Mississippi Events, Part 11

MISSISSIPPI Event List Eleven

MS, Lincoln, Ruth

3 Sep 1997 Death Francis Mae Jewell CARLISLE-23421

MS, Lowndes Co.

6 Jan 1890 Marriage George HOOD-67925 and Violet TEMPLE-67924

MS, Lowndes, Caledonia

24 May 1923 Birth Virginia May TEMPLE-18150
18 Feb 1925 Birth John Benjamin TEMPLE-18151
Apr 1930 Census Benjamin Druery (Ben) TEMPLE-18116
Apr 1930 Occupation Benna Uriah TEMPLE-18145
Apr 1930 Census Augusta (Mittie) LOCKE-18148
Apr 1930 Census Bonnie Bell TEMPLE-18149
Apr 1930 Census Virginia May TEMPLE-18150
Apr 1930 Census John Benjamin TEMPLE-18151

MS, Madison Co.

2 Jun 1836 Marriage Thomas Fairly (Thomas) TEMPLE Sr.-20865 and Rebecca CARROLL-20866
1837 Birth James H. TEMPLE-20867
Mar 1839 Birth John TEMPLE(S)-20868
1841 Census Thomas Fairly (Thomas) TEMPLE Sr.-20865
Apr 1841 Birth William A. TEMPLE-20869
1844 Birth Rebecca TEMPLE-20870
Aug 1850 Occupation Armstead B. TEMPLE-18098
20 Dec 1852 Marriage Armstead B. TEMPLE-18098 and Sarah F. ESTES-18184
bef 1870 Death Armstead B. TEMPLE-18098
20 Jan 1875 Birth Charlie Anice (Annie) MC KAY-20906
Jun 1880 Occupation John TEMPLE(S)-20868
Jun 1880 Census Sarah J. BREWER-20902
Jun 1880 Census William Marion (Willie) TEMPLE(S)-20904
Jun 1880 Census James W. (Jim) TEMPLE-20905
3 Aug 1886 Marriage Uriah W.\Uhler\Eugene TEMPLE-18187 and Jennie Nolan BRASFIELD-18190
13 Jan 1887 Marriage D.C. CHAPMAN-18195 and Margaret TEMPLE-18188
Oct 1887 Birth Alma TEMPLE-30599
Mar 1888 Birth Ella TEMPLE-30600
Oct 1891 Birth Nettie TEMPLE-30601
Feb 1893 Birth Edna TEMPLE-30602
13 Dec 1893 Marriage Daniel HANNON-18194 and Edna V. TEMPLE-18186
1 Jan 1895 Marriage James W. (Jim) TEMPLE-20905 and Charlie Anice (Annie) MC KAY-20906
Mar 1895 Birth Louise TEMPLE-30603
8 Nov 1895 Birth Bessie May TEMPLE-20907
25 Feb 1899 Birth Richard TEMPLE-18191
Jun 1900 Occupation John TEMPLE(S)-20868
Jun 1900 Census Sarah J. BREWER-20902
1901 Birth Mary TEMPLE-30604
15 Sep 1903 Birth Albert TEMPLE-18193
1906 Birth Henry Preston TEMPLE-18192
Apr 1910 Occupation Uriah W.\Uhler\Eugene TEMPLE-18187
Apr 1910 Census Jennie Nolan BRASFIELD-18190
Apr 1910 Census Richard TEMPLE-18191
Apr 1910 Census Henry Preston TEMPLE-18192
Apr 1910 Census Albert TEMPLE-18193
Apr 1910 Occupation John TEMPLE(S)-20868
Apr 1910 Census Sarah J. BREWER-20902
Apr 1910 Census Alma TEMPLE-30599
Apr 1910 Census Ella TEMPLE-30600
Apr 1910 Census Edna TEMPLE-30602
Apr 1910 Census Louise TEMPLE-30603
Apr 1910 Census Mary TEMPLE-30604
1917 Residence Richard TEMPLE-18191
abt 1917 Military William Alonzo (Lon) TEMPLE-20911
Jan 1920 Census John TEMPLE(S)-20868
Jan 1920 Census Sarah J. BREWER-20902
Jan 1920 Occupation William Alonzo (Lon) TEMPLE-20911
Jan 1920 Census Johnnie E.-26633
Jan 1920 Census Mary D. TEMPLE-42691
29 Jul 1953 Death Uriah W.\Uhler\Eugene TEMPLE-18187

