Willie Lee (Lee) SCOTT18154 died.18153

Spouse: Eva BURKS-100779. Eva BURKS and Willie Lee (Lee) SCOTT were married before 1933. Children were: Pearl Christine (Chris) SCOTT-65209.

Willie Mae (Willie) SCOTT15541,66688 died before 2018.

Spouse: Odis Eugene (Otis) TEMPLE-45922. Willie Mae (Willie) SCOTT and Odis Eugene (Otis) TEMPLE were married before 1945.66689 Children were: Edythe Nell (E.T.) TEMPLE-100766, Willie Jean (Jean) TEMPLE-100759, Don Allen TEMPLE-100765.

Winfield L. SCOTT was born in 1901 in Lenni Mills, Delaware, PA.61596 Parents: Frank SCOTT-100354 and Isabella -100355.

Spouse: Lenona M. (Lena) TEMPLE-47740. Lenona M. (Lena) TEMPLE and Winfield L. SCOTT were married on 15 September 1950 in Winchester, Frederick, VA.61596

Wylie Tidball SCOTT Jr. (private).

Spouse: Judith Ann TEMPLE-123431.

George B. SCOVELL (private).

Spouse: Laura T. POXSON-17991.

Stephen Decatur SCOVELL was born in 1819.357 He died in 1850 at the age of 31 in Vermontville, Eaton, MI.4495

Spouse: Caroline Miranda PARKER-8017. Caroline Miranda PARKER and Stephen Decatur SCOVELL were married in 1840.10575,59051

Scott Alan SCOVILLE (private).66690

Spouse: Catherine Ann MARQUARDT-120326.

Spouse: Lisa Rose (Lisa) TEMPEL-120318.

Harry SCOVILOA1463 was born in 1883.

Spouse: Edith M. PUSHOR-26821. Edith M. PUSHOR and Harry SCOVILOA were married before 1908. Children were: Madeleine Edith (Madeline) SCOVILOA-13938.

Madeleine Edith (Madeline) SCOVILOA18996,66691,66692 was born in 1908 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.1463,66693,66694,66695 She gave 1908 in the censuses, but her marriage record shows she claimed to be 18 in 1923. She appeared in the census in April 1930 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME.66693 She appeared in the census in April 1940 in Etna, Penobscot, ME.66694 Madeleine died on 22 June 1968 at the age of 60 in Pittsfield, Somerset, ME.66696,66697,66698 Died of an undisclosed short illness at an unnamed Pittsfield hospital. Her obituary said her bural was to be in Center Cemetery in Etna, but Find-A-Grave calls it Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Etna, ME. Name sometimes appears as Scoville, as in her husband's obituary. Parents: Harry SCOVILOA-26820 and Edith M. PUSHOR-26821.

Spouse: Floriman Joseph TEMPLE-3494. Madeleine Edith (Madeline) SCOVILOA and Floriman Joseph TEMPLE were married on 22 June 1923 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, NH.22,66695 Children were: Kathleen Edith (Kathleen) TEMPLE-13939, Frederick Joseph TEMPLE-13940, Agnes Josephine TEMPLE-13941, Marion Phyllis TEMPLE-13942, Everett Frederick TEMPLE-13943, Richard Charles TEMPLE-13944, Rodney Harold TEMPLE-13945, Gene Elwyn TEMPLE-13946, Donald John TEMPLE-13947.

Abraham F. SCRANTON (private).

Spouse: Clarissa GRISWOLD-39126. Children were: Alonzo Fowler SCRANTON-16295.

Alonzo Fowler SCRANTON66699,66700 was born on 22 February 1828 in CT.66700 Early Families of Guilford incorrectly gives wife's first name as Elizabeth. Parents: Abraham F. SCRANTON-39125 and Clarissa GRISWOLD-39126.

Spouse: Harriet A. TEMPLE-16293. Harriet A. TEMPLE and Alonzo Fowler SCRANTON were married on 22 October 1850 in New Haven, New Haven, CT.66699,66701 The Griswold Family England-America, Vol. 5, says he married Elizabeth Temple. Children were: Lila Hart SCRANTON-39127.

Kimberly D. SCRANTON (private).676

Spouse: Jimmy L. TEMPLE-160284.

Lila Hart SCRANTON was born on 16 April 1852 in New Haven, New Haven, CT.22 Parents: Alonzo Fowler SCRANTON-16295 and Harriet A. TEMPLE-16293.

Bessie SCRIBNER8012 died.

Spouse: P.B. AINSWORTH-110539. Bessie SCRIBNER and P.B. AINSWORTH were married before 1856. Children were: Della B. AINSWORTH-40427.

Delle SCRIBNER66702 was born on 27 February 1852 in Grand Rapids, Itasca, MN.47580,66703,66704,66705,66706 Gave her age as 75 in 1930. She lived in Grand Rapids, Itasca, MN in 1888.66707 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.66703 Delle appeared in the census in April 1930 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.36270 Enumerated living with her daughter Frances' family. She died on 26 November 1936 at the age of 84 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.66705,66706,66708 Died of lobar pneumonia. Buried in Oakhill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, MI. Her parents were both from NY, except in 1910 when only her mother was from NY, while her father was from NJ. Her husband claimed to be a widower in 1930. By 1910, she had had 2 children, both of whom survived. Name given as Dell in 1910. Parents: James SCRIBNER-74158 and Eliza SLOCUM-74159.

