Mississippi Events, Part 11

MISSISSIPPI Event List Eleven

MS, Lee, Shannon

Jan 1865 Miscellaneous Judge Littleton W. (Judge) (Little) Temple
Sep 1870 Occupation Judge Littleton W. (Judge) (Little) Temple
Sep 1870 Census Elidiah (Lydia) Powell
Sep 1870 Census Martha H. Temple
Sep 1870 Occupation Milton M. Temple
Sep 1870 Census Rebecca Louisa (Lou) Roberts
Sep 1870 Census Jose Temple
Sep 1870 Census Halack Temple
Sep 1870 Census Philorah A. (Eda) Riley
12 Oct 1878 Death Elidiah (Lydia) Powell
20 Nov 1898 Death Judge Littleton W. (Judge) (Little) Temple
Mar 1900 Birth Vera C. Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation Matthew D. (Doc) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Philorah A. (Eda) Riley
Jun 1900 Census Effie E. Temple
Jun 1900 Census Hattie E. Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation Franklin Virgil (Frank) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Mary Lou (Mary) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Helen
Jun 1900 Occupation Earnest Fleetwood (Earnest) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Carrie L. Harrell
Jun 1900 Census Beatrice L. Temple
Jun 1900 Census Vera C. Temple
26 Oct 1901 Birth Maude (Maudie) Temple
1904 Birth Hattie Lou (Hattie) Temple
11 Nov 1905 Birth Emma Lou Temple
May 1910 Occupation Matthew D. (Doc) Temple
May 1910 Occupation James Lawson (Jim) Temple
May 1910 Census Mary Edness (Edness) Garmon
May 1910 Census James Herman Temple
May 1910 Census Emma Lou Temple
May 1910 Census Arlene Temple
May 1910 Census Philorah A. (Eda) Riley
May 1910 Occupation Franklin Virgil (Frank) Temple
May 1910 Census Earnest Fleetwood (Earnest) Temple
May 1910 Census Carrie L. Harrell
May 1910 Census Beatrice L. Temple
May 1910 Census Vera C. Temple
May 1910 Census Clarence V. Temple
May 1910 Census Maude (Maudie) Temple
May 1910 Census Willie Lee Ballard
May 1910 Census Hattie Lou (Hattie) Temple
4 Oct 1910 Death Matthew D. (Doc) Temple
28 Dec 1912 Death Carrie L. Harrell
29 Jan 1915 Birth Ernest Lee Temple
23 May 1916 Death Ernest Lee Temple
1918 Occupation Earnest Fleetwood (Earnest) Temple
1918 Residence Eugenia Maudine (Maudine) Rankin
1918 Occupation Franklin Virgil (Frank) Temple
1918 Occupation James Herman Temple
Feb 1920 Occupation James Lawson (Jim) Temple
8 May 1923 Marriage James Richard Coggin and Maude (Maudie) Temple
28 Dec 1939 Death Eugenia Maudine (Maudine) Rankin
27 Nov 1964 Death Earnest Fleetwood (Earnest) Temple

MS, Lee, Tupelo

8 Oct 1909 Birth Mary Evelyn Moore
15 May 1922 Birth Mary Sample
Mar 1930 Birth Mary N. Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Milton P. Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Merle W. Temple Sr.
Apr 1930 Census Louise
Apr 1930 Census Mary N. Temple
1956 Occupation Davis Littleton (Davis) Temple Sr.
1956 Residence Arthurine Temple
1956 Occupation Milton P. Temple
27 Dec 1967 Death Milton Goebel Weaver
abt 1980 Moved Mary Sample
12 Feb 1986 Death Zimmie Sue Laney
1 Jan 1987 Death Davis Littleton (Davis) Temple Sr.
5 May 1987 Death Edwin W. Temple
10 May 1988 Death Emma Lou Temple
6 Sep 1996 Death Milton P. Temple
bef 2005 Residence Mary Sample
24 Feb 2008 Death Madie L. Bailey
Election Milton P. Temple

MS, Lee, Verona

1978 Death Wayne Temple

MS, Lincoln Co.

