Martha (Mattie) BRISTOW17155 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Wallace GOODRICH-108286. Martha (Mattie) BRISTOW and Wallace GOODRICH were married before 1903. Children were: Marion Alva GOODRICH-108284.

James W. BRITE was born in 1841 in NC.7154,7155 He appeared in the census in August 1870 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.7155

Spouse: Sofia -176341. Sofia and James W. BRITE were married before 1862. Children were: Sophia Louisa BRITE-141709.

Sophia Louisa BRITE17156 was born in 1865 in Pasquotank Co., NC.7154,7155,17157 She appeared in the census in August 1870 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.7155 She appeared in the census in June 1880 in Newland Twp., Pasquotank, NC.7154 Maiden name was BRIGHT in her daughter Lula's death certificate. In 1880, there were two Sophia Brites in Pasquotank Co., NC - one married, b 1840, and the other her daughter, b 1866. No others were found. That daughter also had a middle initial L, matching Sophai Bright's known middle name of Louisa. Her identification as the daughter of James W. and Sophia Brite requires proof, however.

In 1870, the family of JAmes W. and Sophia Brite were enumerated a few doors from the household of James W. and Elizabeth Brothers, with whom William T. Temple, their future son-in-law, was staying. Parents: James W. BRITE-176340 and Sofia -176341.

Spouse: William T. TEMPLE-141708. Sophia Louisa BRITE and William T. TEMPLE were married in 1883 in Pasquotank Co., NC.17158 Children were: Lula TEMPLE-176339.

John BRITNALL23 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sarah L. STEVENS-35635. Sarah L. STEVENS and John BRITNALL were married before 1865. Children were: Sarah L. BRITNALL-17456.

Sarah L. BRITNALL17159 was born on 10 April 1865 in Charlestown, Suffolk, MA.23,17160,17161,17162,17163,17164 She appeared in the census in June 1900 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.17163 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.17162 Sarah appeared in the census in January 1920 in Medford, Middlesex, MA.17160 She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Medford, Middlesex, MA.17161 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Medford, Middlesex, MA.17164 Sarah died on 24 March 1941 at the age of 75 in Medford, Middlesex, MA.23 Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, MA. Her parents were both from MA. No issue. Parents: John BRITNALL-35634 and Sarah L. STEVENS-35635.

Spouse: Lucius Edward (Lucius) TEMPLE-1736. Sarah L. BRITNALL and Lucius Edward (Lucius) TEMPLE were married on 8 April 1885 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.23,17161,17163

BRITT (private).

Spouse: Karen TEMPLE-102276.

Bruce Williamson BRITT17165 was born in 1893 in VA.17166 In January 1920 he was a naval yard loulder in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.17166 He died in 1926 at the age of 33. His parents were both from VA.

Spouse: Mary Myrtle (Myrtle) TEMPLE-27986. Mary Myrtle (Myrtle) TEMPLE and Bruce Williamson BRITT were married before 1916 in VA. Children were: Maxine L. BRITT-41478, Marjorie Bee BRITT-100515, Myrtle Bruce BRITT-73650.

Carey BRITT17167 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Herbert TEMPLE-184347. Carey BRITT and Herbert TEMPLE were married on 9 September 1918 in Lake Co., IN.17167

Ellen BRITT (private).17168

Spouse: Henry TEMPLE-157366. Children were: Kiziah Jane (Kizzie) TEMPLE-157364.

Maggie BRITT died on 1 August 1901.17169

Spouse: John Archibald MASON-17070. Maggie BRITT and John Archibald MASON were married in 1895.17169

Marjorie Bee BRITT was born in 1917 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.17170 Parents: Bruce Williamson BRITT-27987 and Mary Myrtle (Myrtle) TEMPLE-27986.

Maxine L. BRITT was born in September 1916 in VA.17166 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.17166 Parents: Bruce Williamson BRITT-27987 and Mary Myrtle (Myrtle) TEMPLE-27986.

Myrtle Bruce BRITT17171 was born in 1920 in Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA.17172 She was the informant on her mother's death certificate. Parents: Bruce Williamson BRITT-27987 and Mary Myrtle (Myrtle) TEMPLE-27986.

Stella Fay BRITT (private).17173

Spouse: Paul TEMPLE-160836.

BRITTAIN (private).

Spouse: Linda OGLESBY-109840.

John Everett BRITTAIN9097 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Mary E. TEMPLE-3131. Mary E. TEMPLE and John Everett BRITTAIN were married before 1895. Children were: Olive M. BRITTAIN-116563.

Livinia BRITTAIN17174 was born on 21 February 1882 in Weaverville, Buncombe, NC. She died on 22 March 1923 at the age of 41 in Weaverville, Buncombe, NC.

