Virginia Events, Part 6

VIRGINIA Event List Six

VA, King William Co.

bet 1764 and 1787 Occupation Reverend Henry Skyren
30 Dec 1776 Birth Reverend Benjamin Burnley Temple
1777 Military Captain Liston Temple
1777 Military Col. Samuel Francis Temple
Aug 1779 Birth Elizabeth M. Skyrin
19 Dec 1780 Birth Alice Taylor
bet 1784 and 1788 Election Colonel Benjamin Temple
23 Dec 1789 Marriage Richard Squire Taylor and Elizabeth (Betsy) Temple
bet 1790 and 1800 Election Colonel Benjamin Temple
1791 Birth Baylor Temple
8 Oct 1797 Birth Lewis Temple
4 Dec 1798 Birth Thomas Taylor Temple
abt 1799 Birth Mary Ellen Gorlick
16 Feb 1799 Marriage Colonel Robert Temple and Elizabeth M. Skyrin
1800 Birth Benjamin Temple
17 Mar 1800 Birth Samuel Francis Temple
1 Sep 1801 Birth Richard S. Temple
15 Nov 1804 Birth Dr. Henry Liston Temple
12 Jun 1807 Birth Martha Ann Temple
1808 Birth Mary E.
25 Jun 1808 Birth Mary Esther Starling
27 Feb 1809 Birth Samuel Davis Temple
7 Nov 1810 Birth James Harvey (James) Temple
20 Sep 1812 Birth Dr. Peter Temple
1814 Birth Eliza Taylor Nelson Temple
abt 1816 Birth Dew
abt 1820 Death William Temple
7 Aug 1820 Death Mary Brooke (Molly) Baylor
1830 Census Lewis Temple
22 Aug 1840 Birth Rosalie (Rosa) Temple
31 Jan 1841 Death Elizabeth (Betsy) Temple
May 1842 Birth William B. Temple
Jul 1850 Occupation Baylor Temple
Jul 1850 Census Mrs. Elizabeth (Eliza) Mason
Jul 1850 Census Rosalie (Rosa) Temple
Jul 1850 Census Reverend Roy Temple
Jul 1850 Census William B. Temple
Nov 1850 Census Lucy Marshall (Lucy) Burnley
18 Dec 1861 Marriage Jonathan (Jack) Temple and Lucy Marshall (Lucy) Burnley
19 Feb 1876 Birth William Baylor Temple
1978 Death Ida Temple
1978 Death George Wesley (George) Simons
5 Aug 2000 Residence Bertha T.
2001 Residence Amos Spencer (Dick) Temple
2002 Residence Henry Temple
2002 Residence James Temple
2 Apr 2002 Death Robert James Temple
20 Jan 2004 Death Bertha T.
Residence Agnes Elliott
Birth Augustus Sizer

VA, King William, "Cownes"

Marriage William Temple and Susanna Hill

VA, King William, "Presque Isle"

abt 1727 Moved Colonel Joseph Temple
abt 1732 Birth William Temple
1734 Birth Colonel Benjamin Temple
bet 1740 and 1743 Death Colonel Joseph Temple
abt 1755 Birth Captain Liston Temple
7 Oct 1769 Birth Elizabeth (Betsy) Temple

VA, King William, Acquinton Twp.

Jul 1870 Census Ann L. Temple

VA, King William, Aylette

22 Dec 1796 Marriage Reverend John (Jack) Temple and Alice Taylor

VA, King William, Burlington

Birth Owen Gwathmey

VA, King William, King William

1984 Death Louise Temple
1 Aug 2000 Death Deacon Harold W. Temple

VA, King William, Manquin

29 Jan 2010 Death Alberta L.

VA, King William, Millington

22 Aug 1839 Birth Reverend Roy Temple
13 Apr 1871 Birth Eliza Marshall (Ellen) Temple
12 Mar 1873 Birth Lucy Roy (Lucy) Temple
24 Feb 1879 Birth Rosalie Burnley (Queenie) Temple
25 Jul 1881 Birth Robert Ryland (Robert) Temple
1895 Occupation Reverend Roy Temple

VA, King William, West Point Twp.

