Kentucky Events, Part 6

KENTUCKY Event List Six

KY, Jefferson, Madison

20 Dec 2003 Death Tina Louise (Tina) Temple

KY, Jefferson, Masonic Home

14 Apr 2002 Death Byron J. Temple

KY, Jefferson, Middletown

1860 Occupation Reverend George Beckett
Aug 1860 Census Sarah Lee Temple
Aug 1860 Census Elizabeth Ann (Ann) Temple
Aug 1860 Census Ellen Ettinger Clark
Aug 1860 Census Camilla L. Temple

KY, Jefferson, Oakdale

1918 Occupation Theodore Tempel

KY, Jefferson, Prospect

22 Jul 1987 Death Ruby M. Temple

KY, Jefferson, Riverview

29 Jul 1996 Death Marie A.

KY, Jefferson, Waverly Hills

28 Aug 1926 Death Robert King Temple

KY, Jefferson, West Oakdale

Jan 1920 Occupation Theodore Tempel

KY, Jessamine Co.

6 Nov 1800 Marriage Colonel Stephen Temple and Margaret Walker
abt 1801 Birth Margaret W. Temple
Mar 1804 Death Courtney Walker
Jul 1860 Census James William (Jim) Temple(s)
Jul 1860 Census Millie Jane Temple(s)
Jul 1860 Occupation James William (James) Temple(s)
Jul 1860 Census Tabitha Cleveland
Jul 1860 Census Richard D. (Squire) Temple
Jul 1860 Census Laura B. Temple
22 Feb 1867 Marriage William Laws and Laura B. Temple
7 Aug 1878 Marriage Richard D. (Squire) Temple and Delphia Shearro
1 Oct 1885 Marriage Thomas Brim and Milly Temple
23 Dec 1923 Birth Doris U. Temple
19 Oct 1925 Birth Alfred L. Temple
19 Oct 1925 Death Alfred L. Temple
3 Jan 1927 Birth Marion (Pete) Temple
16 Oct 1928 Birth Alford L. Temple
16 Mar 1929 Death Delphia Shearro
30 Mar 1929 Death Richard Temple
28 Jun 1930 Birth Catherine A. Temple

KY, Jessamine, Camp Nelson

Aug 1892 Birth Alfred (Al) Temple
10 Mar 1895 Birth Michael (Mike) Temple
1911 Residence Grover Temple
1917 Occupation Alfred (Al) Temple
1917 Residence Delilah (Delia) Brewster
1917 Occupation Michael (Mike) Temple

KY, Jessamine, Marble Creek

Apr 1930 Census Marion (Pete) Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Alfred (Al) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Delilah (Delia) Brewster
Apr 1930 Census Doris U. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Alfred Bascom (Bascom) Temple

KY, Jessamine, Nicholasville

11 Jun 1817 Marriage Jesse Moore and Mary or Marie Hamilton
7 Mar 1922 Birth John William Temple
30 Mar 1929 Death Richard D. (Squire) Temple

KY, Johnson Co.

5 Aug 1912 Birth Margarette Temple
4 Jan 1915 Birth Helen Lucille Temple
30 Jan 1923 Birth Gabie Louise (Louise) Temple
9 Jul 1930 Birth Cleopatra N. Temple

KY, Johnson, Paintsville

30 Jun 1894 Birth Naomi Davis (Oma) Vaughan
18 Nov 1908 Birth Charles Davis (Charles) Temple Jr.
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles Davis (Charles) Temple Sr.
Apr 1910 Census Charles Davis (Charles) Temple Jr.
Apr 1910 Census Gabriella Lee (Gabie) Baird
Apr 1910 Census Stanley Alex Temple
Apr 1910 Census Opal Temple
1918 Occupation Stanley Alex Temple
Jun 1920 Census Naomi Davis (Oma) Vaughan
Jun 1920 Census George Bascom Vaughan
Jun 1920 Census Louisa J. (Lou) Davis
Miscellaneous Stanley Alex Temple

KY, Kenton Co.