MS, Madison, Camden

28 Jan 1872 Birth James W. (Jim) TEMPLE-20905
19 Jun 1894 Birth William Alonzo (Lon) TEMPLE-20911
Jun 1900 Occupation William Marion (Willie) TEMPLE(S)-20904
Jun 1900 Occupation James W. (Jim) TEMPLE-20905
Jun 1900 Census Charlie Anice (Annie) MC KAY-20906
Jun 1900 Census Bessie May TEMPLE-20907
Jun 1900 Census Martha Cornelia (Martha) TRIPPE-20908
Jun 1900 Census John Oscar (John) TEMPLE-20909
Jun 1900 Census Myrtle (Minnie) TEMPLE-20910
Jun 1900 Census William Alonzo (Lon) TEMPLE-20911
Jun 1900 Census Nora TEMPLE-20912

MS, Madison, Canton

Residence Martha BANKS-66075
4 Apr 1860 Birth Uriah W.\Uhler\Eugene TEMPLE-18187
Aug 1860 Occupation Armstead B. TEMPLE-18098
Aug 1860 Census Sarah F. ESTES-18184
Aug 1860 Census Benjamin F. TEMPLE-18185
Aug 1860 Census Edna V. TEMPLE-18186
Aug 1860 Census Uriah W.\Uhler\Eugene TEMPLE-18187
Aug 1860 Census Nancy E. (Nannie) TEMPLE-47543
1863 Birth Margaret TEMPLE-18188
Jun 1870 Census Edna V. TEMPLE-18186
Jul 1870 Census Mary Jane (Jane) TEMPLE-18097
Jul 1870 Census Sarah F. ESTES-18184
Jul 1870 Occupation Benjamin F. TEMPLE-18185
Jul 1870 Census Margaret TEMPLE-18188
Jul 1870 Occupation John TEMPLE(S)-20868
Jul 1870 Census Sarah J. BREWER-20902
Jul 1870 Census William Marion (Willie) TEMPLE(S)-20904
Jul 1870 Census Nancy E. (Nannie) TEMPLE-47543
Jul 1870 Census Nannie E. TEMPLE-73641
26 Oct 1889 Birth John Oscar (John) TEMPLE-20909
11 Nov 1916 Death Albert TEMPLE-18193
1924 Death Richard TEMPLE-18191
27 Jul 1925 Death Jennie Nolan BRASFIELD-18190
25 Apr 1954 Death Henry Preston TEMPLE-18192
15 Oct 1990 Death Viva L. TEMPLE-99643
24 May 2000 Death Minnie L. TEMPLE-77171
30 Mar 2001 Death Olevia TEMPLE-77203

MS, Madison, Madison

23 May 2002 Death Meredith M. TEMPLE-39806

MS, Madison, Ridgeland

28 Dec 2006 Death Paul Alan (Paul) TEMPLE-44633

MS, Madison, Sharon

Jun 1900 Occupation Benjamin F. TEMPLE-18185
Jun 1900 Census Susan M. (Susie) KALFMAN-18189

MS, Marion Co.

