Danville, Vermilion, IL.68643 She died on 18 May 1986 at the age of 88 in Dunkirk, Calvert, MD.12875,68646 Buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Danville, IL. Her parents were both from IL. Parents: John ROBBINS-53515 and Mary -53516.

Spouse: BARRICK-53519.

Spouse: James Samuel (James\Sam) TEMPLE-38374. Ethel Jane (Ethel) ROBBINS and James Samuel (James\Sam) TEMPLE were married in 1916.68642 Children were: James Robert (James) TEMPLE-53510, S. Ethel TEMPLE-114774, William Ervin TEMPLE-53511, Ethel Kathleen (Ethel) TEMPLE-53509, Louise TEMPLE-53517, Peggy TEMPLE-86407, Vivian Irene TEMPLE-53518.

Eugene Carl (Gene) ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Vivian Shirley TEMPLE-3363.

Foster C. (Pete) ROBBINS59356 died.

Spouse: Ruth G. MONTAGUE-114011. Ruth G. MONTAGUE and Foster C. (Pete) ROBBINS were married before September 1934. Children were: Shirley ROBBINS-91904.

Frank A. ROBBINS was born in 1911 in MS.18256,68647 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Jones Co., MS.68647 He died.

Spouse: Floye H. TEMPLE(S)-43312. Floye H. TEMPLE(S) and Frank A. ROBBINS were married in 1933 in Jones Co., MS.18256 Children were: Jae ROBBINS-68759, Marilyn ROBBINS-68760, Sylvia ROBBINS-68761.

Franklin ROBBINS8684 was born in 1886 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA. He died before 1920 at the age of 34.

Spouse: Mary Alice (Alice) TEMPLE-22782. Mary Alice (Alice) TEMPLE and Franklin ROBBINS were married on 29 December 1910 in Moreland Twp., Muncy, Lycoming, PA.8684 Children were: Anna Belle WALLACE-41259, Raymond ROBBINS-41260.

Fred ROBBINS was born in PA.68648

Spouse: Alice TEMPLE-163249. Alice TEMPLE and Fred ROBBINS were married before 1910. Children were: Raymond Edward ROBBINS-163251.

Frederick S. ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth HUBERT-151740. Children were: Enid Hubert ROBBINS-151738.

Genevieve E. (Jennie) ROBBINS was born on 28 February 1883 in Ayer, Middlesex, MA.23,47883,68649,68650 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Townsend, Middlesex, MA.68649 She lived in Worcester, Worcester, MA on 1 April 1935.47883 In April 1940 Genevieve was a private home nurse maid in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.47883 She lived 2837 South Sycamore Street in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in June 1942.68651 She died on 3 June 1949 at the age of 66 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA.148,68652 Buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA, Tranquility, Map G04, Lot 189, Space 1. Her parents were from MA (father) and NY (mother). Middle initial in 1930 was H. Maiden name was Robinson in her son Richard's SSAN application. Parents: ROBBINS-42852 and CHURCH-42853.

Spouse: Joseph Lawrence TEMPLE Sr.-42847. Genevieve E. (Jennie) ROBBINS and Joseph Lawrence TEMPLE Sr. were married on 3 July 1910 in North Adams, Berkshire, MA.23,68650,68653,68654 Also registered in Adams, MA. A newspaper report of their wedding said he was of Adams and she of Bennington, understood to be MA and VT respectively but not stated. Then it said they were "married in this city." They23,68650,68653,68654 were divorced before 1927.68650 Children were: Dorothy Genevieve (Dorothy) TEMPLE-42849, Joseph Lawrence TEMPLE Jr.-42861, Edward Kerwyn (Edward) TEMPLE-42862, Richard Ernest (Richard) TEMPLE Sr.-42843, Donald Earl (Donald) TEMPLE-42848.

Goldy Ethel ROBBINS was born in 1892 in PA.68625 She lived in Davidson, Sullivan, PA in 1909.68625 She died.

Spouse: Ernest Clayton (Clayton) TEMPLE-22700. Children were: Catherine Jenovee ROBBINS-110402.

