Terese Raschel LUKEY (private).17994 Parents: Jon Thomas LUKEY-48769 and Deborah Lynn TEMPLE-38912.

LUKICH19784 died before 2011.

Spouse: Virginia Mae COMPTON-139942. Virginia Mae COMPTON and LUKICH were married. Children were: Kathy LUKICH-139940.

Kathy LUKICH (private). Parents: LUKICH-139941 and Virginia Mae COMPTON-139942.

Spouse: Timothy TEMPLE-139939. Children were: Jason TEMPLE-139943.

LULL (private).

Spouse: June TEMPLE-3272.

LULOW (private).

Spouse: Patricia Ann (Pat) WOLLASTON-117736.

Dorothy LUM (private). Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

Gloria LUM (private). Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

Homer LUM (private). Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

Karl LUM (private). Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

Letitia Maria LUM42639 was born on 9 August 1826 in Flushing, Queens, NY.42639,42640 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Clinton, Clinton, IA.42640 Enumerated with her daughter and son-in-law. She died.

Spouse: Benizal S. MARVIN-37783. Letitia Maria LUM and Benizal S. MARVIN were married. Children were: Hannah A. (Anna) MARVIN-37761.

Olga LUM (private). Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

Richard LUM (private).29143 Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

Richard Harrington LUM23344 was born in 1918.42641 He died in 1999 at the age of 81 in German Four Corners, Chenango, NY.42641 Buried in Westview Cemetery, German Four Corners, NY.

Spouse: Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220. Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE and Richard Harrington LUM were married before 1939.29143 Children were: Sally G. GATES-101725, Gloria LUM-83027, Ruth LUM-83028, Dorothy LUM-83029, Olga LUM-83030, Richard LUM-83031, Tony LUM-83032, Homer LUM-83033, Karl LUM-83034.

Ruth LUM (private). Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

Tony LUM (private). Parents: Richard Harrington LUM-83016 and Gertrude E. (Tootie) TEMPLE-73220.

LUMAN (private).

Spouse: Rosemary FERRARA-155827.

Lillian (Lillie) LUMKIN was born on 14 February 1874 in AL.3224,11038,42642,42643 A cemetery transcription gave 14 Feb 1880. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Reed Brake Twp., Marshall, AL.42643 She lived 13 Clayton Avenue in Alabama City, Etowah, AL in 1918.42644 In January 1920 Lillian was a cotton mill weaver in Alabama City, Etowah, AL.42642 She lived Rt. 4 in Guntersville, Marshall, AL in 1937.14529 She died on 13 June 1959 at the age of 85 in Etowah Co., AL.11038 Buried in New Bethel Methodist Cemetery, Hokes Bluff, AL. Her parents were from GA (father) and SC (mother) in 1920, but both from GA in 1910. Name also given as Lumpkin. By 1910 she had had 5 children, of whom 4 survived. Parents: R.D. LUMKIN-53391 and Minnie -53392.

Spouse: Thomas Terrell TEMPLE-50335. Lillian (Lillie) LUMKIN and Thomas Terrell TEMPLE were married on 3 January 1900 in Etowah Co., AL.19001,42643 Children were: Carla J. TEMPLE-78151, Hartley James TEMPLE-53384, Eldred B. TEMPLE-53385, Thurston Jerald (Thurston) TEMPLE-53386, Bertha TEMPLE-53387, Walter W. TEMPLE-53388, Grady TEMPLE-53389, Hazel TEMPLE-53390, Ruby E. TEMPLE-92562.

R.D. LUMKIN (private).

Spouse: Minnie -53392. Children were: Lillian (Lillie) LUMKIN-53383.

Effie LUMMUS42645 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: John M. THOMAS-158744. Effie LUMMUS and John M. THOMAS were married. Children were: Joann (Tootsie) THOMAS-158743.

Jane LUMMUS died on 27 February 1872 in Mt. Holley, Burlington, NJ.42646 Her maiden name is almost certainly not exactly right. It seemed to be spelled Lummus in the church death register, but there was also a dot placed half way above the name, possibly indicating one of the letters was an "i" and was mis-read.