18 Oct 1822 Marriage Jacob TEMPLE(S)-17179 and Jemima JOYCE-17188
23 Feb 1828 Marriage James TEMPLE(S)-17178 and Elizabeth COOK-17187
1841 Census James TEMPLE(S)-17178
1841 Census Jacob TEMPLE(S)-17179
1850 Census Jacob TEMPLE(S)-17179
1850 Census Maindy-17203
Sep 1850 Census Jones R. (J.R.) TEMPLES-17190
Sep 1850 Census William J. TEMPLES-17191
Sep 1850 Census Elizabeth TEMPLES-17192
Sep 1850 Census Jacob TEMPLES-17193
Sep 1850 Census Amy TEMPLE-17194
27 Nov 1852 Marriage Jones R. (J.R.) TEMPLES-17190 and Nancy HAWKS-17197
1857 Birth Almeda TEMPLE(S)-17200
3 Dec 1857 Marriage James S. SORRALS-17196 and Elizabeth TEMPLES-17192
24 Jun 1869 Marriage Jacob TEMPLES-17193 and Elizabeth C. REDDOCK-17189
abt 1874 Marriage Matthew J. TEMPLES-17204 and Sarah S.-17205
1876 Birth Marshall TEMPLE-24277
Jun 1880 Census Francis TEMPLE-17195
Jun 1880 Census Marshall TEMPLE-24277
aft 1894 Death Sarah S.-17205
12 Mar 1898 Marriage Matthew J. TEMPLES-17204 and Caledonia WILLIAMSON-17214
24 Dec 1898 Marriage Reuben Lindsey AUTREY-17220 and Frances E. TEMPLES-17207
30 Mar 1899 Marriage Richard PRICE-39709 and Alice TEMPLE-39708
30 Aug 1899 Marriage Evan TEMPLE(S)-39707 and Rebecca (Beckie) SPEARS-39710
1900 Birth Arie TEMPLE-39711
Jun 1900 Occupation John TEMPLE(S)-20868
Jun 1900 Census Sarah J. BREWER-20902
Jun 1900 Census Lucy TEMPLE-73764
1902 Birth Ada TEMPLES-39560
12 Sep 1903 Birth Arthur Mathew TEMPLE(S)-39561
1906 Birth Nettie TEMPLES-39562
Apr 1910 Occupation Caledonia WILLIAMSON-17214
Apr 1910 Occupation William J. TEMPLE-17215
Apr 1910 Census Ada TEMPLES-39560
Apr 1910 Census Arthur Mathew TEMPLE(S)-39561
Apr 1910 Census Nettie TEMPLES-39562
May 1910 Census Frances E. TEMPLES-17207
May 1910 Census Mike TEMPLE(S)-17213
May 1910 Occupation Reuben Lindsey AUTREY-17220
May 1910 Census Willie AUTERY-29801
May 1910 Census Ada AUTERY-29802
Mar 1919 Birth Mike TEMPLES Jr.-39812
Jan 1920 Occupation Robert TEMPLE(S)-17206
Jan 1920 Census Frances E. TEMPLES-17207
Jan 1920 Occupation Frank TEMPLE(S)-17212
Jan 1920 Occupation Mike TEMPLE(S)-17213
Jan 1920 Census William J. TEMPLE-17215
Jan 1920 Occupation Reuben Lindsey AUTREY-17220
Jan 1920 Census Elvira BAGLEY-17225
Jan 1920 Census Arthur Mathew TEMPLE(S)-39561
Jan 1920 Census Emeline-39810
Jan 1920 Census Eugene B. TEMPLES-39811
Jan 1920 Census Mike TEMPLES Jr.-39812
1924 Birth Harris J. TEMPLE-42754
Mar 1926 Birth Ruth TEMPLES-42751
May 1926 Birth Willie M. TEMPLE-42755
May 1929 Birth William J. TEMPLE Jr.-42756
Apr 1930 Occupation Mike TEMPLE(S)-17213
Apr 1930 Occupation William J. TEMPLE-17215
Apr 1930 Census Elvira BAGLEY-17225
Apr 1930 Census Eugene B. TEMPLES-39811
Apr 1930 Census Mike TEMPLES Jr.-39812
Apr 1930 Census Irene TEMPLES-42749
Apr 1930 Census Winnie TEMPLES-42750
Apr 1930 Census Ruth TEMPLES-42751
Apr 1930 Census Esther TEMPLES-42752
Apr 1930 Census Cora E.-42753
Apr 1930 Census Harris J. TEMPLE-42754
Apr 1930 Census Willie M. TEMPLE-42755
Apr 1930 Census William J. TEMPLE Jr.-42756
1942 Residence James TEMPLES-88072

MS, Marion, Carley

Jun 1900 Occupation Matthew J. TEMPLES-17204
Jun 1900 Census Robert TEMPLE(S)-17206
Jun 1900 Census Thomas (Tommy) TEMPLES-17210
Jun 1900 Census Mattie TEMPLES-17211
Jun 1900 Census Frank TEMPLE(S)-17212
Jun 1900 Census Mike TEMPLE(S)-17213
Jun 1900 Census Caledonia WILLIAMSON-17214
Jun 1900 Census William J. TEMPLE-17215

MS, Marion, Columbia

27 Jul 1847 Birth Thomas Jackson TEMPLE(S)-17201
Jul 1860 Occupation Jones R. (J.R.) TEMPLES-17190
Jul 1860 Census Nancy HAWKS-17197
Jul 1860 Census James W. TEMPLE(S)-17198
Jul 1860 Census Caroline TEMPLE(S)-17199
Jul 1860 Census Almeda TEMPLE(S)-17200
Jul 1860 Census Thomas Jackson TEMPLE(S)-17201
Jul 1860 Census Mary TEMPLES-81889
Aug 1860 Occupation James TEMPLE(S)-17178
Aug 1860 Occupation Jacob TEMPLE(S)-17179
Aug 1860 Occupation William J. TEMPLES-17191
Aug 1860 Census Jacob TEMPLES-17193
Aug 1860 Census Amy TEMPLE-17194
Aug 1860 Census Maindy-17203
Aug 1860 Census Matthew J. TEMPLES-17204
Dec 1966 Death William Clark (Clark) TEMPLES-43310
Mar 1971 Death Mike TEMPLE(S)-17213
22 Jul 2002 Death Robert L. TEMPLES-77238

MS, Marshall Co.