Spouse: Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE-5881. Delle SCRIBNER and Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE were married on 20 June 1888 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.66702,66704,66707,66709 Children were: Frances Scribner (Frances) TEMPLE-6386, William Howard (William) TEMPLE-6387.

Eliza J. SCRIBNER65973 was born in 1836 in NY.46584,65972 She appeared in the census in April 1910 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.46584 She appeared in the census in January 1920 in Grand Rapids, Kent, MI.65972 Enumerated with her daughter Anna. Eliza died.

Spouse: Joseph O. SAWYER-40352. Eliza J. SCRIBNER and Joseph O. SAWYER were married before 1863. Children were: Anna (Annie) SAWYER-6388.

Elizabeth Sharon SCRIBNER (private).

Spouse: Michael James TEMPEL-158291.

James SCRIBNER (private).

Spouse: Eliza SLOCUM-74159. Children were: Delle SCRIBNER-6385.

Abigail SCRIPTURE was born on 28 January 1686. She died on 4 February 1720 at the age of 34. Parents: Samuel SCRIPTURE-12863 and Elizabeth KNAPP-12864.

Spouse: Phineas PARKER-10925. Abigail SCRIPTURE and Phineas PARKER were married about 1709. Children were: Mary PARKER-10932, Elizabeth PARKER-10928, Sarah PARKER-10934.

Samuel SCRIPTURE (private).

Spouse: Elizabeth KNAPP-12864. Children were: Abigail SCRIPTURE-10926.

Julie A. SCRIVENS (private).8715

Spouse: Gregory Steven TEMPLE-85050.

Frances Neola (Neola) SCRIVNER50163 was born on 26 May 1918 in MS.66710 She lived 896 Saratoga Blvd. in Jacksonville, Duval, FL in 1957.66711 She an applicant for a veteran's headstone for her husband on 8 April 1957 in Jacksonville, Duval, FL.66711 Frances died on 9 March 1991 at the age of 72 in MS.66710 Buried in Mars Hill Cemetery, Remus, MS. Parents: William Mitchell SCRIVNER-81266 and Emma E. BOWMAN-81267.

Spouse: James Woodrow TEMPLE-20825. Frances Neola (Neola) SCRIVNER and James Woodrow TEMPLE were married.

William Mitchell SCRIVNER (private).

Spouse: Emma E. BOWMAN-81267. Children were: Frances Neola (Neola) SCRIVNER-20828.

Anna SCROGGINS (private).

Spouse: John W. TEMPLE-130035. Children were: Ruby F. TEMPLE-130037.

James H. SCROGGINS lived in Warren Co., NC before 1881.17374 Also appears as Scoggins.

Spouse: Emma Jane BROWNLEY-140414. Emma Jane BROWNLEY and James H. SCROGGINS were married on 16 November 1881 in Petersburg, Petersburg City, VA.17374

James SCRUGGS (private).

Spouse: Mary TEMPLE-144411.

Isaac Bliss SCUDDER9342,66712 was born in 1858 in Titusville, Mercer, NJ.66712 He died in 1916 at the age of 58 in Titusville, Mercer, NJ.66712 Parents: Manning SCUDDER-79246 and Lucy EMBLEY-79247.

Spouse: Letitia McLellan (Letitia) TEMPLE-1922. Letitia McLellan (Letitia) TEMPLE and Isaac Bliss SCUDDER were married on 17 August 1881 in Pennington, Mercer, NJ.9342,66713

Jane SCUDDER66714 was born on 8 March 1734 in NJ.66715 She died in 1777 at the age of 43.66715 Parents: Joseph SCUDDER-16813 and Hannah REEDER-25059.

Spouse: Abraham TEMPLE-834. Jane SCUDDER and Abraham TEMPLE were married about 1752 in NJ.66714 Children were: Daniel TEMPLE-867, Elizabeth TEMPLE-868.

Joseph SCUDDER (private).

Spouse: Hannah REEDER-25059. Children were: Jane SCUDDER-866.

Kelley S. SCUDDER (private).

Spouse: Michael E. TEMPLE-164459.

Larson SCUDDER was born in 1871 in IN.64963 He appeared in the census in January 1920 in Buckeye, Garrard, KY.64963

Spouse: Mary Ann ROSS-31812. Mary Ann ROSS and Larson SCUDDER were married before 1920 in KY.64963

Manning SCUDDER (private).

Spouse: Lucy EMBLEY-79247. Children were: Isaac Bliss SCUDDER-17531.

Daniel SCULLIN (private).

Spouse: Annie G. FITZGERALD-95714. Children were: Herbert P. SCULLIN-95712.