Spouse: TEMPLE-149107.

Julius LUMPKINS was born in 1873 in AR.42647 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Vine Prairie, Crawford, AR.42647 He died. Parents: W.R. LUMPKINS-33261 and UNKNOWN-55153.

W.R. LUMPKINS27332,42648 was born in 1851 in TN.42647 He appeared in the census in June 1880 in Vine Prairie, Crawford, AR.42647 He died.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-55153. UNKNOWN and W.R. LUMPKINS were married before 1873 in AR. Children were: Julius LUMPKINS-55154.

Spouse: Emmeline (Emma) FLEMING-33257. Emmeline (Emma) FLEMING and W.R. LUMPKINS were married on 20 March 1872 in Johnson Co., AR.27332

LUMSDEN died before 1875. The second marriage of Henry Whiting was to the Widow Lumsden.

Spouse: UNKNOWN-124814. UNKNOWN and LUMSDEN were married about 1865.

Arthur LUMSDEN42649 was born in 1860 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42650 In 1880 he was a bookkeeper in Saginaw, Saginaw, MI.42650 Enumerated with his brother-in-law Joseph Wolfenden. Parents: John LUMSDEN-54 and Rachel ODDEY-23342.

Cora Louise (Louise) LUMSDEN was born on 14 August 1877 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42651,42652 Gave her age as 31 in 1910. Listed birthplace as Michigan according to Birth Certificate of LPT Jr., and her response to 1910 census. By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived.

Listed age as 32, which would have made birth date 1879. Gave her age as 54 in 1940.

Death notice listed birth as 14 Aug 1878. She was educated Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart between 1888 and 1897 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.42653,42654,42655,42656,42657,42658 She appears in the yearbook first registered for 1888-1889 as Louisa Lumsden, boarder, in the tenth grade. In 1889-1890, she is listed as a day scholar. Also, she is registered for the school years of 1890-1893 as a boarder from Toledo. In 1889-1890, she won a Second Premium for Grammar. For the school years 1893-1894, she is listed as a boarder from Detroit. During that year, she won a "First Premium" in academics, a "First Premium" in Vocal Music, and a "First Premium" for French. She received an Honors Award for Regularity at Sunday School. For the year of 1894-1895, she was registered as a boarder once again. On 19 April, she sang "Rustic Dance" at a recital. At the 19 Jun 1895 Commencement she was the main soloist. She won a "Second Premium" for General Studies and a "First Premium" for Vocal Music. In the year 1895-1896, she registered as Cora Louise Lumsden, boarder. She won a "Premium" for essays and a "First Premium" for Vocal Music. She was awarded the Gold Medal for Conduct in the Boarders' Senior Department. Finally, in 1896-1897, again as Cora Louise Lumsden, boarder from Toledo, she gave the vocal solo at the 21 Jun 1897 Commencement.

As a tenth grader, she earned the following: Arithmetic-81; Geography-90; Reading-83; Spelling-83; Writing-75; General Average-82. She was present for 152.5 days, absent for 19. She was given a score of 85 for application, and 95 for deportment. For drawing or painting, she had a 71, and for needlework, a 73. Tuition at the time was $150 for boarders, with an additional $200 for tuition, books and supplies.

In 1889-1890, she was attended 188.5 days, was absent 5. She was rated as a 98 in application in the Eleventh grade, with a 96 in deportment. Her drawing was given an 85.

In 1890-1891, she was a boarder once more, with her residence given as Toledo, OH. The same held true in 1891-1892, and 1892-1893.

