Kentucky Events, Part 6

KENTUCKY Event List Six

KY, Simpson, Franklin
5 May 1801 Death Frank TEMPLE-139704
Aug 1860 Occupation John TEMPLES-30807
Aug 1860 Census Isaac Newton (Newton) TEMPLE-30810
Aug 1860 Census Mary J. TEMPLE-30811
Aug 1860 Census Harriet F. -30812
Aug 1860 Census Sarah Ann TEMPLE(S)-30813
Aug 1860 Census Louisa Elizabeth (Bettie) TEMPLE-30814
Aug 1860 Census Lucy Frances (Lucy) TEMPLE-30815
Aug 1860 Census Simeon B. TEMPLE-30816
1884 Residence Jennie Bell MORRIS-56430
1888 Death Martha Harriet TEMPLE-30818
29 Dec 1891 Death Harriet F. -30812
15 Feb 1893 Birth John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
2 Feb 1904 Death Simeon B. TEMPLE-30816
19 Jun 1904 Death Harold B. TEMPLE-139706
1908 Death Isaac Newton (Newton) TEMPLE-30810
Apr 1910 Occupation Homer TEMPLE-56425
Apr 1910 Occupation Jennie Bell MORRIS-56430
Apr 1910 Occupation John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
Apr 1910 Occupation Edgar TEMPLE-56432
11 Nov 1916 Birth Jennie Kathleen (Kathleen) TEMPLE-56434
1917 Occupation John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
1917 Residence Esther G. SARNER-56433
1918 Occupation Jonathan William (John) TEMPLE-56407
1918 Residence Anna FOSTER-56412
1918 Occupation Maran Pare TEMPLE-56409
1918 Residence Julia ROGERS-56421
1 Mar 1918 Birth Ruth Elizabeth TEMPLE-56420
Jan 1920 Occupation Jonathan William (John) TEMPLE-56407
Jan 1920 Occupation Maran Pare TEMPLE-56409
Jan 1920 Census Anna FOSTER-56412
Jan 1920 Census William Foster (Foster) TEMPLE-56413
Jan 1920 Occupation Will TEMPLE-56415
Jan 1920 Census Ruth Elizabeth TEMPLE-56420
Jan 1920 Census Julia ROGERS-56421
Jan 1920 Occupation Homer TEMPLE-56425
Jan 1920 Census Gladys T. (Mattie) DAVIDSON-56426
Jan 1920 Census Sue Evelyn (Sue) TEMPLE-56427
Jan 1920 Census Jennie Bell MORRIS-56430
Jan 1920 Census Jennie Kathleen (Kathleen) TEMPLE-56434
Jan 1920 Occupation John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
Jan 1920 Census Esther G. SARNER-56433
Jan 1920 Census James F. TURNER-74327
Jan 1920 Census Sara J. HENDRICKS-74328
26 Sep 1920 Birth Edgar Gossett TEMPLE-56429
11 Oct 1923 Birth James Wesley (James) TEMPLE Sr.-161063
4 Mar 1925 Death Jennie Bell MORRIS-56430
31 Dec 1926 Birth Robert M. (Bobby) TEMPLE-56423
Apr 1930 Census Jane S. PARE-31164
Apr 1930 Census Tammy Louisa TEMPLE-56408
Apr 1930 Occupation Maran Pare TEMPLE-56409
Apr 1930 Census Ruth Elizabeth TEMPLE-56420
Apr 1930 Occupation Julia ROGERS-56421
Apr 1930 Census Robert M. (Bobby) TEMPLE-56423
Apr 1930 Occupation Homer TEMPLE-56425
Apr 1930 Occupation Gladys T. (Mattie) DAVIDSON-56426
Apr 1930 Census Sue Evelyn (Sue) TEMPLE-56427