6 May 1842 Birth Patsy Ann Stephens
1862 Birth Ella Temple
1863 Birth Charles Davis (Charles) Temple Sr.
16 Sep 1864 Death Joseph Temple
23 Dec 1866 Birth George Pearl (Pearley) Temple
1869 Birth Opal Temple
10 Jun 1872 Birth Heber Holbrook Temple Sr.
1875 Birth Annie Temple
1876 Birth Richard Temple
1879 Birth Maud E. Temple
Jun 1880 Occupation James M. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Patsy Ann Stephens
Jun 1880 Census Maud E. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Heber Holbrook Temple Sr.
Jun 1880 Occupation Charles Davis (Charles) Temple Sr.
Jun 1880 Census Ella Temple
Jun 1880 Census Opal Temple
Jun 1880 Census Annie Temple
Jun 1880 Census Richard Temple
Jun 1880 Census George Pearl (Pearley) Temple
Apr 1910 Census Patsy Ann Stephens
Apr 1910 Census William R. Cobb
Apr 1910 Census Maud E. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Virginia C. Cobb
Apr 1910 Census Marjorie D. Cobb
Apr 1910 Census Wayne T. Cobb
13 Sep 1922 Death Hattie V.
22 Dec 1930 Death Mary Temple
18 Feb 1948 Death Mary H. Temple
1 Apr 1989 Death Rosalie Temple
Birth Eliza Marshall

KY, Kenton, Coker Twp.

Aug 1870 Occupation James M. Temple
Aug 1870 Census Patsy Ann Stephens
Aug 1870 Census Charles Davis (Charles) Temple Sr.
Aug 1870 Census Ella Temple
Aug 1870 Census Opal Temple
Aug 1870 Census George Pearl (Pearley) Temple

KY, Kenton, Covington

18 May 1859 Birth Edward H. Temple
Jun 1860 Occupation Dr. Jesse J. Temple
Jun 1860 Census Sarah E. Simmons
Jun 1860 Census Charles W. Temple
Jun 1860 Census Edward H. Temple
10 Nov 1861 Birth Mary S. Temple
3 Nov 1863 Birth James J. Temple
Jul 1870 Occupation Dr. Jesse J. Temple
Jul 1870 Census Sarah E. Simmons
Jul 1870 Occupation Charles W. Temple
Jul 1870 Census Edward H. Temple
Jul 1870 Census Mary S. Temple
Jul 1870 Census James J. Temple
1871 Birth William R. Temple
Jun 1880 Occupation Dr. Jesse J. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Sarah E. Simmons
Jun 1880 Occupation Charles W. Temple
Jun 1880 Occupation Edward H. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Mary S. Temple
Jun 1880 Occupation James J. Temple
Jun 1880 Census William R. Temple
19 Jul 1885 Death Sarah E. Simmons
1889 Birth Stanley Parks Temple
24 Sep 1896 Birth Henry George THOERNER
25 Oct 1896 Death William R. Temple
17 Dec 1896 Birth Elizabeth HULL
11 Nov 1907 Death Dr. Jesse J. Temple
Oct 1908 Residence Mary S. Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Agatch Temple
27 Jan 1912 Death Sue B. Wells
Jan 1920 Census Mary S. Temple
7 Jun 1929 Death Patsy Ann Stephens
12 Aug 1929 Marriage Winfred G. Himmel and Virginia C. Cobb
4 Feb 1930 Death Elmer Austin (Elmer) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Mary S. Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Nell Temple
22 Dec 1930 Death Mary S. Temple
12 Aug 1935 Marriage Bernard Lemuel Temple and Pauline M. Steiner
27 Jul 1947 Marriage William Harry PARKER and Irene Ann Wasilewski
15 Dec 1949 Death Mary Marie Tempel
bef 1950 Residence Rosilee Beagle
31 Jan 1968 Death Elizabeth HULL
24 May 1998 Death Dr. William K. Temple