Hannah Gilman ROBBINS63739,68655 was born on 19 August 1813 in Marietta, Washington, OH.23,19128,63739,68656 Her birth was on a Thursday afternoon. She appeared in the census in August 1850 in Harmar, Washington, OH.68656 She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Marietta, Washington, OH.19128 Hannah died on 16 December 1861 at the age of 48 in Marietta, Washington, OH.23 Buried in Mound Cemetery, Marietta, OH. Parents: Reverend Samuel Prince ROBBINS-17471 and Martha BURLINGAME-17472.

Spouse: Reverend Luther TEMPLE-1268. Hannah Gilman ROBBINS and Reverend Luther TEMPLE were married on 10 August 1836 in Marietta, Washington, OH.19127,63739,68655 Children were: Hannah Gilman (Anna) TEMPLE-1763, Martin Luther Martin) TEMPLE-1764.

Harrison ROBBINS11141 was born in September 1850 in IN.5818,18622 He appeared in the census in June 1870 in Bigger Twp., Jennings, IN.5818 In June 1900 he was a farmer in Geneva Twp., Jennings, IN.68626 Harrison appeared in the census in April 1910 in Geneva Twp., Jennings, IN.18622 He lived in Queensville, Jennings, IN in 1914.56142 He died after 1914 at the age of 64. Surname appears as Robbins and as Robins in different places. Parents: ROBBINS-172699 and Mathilda -172700.

Spouse: Margaret Elizabeth TEMPLE-172697. Margaret Elizabeth TEMPLE and Harrison ROBBINS were married on 14 September 1870 in Jennings Co., IN.11141,18622,68626 Also the date is given as 20 Sep. They claimed 28 years of marriage in the 1900 census, but claimed 40 in 1910. Children were: Patsy ROBBINS-172701, Charles ROBBINS-172702.

Henry ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Olive -150933. Children were: Linda ROBBINS-150122.

Inez ROBBINS was born on 10 September 1935.68657 She died on 28 November 2013 at the age of 78 in Rose Hill, Covington, AL.68657 Buried in Macedonia Cemetery, Rose Hill, AL.

Spouse: TEMPLES-171711.

Jack ROBBINS11414 was born in 1894 in KY.68638 He lived in Madison, Jefferson, IN in 1921.68638 He died.

Spouse: Viola TEMPLE-74272. Viola TEMPLE and Jack ROBBINS were married in 1919 in Carroll Co., KY.11414 Children were: Edward Lee ROBBINS-107680.

Jae ROBBINS (private).68647 Parents: Frank A. ROBBINS-68758 and Floye H. TEMPLE(S)-43312.

Jeffrey O. (Jeff) ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Karen TEMPLES-81790.

John ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Mary -53516. Children were: Ethel Jane (Ethel) ROBBINS-53508.

John K. ROBBINS22613,22614 died.

Spouse: Francis E. CISCO-61892. Francis E. CISCO and John K. ROBBINS were married before 1889. Children were: Loa Belle ROBBINS-31666.

John Spencer ROBBINS (private).

Spouse: Patricia Anne TEMPLE-174702.

Joshua ROBBINS was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Almira PARKER-7163. Almira PARKER and Joshua ROBBINS were married in 1837.63191

Joshua Swan ROBBINS died in 1817 in Lexington, Middlesex, MA.4544

Spouse: Anna PARKER-7736. Anna PARKER and Joshua Swan ROBBINS were married in 1811 in Woburn, Middlesex, MA.63226

Leah ROBBINS was born on 25 April 1718 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA. She died in Royalston, Worcester, MA.7923 Parents: Thomas ROBBINS-26435 and Lydia ADAMS-26436.

Spouse: Timothy CHASE-26430. Leah ROBBINS and Timothy CHASE were married in 1740 in Sutton, Worcester, MA.7923 Children were: Abigail CHASE-26303.

Linda ROBBINS (private).68658 Parents: Henry ROBBINS-150932 and Olive -150933.

Spouse: Reverend David (Dave) TEMPLE-150117. Children were: Naomi TEMPLE-150123, Tambourine TEMPLE-150124, Andrew TEMPLE-150125, Edward TEMPLE-150126, Matthew TEMPLE-150127, Christopher TEMPLE-150128.