Apr 1930 Census Edgar Gossett TEMPLE-56429
Apr 1930 Occupation John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
Apr 1930 Census Esther G. SARNER-56433
Apr 1930 Census Jennie Kathleen (Kathleen) TEMPLE-56434
12 Oct 1932 Death Jane S. PARE-31164
27 Jul 1933 Birth Billy Carrol (Billie) TEMPLE-56428
29 Nov 1933 Death Esther G. SARNER-56433
11 Feb 1934 Death John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
1 Apr 1935 Residence Mary Lee TEMPLE-142126
Apr 1940 Occupation Maran Pare TEMPLE-56409
Apr 1940 Census Julia ROGERS-56421
Apr 1940 Occupation Ruth Elizabeth TEMPLE-56420
Apr 1940 Census Robert M. (Bobby) TEMPLE-56423
Apr 1940 Occupation Gladys T. (Mattie) DAVIDSON-56426
Apr 1940 Census Edgar Gossett TEMPLE-56429
Apr 1940 Census Ann TEMPLE-86640
Apr 1940 Census Billy Carrol (Billie) TEMPLE-56428
Apr 1940 Census Mary Lee TEMPLE-142126
1945 Residence Julia ROGERS-56421
3 Dec 1945 Death Maran Pare TEMPLE-56409
8 Oct 1952 Death William Foster (Foster) TEMPLE-56413
1959 Residence Anna WATSON-144824
2 Mar 1963 Death Marvin Porter TEMPLE-141503
1971 Death Laura Bertha (Bertha) TEMPLE-56410
1973 Residence Thomas Edgar TEMPLE-120683
6 Feb 1973 Death Mary L. TEMPLE-110918
6 Feb 1973 Death Mary SHOULDERS-140465
17 Feb 1976 Death Monroe TEMPLE-139878
30 Sep 1977 Death Gladys T. (Mattie) DAVIDSON-56426
6 Apr 1996 Death Joe P. HENDRICKS-68404
1 Dec 2000 Death Edgar Gossett TEMPLE-56429
21 Jul 2001 Death Blanche Anna GANT-115802
12 Apr 2005 Death Jennie Kathleen (Kathleen) TEMPLE-56434
Residence Georgia A. TEMPLE-139705
KY, Simpson, North Franklin
Apr 1900 Birth Frank TEMPLE-56435
Jun 1900 Census Homer TEMPLE-56425
Jun 1900 Census Jennie Bell MORRIS-56430
Jun 1900 Census John Will (Willie) TEMPLE-56431
Jun 1900 Census Edgar TEMPLE-56432
Jun 1900 Census Frank TEMPLE-56435
Jun 1900 Census Nannie -56437
Jun 1900 Occupation Simeon B. TEMPLE-30816
Apr 1910 Census Gladys T. (Mattie) DAVIDSON-56426
Apr 1910 Census Clifford L. DAVIDSON-56438
Apr 1910 Census Nancy Lula (Nannie) JONES-56439
KY, Simpson, Oak Grove
May 1910 Occupation Jane S. PARE-31164
May 1910 Occupation Jonathan William (John) TEMPLE-56407
May 1910 Census Vesta TEMPLE-56411
May 1910 Census Anna FOSTER-56412
May 1910 Census William Foster (Foster) TEMPLE-56413
KY, Simpson, Pilot Knob
Jun 1880 Occupation Isaac Newton (Newton) TEMPLE-30810
Jun 1880 Census Jane S. PARE-31164
Jun 1880 Census Jonathan William (John) TEMPLE-56407
Jun 1880 Census Tammy Louisa TEMPLE-56408
Jun 1880 Census Mary Eva TEMPLE-56447
Jun 1880 Census Parasette Z. (Parry) TEMPLE-30809
Jun 1880 Census Granville R. BUNCH-31426
Birth Billy Joe BYRD-106133
KY, Spencer Co.