10 Nov 1852 Death Mary
20 Sep 1853 Death Randall Huckaby Pierce Sr.
22 Oct 1871 Death Mary Pierce
Jun 1880 Census Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Temple
Jun 1880 Occupation Captain Thomas Samuel (Thomas) Cotten
Jun 1880 Birth Eunice E. Cotten
26 Jun 1880 Death Henry FURR
10 Dec 1882 Death Catherine (Katie) Pierce
30 Nov 1908 Death Ada Liza (Adeliza) Temple
Apr 1910 Census Vivian (Vivid) Temple
1911 Birth Anna Wesley Laird
1918 Birth Learline Dunaway
7 Feb 1930 Birth Melvin H. Ratcliff
1943 Residence Robert H. Temple

MS, Lincoln, Brookhaven

31 Oct 1912 Miscellaneous Clarence Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Kelly Dale (Kelly) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Maymie Russell
Apr 1930 Census Everett K. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Robert H. Temple
Apr 1930 Birth Jean C. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Jean C. Temple
4 Jan 1946 Death William Israel (William\Willie) Temple
8 Nov 1979 Death Eula Mc Ree
5 Feb 1989 Death Audry Louise (Audria) Temple
28 Nov 1994 Death Robert Earl Temple
1997 Residence Henry Elisha (Henry) Temple
1998 Residence Olga Addie Westbrook
1998 Moved Allie Pha (Allie) Temple
1999 Residence Leroy Dekalb (Roy) Temple Sr.
5 Sep 2000 Death Allie Pha (Allie) Temple
12 Nov 2001 Death Leona P. Temple
2006 Residence Henry Elisha (Henry) Temple
2008 Residence Graham Tempel
17 Oct 2008 Death Wanda Barnett
17 Oct 2008 Death Wanda B. Tempel

MS, Lincoln, Ruth

3 Sep 1997 Death Francis Mae Jewell Carlisle

MS, Lowndes, Caledonia

24 May 1923 Birth Virginia May Temple
18 Feb 1925 Birth John Benjamin Temple
Apr 1930 Census Benjamin Druery (Ben) Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Bonna Uriah Temple
Apr 1930 Census Augusta (Mittie) Locke
Apr 1930 Census Bonnie Bell Temple
Apr 1930 Census Virginia May Temple
Apr 1930 Census John Benjamin Temple

MS, Lowndes, Columbus

26 Jul 1992 Death Alice Evone Temples

MS, Madison Co.

2 Jun 1836 Marriage Thomas Fairly (Thomas) Temple Sr. and Rebecca Carroll
1837 Birth James H. Temple
Mar 1839 Birth John Temple(s)
2 Nov 1839 Marriage John A. Cotten and Sarah E. Sorsby
1841 Census Thomas Fairly (Thomas) Temple Sr.
Apr 1841 Birth William A. Temple
1844 Birth Rebecca Temple
Aug 1850 Occupation Armstead B. Temple
20 Dec 1852 Marriage Armstead B. Temple and Sarah Frances Estes
bef 1870 Death Armstead B. Temple
20 Jan 1875 Birth Charlie Anice (Annie) Mc Kay
Jun 1880 Occupation John Temple(s)
Jun 1880 Census Sarah J. Brewer
Jun 1880 Census William Marion (Willie) Temple(s)
Jun 1880 Census James W. (Jim) Temple
3 Aug 1886 Marriage Uriah W.\Uhler\Eula\Eugene Temple and Jennie Nolan Brasfield
13 Jan 1887 Marriage D.C. Chapman and Margaret Temple
Oct 1887 Birth Alma Temple
Mar 1888 Birth Ella Temple
Oct 1891 Birth Nettie Temple
Feb 1893 Birth Edna Temple
13 Dec 1893 Marriage Daniel Andrew Hannon and Edna Virain Temple
1 Jan 1895 Marriage James W. (Jim) Temple and Charlie Anice (Annie) Mc Kay
Mar 1895 Birth Louise Temple
8 Nov 1895 Birth Bessie May Temple
25 Feb 1900 Birth Richard Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation John Temple(s)
Jun 1900 Census Sarah J. Brewer
1901 Birth Mary Temple
15 Sep 1903 Birth Albert Temple
1905 Birth Henry Preston Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Uriah W.\Uhler\Eula\Eugene Temple
Apr 1910 Census Jennie Nolan Brasfield
Apr 1910 Census Richard Temple
Apr 1910 Census Henry Preston Temple
Apr 1910 Census Albert Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation John Temple(s)
Apr 1910 Census Sarah J. Brewer
Apr 1910 Census Alma Temple
Apr 1910 Census Ella Temple
Apr 1910 Census Edna Temple
Apr 1910 Census Louise Temple
Apr 1910 Census Mary Temple
1917 Occupation William Alonzo (Lon) Temple
Jan 1920 Census John Temple(s)
Jan 1920 Census Sarah J. Brewer
Jan 1920 Occupation William Alonzo (Lon) Temple
Jan 1920 Census Johnnie E.
Jan 1920 Census Mary D. Temple
29 Jul 1953 Death Uriah W.\Uhler\Eula\Eugene Temple