1839 Moved Wyatt TEMPLE-20840
1839 Moved Rebecca J. CAGLE-20841
1839 Moved Nancy Amanda (Nancy) TEMPLE-20842
1839 Moved Samuel M. TEMPLE-20843
1839 Moved Josephine TEMPLE-20844
1839 Moved James Hartwell TEMPLE-20845
1839 Moved Isaac B. TEMPLE-20846
6 Dec 1842 Birth Mary Jane TEMPLE(S)-32332
bet 1844-1846 Moved Dozier TEMPLE-5316
bet 1844-1846 Moved Sarah (Sallie)-20848
Jan 1845 Birth Millie Angeline (Angeline) TEMPLE(S)-32333
1847 Birth Robert H. TEMPLE-20855
14 Aug 1849 Birth David Alexander TUCKER-66258
bef 1850 Moved George W. TEMPLE(S)-32325
bef 1850 Death Mary Jane SUTTON-32336
Jun 1850 Birth John A. TEMPLE-20856
Oct 1850 Census James Allen (Jim) TEMPLE(S)-30854
Oct 1850 Occupation George W. TEMPLE(S)-32325
Oct 1850 Census Martha SUTTON-32326
Oct 1850 Census William Harrison (Harry) TEMPLE(S)-32327
Oct 1850 Census James A. TEMPLE(S)-32328
Oct 1850 Occupation William Byston TEMPLE-32329
Oct 1850 Census Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) TEMPLE(S)-32330
Oct 1850 Census John Dixon TEMPLE(S)-32331
Oct 1850 Census Mary Jane TEMPLE(S)-32332
Oct 1850 Census Millie Angeline (Angeline) TEMPLE(S)-32333
Nov 1850 Occupation Wyatt TEMPLE-20840
Nov 1850 Census Rebecca J. CAGLE-20841
Nov 1850 Census Nancy Amanda (Nancy) TEMPLE-20842
Nov 1850 Census Samuel M. TEMPLE-20843
Nov 1850 Census Josephine TEMPLE-20844
Nov 1850 Census James Hartwell TEMPLE-20845
Nov 1850 Census Isaac B. TEMPLE-20846
Nov 1850 Census Thomas Isaac (Thomas) TEMPLE-20847
Dec 1850 Census Reverend James Norton (James) TEMPLE-5294
Dec 1850 Occupation Dozier TEMPLE-5316
Dec 1850 Census Sarah (Sallie)-20848
Dec 1850 Census Elizabeth Jane TEMPLE-20849
Dec 1850 Census Lucy TEMPLE-20850
Dec 1850 Census Susan TEMPLE-20851
Dec 1850 Census Mary A. TEMPLE-20852
Dec 1850 Census Joseph TEMPLE-20853
Dec 1850 Census Thomas R. TEMPLE-20854
Dec 1850 Census Robert H. TEMPLE-20855
Dec 1850 Census John A. TEMPLE-20856
18 Dec 1851 Marriage Henry W. CANON-31213 and Elizabeth Jane TEMPLE-20849
25 Feb 1852 Marriage William C. BEVILL-31212 and Susan TEMPLE-20851
bef Aug 1870 Marriage Edward L. JONES-54941 and Susan TEMPLE-20851
5 Dec 1883 Marriage Ezekiel Epps (Ezekiel) TEMPLE-18119 and Susan Edward (Sue) MC KINNEY-18154
19 Nov 1886 Birth Thomas Jefferson (Tom) TEMPLE(S)-20860
24 Jul 1892 Birth Mary Louise TEMPLE-18156

MS, Marshall, Mt. Pleasant

Aug 1860 Occupation Dozier TEMPLE-5316
Aug 1860 Census Sarah (Sallie)-20848
Aug 1860 Census Lucy TEMPLE-20850
Aug 1860 Census Susan TEMPLE-20851
Aug 1860 Census Thomas R. TEMPLE-20854
Aug 1860 Census John A. TEMPLE-20856
Aug 1860 Census Jane TEMPLE-39103
Aug 1870 Census Sarah (Sallie)-20848
Aug 1870 Census Lucy TEMPLE-20850
Aug 1870 Census Susan TEMPLE-20851
Aug 1870 Occupation Thomas R. TEMPLE-20854
Aug 1870 Census John A. TEMPLE-20856
Aug 1870 Census Jane TEMPLE-39103
Aug 1870 Occupation Edward L. JONES-54941

MS, Monroe Co.