17 Dec 1886 Birth Thomas Fletcher JONES-68330
4 Sep 1895 Birth Fred Thomas SNIDER-77846
7 Apr 1897 Birth Claude Marion SNIDER-77848
Apr 1903 Birth William F. TEMPLE-109728
23 Jun 1903 Birth Earnest Neal SNIDER-62921
24 Dec 1904 Birth Bessie Edna TEMPLE-107412
23 Nov 1908 Birth George TEMPLE-50703
1913 Residence Mary TEMPLES-147284
18 Feb 1913 Birth James Earl (Earl) TEMPLE-55961
21 Apr 1913 Birth William F. TEMPLE-100598
21 Apr 1913 Birth Woodrow Wilson TEMPLE-107120
29 Jun 1913 Death William F. TEMPLE-109728
27 Dec 1913 Birth Ruby I. REYNOLDS-147286
1916 Residence Emma TEMPLE-55954
28 May 1916 Birth James W. REYNOLDS-147287
31 Aug 1916 Birth Flora M. MURPHY-92770
1917 Residence Mamie TEMPLE-50700
1917 Birth Frank TEMPLE-109785
1917 Residence Pearl TEMPLE-147225
26 Feb 1917 Birth Elias T. TYLER-147227
24 Sep 1917 Birth Theodore B. TEMPLE-55963
27 Dec 1917 Birth Aroy N. MARTIN-92751
7 Oct 1918 Birth Chester Dave HOUCHIN-74262
9 Jan 1919 Death Frank TEMPLE-109785
10 Apr 1920 Birth Corinne MURPHY-92771
15 Sep 1920 Birth Thomas TEMPLE-86635
5 Apr 1922 Birth Jonathan C. TEMPLE-109777
5 Apr 1922 Birth Joseph C. TEMPLE-120770
1925 Residence Tidia (Tiddy/Ida) TEMPLE-147092
17 Mar 1925 Birth Susie C. SNIDER-92841
29 Jun 1925 Birth Miner MARTIN-92752
29 Jun 1925 Birth Lorine MURPHY-147094
25 Feb 1927 Birth Hubert C. MARTIN-92755
13 Feb 1931 Birth Sim O. MURPHY-92901
19 Jul 1931 Birth James MARTIN-92899
6 Feb 1932 Death Elsie Jane TEMPLE-109808
25 Jan 1933 Birth Charlotte M. TEMPLES-55970
2 Dec 1936 Birth Charles G. FRANKLIN-92896
8 Dec 1936 Birth Dove Chester (Chester) TEMPLES-86671
1938 Residence Mary Elizabeth (Mary) TEMPLES-55968
Apr 1940 Occupation Charles T. TEMPLE-55965
Apr 1940 Census Martha Blanche (Blanche) JONES-55966
Apr 1940 Census Mabel J. TEMPLE-55969
Apr 1940 Census Helen Joyce TEMPLE-55967
Apr 1940 Census Charlotte M. TEMPLES-55970
19 Feb 1962 Death Laura B. TEMPLE-110906
bef 1973 Residence Ray R. TEMPLE-50705
19 Jul 1988 Divorce Larry Dale TEMPLE-86683 and Geneva Christine SHELBURNE-86684
KY, Spencer, Little Mount
Apr 1910 Occupation William Horace (Horace/Bud) TEMPLE(S)-60724
Apr 1910 Census Denise Ethel (Dena) TEMPLE-60725
Apr 1910 Census Mary Etta TEMPLES-60726
Apr 1910 Census Susan M. (Susie) TEMPLE-60727
Apr 1910 Census Parette (Etta) TINDLE-62917
Apr 1930 Census Mamie TEMPLE-50700
Apr 1930 Census Minior MARTIN Jr.-92750
Apr 1930 Census Aroy N. MARTIN-92751
KY, Spencer, Mt. Eden
Apr 1899 Birth Mamie TEMPLE-50700
Apr 1900 Birth Lolie TEMPLE-55957
Jun 1900 Occupation Robert King TEMPLE-49769
Jun 1900 Census Ada (Addie) TEMPLE-49784
Jun 1900 Census Ollie TEMPLE(S)-49790
Jun 1900 Occupation Theodore J. TEMPLE-50690
Jun 1900 Occupation William Thomas (Thomas) TEMPLE(S)-50692
Jun 1900 Census Alcie Jane (Jane I.) SNIDER-50693
Jun 1900 Census Lena May TEMPLE-50694
Jun 1900 Census Mona A. TEMPLES-50695
Jun 1900 Census Dove Charles (Dove) TEMPLE(S)-50696
Jun 1900 Census Mamie TEMPLE-50700
Jun 1900 Census William T. (Willie) TEMPLE(S)-55952
Jun 1900 Census Mattie TEMPLE-55953
Jun 1900 Census Emma TEMPLE-55954
Jun 1900 Census Flora TEMPLE-55955
Jun 1900 Census Frederic (Fred) TEMPLE-55956
Jun 1900 Census Lolie TEMPLE-55957
Jun 1900 Census Merika Ellen (Mary) WARFORD-49791
Jun 1900 Census Hattie Z. WOFFORD-55962
Jun 1900 Census Pearl TEMPLE-55964
Jun 1900 Census Charles T. TEMPLE-55965
May 1910 Census King Solomon (King) TEMPLE-49768
May 1910 Census William Thomas (Thomas) TEMPLE(S)-50692