MS, Madison, Camden

28 Jan 1872 Birth James W. (Jim) Temple
19 Jun 1894 Birth William Alonzo (Lon) Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation William Marion (Willie) Temple(s)
Jun 1900 Occupation James W. (Jim) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Charlie Anice (Annie) Mc Kay
Jun 1900 Census Bessie May Temple
Jun 1900 Census Martha Cornelia (Martha) Trippe
Jun 1900 Census John Oscar (John) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Myrtle (Minnie) Temple
Jun 1900 Census William Alonzo (Lon) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Nora Temple
1917 Residence Johnnie E.

MS, Madison, Canton

4 Apr 1860 Birth Uriah W.\Uhler\Eula\Eugene Temple
Aug 1860 Occupation Armstead B. Temple
Aug 1860 Census Sarah Frances Estes
Aug 1860 Census Benjamin F. Temple
Aug 1860 Census Edna Virain Temple
Aug 1860 Census Uriah W.\Uhler\Eula\Eugene Temple
Aug 1860 Census Nancy E. (Nannie) Temple
1863 Birth Margaret Temple
Jun 1870 Census Edna Virain Temple
Jul 1870 Census Mary Jane (Jane) Temple
Jul 1870 Census Sarah Frances Estes
Jul 1870 Occupation Benjamin F. Temple
Jul 1870 Census Margaret Temple
Jul 1870 Occupation John Temple(s)
Jul 1870 Census Sarah J. Brewer
Jul 1870 Census William Marion (Willie) Temple(s)
Jul 1870 Census Nancy E. (Nannie) Temple
Jul 1870 Census Nannie E. Temple
26 Oct 1889 Birth John Oscar (John) Temple
11 Nov 1916 Death Albert Temple
1918 Occupation Richard Temple
1918 Residence Uriah W.\Uhler\Eula\Eugene Temple
1924 Death Richard Temple
27 Jul 1925 Death Jennie Nolan Brasfield
25 Apr 1954 Death Henry Preston Temple
15 Oct 1990 Death Viva L. Temple
24 May 2000 Death Minnie L. Temple
30 Mar 2001 Death Olevia Temple
2010 Residence Keith Temple
Residence Martha Banks

MS, Madison, Madison

24 Jan 2002 Death Gene Howell Meadows
23 May 2002 Death Meredith M. Temple

MS, Madison, Ridgeland

28 Dec 2006 Death Paul Alan (Paul) Temple

MS, Madison, Sharon

Jun 1900 Occupation Benjamin F. Temple
Jun 1900 Census Susan M. (Susie)

MS, Marion Co.