Jun 1880 Census Alfred Sutphen (Alfred) Temple
Jun 1880 Census Martha Frisbee Waterhouse
Jun 1880 Census William Cyrus (William) Temple
Jun 1880 Census DeWitt Waterhouse (DeWitt) Temple Sr.
Jun 1880 Census Minerva H. (Minnie) Temple
Jun 1880 Census Mary Oella (Mary) Temple
Jun 1880 Census Gertrude F. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Marion Day (Marion) Temple
2010 Residence Milton Draper (Pea Head) Temple

VA, Lancaster, Irvington

16 Oct 2001 Death Dorothy Johnson
26 May 2004 Death William Thomas Temple

VA, Lancaster, Mantua

Jan 1920 Census Tennyson W. Lewis
Jan 1920 Census T.R. Lewis
Jan 1920 Census Hettie A.

VA, Lee Co.

Birth James M. Slagle

VA, Lewisburg

2004 Residence John Clarence Temple III

VA, Lexington, Lexington

Jun 1860 Census Mary A.
13 Aug 1999 Death Ruth Mary Roohow

VA, Loudon Co.

1752 Death Elizabeth Temple
23 Sep 1787 Birth Return Temple
aft 1795 Moved Nathaniel Temple
1830 Occupation William Temples

VA, Loudon, Ashburn

2003 Residence Warren B. (Brent) Temple
2007 Residence Karen Temple

VA, Loudon, Leesburg

24 Jul 1798 Birth William Alexander Powell
23 Jun 1826 Birth Colonel Daniel Lee (Lee) Powell
Oct 1850 Occupation J. Watson Walker
Oct 1850 Census Harriet
3 Apr 1870 Birth Robert Thompson Head

VA, Loudon, Round Hill

2007 Residence Ritch Temple

VA, Loudon, Sterling

22 Mar 1876 Birth Hattie Branch (Hattie) Temple
23 Aug 1996 Death Heina Bertha Klinker
15 Sep 1998 Death Walter Lyle Temple

VA, Louisa, Bellemont

21 Jul 1827 Birth Timothy S. Chandler

VA, Lunenburg Co.

7 Nov 1785 Birth Jincy (Jensey) Stembridge
31 Jul 1787 Marriage Eppes Temple and Nancy Temple
1 Mar 1792 Marriage Eppes Temple and Elizabeth Peebles
11 Sep 1837 Birth Richard Henry (R.H.) Tisdale

VA, Lunenburg, Victoria

Apr 1981 Death Helen Lorene (Helen) Temple

VA, Lynchburg, Lynchburg

10 Jan 1863 Death Joseph H. Temple
1904 Residence Essie Temple
May 1909 Birth Edith H. Wilkins
Apr 1910 Census Essie Temple
Apr 1910 Census James W. Wilkins
Apr 1910 Census Edith H. Wilkins
Apr 1910 Census Robert J. Wilkins
Apr 1910 Census Amanda V.
Jan 1920 Occupation Robert K. Temple
15 Feb 1970 Death Candice Lee Temple
12 Oct 1995 Death Hansford C. Temples
26 Jun 2007 Death Clarence Edwin (T) Temples

VA, Maidens, Dabneys

1 Jan 1878 Marriage Jerome J. Temple and Margaret Jane Henderson

VA, Marion Co.

Aug 1850 Occupation John Temple

VA, Martinsville, Martinsville

23 Jun 1958 Death Hilda Kathryn (Hilda) Chaffin

VA, Mathews, Port Haywood

2004 Residence James Earl Temple

VA, Mecklenburg Co.