May 1910 Census Alcie Jane (Jane I.) SNIDER-50693
May 1910 Occupation Lena May TEMPLE-50694
May 1910 Census Mona A. TEMPLES-50695
May 1910 Occupation Dove Charles (Dove) TEMPLE(S)-50696
May 1910 Occupation George William TEMPLE(S)-55531
May 1910 Census Christina TEMPLES-55532
May 1910 Census Lucy May (Lucy) TEMPLE-55533
May 1910 Census Lura Bell (Lura) WATTS-55535
May 1910 Census Paul W. TEMPLE-55537
May 1910 Occupation Charles T. TEMPLE-55965
29 Jun 1913 Death William F. TEMPLE-100598
7 Jan 1915 Death King Solomon (King) TEMPLE-49768
24 May 1915 Birth Temple Lee HOUCHIN-74261
26 Mar 1916 Birth Mary Elizabeth (Mary) TEMPLES-55968
1917 Occupation Charles T. TEMPLE-55965
1917 Residence Martha Blanche (Blanche) JONES-55966
1918 Occupation Frederic (Fred) TEMPLE-55956
1 Mar 1919 Birth Mabel J. TEMPLE-55969
May 1919 Birth Cora Irene (Irene) NOEL-86674
Jan 1920 Census Robert E. TEMPLE-49780
Jan 1920 Occupation William Thomas (Thomas) TEMPLE(S)-50692
Jan 1920 Census Alcie Jane (Jane I.) SNIDER-50693
Jan 1920 Occupation Frederic (Fred) TEMPLE-55956
Jan 1920 Census Ruby C. MURPHY-55542
Jan 1920 Occupation Charles T. TEMPLE-55965
Jan 1920 Census Martha Blanche (Blanche) JONES-55966
Jan 1920 Census Mary Elizabeth (Mary) TEMPLES-55968
Jan 1920 Census Mabel J. TEMPLE-55969
Jan 1920 Census Susan M. (Susie) TEMPLE-60727
Jan 1920 Census Claude Marion SNIDER-77848
Jan 1920 Census Cora Irene (Irene) NOEL-86674
Jan 1920 Census Emma TEMPLE-55954
Jan 1920 Census Sim MURPHY-92769
Jan 1920 Census Flora M. MURPHY-92770
16 Apr 1923 Birth Marjorie E. TEMPLE(S)-86669
15 Jun 1929 Birth Helen Joyce TEMPLE-55967
Apr 1930 Census Ida May BISHOP-49771
Apr 1930 Census Willis TEMPLE-49772
Apr 1930 Census Emma May TEMPLE(S)-49775
Apr 1930 Census Harold TEMPLE-49787
Apr 1930 Census Marvin TEMPLE-49788
Apr 1930 Occupation Ollie TEMPLE(S)-49790
Apr 1930 Occupation William Thomas (Thomas) TEMPLE(S)-50692
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles T. TEMPLE-55965
Apr 1930 Census Martha Blanche (Blanche) JONES-55966
Apr 1930 Census Helen Joyce TEMPLE-55967
Apr 1930 Census Mary Elizabeth (Mary) TEMPLES-55968
Apr 1930 Census Mabel J. TEMPLE-55969
Apr 1930 Census Mona A. TEMPLES-50695
Apr 1930 Census John HOUCHIN-74259
Apr 1930 Occupation Dove Charles (Dove) TEMPLE(S)-50696
Apr 1930 Census Mabelle (Mable) BRYANT-86668
Apr 1930 Census Marjorie E. TEMPLE(S)-86669
Apr 1930 Census Robert Lee TEMPLES-86670
1 Jul 1931 Birth Allen TEMPLE-49774
6 Feb 1932 Death Alcie Jane (Jane I.) SNIDER-50693
Apr 1940 Census William Thomas (Thomas) TEMPLE(S)-50692
Apr 1940 Occupation George William TEMPLE(S)-55531
Apr 1940 Census Lura Bell (Lura) WATTS-55535
Apr 1940 Occupation Paul W. TEMPLE-55537
Apr 1940 Occupation Edward Lee TEMPLE-55538
Apr 1940 Occupation Dove Charles (Dove) TEMPLE(S)-50696
Apr 1940 Census Mabelle (Mable) BRYANT-86668
Apr 1940 Census Robert Lee TEMPLES-86670
Apr 1940 Census Marjorie E. TEMPLE(S)-86669
Apr 1940 Census Dove Chester (Chester) TEMPLES-86671
1945 Residence Lura Bell (Lura) WATTS-55535
29 Jan 1945 Death Paul TEMPLE-109815
19 Apr 1945 Death George William TEMPLE(S)-55531
bef 1967 Residence Frederic (Fred) TEMPLE-55956
1978 Residence Cora Irene (Irene) NOEL-86674
KY, Spencer, Taylorsville
1917 Occupation Ollie TEMPLE(S)-49790
30 Apr 1927 Birth Edna Mae (Jean) TEMPLE-74342
21 Mar 1934 Birth Thomas Giltner SHELBURNE-86689
KY, Spencer, Waterford
Apr 1910 Occupation William T. (Willie) TEMPLE(S)-55952
Apr 1910 Occupation Willie TEMPLES-125103
KY, Todd Co.