She was finally graduated in 1897. The class divisions at the St. Ursula Academy ran according to a different numbering scheme. The Tenth Grade was the equivalent to the Intermediate School 3rd Grade (modern usage). So she graduated in 1897 with the equivalence of a high school degree. She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.42651 Cora was confirmed on 25 February 1912 in Forest Park, Baltimore, MD.42659 Between 1928 and 1945 she was an Office Manager, Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.42660 In April 1930 she was a hospital secretary in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.42661 In April 1940 Cora was a hospital manager in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.42652 She retired in 1945 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.42660 Worked as office manager at Baltimore Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital She died on 24 July 1957 at the age of 79 in Baltimore, Baltimore, MD.42660 Services to be held at Tickner Funeral Establishment, North & Pennsylvania Ave in Baltimore. Buried in family plot, Druid Ridge Cemetery, Pikesville, MD. Educated in Ursuline Convent of the Sacred Heart, Toledo, Ohio until 17 (20?), when she returned home & went to secretarial school (Temple School). She married LP Temple, co-owner of school, and never had to use her secretarial skills. In the possession of Faye Temple Long is a medal from the Ursuline Convent, dated 21 Jun 1897. Claimed her parents were from MI (father) and NY (mother).

She went by Louise Lumsden. Parents: William Oddy LUMSDEN-14 and Cora L. PHILLIPS-15.

Spouse: Lafayette Parker TEMPLE Sr.-11. Cora Louise (Louise) LUMSDEN and Lafayette Parker TEMPLE Sr. were married on 31 August 1904 in Washington, DC.42651,42661 Married by Rev. John Schick Children were: Phillips Lumsden TEMPLE-50, Louise Ernestine (Ernestine) TEMPLE-56, Lafayette Parker (Pick) TEMPLE Jr.-2, Marjorie L. TEMPLE-57.

David F. LUMSDEN42649 was born in 1857 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42662 In 1872 he was an Agent in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42663 In 1880 he was a produce and commission in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42664 David lived in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA in 1884.42665 He died on 17 January 1884 at the age of 27 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42665 Appears as Daniel in the 1860 Census. Parents: John LUMSDEN-54 and Rachel ODDEY-23342.

Edward D. LUMSDEN42666 was born on 14 February 1901 in Sebastian Co., AR.35294 He died on 16 July 1962 at the age of 61 in Caddo, Bryan, OK.35294 Parents: John O. LUMSDEN-23344 and Sarrah Dellar TIGNOR-40457.

Children were: James Edward (Jim) LUMSDEN-40355.

Elizabeth LUMSDEN42662 was born in 1846 in Detroit, Wayne, MI. Parents: John LUMSDEN-54 and Rachel ODDEY-23342.

James Edward (Jim) LUMSDEN (private).35294 Parents: Edward D. LUMSDEN-40354.

Spouse: Lillian Marie (Marie) HOLSONBAKE-40374. Children were: Sandy LUMSDEN-40356.

John LUMSDEN was born on 10 May 1808 in Scotland, United Kingdom.42649,42662,42665 Between 1860 and 1870 he was a Gardener in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42649,42667 He lived 27 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Wayne, MI between 1862 and 1869.42668,42669,42670,42671,42672,42673,42674,42675 John appeared in the census in 1880 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42664 He lived 29 Alexandrine Avenue in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1881.42665 He died on 8 February 1881 at the age of 72 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42665 Buried in Woodmere Cemetery, Section F, Detroit, Wayne, MI, Section F, Lot 91. There is also a line of Lumsdens that runs through one Thomas Lumsden, and goes down through VA. Thomas and John were contemporaries from Scotland, and most likely were brothers.

In 2008, while visiting Glasgow, Scotland, I ran across a manor built in the mid-1860s on Loch Lomond by one James Lumsden, about whom I know little more. However, his timing suggests a possible relationship as a cousin on John Lumsden. This will be a bit difficult, as in 1861 census records, there were about 1260 Lumsdens in Scotland. In the 1841 census of Scotland, there were 12 John Lumsdens with birth dates around 1811 (three with 1811 exactly), and it is not even clear at this point whether John had emigrated by that time or not.

Spouse: Rachel ODDEY-23342. Rachel ODDEY and John LUMSDEN were married about 1846. Children were: Elizabeth LUMSDEN-23347, Rachel LUMSDEN-55, William Oddy LUMSDEN-14, Thomas O. LUMSDEN-23343, John O. LUMSDEN-23344, David F. LUMSDEN-23346, Arthur LUMSDEN-23345.