18 May 1846 Birth Rebecca Louisa (Lou) ROBERTS-17016
1922 Birth Lon Wright LOWE Jr.-94699
Apr 1930 Census Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE-88841
Apr 1930 Census Lon Wright LOWE-88842
Apr 1930 Census Lon Wright LOWE Jr.-94699

MS, Monroe, Nettleton

Apr 1910 Census Elizabeth (Lizzie) TEMPLE-88841
Apr 1910 Census Lon Wright LOWE-88842

MS, Montgomery, Winona

11 Nov 1871 Birth Carrie STAFFORD-81106
29 Dec 1896 Marriage Edward Everett (Edward) TEMPLE-18549 and Sallie R. SAVELLE-18557
11 Jan 1907 Birth Rachel Marie TEMPLE-18560
May 1910 Occupation Edward Everett (Edward) TEMPLE-18549
May 1910 Census Edith Annie (Edithy) TEMPLE-18558
May 1910 Census Annie Pearl (Pearl) HOLMES-18559
May 1910 Census Rachel Marie TEMPLE-18560
3 Oct 1911 Birth Hattie Louise TEMPLE-18561

MS, Neshoba Co.

1940 Residence Harold C. TEMPLE-87949

MS, Newton Co.

Residence Nancy Elizabeth (Nancy) TEMPLE-34127
Feb 1851 Birth Mariah-66157
bet 1855-1875 Residence Sarah A. TEMPLE-34126
6 Dec 1859 Marriage William Albert TEMPLE-47545 and Permelia Ann (Ann) FERGUSON-47552
29 Nov 1872 Marriage Dr. L.R. HUGHES-47554 and Permelia Ann (Ann) FERGUSON-47552
1 Jun 1873 Death Dr. L.R. HUGHES-47554
24 Nov 1883 Marriage J.H. DILLEHAY-64660 and Ada A. (Addie) TEMPLE-5522
abt 1884 Marriage William TEMPLE-66156 and Mariah-66157
Mar 1885 Birth Adelle (Ada) TEMPLE-66158
May 1888 Birth Allen TEMPLE-66159
Jul 1889 Birth Jude TEMPLE-66160
16 Aug 1889 Marriage William Alonzo (William) TEMPLE(S)-47553 and Laura TIDWELL-47555
Feb 1892 Birth Myrtie B. TEMPLE(S)-47557
Aug 1892 Birth Mary TEMPLE-66161
May 1894 Birth Vera TEMPLE-47564
Sep 1895 Birth Maggie TEMPLE-66162
Apr 1897 Birth Secrette TEMPLE(S)-47558
Jan 1899 Birth Hattie TEMPLE-66163
Jun 1900 Occupation William TEMPLE-66156
Jun 1900 Census Mariah-66157
Jun 1900 Census Adelle (Ada) TEMPLE-66158
Jun 1900 Census Allen TEMPLE-66159
Jun 1900 Census Jude TEMPLE-66160
Jun 1900 Census Mary TEMPLE-66161
Jun 1900 Census Maggie TEMPLE-66162
Jun 1900 Census Hattie TEMPLE-66163

MS, Newton, Bartlett

2008 Residence Brianna TEMPLE-102286
2008 Residence Shanna TEMPLE-102287
2008 Residence Jimmy Dale TEMPLE Jr.-102288

MS, Newton, Hickory

Jul 1860 Occupation Absolem F. TEMPLE-34089
Jul 1860 Census Elizabeth-47544
Jul 1860 Occupation William Albert TEMPLE-47545
Jul 1860 Occupation James S. TEMPLE-47550
Jul 1860 Census Georgianna M. TEMPLE-47551
Jul 1860 Census Permelia Ann (Ann) FERGUSON-47552
Jul 1860 Birth William Alonzo (William) TEMPLE(S)-47553
Jul 1860 Census William Alonzo (William) TEMPLE(S)-47553
6 Jul 1890 Birth James Otho (Otho) TEMPLE(S)-47556
May 1900 Birth Hubert TEMPLE(S)-47559
Jun 1900 Occupation William Alonzo (William) TEMPLE(S)-47553
Jun 1900 Census Laura TIDWELL-47555
Jun 1900 Census James Otho (Otho) TEMPLE(S)-47556
Jun 1900 Census Myrtie B. TEMPLE(S)-47557
Jun 1900 Census Secrette TEMPLE(S)-47558
Jun 1900 Census Hubert TEMPLE(S)-47559
Jun 1900 Census Vera TEMPLE-47564
Apr 1910 Occupation William Alonzo (William) TEMPLE(S)-47553
Apr 1910 Census James Otho (Otho) TEMPLE(S)-47556
Apr 1910 Census Myrtie B. TEMPLE(S)-47557
Apr 1910 Census Secrette TEMPLE(S)-47558
Apr 1910 Census Hubert TEMPLE(S)-47559
Apr 1910 Census Vera TEMPLE-47564
Jan 1920 Census Permelia Ann (Ann) FERGUSON-47552
Jan 1920 Occupation James Otho (Otho) TEMPLE(S)-47556
Jan 1920 Occupation Secrette TEMPLE(S)-47558
Jan 1920 Census Bonnie J. BUCKLEY-47560
Sep 1972 Death John TEMPLE-99404