11 Nov 1793 Marriage Samuel Temple and Susannah Coppedge
1804 Birth Roderick Temple
1804 Birth Elizabeth Ann Kidd
4 Jul 1816 Marriage Nathaniel Fowlkes and Lucy Winn
20 Jul 1825 Marriage Roderick Temple and Elizabeth Ann Kidd
1840 Moved Roderick Temple
23 Jul 1849 Marriage Charles Wesley Crowder and Frances Temple
1850 Census John Wesley Lambert
Oct 1850 Occupation Roderick Temple
Oct 1850 Occupation William Henry Temple
Oct 1850 Census Elizabeth J. (Eliza) Temple
Oct 1850 Occupation James Frederick Temple
Oct 1850 Census Louisa C. Temple
Oct 1850 Census Elizabeth Ann Kidd
Oct 1850 Census Elmira Temple
Oct 1850 Census Roderick Temple Jr.
Oct 1850 Census Robert Temple
Oct 1850 Census Thomas Daniel (Daniel) Temple
Oct 1850 Census Frances Temple
Aug 1865 Residence Benjamin Temple
Aug 1865 Residence Benjamin Temple
Dec 1871 Birth Temple
1872 Birth John J. Temple
May 1873 Birth Lottie L. Temple
1874 Birth Robert Rodrick Temple
31 Mar 1875 Death Robert Temple
4 Aug 1902 Marriage Henry Burton and Lottie L. Temple
1903 Birth Lila Ruth (Ruth) Temple
4 Jul 1914 Birth Pattie Louise Temple
abt 1939 Miscellaneous Conrad Littleton (Conrad) Temple
25 Mar 1955 Death Robert Rodrick Temple
Birth Henry Burton

VA, Mecklenburg, Blackridge

1918 Occupation Robert Rodrick Temple
1918 Residence Lila Ruth (Ruth) Temple

VA, Mecklenburg, Bracey

2003 Residence Pattie Louise Temple

VA, Mecklenburg, La Crosse Twp.

Apr 1910 Occupation John J. Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Robert Rodrick Temple
Apr 1910 Census Martha W.
Apr 1910 Census Ellenor Temple
Apr 1910 Census Vela Temple
Apr 1910 Census Lila Ruth (Ruth) Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Robert Rodrick Temple
Jan 1920 Census Emma R.
Jan 1920 Census Pattie Louise Temple
1922 Birth Anna Temple
4 Nov 1925 Birth Rufus Frederick Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Robert Rodrick Temple
Apr 1930 Census Emma R.
Apr 1930 Census Pattie Louise Temple
Apr 1930 Census Anna Temple
Apr 1930 Census Rufus Frederick Temple

VA, Mecklenburg, La Crosse

23 Dec 1921 Birth Patty Marie Harper
Apr 1930 Census Patty Marie Harper
1977 Residence William Marvin Cumbia

VA, Mecklenburg, South Hill

Jun 1880 Census Rosa Anna Cole
Jun 1880 Census John J. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Lottie L. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Robert Rodrick Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Conrad Littleton (Conrad) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Annie Elizabeth (Annie) Reames
Apr 1930 Census Virginia Elizabeth (Virginia) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Doris Kathleen (Doris) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Louise Charlotte (Louise) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Frances Inez Temple
28 Jun 1969 Death May Temple
Nov 1977 Death Sarah Louise (Louise) Bracey
May 1979 Death Annie B. Temple
26 Jan 1984 Death Rufus Frederick Temple
7 Sep 1996 Death Frances Temple

VA, Mercer Co.

4 Apr 1820 Birth Charlotte Temple

VA, Middlesex Co.

26 Sep 1826 Marriage Benjamin Temple and Lucy Lilly Robinson
1840 Census Benjamin Temple

VA, Middlesex, "Warner Hall"

24 Nov 1672 Marriage Colonel John Lewis II and Elizabeth Warner
1702 Birth Colonel John Lewis III
6 Feb 1720 Death Elizabeth Warner
20 Feb 1729 Birth Colonel Charles Lewis

VA, Middlesex, Saluda

Feb 1920 Census Howard C. Tempel

VA, Middlesex, Urbana

1942 Occupation Benjamin (Ben) Temple
1942 Residence Esther Draper

VA, Montgomery, Blacksburg

1889 Education Bishop Edward Arthur (Edward) Temple
Jan 1977 Death R. Floyd Plank
Jan 1982 Death Elizabeth Bartram (Elizabeth) Temple
24 Feb 2004 Death Colonel Harry Downing (Harry) Temple
Education Scott Temple

VA, Nansemond, Suffolk

Apr 1910 Occupation Richard Edward Temple
Apr 1910 Census Pearl Moore
Apr 1910 Census James P. Moore
Apr 1910 Census Margaret

VA, Nelson Co.