27 Dec 1820 Birth Robert Henry TEMPLE-21987
17 Sep 1822 Birth Martha TEMPLE-21988
4 Aug 1824 Birth Walter TEMPLE-21989
2 Jan 1826 Birth Richard Webb TEMPLE-21990
19 Jul 1829 Birth William Montgomery (William) TEMPLE-21991
1830 Census Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976
1830 Census Thomas Lewis GAINES-34868
13 Feb 1831 Birth Frederick Harmon TEMPLE-21992
28 Oct 1841 Marriage George WOLFE-21993 and Martha TEMPLE-21988
Jul 1850 Census Susanna Green (Susan) TEMPLE-21982
Jul 1850 Occupation Richard Webb TEMPLE-21990
Aug 1850 Occupation Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976
Aug 1850 Census Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) HARVEY-21981
Aug 1850 Census Caroline TEMPLE-21985
Aug 1850 Census William Montgomery (William) TEMPLE-21991
1853 Birth Andrew Jackson TURNER-76987
15 Sep 1856 Birth Sarah J. TEMPLE-28097
22 Dec 1856 Marriage William Montgomery (William) TEMPLE-21991 and Mary Ellen (Mary) ENNIS-21999
Sep 1857 Birth Margaret E. TEMPLE-28098
Birth Henry PAGE-21670
KY, Todd, Allensville
Apr 1930 Occupation Willis M. TEMPLE-116943
Apr 1930 Census Alice -116944
Apr 1930 Occupation Tim TEMPLE-116945
KY, Todd, Elkton
1860 Occupation R.A. STRATTON-30126
Jun 1860 Census Caroline TEMPLE-21985
Jun 1860 Occupation Richard Webb TEMPLE-21990
Jun 1860 Occupation William Montgomery (William) TEMPLE-21991
Jun 1860 Census Mary Ellen (Mary) ENNIS-21999
Jun 1860 Census Adalaska L. (Addie) TEMPLE-22002
Jun 1860 Census Sarah F. STRATTON-25060
Jun 1860 Census James Warren (Jim) TEMPLE-25061
Jun 1860 Census Frederick Webb (Webb) TEMPLE-25062
Jun 1860 Census Sarah J. TEMPLE-28097
Jun 1860 Census Margaret E. TEMPLE-28098
Jun 1860 Census Georgia Anne TEMPLE-30127
24 Jun 1860 Birth Gertrude Earl TEMPLE-22003
24 Jun 1860 Census Gertrude Earl TEMPLE-22003
KY, Todd, Guthrie
2 Mar 1942 Death Johnnie K. TEMPLE-74346
KY, Todd, Todd City
1840 Census Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976
KY, Trigg Co.
1 Jan 1860 Birth Robert H. NEWTON-25547
1 Jul 1880 Marriage Charles L. TEMPLE-109716 and Mary E. LEGATE-109717
KY, Trigg, Cadiz
15 Nov 1810 Birth Malinda KANADY-23929
1830 Census Lewis Fields TEMPLE-23324
13 May 1830 Marriage Lewis Fields TEMPLE-23324 and Malinda KANADY-23929
KY, Trigg, Cerulean
22 Sep 1880 Birth Minus BLANKS-104032
KY, Trigg, Christian
17 Aug 1819 Death Philip REDD-35608
KY, Trigg, East Cerulean
18 Jan 1937 Death Susan P. (Sallie) TEMPLE-54563
KY, Trimble Co.
Oct 1850 Census Emeline Lucy (Emma) CASEY-50688
Oct 1850 Census William B. CASEY-59406
27 Dec 1874 Birth Frances TEMPLE-50711
31 Oct 1884 Birth Lena