MS, Newton, Newton

1833 Birth Melissa Aveline FERGUSON-73707
30 Jun 1864 Birth Julia A. (Julie) CRAWFORD-72200
18 Dec 1882 Birth Lilly Stacy (Lillie) TEMPLES-72201
Apr 1930 Occupation William B. TEMPLE-20816
Apr 1930 Census Ella M.-42757
Apr 1930 Census William TEMPLE-42758
4 Apr 1978 Death Charles Flowers (Charles) TEMPLE-20296

MS, Noxubee Co.

20 Jan 1848 Birth Calvin Montgomery (Montgomery\Gum) TEMPLE-18538

MS, Noxubee, Macon

Apr 1930 Occupation Rachel Marie TEMPLE-18560

MS, Noxubee, Shuqualak

3 Jun 1935 Death Isham Harrison EVANS-56280
30 Oct 1971 Death Isham Harrison (Harrison) EVANS Jr.-56274

MS, Oktibbeha, Starkville

Sep 1972 Death Florence Roseanna (Florence) TEMPLE-26247

MS, Panola Co.

abt 1917 Military Lucian Hemby (Lucian) TEMPLE-19082

MS, Panola, Sardis

Apr 1910 Occupation Lucian Hemby (Lucian) TEMPLE-19082
Jan 1920 Occupation Lucian Hemby (Lucian) TEMPLE-19082
Jan 1920 Census Louise IRBY-19091
Apr 1930 Occupation Lucian Hemby (Lucian) TEMPLE-19082
Apr 1930 Occupation Louise IRBY-19091

MS, Pearl River Co.

Jan 1920 Occupation Travis TEMPLE-74109
Jan 1920 Census Ida-74110
Apr 1930 Occupation Robert Melvin (Melvin) TEMPLE-20793
Apr 1930 Census Isa Phenie (Phenie) RUSHTON-39490
Apr 1930 Occupation Robert L. (Robbie) TEMPLE-39782
Apr 1930 Census Alice TEMPLE-39784
Apr 1930 Census George H. TEMPLE-39785
Apr 1930 Census Troy Lu TEMPLE-42759
Apr 1930 Census J.I. TEMPLE-42760
Apr 1930 Occupation Valliece TEMPLE-79365
1943 Residence George H. TEMPLE-39785

MS, Pearl River, Picayune

Apr 1930 Occupation Velma Z. TEMPLE-20801
2008 Residence Decator B. TEMPLE-99568
2008 Residence John D. TEMPLE-99572

MS, Perry Co.

Dec 1869 Birth Francis L. TEMPLE-66164
Aug 1874 Birth Evan TEMPLE(S)-39707
Jul 1878 Birth Rebecca (Beckie) SPEARS-39710
Jul 1881 Birth Alice TEMPLE-39708
Jul 1893 Birth James B. TEMPLE-66166
Sep 1894 Birth Pearl A. TEMPLE-66167
16 Dec 1896 Marriage William Sylvannes (William) TEMPLE-20250 and Jennie L. HEMPHILL-20280
Nov 1897 Birth Richard T. TEMPLE-66168
Jun 1900 Census Elizabeth C. REDDOCK-17189
Jun 1900 Occupation Evan TEMPLE(S)-39707
Jun 1900 Census Alice TEMPLE-39708
Jun 1900 Census Rebecca (Beckie) SPEARS-39710
Jun 1900 Occupation Francis L. TEMPLE-66164
Jun 1900 Census Elizabeth-66165
Jun 1900 Census James B. TEMPLE-66166
Jun 1900 Census Pearl A. TEMPLE-66167
Jun 1900 Census Richard T. TEMPLE-66168
1907 Birth Rosa B. TEMPLE-39712
May 1910 Census W.S. TEMPLE-74016
1917 Residence Jessie Chapman TEMPLE-20259

MS, Pike Co.