1867 Birth Mary Mack smoot

VA, Nelson, Gladstone

23 Apr 1912 Birth Virginia Lewis Wallace

VA, New Kent Co.

1798/9 Election James Temple
11 Sep 1806 Marriage Reverend Thomas Meekins Henley and Sarah (Sally) Yates

VA, New Kent, Barhamsville

5 Oct 1889 Birth James H. Temple

VA, New Kent, Eltham

3 Jun 2010 Death Milton Draper (Pea Head) Temple

VA, New Kent, Lanexa

1998 Residence James Wesley Temple

VA, Newport News, Newport News

31 Jul 1874 Birth Lucy Euphon (Lucy) Perkins
Apr 1910 Occupation Alfred H. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Annie Eliza (Annie) Myatt
Apr 1910 Census Joseph Glascow Temple
1917 Occupation Joseph Glascow Temple
1917 Residence Pauline Etheridge
Jan 1920 Occupation Alfred H. Temple
Jan 1920 Census Annie Eliza (Annie) Myatt
Jan 1920 Census Florence Johnson
Jan 1920 Occupation Mildred R. Temple
1921 Death Alfred H. Temple
9 Oct 1928 Birth Geraldine Frances Russell
Apr 1930 Census Annie Eliza (Annie) Myatt
Apr 1930 Census Florence Johnson
Apr 1930 Census Mildred R. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Frederick W. Ballard
1958 Residence Ethel S. Temple
Aug 1977 Death Frederick W. Ballard
Oct 1981 Death Mildred R. Temple
1996 Moved James Ronald (Ron) Temple
8 Mar 2000 Death Patricia S. Temple
2002 Residence Eloise A. Burgo
1 Feb 2004 Death James Earl Temple
2006 Residence Edward Mercer (Edward) Temple Sr.
2007 Residence Ann W.
2007 Residence Jon W. Temple
2007 Residence Jerry M. Temple
17 Dec 2007 Death Edward Mercer (Edward) Temple Sr.

VA, Norfolk Co.

6 Nov 1723 Marriage Jacob Walker and Courtenay Tucker
1944 Residence John W. Temples
1945 Residence Walter E. Temples
1946 Residence William Grimes Temple Jr.
1947 Residence Walter E. Temples
1947 Residence Mary Anne Hazelton
Birth Willis Wilson