John O. LUMSDEN42649 was born in 1854 in Detroit, Wayne, MI. In 1875 he was a Clerk for William O. Lumsden in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42676 In 1880 he was a produce and commission in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42664 Sometimes appears with middle initial H. Parents: John LUMSDEN-54 and Rachel ODDEY-23342.

Spouse: Sarrah Dellar TIGNOR-40457. Sarrah Dellar TIGNOR and John O. LUMSDEN were married in 1891 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma.35294 Children were: Edward D. LUMSDEN-40354.

Nora J. LUMSDEN (private).42677,42678

Spouse: Gilbert Gary TEMPLE-129558. Children were: Travis TEMPLE-135113.

Spouse: Sheldon C. LUKEHART-129560.

Spouse: Daniel R. REESER-130335.

Rachel LUMSDEN was born in 1848 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42649 Between 1870 and 1872 she was a Teacher in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42663,42679 She died on 12 May 1923 at the age of 75 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42680 Sister of William Oddey Lumsden, married Wolfenden. Parents: John LUMSDEN-54 and Rachel ODDEY-23342.

Spouse: Joseph Bedale (Joseph) WOOLFENDEN-60. Rachel LUMSDEN and Joseph Bedale (Joseph) WOOLFENDEN were married about 1870 in Detroit, Wayne, MI. Children were: Henry L. WOOLFENDEN-38379, John J. WOOLFENDEN-38380, Annie R. WOOLFENDEN-38381, Florence W. WOOLFENDEN-38382.

Sandy LUMSDEN (private). Parents: James Edward (Jim) LUMSDEN-40355 and Lillian Marie (Marie) HOLSONBAKE-40374.

Thomas O. LUMSDEN42649 was born in 1852 in Detroit, Wayne, MI. In 1872 he was a Picture frame joiner in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42663 In 1880 he was a shipping clerk in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42681 Parents: John LUMSDEN-54 and Rachel ODDEY-23342.

William Oddy LUMSDEN42682 was born in 1851 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42649,42662 In 1869/70 he was a gardener in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42649,42675 He lived corner of Woodward and Alexandrine Avenues in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1869/70.42675 In 1871 William was an employee of Philips and Lumsden in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42682 He lived 752 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1871.27016 He lived Finney's Hotel, corner of Woodward and Gratiot in Detroit, Wayne, MI between 1873 and 1875.42676,42683,42684 In 1872/3 William was a produce dealer in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42663,42683 In 1874 he was a gardener in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42684 In 1875 he was a fruit and vegetable shipper in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42676 William lived Antisdel House, corner of Washington and Michigan in Detroit, Wayne, MI between 1876 and 1877.42685,42686,42687 Between 1876 and 1878 he was an owner, William O. Lumsden & Company in Detroit, Wayne, MI.42685,42686,42687,42688 He was a commission merchant in fruits and vegetables. He had taken on a partner, Fred J. Simmons. They were essentially wholesalers. In 1877, Fred was gone and William's brother John took over as partner. They also moved to the Board of Trade Building as a business address. In 1878, David was added, and the business renamed William O. Lumsden and Brothers. In 1879, it returned to William O. Lumsden and Company. He lived 80 Abbot Street in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1878.42687 William lived 170 Joseph Campau Avenue in Detroit, Wayne, MI in 1879.42688 No longer a boarder, this was the first house he owned. Between 1888 and 1894 he was a travel agent with A.A. Geroe and Sons in Toledo, Lucas, OH.42689,42690,42691,42692,42693,42694 First appears in Toledo in 1888. Gone by 1895. He died in December 1911 at the age of 60 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.42695,42696 Died in St. Vincent's Hospital, Toledo, OH. Middle name used to be "Odet," pronounced "O'Day", which he changed because he hated the Irish. Doesn't make sense, but that's oral history for you. Information from Lafayette Parker Temple Jr. His daughter spelled his middle name without the "e," making it even easier to get from O'Day to Oddy, so I consider this very plausible.