Moved John Roland (Beaver John) TEMPLE Jr.-20348
Birth Adam GOBERT-20378
Birth Lucy A. TEMPLE-20458
18 Feb 1880 Birth Luella Melissa TEMPLE-20453
3 Mar 1882 Birth Seymour M. TEMPLE-20446
18 Feb 1883 Birth Harvey Levi (Harvey) TEMPLE-20600
3 Sep 1884 Birth Lee Andrew (Leander) TEMPLE-20448
19 Feb 1891 Marriage Alfred Lemuel KILBOURNE-18974 and Lula Belle (Lula) TEMPLE-18911
9 Apr 1893 Birth Nannie Mae (Nannie) HALEY-20058
2 Dec 1895 Marriage David B. TEMPLE-20598 and Minnie WOODALL-20605
1896 Birth Rosa (Rose) TEMPLE-23386
1899 Birth Floyd TEMPLE-23385
5 Feb 1899 Birth Ado MORGAN-20616
Jun 1900 Occupation Simon Peter (Slabacon) TEMPLE(S)-20350
Jun 1900 Census Malissa Ann FREEMAN-20450
Jun 1900 Census Luella Melissa TEMPLE-20453
Jun 1900 Occupation David B. TEMPLE-20598
Jun 1900 Occupation James Walter (Walter) TEMPLE-20599
Jun 1900 Occupation Harvey Levi (Harvey) TEMPLE-20600
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles Isarah (Charley) TEMPLE(S)-20601
Jun 1900 Census Susie A. Elizabeth TEMPLE-20602
Jun 1900 Census William Ferguson (Ferguson) TEMPLE-20603
Jun 1900 Census Missouri Ann TEMPLE-20604
29 Jan 1903 Marriage David B. TEMPLE-20598 and Marguerite (Maggie) WHITTINGTON-20606
24 Oct 1903 Birth Melissa Elizabeth (Liza) TEMPLE-20607
20 Jul 1904 Marriage Seymour M. TEMPLE-20446 and Luella Melissa TEMPLE-20453
19 Mar 1905 Marriage Isaiah Levi FREEMAN-20664 and Susie A. Elizabeth TEMPLE-20602
31 Aug 1905 Birth Charles W. (Charlie) TEMPLE-20608
2 Nov 1905 Birth Ralph Donese PRICE-20668
26 Jun 1906 Birth Allie TEMPLE-20454
18 Aug 1907 Birth Hattie TEMPLE-20609
1908 Birth William T. MURRELL Jr.-39564
1908 Marriage John Roland (Beaver John) TEMPLE Jr.-20348 and Sarah T.-39568
29 Feb 1908 Birth Roberta (Berta) TEMPLE-20455
Feb 1910 Birth James MURRELL-39565
Apr 1910 Occupation James Clarence TEMPLE-20015
Apr 1910 Birth Addie TEMPLE-20456
Apr 1910 Census Minnie WOODALL-20605
Apr 1910 Census Floyd TEMPLE-23385
Apr 1910 Census Rosa (Rose) TEMPLE-23386
Apr 1910 Occupation William T. MURRELL-39563
Apr 1910 Census William T. MURRELL Jr.-39564
Apr 1910 Census James MURRELL-39565
May 1910 Occupation James Henry (James) TEMPLE-19993
May 1910 Census Rose Elizabeth (Rose) OGLESBY-20014
May 1910 Occupation James Clarence TEMPLE-20015
May 1910 Census Stella TEMPLE-20016
May 1910 Occupation Mattison Houston (Mat) TEMPLE Sr.-20017
May 1910 Occupation John Roland (Beaver John) TEMPLE Jr.-20348
May 1910 Occupation Seymour M. TEMPLE-20446
May 1910 Occupation Lee Andrew (Leander) TEMPLE-20448
May 1910 Census Luella Melissa TEMPLE-20453
May 1910 Census Allie TEMPLE-20454
May 1910 Census Roberta (Berta) TEMPLE-20455
May 1910 Census Addie TEMPLE-20456
May 1910 Census Hollis R. TEMPLE-26163
May 1910 Census Angeline M. (Angie) CUTRER-26278
May 1910 Census Paris TEMPLE-26279
May 1910 Census Jane-39567
May 1910 Census Sarah T.-39568
16 Jun 1913 Birth Ruby Lee (Ruby) TEMPLE-20671
15 Nov 1913 Marriage William Ferguson (Ferguson) TEMPLE-20603 and Geneva Emma (Geneva) CUTRER-20666
3 Aug 1915 Birth Hurlin Robert TEMPLE-23394
16 Dec 1915 Marriage James Benjamin Franklin (James) TEMPLE-20047 and Nannie Mae (Nannie) HALEY-20058