VA, Norfolk, Butts Road

Apr 1930 Census Lilly Temple
Apr 1930 Census Stephen Ellis Brickhouse

VA, Norfolk, Norfolk

1849 Occupation Charles R. Temple
Jul 1849 Death Charles R. Temple
1872 Death Ann Catharine (Kitty) Temple
18 May 1872 Birth Martha Jane Mc Bride
2 Jun 1888 Birth Joseph Collins (Joe) Temple
17 Jun 1890 Birth Harris H. (Harry) Temple
abt 1892 Birth Annie Mae Temple
1 Mar 1892 Death Edward Temple
1895 Naturalization Solomon Kahn
1895 Naturalization Hannah Isaacs
1895 Naturalization Ida Berkowitz
bet 1896 and 1904 Residence Esther Kahn
bet 1897 and 1904 Residence Kulmann (Charles Kolman) Friedman
15 Jan 1898 Naturalization Kulmann (Charles Kolman) Friedman
16 Nov 1898 Birth William Grimes Temple
28 Aug 1899 Death E.E. Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation Kulmann (Charles Kolman) Friedman
Jun 1900 Occupation Junius Scholman
Jun 1900 Census Zerl (Sarah Fay) Friedman
Jun 1900 Census Jennie Friedman
Jun 1900 Occupation Rushl (Rosa) Friedman
Jun 1900 Occupation Hinrl (Annie) Friedman
18 Aug 1902 Death James William (James) Temple
22 Mar 1904 Marriage Kulmann (Charles Kolman) Friedman and Esther Kahn
4 Apr 1904 Death Solomon Kahn
12 Mar 1906 Death Eugene E. Temple
20 Jun 1906 Death John Temple
15 Aug 1908 Death Lena Temple
11 Feb 1910 Death John T. Temple
1911 Birth Fisher Kahn
4 Nov 1911 Death Lomax Temple
22 Jan 1912 Death Pearl E. Temple
1913 Birth Stanley Kahn
18 Feb 1913 Birth Jeannette Beatrice (Jeannette) Friedman
28 Aug 1914 Birth Annie Virginia Evans
1915 Birth Estell Kahn
bef 1917 Residence Samuel W. Temple
1917 Occupation John Claborne Temple
1917 Residence Evie L.
1917 Occupation Harris H. (Harry) Temple
1917 Occupation Conrad Littleton (Conrad) Temple
21 Jun 1917 Marriage William Grimes Temple and Alice Virginia (Alice) Hudgins
Nov 1917 Birth Laurain Kahn
1918 Occupation Richard Edward Temple
1918 Residence Ann E. (Annie) Orgain
1918 Occupation John Daniels Temples
9 Apr 1919 Death Harris H. (Harry) Temple
Nov 1919 Occupation Marie Temple
Nov 1919 Residence Marie Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation George Lee (George) Temple Sr.
Jan 1920 Occupation John Claborne Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Bessie May Justice
Jan 1920 Census Ann E. (Annie) Orgain
Jan 1920 Occupation Joseph Collins (Joe) Temple
Jan 1920 Census Anna
Jan 1920 Census Arline Temple
Jan 1920 Census Lillian B.
Jan 1920 Census Mamie A. Temple
Jan 1920 Census George Lee Temple Jr.
Jan 1920 Occupation Thera Elsie (Therie) Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation John Wesley Temple(s) Jr.
Jan 1920 Census Evie L.
Jan 1920 Census Lois O. Temple
Jan 1920 Census John C. Temple Jr.
Jan 1920 Census James Robert (Robert) Temple
Jan 1920 Census Rosa E. Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Richard Edward Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Margaret L. (Maggie) Temple
Jan 1920 Census Leroy Temple
Jan 1920 Census Alice C.
Jan 1920 Census Alice V. Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Elva F.
1922 Residence Kulmann (Charles Kolman) Friedman
26 Mar 1924 Birth Lorraine S.
26 Mar 1924 Death Lorraine S.
12 Dec 1924 Death Zerl (Sarah Fay) Friedman
21 Apr 1928 Birth Richard Beverly Temple Sr.
1930 Residence John Reynold Baucom Sr.
Apr 1930 Occupation John Claborne Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Joseph Collins (Joe) Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Clayton T. Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Murden Luther (Murden) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Ethel F. Carter
Apr 1930 Census Dorothy L. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Murden Clayton (Murden) Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Lula P. Temple
Apr 1930 Census John Wesley Temple(s) Jr.
Apr 1930 Miscellaneous John Wesley Temple(s) Jr.
Apr 1930 Census Evie L.
Apr 1930 Census Lois O. Temple
Apr 1930 Census John C. Temple Jr.
Apr 1930 Census James Robert (Robert) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Rosa E. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Mary B.
Apr 1930 Occupation Elva F.
Apr 1930 Occupation Fannie
Apr 1930 Occupation Wesley Temples
Apr 1930 Occupation Dr. L.R. Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Bessie
13 Jul 1930 Death John W. Temple
18 Feb 1936 Death Alice Virginia (Alice) Hudgins
22 Sep 1936 Death Ida Berkowitz
15 Aug 1939 Death Alice C.
29 Jun 1940 Death Mary B.
1942 Occupation Richard Edward Temple
1942 Residence Margaret L. (Maggie) Temple
1942 Residence John Claborne Temple
1942 Occupation Joseph Collins (Joe) Temple
1942 Residence Mildred
26 Sep 1942 Marriage Robert Phillip Mc Gee and Alice Hudgins Temple
22 May 1943 Marriage William Grimes Temple and Bertha Lea Cook
1946 Residence William Dee (Bill) Temple
25 Nov 1947 Death Larry Lee Temple
10 Dec 1949 Marriage Richard Beverly Temple Sr. and Virginia Lucille Jordan
16 Jun 1952 Death Ann E. (Annie) Orgain
7 Apr 1953 Death Murden Luther (Murden) Temple
22 Oct 1953 Death John Claborne Temple
7 Jul 1954 Death Rushl (Rosa) Friedman
24 May 1955 Death Richard Edward Temple
12 Nov 1955 Death Esther Kahn
24 May 1956 Death Wilson Spence (Wilson) Temple
26 Jun 1956 Death Joseph Collins (Joe) Temple
25 Nov 1958 Death Mildred E.
3 Dec 1958 Death Clayton T. Temple
11 Aug 1959 Death John Wesley Temple(s) Jr.
24 Sep 1963 Death Hope Sanderlin
28 Oct 1963 Death Bessie May Justice
17 Sep 1965 Death Helen B. Temple
21 Jul 1966 Death Margaret L. (Maggie) Temple
1 Nov 1970 Death Stanley Kahn
20 Aug 1971 Death Louis Kahn
6 Dec 1974 Death Sarah Grace (Grace) Perry
1 Jun 1975 Death James Robert (Robert) Temple
20 Feb 1976 Death William Grimes Temple
3 Jul 1976 Death Elva F.
10 Apr 1978 Death Bertha L.
14 Oct 1978 Death Mildred Richie Temple
24 Aug 1983 Death William Leon Temple
bef 1986 Residence Paul Temple
Oct 1986 Death Paul Temple
1989 Residence Bertha Lea Cook
15 Jan 1997 Death Mable Temple
8 May 1998 Death Mary Ellen (Mary) Temple
31 Dec 1999 Death Ruth Sanders
17 Apr 2000 Death Sidney James (Sidney) Temple
23 Sep 2001 Death Lorraine S.
23 Dec 2003 Death Kathleen Elizabeth Amick
13 Nov 2004 Death Harry Temple
26 Feb 2006 Death Ethel L. Temple
15 Apr 2006 Death Emerson Lee (Moe) Temple
2008 Residence F. Scott Temple
19 Jan 2008 Death Marian M. Temple
2 Dec 2008 Death Rose Marie Borho
2009 Residence Mary Elissa Temple
2009 Residence Shirley Temple
2010 Residence Lois Ann Louise) Temple
19 Dec 2010 Death L.E. Temple
Occupation Nancy Louise Temple
Occupation Nancy Louise Temple