KY, Kenton, Fort Mitchell

1998 Residence Dr. William K. Temple
28 Apr 2005 Death Hilda Pratt

KY, Kenton, Latonia

9 Apr 1993 Death Edna Mae (Edna) Wyrosdic
25 Jan 2000 Death Jesse Homer (Jesse) Temple Jr.

KY, Kenton, Oakwood

1858 Birth Cora Parks
1890 Residence Edward H. Temple

KY, Kenton, Visalia

Jul 1860 Occupation Joseph E. Temple
Jul 1860 Census Harriet
Jul 1860 Census Harriet Temple
Jul 1860 Occupation James M. Temple
Jul 1860 Census Patsy Ann Stephens
Jul 1860 Census Phebe Temple
Jul 1860 Census Edmonia Wiltbank
13 Sep 1922 Death Harriet Viola (Hattie) Armstrong
Apr 1930 Census Ella Temple
Apr 1930 Census George Pearl (Pearley) Temple

KY, Knott, Hindman

Jun 1900 Census Lucy Aline Mosley
Jun 1900 Occupation Lindsay Mosley
Jun 1900 Census Josephine

KY, Knott, Puncheon

Apr 1910 Census Lucinda C. (Sis) Jones
Apr 1910 Census George B. Butrum
Apr 1910 Census Millie M. Temples
Apr 1910 Census Rossie Butrum
Apr 1910 Census Abner Butrum
Apr 1910 Census Urcil Butrum
Apr 1910 Census Bessie Burtrum
Apr 1910 Census Domie Butrum
Apr 1910 Occupation Camilla
Apr 1910 Census Bertha J. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Thomas H. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Mary D. Temple
May 1910 Occupation William Jasper (Jasper) Temple(s)
May 1910 Census Cora B. Barlowe
May 1910 Census Verda Mae Temple
May 1910 Census Sarah E. Temple
Jan 1920 Census Emily
Jan 1920 Census Oda (Odie) Temples
Apr 1930 Census Martha J. Coombs
Apr 1930 Census Martha Belle Temple(s)
Apr 1930 Occupation Thomas E. (Tom) Temple

KY, Knox Co.

bef 1975 Residence Charlie W. Temple III

KY, Knox, Henderson Twp.

3 May 1839 Birth Eleanor Duval
25 Mar 1949 Death Adelle (Ada) Temple
Birth Sinasten S. Soper

KY, Lakeside Park

Occupation Dr. William K. Temple

KY, Letcher Co.

21 Oct 1923 Birth Alexina Kathryn (Kathryn) Temple

KY, Letcher, Blackey

21 Oct 1923 Birth Kathryn A. Temple

KY, Lewis Co.

21 Sep 1821 Birth George W. Coffrin

KY, Lewis, Vanceburg

Jun 1880 Census Georgie Temple

KY, Lincoln Co.

1820 Census Robert Temple

KY, Logan Co.

1780 Moved Robert Webb Temple
bef 1800 Moved Colonel Stephen Temple
abt 1800 Moved Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) Harvey
22 Jul 1800 Birth George Walker (George) Temple
1802 Birth Mary Ann Brooke Temple
1807 Birth Andrew Walker Temple
1808 Birth Eleanor Ettinger Temple
3 Mar 1808 Marriage Robert Webb Temple and Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) Harvey
29 Nov 1808 Birth Susanna Green (Susan) Temple
1809 Birth Julia Hancock Temple
6 Aug 1811 Birth Stephen Meriwether (Steven) Temple
1812 Birth Jonathan Clark (Clark) Temple
1814 Birth Dr. Robert Baylor Temple
6 Jan 1815 Death Colonel Stephen Temple
2 Jul 1816 Birth Margaret Ann (Margaret) Temple
22 Sep 1817 Birth Caroline Temple
27 Dec 1818 Birth Henry Temple
1819 Birth George William Temple
8 Mar 1820 Marriage Captain Liston Elliott Temple and Paulina Frances (Paula) Gaines
1821 Birth Elizabeth Ann (Ann) Temple
30 Mar 1824 Marriage Lewis W. Lea and Sarah Lee Temple
1830 Census Reverend Benjamin Burnley Temple
Mar 1830 Marriage Captain Liston Elliott Temple and Paulina Frances (Paula) Gaines
1834 Birth Martha Hinchee
29 Nov 1836 Marriage Robert Temple and Ann C. Wills
1840 Census Ellen Ettinger Clark
1849 Death Sarah Frances (Frances) Brashear
1850 Census Lucy
Oct 1850 Census Sarah Lee Temple
Oct 1850 Census Ellen Ettinger Clark
Oct 1850 Census Camilla L. Temple
Oct 1850 Census Harriet Lee Newman
Oct 1850 Census Lucy Ann Newman
2 Jul 1851 Marriage Richard Webb Temple and Sarah F. Stratton
13 Nov 1851 Marriage Jonathan Clark (Clark) Temple and Eliza Wallace Page
2 Jul 1854 Death Robert Webb Temple
Jun 1855 Marriage Frank M. Sadler and Martha Hinchee
16 Oct 1858 Death Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) Harvey
11 Feb 1859 Birth William H. Sadler
1861 Birth Mary Frances Temple
1863 Birth Warner R. Temple
1872 Birth William C. Temple
19 Mar 1872 Marriage Edward S. Stevenson and Camilla L. Temple
1882 Birth Rena Temple
30 Jul 1885 Birth Bennie Sue (Bennie) Munday
31 Oct 1893 Death Fannie L. Laswell
16 Sep 1919 Death Robert Temple
9 Feb 1923 Death Nina Temple
8 Apr 1923 Birth Sallie K. Temple
13 Apr 1926 Birth Rufus Noah Temple
23 Aug 1927 Birth William L. Temple
17 Feb 1928 Death Will Temple
10 Jul 1933 Death Lydia Temple
2 Jan 1943 Death Carrie Temple
7 Apr 1964 Death Monroe Temple
16 Sep 1966 Death Charles H. Temple
18 Oct 1977 Death Fred Temple
19 Jun 1982 Death Johnnie Temple