Spouse: John Thaddeus CARTER-10278. Livinia BRITTAIN and John Thaddeus CARTER were married about 1903. Children were: Nina Geneva (Geneva) CARTER-3358, Walton N. CARTER-10280, Oren Bera CARTER-10281, Elma Estelena CARTER-10282, Alda CARTER-10283.

Olive M. BRITTAIN was born on 30 March 1895.17175 Parents: John Everett BRITTAIN-24847 and Mary E. TEMPLE-3131.

Paul Shipp BRITTAIN (private).17176

Spouse: Sybil Day TEMPLE-74855.

Laura Sophronia (Laura) BRITTEN17177,17178 was born in 1825 in Syracuse, Onondaga, NY.17178,17179 She appeared in the census in September 1850 in De Witt, Onondaga, NY.17179 She died on 31 March 1860 at the age of 35 in Collamer, Onondaga, NY.17178

Spouse: William DeWitt TEMPLE-1878. Laura Sophronia (Laura) BRITTEN and William DeWitt TEMPLE were married in 1839.17177,17178 Children were: Orlow Blanchard (Orlo) TEMPLE-2507, James Theron (Theron) TEMPLE-2508, Harriet Maria (Harriet) TEMPLE-2509, DeWitt Clinton (DeWitt) TEMPLE-2510, George Emery TEMPLE-2511, Charles Albert TEMPLE-2512, Clarissa Anna (Clarissa) TEMPLE-2513, William TEMPLE-41704, Eugene Mahlon (Eugene) TEMPLE-2514.

Martha BRITTENUM17180 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edward L. JONES-54941. Martha BRITTENUM and Edward L. JONES were married before 1853. Children were: Mille JONES-54946, Lucy C. JONES-54947.

Jessie M. BRITTING17181 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Edward H. HEILBRONN-177848. Jessie M. BRITTING and Edward H. HEILBRONN were married before 1902. Children were: Carleton L. (Carl) HEILBRONN-171644.

BRITTLE (private).

Spouse: Virginia Lee -69491. Children were: Elson Cooper BRITTLE-67611.

Elson Cooper BRITTLE was born (date unknown). Parents: BRITTLE-69490 and Virginia Lee -69491.

Spouse: Ruth Ellen TEMPLE-67610. Ruth Ellen TEMPLE and Elson Cooper BRITTLE were married on 2 December 1955 in Washington, DC.17182 Children were: Laura BRITTLE-69492.

Laura BRITTLE (private). Parents: Elson Cooper BRITTLE-67611 and Ruth Ellen TEMPLE-67610.

Lena BRITTMAN was born in 1892 in Kaunas, Lithuania.17183 She immigrated in 1906.17183 She lived in Brooklyn, Kings, NY in 1912.17184 Lena appeared in the census in January 1920 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY.17183

Spouse: Samuel FEFFER-170254. Lena BRITTMAN and Samuel FEFFER were married. Children were: Glen TEMPLE-149367, Sarah FEFFER-170256, Meyer FEFFER-170257, Jennie FEFFER-170258.

BRITTON (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth HERR-119490.

BRITTON died before 1930.13350

Spouse: Sarah E. BENNINGTON-48602. Sarah E. BENNINGTON and BRITTON were married before 1930.13350

Charles BRITTON (private).

Spouse: Joy Nell (Joy) TEMPLES-84908.

Clifford E. BRITTON (private).

Spouse: Mae I. CLAYTON-102796. Children were: Elva Gladys (Elva) BRITTON-85992.

Elizabeth BRITTON (private).

Spouse: Sam Lee FLOWERS-127276. Children were: FLOWERS-127273.

Elva Gladys (Elva) BRITTON was born on 13 January 1918 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.12787,17185,17186 Gave 1917 in 1940. She lived in Vacaville, Solano, CA in 1935.17186 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.17185 Elva lived 3464 18th Street in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA in October 1940.17187 She died in January 1981 at the age of 63.17188 Parents: Clifford E. BRITTON-102795 and Mae I. CLAYTON-102796.

Spouse: Herbert Jackson (Herbert) TEMPLE Jr.-55295. Elva Gladys (Elva) BRITTON and Herbert Jackson (Herbert) TEMPLE Jr. were married on 14 June 1935 in Solano Co., CA.17186 They17186 were divorced before 1951.17189 At the time of Herbert's induction in 1942, they were separated.

Spouse: BEDFORD-102797. Elva Gladys (Elva) BRITTON and BEDFORD were married before January 1951.12787

Ida BRITTON17190 was born in 1862.17191 She died.

Spouse: Samuel (Sam) TEMPLE-89025. Ida BRITTON and Samuel (Sam) TEMPLE were married on 17 November 1886 in Beatrice, Gage, NE.17190,17191,17192 They married in the home of E.B. Norton at the corner of Fifth and Market Streets in Beatrice.