18 Oct 1822 Marriage Jacob Temple(s) and Jemima Joyce
23 Feb 1828 Marriage James Temple(s) and Elizabeth Cook
31 Jan 1839 Marriage William Cook Sr. and Sarah Temples
1841 Census James Temple(s)
1841 Census Jacob Temple(s)
1841 Birth Susan Cook
1844 Birth M. Cook
1847 Birth George S. Cook
1849 Birth Salina Cook
1850 Census Jacob Temple(s)
1850 Census Maindy
Aug 1850 Census Sarah Temples
Aug 1850 Occupation William Cook Sr.
Sep 1850 Census Jones R. (J.R.) Temples
Sep 1850 Census William J. Temples
Sep 1850 Census Elizabeth Temples
Sep 1850 Census Jacob Temples
Sep 1850 Census Amy Temple
1851 Residence Elizabeth Jane Temple
1851 Residence Henry W. Conner
27 Nov 1852 Marriage Jones R. (J.R.) Temples and Nancy Hawks
3 Dec 1857 Marriage James S. Sorrals and Elizabeth Temples
3 Dec 1857 Marriage J.S. Sorrells and Elizabeth Temples
12 Jul 1866 Marriage Thomas Hudson and Elizabeth Temples
24 Sep 1866 Birth Marshall Evan (Marshall) Temple
24 Jun 1869 Marriage Jacob Temples and Elizabeth C. Reddock
abt 1870 Marriage Matthew J. Temples and Sarah Ann S.
12 Jul 1872 Birth Rebecca Elizabeth Prine
Jun 1880 Census Francis Temple
Jun 1880 Census Marshall Evan (Marshall) Temple
abt 1890 Miscellaneous Matthew J. Temples
12 Mar 1898 Marriage Matthew J. Temples and Caledonia Williamson
24 Dec 1898 Marriage Reuben Lindsey Autrey and Frances E. Temples
30 Mar 1899 Marriage Richard Price and Alice Temple
30 Aug 1899 Marriage Evan Temple(s) and Rebecca (Beckie) Spears
1900 Birth Arie Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation John Temple(s)
Jun 1900 Census Sarah J. Brewer
Jun 1900 Census Lucy Temple
1902 Birth Ada Temples
12 Sep 1903 Birth Arthur Mathew Temple(s)
1906 Birth Nettie Temples
Apr 1910 Occupation Caledonia Williamson
Apr 1910 Occupation William J. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Ada Temples
Apr 1910 Census Arthur Mathew Temple(s)
Apr 1910 Census Nettie Temples
May 1910 Census Frances E. Temples
May 1910 Census Mike Temple(s) Sr.
May 1910 Occupation Reuben Lindsey Autrey
May 1910 Census Willie Autery
May 1910 Census Ada Autery
Mar 1919 Birth Mike Temples Jr.
Jan 1920 Occupation Robert Temple(s)
Jan 1920 Census Frances E. Temples
Jan 1920 Occupation Frank Temple(s)
Jan 1920 Occupation Mike Temple(s) Sr.
Jan 1920 Census William J. Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Reuben Lindsey Autrey
Jan 1920 Census Elvira Bagley
Jan 1920 Census Arthur Mathew Temple(s)
Jan 1920 Census Emeline
Jan 1920 Census Eugene B. Temples
Jan 1920 Census Mike Temples Jr.
1924 Birth Harris J. Temple
Mar 1926 Birth Ruth Temples
May 1926 Birth Willie M. Temple
May 1929 Birth William J. Temple Jr.
Apr 1930 Occupation Mike Temple(s) Sr.
Apr 1930 Occupation William J. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Elvira Bagley
Apr 1930 Census Eugene B. Temples
Apr 1930 Census Mike Temples Jr.
Apr 1930 Census Irene Temples
Apr 1930 Census Winnie Temples
Apr 1930 Census Ruth Temples
Apr 1930 Census Esther Temples
Apr 1930 Census Cora E.
Apr 1930 Census Harris J. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Willie M. Temple
Apr 1930 Census William J. Temple Jr.
1942 Residence James Temples
1952 Residence Mike Temples Jr.

MS, Marion, Bunker Hill

14 Apr 1896 Death Sarah Ann S.
31 Jan 1905 Death Matthew J. Temples
Mar 1939 Death Temples
8 Jan 1951 Death Emeline
1952 Death Robert Temple(s)
8 Jun 1956 Death Cora E.
5 Jun 1961 Death Elvira Bagley
11 Feb 1965 Death Frank Temple(s)
13 Dec 1966 Death William J. Temple
29 Sep 1970 Death Mattie Temples

MS, Marion, Carley

Jun 1900 Occupation Matthew J. Temples
Jun 1900 Census Robert Temple(s)
Jun 1900 Census Thomas Mathew (Tommy) Temples
Jun 1900 Census Mattie Temples
Jun 1900 Census Frank Temple(s)
Jun 1900 Census Mike Temple(s) Sr.
Jun 1900 Census Caledonia Williamson
Jun 1900 Census William J. Temple