1 Nov 1916 Birth Harvey Franklin TEMPLE-20673
abt 1917 Residence William Ferguson (Ferguson) TEMPLE-20603
15 Sep 1917 Birth TEMPLE-23395
15 Sep 1917 Death TEMPLE-23395
15 Aug 1918 Birth Homer Ferguson (Homer) TEMPLE-23396
7 Jun 1919 Death Sarah Adeline (Adaliza) TEMPLE-19761
Jan 1920 Census Arcania L. (Connie) MIDDLETON-19160
Jan 1920 Occupation Simon Peter (Slabacon) TEMPLE(S)-20350
Jan 1920 Occupation Seymour M. TEMPLE-20446
Jan 1920 Census Luella Melissa TEMPLE-20453
Jan 1920 Census Allie TEMPLE-20454
Jan 1920 Census Roberta (Berta) TEMPLE-20455
Jan 1920 Census Addie TEMPLE-20456
Jan 1920 Occupation Harvey Levi (Harvey) TEMPLE-20600
Jan 1920 Census Ruby Lee (Ruby) TEMPLE-20671
Jan 1920 Census Edyce Inez (Eddy) TEMPLE-20672
Jan 1920 Census Harvey Franklin TEMPLE-20673
29 Mar 1921 Birth Annie Lucille (Lucille) TEMPLE-23397
31 Mar 1923 Marriage Thomas WILSON-20614 and Hattie TEMPLE-20609
21 Jul 1923 Marriage Herman SMITH-20613 and Melissa Elizabeth (Liza) TEMPLE-20607
16 Sep 1925 Birth Evelyn Malissa TEMPLE-23398
8 Aug 1926 Birth Seymour M. (Junior) TEMPLE Jr.-20457
17 Dec 1927 Marriage William Otis (William) LENOIR-20669 and Roberta (Berta) TEMPLE-20455
1928 Marriage Charles W. (Charlie) TEMPLE-20608 and Vennie LAMBERT-23409
28 Aug 1928 Marriage W.O. QUINN-20670 and Addie TEMPLE-20456
May 1929 Birth Virginia L. TEMPLE-42761
1 May 1929 Marriage Ralph Donese PRICE-20668 and Allie TEMPLE-20454
Apr 1930 Census Arcania L. (Connie) MIDDLETON-19160
Apr 1930 Occupation Seymour M. TEMPLE-20446
Apr 1930 Census Luella Melissa TEMPLE-20453
Apr 1930 Census Roberta (Berta) TEMPLE-20455
Apr 1930 Census Seymour M. (Junior) TEMPLE Jr.-20457
Apr 1930 Occupation Harvey Levi (Harvey) TEMPLE-20600
Apr 1930 Census Geneva Emma (Geneva) CUTRER-20666
Apr 1930 Census William Otis (William) LENOIR-20669
Apr 1930 Census Ruby Lee (Ruby) TEMPLE-20671
Apr 1930 Census Edyce Inez (Eddy) TEMPLE-20672
Apr 1930 Census Harvey Franklin TEMPLE-20673
Apr 1930 Census Hurlin Robert TEMPLE-23394
Apr 1930 Census Homer Ferguson (Homer) TEMPLE-23396
Apr 1930 Census Annie Lucille (Lucille) TEMPLE-23397
Apr 1930 Census Evelyn Malissa TEMPLE-23398
1 Dec 1930 Marriage Adam GOBERT-20378 and Ora Lee (Orie) TEMPLE-20373
17 Oct 1931 Marriage Willie PHELPS-20617 and Rutha (Ruthie) TEMPLE-20611
29 May 1936 Marriage Ado MORGAN-20616 and Nola (Nolie) TEMPLE-20610
18 Jul 1936 Marriage Buck PHELPS-20615 and Hattie TEMPLE-20609
8 Apr 1939 Marriage David Rufus (Rufus) TEMPLE-20612 and Minnie PRIKEEN-20618
1940 Residence Walter H. TEMPLE-88050
28 Sep 1940 Marriage Hurlin Robert TEMPLE-23394 and Mary Rhoda BUNCE-23422
1943 Residence Hugh Edward (Hugh) TEMPLE-20375
1943 Residence William Russell (Russell) TEMPLE-20413
1943 Residence Private First Class Leon TEMPLE-71214
1945 Residence Seymour M. (Junior) TEMPLE Jr.-20457
11 Nov 1956 Death Seymour M. TEMPLE-20446
abt 1957 Death Arcania L. (Connie) MIDDLETON-19160
1961 Death James SMITH-23410
22 Jan 1964 Death Seymour M. (Junior) TEMPLE Jr.-20457
7 Oct 1975 Death William Otis (William) LENOIR-20669

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