KY, Logan, Adairville

21 Apr 1900 Death Lucy Crogham Temple

KY, Logan, Auburn

22 Sep 1824 Birth Lucy Crogham Temple
1852 Death Jonathan Clark (Clark) Temple

KY, Logan, Russellville

1810 Census Colonel Stephen Temple
1810 Census Margaret Walker
21 Jul 1810 Miscellaneous Reverend Benjamin Burnley Temple
18 Nov 1810 Miscellaneous Captain Liston Elliott Temple
1820 Census Reverend Benjamin Burnley Temple
1820 Census Robert Webb Temple
1820 Census Wyatt Temple
1820 Census William T. Temple
1820 Census Jesse Temple
1820 Census Jesse Temple
1820 Census Temple
1820 Census Temple
1820 Census Temple
1820 Census Temple
aft 1820 Death Margaret Walker
bet 1838 and 1848 Occupation John Baylor (John) Temple
16 Mar 1838 Death Reverend Benjamin Burnley Temple
7 Nov 1843 Marriage John Baylor (John) Temple and Susan M. Bibb
7 Jan 1845 Marriage Judge Robert Chatham Bowling and Lucy Crogham Temple
12 Jun 1848 Miscellaneous Joseph E. Temple
10 Aug 1851 Birth Ella Bowling
1859 Birth Lula Bowling
3 Mar 1886 Death Judge Robert Chatham Bowling
1918 Residence Kate
bef 1974 Residence Laura Temple
Birth Lucie Mc Ginnis Holeman
Birth Roberta Bowling Eichelberger

KY, Madison Co.

2 Nov 1792 Birth George Hume
1810 Birth Catherine
1837 Birth Hannah Temple
1843 Birth Mary Frances
1 Sep 1859 Marriage Richard R. Temple and Mary Frances
5 Dec 1892 Marriage Findley Worth (Worth) TEMPLE and Mary Ann ROSS
30 Nov 1893 Birth Admiral Floyd Worth (Floyd) TEMPLE
28 Jan 1896 Birth Connie Mae TEMPLE
13 Nov 1922 Birth Connie Mae TEMPLE
10 Oct 1930 Birth Karl Bernard Temple
10 Oct 1930 Birth Karl Bernard Temple
14 Oct 1933 Death Karl Bernard Temple
14 Oct 1933 Death Karl Bernard Temple
8 Jun 1952 Death Mary B. Temple
Birth Kate Grinstead

KY, Madison, Berea

6 Aug 1924 Death Ralph Harold (Ralph) Temple

KY, Madison, Foxtown

Jun 1900 Occupation Findley Worth (Worth) TEMPLE
Jun 1900 Census Mary Ann ROSS
Jun 1900 Census Admiral Floyd Worth (Floyd) TEMPLE
Jun 1900 Census Connie Mae TEMPLE
Jun 1900 Census Joseph King (Joe) TEMPLE