A William Lumsden appears in the Detroit Michigan land records having purchased 163 acres in July, 1875. Parents: John LUMSDEN-54 and Rachel ODDEY-23342.

Spouse: Cora L. PHILLIPS-15. Cora L. PHILLIPS and William Oddy LUMSDEN42697 were married in 1876 in Detroit, Wayne, MI.4200 A search of Michigan marriage records reveals no record of this marriage between 1851 and 1900. They4200 were divorced about 1895 in Toledo, Lucas, OH.42693,42698 Her divorce from Lumsden is assumed, since no record of it seems to exist. He may simply have run off. Not clear if divorced or widowed Children were: Cora Louise (Louise) LUMSDEN-5087.

Morrissetta Cora LUMSTON (private).

Spouse: Leon Rockford LEWIS-100104. Children were: Eric Leon LEWIS-100103.

John LUNCEFORD (private).

Spouse: Ica BROOKS-97175. Children were: Virginia LUNCEFORD-46812.

Virginia LUNCEFORD was born in 1908 in WV.37261,42699,42700 She gave VA in 1940. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Martin, Allegan, MI.42699 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Marshall, Calhoun, MI.42700 Virginia lived in Battle Creek, Calhoun, MI in 1945.37261 She died. Her parents were from NC (father) and WV (mother). There is a problem with her reported birth year in the censuses, and the date of marriage reported in MI divorce records, which would make her 2 years old when she married Conda. Parents: John LUNCEFORD-97174 and Ica BROOKS-97175.

Spouse: Conda Osswell TEMPLE Sr.-46810. Virginia LUNCEFORD and Conda Osswell TEMPLE Sr. were married on 11 April 1911 in OH.42701 They42701 were divorced on 15 March 1941 in Calhoun Co., MI.42701 Children were: Conda Osswell TEMPLE Jr.-46813, Betty Lou TEMPLE-46814, William TEMPLE-86950, Owen Kent TEMPLE-86951, Shirley TEMPLE-86952.

Spouse: Louis JBARRA-97176.

Richard Wayne LUND (private).42702

Spouse: Sheila Ann TEMPLE-160329.

Thomas LUND was born in 1865 in Norway.42703 He appeared in the census in April 1910 in Chicago, Cook, IL.42703

Spouse: Carrie OLSEN-112213. Carrie OLSEN and Thomas LUND were married in 1898.42703 This was his first and her second marriage.

Linda Kay LUNDAHL (private).6327

Spouse: Larry Mark TEMPLE-128872. Children were: Michael Wayne TEMPLE-128897, Christopher Adam TEMPLE-128922, Mark Lynn TEMPLE-128975.

Bethany Rachael LUNDEEN (private).42704 Parents: Roger Paul LUNDEEN-71272 and Sharon Diane TEMPEL-71247.

Roger Paul LUNDEEN (private).8475

Spouse: Sharon Diane TEMPEL-71247. Children were: Bethany Rachael LUNDEEN-71273.

LUNDERVILLE (private).

Spouse: Nettie Irene TEMPLE-37523.

Albert (Al) LUNDGREEN (private).

Spouse: Vada Marie TEMPLE-27390.

Austin LUNDGREN was born in 1904.42705

Spouse: Marie A. (Mayme) TEMPLE-40168. Marie A. (Mayme) TEMPLE and Austin LUNDGREN were married on 23 February 1957 in Los Angeles Co., CA.42706

Esther B. LUNDGREN (private).

Spouse: Helmer ERICKSON-102523. Children were: Evelyn Loletta ERICKSON-60633.

Kathleen D. LUNDGREN (private).6327,42707

Spouse: Gary Lee TEMPLE-145400.

August LUNDQUIST (private).

Spouse: Wanda ANDERSON-96968. Children were: Roy LUNDQUIST-96966.