Jane BRITTON17193 was born in 1798 in KY.17194,17195,17196,17197,17198 Gave her age as 64 in 1860. She appeared in the census in June 1860 in Washington Twp., Franklin, OH.17198 Enumerated living with her son James. She died on 17 January 1862 at the age of 64 in Washington Twp., Franklin, OH.9358,17194,17195,17197 Buried in Sandy Corners Cemetery, Amlin, Franklin, OH. Her birthplace was given in the 1880 census by her son Lewis as KY.

Spouse: Thomas TEMPLE-928. Jane BRITTON and Thomas TEMPLE were married about 1814. Children were: Mary (Polly) TEMPLE-21636, James TEMPLE-21637, Sarah TEMPLE-21638, Abraham (Abram) TEMPLE-21639, Mark TEMPLE-21642, Jacob TEMPLE-21640, Jane TEMPLE-21641, Lewis Edward (Lewis) TEMPLE-1138, John TEMPLE-43013, Colwell TEMPLE-21643, George J. TEMPLE-21644.

Mary Annette BRITTON (private).17199

Spouse: James William (Jimmy) TEMPLE-46777.

Nancy BRITTON13096,17200 died. When her daughter married William Cox, her daughter said her maiden name was Nancy Britton, However, when Mary married Oscar Temple, she gave her mother's maiden name as Nancy Griffin.

Spouse: Richard PHELPS-117250. Nancy BRITTON and Richard PHELPS were married before 1876. Children were: Mary May (Mary) PHELPS-49608.

Polly BRITTON17201 was born on 11 June 1769 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.17201 She died on 30 April 1854 at the age of 84.17201 Parents: Samuel BRITTON Jr.-9375 and Ruth PARKER-9374.

Spouse: Calvin SAWYER-17765. Polly BRITTON and Calvin SAWYER were married on 19 September 1793 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.17201 Children were: Dennis SAWYER-29565, Austin SAWYER-17335, Relief SAWYER-2060, Eliza SAWYER-29566, Ruth Parker SAWYER-2063, Franklin Adams SAWYER-29567.

Samuel BRITTON Jr.17201 was born (date unknown). Name given as Brittan in Shrewsbury vital records.

Spouse: Ruth PARKER-9374. Ruth PARKER and Samuel BRITTON Jr. were married on 4 October 1768 in Shrewsbury, Worcester, MA.4544,7318,8450 Children were: Polly BRITTON-23578.

Terry Gail BRITTON was born in 1939.17202 She lived in Gideon, New Madrid, MO in 1959.17202

Spouse: Billie Wayne (Billie) TEMPLES-63045. Terry Gail BRITTON and Billie Wayne (Billie) TEMPLES were married on 21 September 1959 in Malden, Dunklin, MO.17202

William BRITTON17203 was born in Franklin Co., OH.

Spouse: Margaret TEMPLE-129748. Margaret TEMPLE and William BRITTON were married on 25 December 1828 in Franklin Co., OH.17203

BRIZENDINE was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Carrie TEMPLE-162041. Carrie TEMPLE and BRIZENDINE were married before December 1947. Children were: Earl W. BRIZENDINE-162043.

Earl W. BRIZENDINE (private).17204 Parents: BRIZENDINE-162042 and Carrie TEMPLE-162041.

Forest BRIZENDINE17205 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Annabelle EPPLES-155513. Annabelle EPPLES and Forest BRIZENDINE were married in 1938 in Kansas City, Jackson, MO.17205

Nancy Elizabeth (Nannie) BRIZENDINE was born on 18 July 1869.17206 She died on 27 September 1939 at the age of 70.17206

Spouse: Henry William MOORE-59953. Nancy Elizabeth (Nannie) BRIZENDINE and Henry William MOORE were married. Children were: Estella A. (Stella) MOORE-43354.

Linda BRIZZOLARA (private).

Spouse: Joseph TEMPLE-175396.

Walter E. BROACH (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth MOSBY-17603.

Abby BROAD (private).

Spouse: Jacob FAVOUR-35931. Children were: Richmond FAVOUR-17795.

Joseph BROADBANK17207 was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Sarah MC MECHAM-121012. Sarah MC MECHAM and Joseph BROADBANK were married before 1868. Children were: Frederick M. BROADBENT-33312.

Frank BROADBECK17208,17209 was born in 1883 in Fulton Twp., Gratiot, MI.17209 He lived in Middleton, Gratiot, MI in 1908.17209 He died. Parents: S. BROADBECK-108571 and L. GALLOWAY-108572.

Spouse: Maud May (Maudie) TEMPLE-61056. Maud May (Maudie) TEMPLE and Frank BROADBECK were married on 27 January 1908 in Ithaca, Gratiot, MI.17209

S. BROADBECK17209 died.

Spouse: L. GALLOWAY-108572. L. GALLOWAY and S. BROADBECK were married before 1883. Children were: Frank BROADBECK-76055.