KY, Madison, Kirksville

1859/60 Moved Isaac M. Temple
1860 Census Nancy A. Temple
1860 Census Susan P. (Sallie) Temple
Jul 1860 Occupation Isaac M. Temple
Jul 1860 Census Patrick H. Temple
Jul 1860 Census Elizabeth Temple
Jul 1860 Census Ann M. Temple
Jul 1860 Census Margaret Eliza Temple
Jul 1860 Census Samuel S. Temple
Jul 1860 Census Nancy Temple
Jul 1860 Census Hannah Temple
Jul 1860 Occupation Richard R. Temple
Jul 1860 Census Catherine
Jul 1860 Census Sarah A. Phillips
Jul 1860 Census Margaret J.
Apr 1930 Occupation Grover John (Grover) TEMPLE
Apr 1930 Census Louise TEMPLE
Apr 1930 Census Nella W. (Nellie) Lawson
Apr 1930 Census Marjorie H. (Margie) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Grover John Temple Jr.

KY, Madison, Richmond

8 May 1901 Birth Grover John (Grover) TEMPLE
8 Jun 1952 Death Mary Halsey Cotton Bond
8 Jan 2006 Death Doris U. Temple

KY, Magoffin, Atkinson

Jan 1910 Birth Alice Temple
May 1910 Census John W. Temple
May 1910 Occupation Clay Temple
May 1910 Census Martha
May 1910 Census Alice Temple

KY, Marshall, Benton

2010 Residence Byford Temple

KY, Mason Co.

Birth Lewis B. Wells
Birth Amanda Anderson

KY, Mason, Dover

23 Jun 1899 Birth Leon Bryant Cordrey

KY, Mason, Maysville

Jul 1860 Occupation Dr. Walter R. (Watts) Temple
2006 Residence Ashley Ryan Temple
2006 Residence Christopher M. Temple

KY, Mc Cracken Co.

1870 Census Sarah Lee (Sally) Temple
Jul 1870 Occupation Reverend James Norton (James) Temple
Jul 1870 Census Willie B. Temple
Jul 1870 Census Eleanor Ettinger (Nellie) Temple
Jul 1870 Census Robertina (Bobbie) Temple
Jul 1870 Census Susan Polk (Susie) Temple
Oct 1888 Birth Maude Elsie (Maud) Wagoner
Apr 1910 Census Anna K. (Annie) Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Adam J. Temple Jr.
Apr 1910 Census Henry Frederick Temple
Apr 1910 Census Anna K. (Annie) Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Henry Tempel
Apr 1910 Census Lena Tempel
Apr 1910 Census Harold E. Tempel
Apr 1910 Census Edith L. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Edgar H. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Lawrence R. Temple
Apr 1910 Occupation Adam Temple Jr.
Apr 1910 Census Catherine
5 Jan 1912 Birth Warren Temple
26 Apr 1914 Birth Leonard H. Temple
30 Apr 1925 Birth Betty Jean Miller
31 May 1946 Death Adam J. Temple Jr.
2 Jun 1946 Death Ella V. Temple
10 Jan 1954 Death Maude Elsie (Maud) Wagoner
24 Dec 1957 Death Thomas Montgomery (Tom) Temple
21 Jul 1970 Death Mattie Josephine Temple
Residence Eve Temple

KY, Mc Cracken, Hayes Twp.

Jun 1880 Occupation Reverend James Norton (James) Temple
Jun 1880 Occupation Willie B. Temple
Jun 1880 Census Eleanor Ettinger (Nellie) Temple
Jun 1880 Census Robertina (Bobbie) Temple
Jun 1880 Census Susan Polk (Susie) Temple

KY, Mc Cracken, Massac

Apr 1930 Occupation Adam J. Temple Jr.
Apr 1930 Census Maude Elsie (Maud) Wagoner
May 1930 Census Henry Tempel
May 1930 Census Lena Tempel

KY, Mc Cracken, Maxon Hill

10 Sep 1889 Birth James Rudy (Rudy) Willett
1896 Residence Lena Tempel
1896 Residence Henry Tempel
8 Jul 1919 Death Anna K. (Annie) Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Adam J. Temple Jr.
Jan 1920 Census Maude Elsie (Maud) Wagoner
Jan 1920 Census Anna K. (Annie) Temple
Jan 1920 Census James Rudy (Rudy) Willett
Jan 1920 Census Warren Temple
Jan 1920 Occupation Adam Temple Jr.