MS, Marion, Columbia

27 Jul 1847 Birth Thomas Jackson Temple(s)
Jul 1860 Occupation Jones R. (J.R.) Temples
Jul 1860 Census Nancy Hawks
Jul 1860 Census James Wesley (Willie) Temple(s)
Jul 1860 Census Caroline Temple(s)
Jul 1860 Census Thomas Jackson Temple(s)
Jul 1860 Census M. Almedia Temples
Jul 1860 Census Mary Temples
Aug 1860 Occupation James Temple(s)
Aug 1860 Occupation Jacob Temple(s)
Aug 1860 Occupation William J. Temples
Aug 1860 Census Jacob Temples
Aug 1860 Census Amy Temple
Aug 1860 Census Maindy
Aug 1860 Census Matthew J. Temples
1917 Occupation Frank Temple(s)
1917 Occupation Mike Temple(s) Sr.
1918 Occupation William J. temples
Dec 1966 Death William Temples
7 Mar 1971 Death Mike Temple(s) Sr.
22 Jul 2002 Death Robert L. Temples
2010 Residence Carol Temple

MS, Marion, Goss

1912 Death Caledonia Williamson

MS, Marion, Holly Springs

18 Dec 1851 Marriage Henry W. Conner and Elizabeth Jane Temple

MS, Marion, Sandy Hook

30 Jul 1913 Death Elizabeth Temples
5 Aug 1915 Death John Luper

MS, Marshall Co.

1839 Moved Wyatt Temple
1839 Moved Rebecca J. Cagle
1839 Moved Nancy Amanda (Nancy) Temple
1839 Moved Samuel M. Temple
1839 Moved Josephine Temple
1839 Moved James Hartwell Temple
1839 Moved Isaac B. Temple
6 Dec 1842 Birth Mary Jane Temple(s)
bet 1844 and 1846 Moved Dozier Temple
bet 1844 and 1846 Moved Sarah (Sallie)
Jan 1845 Birth Millie Angeline (Angeline) Temple(S)
1847 Birth Robert H. Temple
1849 Death Mary Jane Sutton
14 Aug 1849 Birth David Alexander Tucker
bef 1850 Moved George W. Temple(s)
Jun 1850 Birth John A. Temple
Oct 1850 Census James Allen (Jim) Temple(s)
Oct 1850 Occupation George W. Temple(s)
Oct 1850 Census Martha Sutton
Oct 1850 Census William Harrison (Harry) Temple(s)
Oct 1850 Census James A. Temple(s)
Oct 1850 Occupation William Byston Temple
Oct 1850 Census Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) Temple(s)
Oct 1850 Census John Dixon Temple(s)
Oct 1850 Census Mary Jane Temple(s)
Oct 1850 Census Millie Angeline (Angeline) Temple(S)
Nov 1850 Occupation Wyatt Temple
Nov 1850 Census Rebecca J. Cagle
Nov 1850 Census Nancy Amanda (Nancy) Temple
Nov 1850 Census Samuel M. Temple
Nov 1850 Census Josephine Temple
Nov 1850 Census James Hartwell Temple
Nov 1850 Census Isaac B. Temple
Nov 1850 Census Thomas Isaac (Thomas) Temple
Nov 1850 Census William C. Bevill
Nov 1850 Census George Bevill
Nov 1850 Census Martha
Dec 1850 Census Reverend James Norton (James) Temple
Dec 1850 Occupation Dozier Temple
Dec 1850 Census Sarah (Sallie)
Dec 1850 Census Elizabeth Jane Temple
Dec 1850 Census Lucy Temple
Dec 1850 Census Susan Temple
Dec 1850 Census Mary A. Temple
Dec 1850 Census Joseph Temple
Dec 1850 Census Thomas R. Temple
Dec 1850 Census Robert H. Temple
Dec 1850 Census John A. Temple
18 Dec 1851 Marriage Henry W. Canon and Elizabeth Jane Temple
25 Feb 1852 Marriage William C. Bevill and Susan Temple
bef Aug 1870 Marriage Edward L. Jones and Susan Temple
5 Dec 1883 Marriage Ezekiel Epps (Ezekiel) Temple and Susan Edward (Sue) Mc Kinney
19 Nov 1887 Birth Thomas Jefferson (Tom) Temple(s)
24 Jul 1892 Birth Mary Louise Temple

MS, Marshall, Mt. Pleasant

Aug 1860 Occupation Dozier Temple
Aug 1860 Census Sarah (Sallie)
Aug 1860 Census Lucy Temple
Aug 1860 Census Susan Temple
Aug 1860 Census Thomas R. Temple
Aug 1860 Census John A. Temple
Aug 1860 Census Jane Temple
Aug 1870 Census Sarah (Sallie)
Aug 1870 Census Lucy Temple
Aug 1870 Census Susan Temple
Aug 1870 Occupation Thomas R. Temple
Aug 1870 Census John A. Temple
Aug 1870 Census Jane Temple
Aug 1870 Occupation Edward L. Jones

MS, Monroe Co.