VA, Norfolk, Pleasant Grove

Apr 1910 Census Stephen Ellis Brickhouse
Apr 1910 Census James E. Brickhouse
Apr 1910 Census Clarkie
Apr 1930 Occupation Walter William (Walter) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Elizabeth Edna (Lizzie) Ward
Apr 1930 Census Henry Fenton Ward

VA, Norfolk, Tanner Creek Twp.

Apr 1910 Occupation Samuel W. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Ann E. (Annie) Orgain
Apr 1910 Occupation John Wesley Temple(s) Jr.
Apr 1910 Occupation Margaret L. (Maggie) Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Harris H. (Harry) Temple
Apr 1910 Census Pearl E. Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Elva F.
Apr 1910 Census Leroy Temple

VA, Norfolk, Washington Twp.

Jun 1880 Occupation Albert Temple
Apr 1910 Census Lula F. Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation James E. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Mary Courtney Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Pearl A. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Nellie B. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Melba G. Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Lula Temple
Apr 1910 Census Ray Hocutt Temple Sr.
Apr 1910 Census James A. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Helen P. Temple

VA, Norfolk, Western Branch Twp.

Apr 1910 Census Henry Temples
Apr 1910 Census Mary Temples

VA, Northampton Co.

1 Mar 1883 Birth Drummond Ezell Stanley

VA, Northampton, Cape Charles

Jan 1920 Occupation William Tempel
Jan 1920 Census Alice

VA, Northampton, Exmore

17 Jul 1997 Death David Ernest Taylor

VA, Northumberland Co.

31 Dec 1788 Marriage William Trop Reason and Elizabeth Temple
11 Jan 1790 Marriage John James Moon and Sukey Temple

VA, Nottaway Co.

Death Henry Bass

VA, Nottoway Co.

Jul 1860 Occupation William T. Temple

VA, Ohio Co.

7 May 1794 Birth Margaret Jane (Jane) Gibson
10 Dec 1818 Marriage Edward Temple and Margaret Jane (Jane) Gibson
18 Jun 1825 Birth Ruth Temple

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