KY, Mc Cracken, Paducah

1818 Birth Reverend James Norton (James) Temple
20 Jun 1846 Birth Frances Carter Temple
11 Jan 1848 Birth Sarah Lee (Sally) Temple
4 Oct 1852 Birth Mary Barksdale Temple
Jun 1860 Census Mary
Jun 1860 Census Amanda Temples
30 Aug 1861 Birth Robertina (Bobbie) Temple
1862/3 Military Palmer Temple
16 Mar 1863 Birth Mary Temple
1867 Election John Newton Temple
1870 Birth Samuel Forest Temple
4 Sep 1872 Marriage Francis Napoleon Gardner and Sarah Lee (Sally) Temple
abt 1892 Moved Adam J. Temple Jr.
1900 Death Reverend James Norton (James) Temple
Apr 1910 Census Willie B. Temple
Apr 1910 Census Eleanor Ettinger (Nellie) Temple
Apr 1910 Census Dr. Charles H. Brothers
26 Oct 1910 Marriage James Rudy (Rudy) Willett and Anna K. (Annie) Temple
2 Sep 1912 Birth Frances Willet
1917 Occupation Henry Frederick Temple
1918 Occupation Dowen Francis Temple
Feb 1920 Occupation Henry Tempel
Feb 1920 Census Lena Tempel
Feb 1920 Census Harold E. Tempel
Feb 1920 Census Edith L. Temple
Feb 1920 Census Edgar H. Temple
24 Sep 1928 Birth Jo Anne Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation James Benjamin Franklin (James) Temple
Apr 1930 Census Nannie Mae (Nannie) Haley
Apr 1930 Census Mary Ella Temple
Apr 1930 Census Dr. James Benjamin Franklin (J.B.) Temple Jr.
Apr 1930 Census Sally Stennis Temple
Apr 1930 Census Jo Anne Temple
Apr 1930 Occupation Adam Temple Jr.
Apr 1930 Census Ella
Apr 1930 Census Louie Temple
1942 Residence Adam J. Temple Jr.
18 Mar 1969 Death James Benjamin Franklin (James) Temple
21 Jul 1978 Death Nannie Mae (Nannie) Haley
29 Jan 1984 Death Alton Edward Mount
15 Apr 1994 Death Warren J. Tempel
10 Oct 2010 Death Albert Bruce (Bruce) temple
Death Adam Temple Jr.
JeffersonStreet Residence Bennie Sue (Bennie) Munday

KY, Mc Cracken, Woodville

Jun 1900 Occupation Henry Tempel
Jun 1900 Census Lena Tempel
Jun 1900 Census Harold E. Tempel
Jun 1900 Census Edith L. Temple
Jun 1900 Occupation Adam Tempel
Jun 1900 Census Caedanath
Jun 1900 Occupation Sam Tempel
Jun 1900 Census Lena
Jun 1900 Census Lillie Tempel

KY, Mc Lean Co.

20 Sep 1912 Birth William Temples
23 Jun 1936 Death William M. Temple

KY, Mc Lean, Livermore

15 Jun 1893 Birth Floyd Hillman Temple
Jan 1920 Census Lieu E. Temple
Jan 1920 Census Ira C. Hagerman
Apr 1930 Occupation William M. Temple
Apr 1930 Census Mary

KY, Mc Lendon Co.

20 Sep 1912 Death William Temple
23 Jun 1936 Death W.M. Temple

KY, Mercer Co.

1830 Census Robert Temple
1830 Census Temple
1840 Census Robert Temple
21 Aug 1873 Death Telitha

KY, Mercer, Burgin

1918 Occupation Ulysses Jewell Temple

KY, Metcalf, Edmonton

bef 1977 Residence Kathryn A. Temple

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