18 May 1846 Birth Rebecca Louisa (Lou) Roberts
1922 Birth Lon Wright Lowe Jr.
Apr 1930 Census Elizabeth (Lizzie) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Lon Wright Lowe
Apr 1930 Census Lon Wright Lowe Jr.

MS, Monroe, Nettleton

Apr 1910 Census Elizabeth (Lizzie) Temple
Apr 1910 Census Lon Wright Lowe

MS, Montgomery Co.

29 Dec 1904 Marriage Edward Everett (Edward) Temple and Annie Pearl (Pearl) Holmes

MS, Montgomery, Duck Hill

1992 Moved Fred McArthur Temples
22 Sep 2002 Death Fred McArthur Temples

MS, Montgomery, Winona

11 Nov 1871 Birth Carrie Stafford
29 Dec 1896 Marriage Edward Everett (Edward) Temple and Sallie R. Savelle
11 Jan 1907 Birth Rachel Marie Temple
May 1910 Occupation Edward Everett (Edward) Temple
May 1910 Census Edith Annie (Edithy) Temple
May 1910 Census Annie Pearl (Pearl) Holmes
May 1910 Census Rachel Marie Temple
3 Oct 1911 Birth Hattie Louise Temple

MS, Neshoba Co.

1940 Residence Harold Carl Temple

MS, Neshoba, Philadelphia

bef 2010 Residence Harold Carl Temple
2010 Residence Mary
2010 Residence Wanda Temple

MS, Newton Co.

Feb 1851 Birth Mariah
bet 1855 and 1875 Residence Sarah A. Temple
27 Mar 1855 Miscellaneous Absolem F. Temple
27 Mar 1855 Miscellaneous William Albert Temple
14 Apr 1856 Miscellaneous Absolem F. Temple
6 Dec 1859 Marriage William Albert Temple and Permelia Ann (Ann) Ferguson
29 Nov 1872 Marriage Dr. L.T.R. Hughes and Permelia Ann (Ann) Ferguson
1 Jun 1873 Death Dr. L.T.R. Hughes
Jun 1880 Census Julia Crawford
19 Oct 1881 Marriage Absolam Felton (Ab) Temple and Julia Crawford
24 Nov 1883 Marriage J.H. Dillehay and Ada A. (Addie) Temple
abt 1884 Marriage William Temple and Mariah
Mar 1885 Birth Adelle (Ada) Temple
May 1888 Birth Allen Temple
Jul 1889 Birth Jude Temple
18 Aug 1889 Marriage William Alonzo (William) Temple(s) and Laura F. Tidwell
29 Feb 1892 Birth Myrtie Bell Temple
Aug 1892 Birth Mary Temple
18 Apr 1894 Birth Vera A. Temple(s)
Sep 1895 Birth Maggie Temple
4 Sep 1897 Birth Secrette Temple(s)
Jan 1899 Birth Hattie Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation William Temple
Jun 1900 Census Mariah
Jun 1900 Census Adelle (Ada) Temple
Jun 1900 Census Allen Temple
Jun 1900 Census Jude Temple
Jun 1900 Census Mary Temple
Jun 1900 Census Maggie Temple
Jun 1900 Census Hattie Temple
25 Dec 1915 Marriage Robert Lee Mc Gough and Myrtie Bell Temple
4 May 1919 Marriage Frank F. Keenon and Vera A. Temple(s)
25 Dec 1919 Marriage James Otho (Otho) Temple(s) and Bonnie J. Buckley
12 May 1935 Marriage Lt. Col. Edison Monroe Temple and Virginia Tennessee (Tennessee) Presley
17 Sep 1939 Marriage Bob Gibson and Bonnie J. Buckley
Residence Nancy Elizabeth (Nancy) Temple

MS, Newton, Bartlett

2008 Residence Brianna Temple
2008 Residence Shanna Temple
2008 Residence Jimmy Dale Temple Jr.

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