Herbert P. SCULLIN66716 was born on 9 July 1913 in Chicago, Cook, IL. He died on 16 February 1997 at the age of 83 in Waterbury, New Haven, CT. Buried in Saint James Cemetery, Naugatuck, CT. Parents: Daniel SCULLIN-95713 and Annie G. FITZGERALD-95714.

Spouse: Violet Ella TEMPLE-2672. Violet Ella TEMPLE and Herbert P. SCULLIN were married on 7 December 1935 in Nashua, Hillsborough, NH.66717,66718

James Aylward SCULLY was born in 1892.66719 He died in 1944 at the age of 52.52928,66719

Spouse: Evangeline Marie (Evangeline) TEMPLE-24491. Evangeline Marie (Evangeline) TEMPLE and James Aylward SCULLY were married before 1931. Children were: Thomas C. SCULLY-52314.

Mary Kathleen SCULLY (private).66720,66721 Parents: Thomas D. SCULLY-178333 and Ruth D. TEMPLE-178332.

Michael SCULLY was born in 1882 in PA.4795

Spouse: Margaret A. -178337. Margaret A. and Michael SCULLY were married in 1906 in PA.4795 Children were: Thomas D. SCULLY-178333.

Patricia SCULLY (private).66721 Parents: Thomas D. SCULLY-178333 and Ruth D. TEMPLE-178332.

Thomas C. SCULLY was born on 2 July 1931 in Warren, Trumbull, OH.66722 He died on 6 June 1992 at the age of 60 in Carroll Co., OH.66722 Parents: James Aylward SCULLY-24494 and Evangeline Marie (Evangeline) TEMPLE-24491.

Thomas D. SCULLY66720 was born in 1905 in Girardville, Schuylkill, PA.4795,66723 He appeared in the census in April 1930 in Girardville, Schuylkill, PA.4795 Enumerated with his parents, but he gave his marital status as M, though his wife was not with him. He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Locust Gap, Mt. Carmel, Northumberland, PA.66721 Parents: Michael SCULLY-178336 and Margaret A. -178337.

Spouse: Ruth D. TEMPLE-178332. Ruth D. TEMPLE and Thomas D. SCULLY were married before 1930. Children were: Mary Kathleen SCULLY-178334, Patricia SCULLY-178335.

Chester Carlyle SCURLOCK was born in 1913.4610,66724 He lived in Waverly, Humphreys, TN on 1 April 1935.4610 He appeared in the census in April 1940 in Dickson, Dickson, TN.4610 Chester lived in Waverly, Humphreys, TN in 1954.66724 He lived in Bon Aqua, Hickman, TN in 1961.66725 He died. Middle name was spelled Carlyle in his 1954 marriage license, and Carlisle in his 1961 marriage license.

Spouse: Maggie -102918. Maggie and Chester Carlyle SCURLOCK were married about 1938.

Spouse: Margaret Lavinia TEMPLE-44732. Margaret Lavinia TEMPLE and Chester Carlyle SCURLOCK were married on 21 January 1954 in Robertson Co., TN.66724 They66724 were married on 6 October 1961 in Robertson Co., TN.66725,66726 The reason for the remarriage is not known. In Margaret's father's 1959 obituary, she was said already to have married Scurlock.

Charles P. SCURRAH (private). Parents: Jonathan Charles SCURRAH-69532 and Katherine Ellen TEMPLE-42222.

Clark Castling SCURRAH (private). Parents: Jonathan Charles SCURRAH-69532 and Katherine Ellen TEMPLE-42222.

George Clifton SCURRAH (private). Parents: Jonathan Charles SCURRAH-69532 and Katherine Ellen TEMPLE-42222.

John Albert SCURRAH (private). Parents: Jonathan Charles SCURRAH-69532 and Katherine Ellen TEMPLE-42222.

Jonathan Charles SCURRAH was born on 19 February 1879 in England, United Kingdom.17004 He lived in Kimberly, Randolph, MO in 1901.61577 He died on 5 December 1955 at the age of 76 in Glen Ellyn, Du Page, IL.17004

Spouse: Katherine Ellen TEMPLE-42222. Katherine Ellen TEMPLE and Jonathan Charles SCURRAH were married on 1 January 1901 in Huntsville, Randolph, MO.61577 Children were: Clark Castling SCURRAH-69533, George Clifton SCURRAH-69534, John Albert SCURRAH-69535, Robert Gordon SCURRAH-69536, Ruth Nadine SCURRAH-69537, Charles P. SCURRAH-69538.

Robert Gordon SCURRAH (private). Parents: Jonathan Charles SCURRAH-69532 and Katherine Ellen TEMPLE-42222.

Ruth Nadine SCURRAH (private). Parents: Jonathan Charles SCURRAH-69532 and Katherine Ellen TEMPLE-42222.

Caroline D. SEABURY was born (date unknown).

Spouse: Joshua Freeman PARKER-8029. Caroline D. SEABURY and Joshua Freeman PARKER were married in 1853.4495

Gladys I. SEACE61790 died.

Spouse: Frank W. PRESBY-110650. Gladys I. SEACE and Frank W. PRESBY were married before 1925. Children were: Frances Gertrude PRESBY-43682.