Kentucky Events, Part 6

KENTUCKY Event List Six

KY, Jefferson, West Oakdale

Jan 1920 Occupation Theodore TEMPLE-71887

KY, Jessamine Co.

6 Nov 1800 Marriage Colonel Stephen TEMPLE-17169 and Margaret WALKER-17175
abt 1801 Birth Margaret W. TEMPLE-21241
Mar 1804 Death Courtney WALKER-32850
Jul 1860 Census James W. (Jim) TEMPLE(S)-54666
Jul 1860 Census Millie Jane TEMPLE(S)-54667
Jul 1860 Occupation James William (James) TEMPLE(S)-54669
Jul 1860 Census Tabitha-54670
Jul 1860 Census Squire D. TEMPLE-54671
22 Feb 1867 Marriage William LAWS-61309 and Laura B. TEMPLE-54673
7 Aug 1878 Marriage Squire D. TEMPLE-54671 and Delphia SHEARRO-54668
1 Oct 1885 Marriage Thomas BRIM-69179 and Milly TEMPLE-69178
23 Dec 1923 Birth Doris U. TEMPLE-55779
19 Oct 1925 Birth Alfred L. TEMPLE-55778
19 Oct 1925 Death Alfred L. TEMPLE-55778
3 Jan 1927 Birth Marion (Pete) TEMPLE-55775
16 Oct 1928 Birth Alford L. TEMPLE-55782
16 Mar 1929 Death Delphia SHEARRO-54668
30 Mar 1929 Death Richard TEMPLE-68229
28 Jun 1930 Birth Catherine A. TEMPLE-55783

KY, Jessamine, Marble Creek

Apr 1930 Census Marion (Pete) TEMPLE-55775
Apr 1930 Occupation Alfred (Al) TEMPLE-55776
Apr 1930 Census Delilah (Delia) BREWSTER-55777
Apr 1930 Census Doris U. TEMPLE-55779
Apr 1930 Census Alfred Bascom (Bascom) TEMPLE-55780

KY, Jessamine, Nicholasville

11 Jun 1817 Marriage Jesse MOORE-60087 and Mary or Marie HAMILTON-60088

KY, Johnson Co.

5 Aug 1912 Birth Margarette TEMPLE-50673
4 Jan 1915 Birth Helen Lucille TEMPLE-53534
30 Jan 1923 Birth Gabie Louise (Louise) TEMPLE-50665
9 Jul 1930 Birth Cleopatra N. TEMPLE-68215

KY, Johnson, Paintsville

Misc Stanley A. TEMPLE-50670
30 Jun 1894 Birth Naomi Davis (Oma) VAUGHAN-50666
Apr 1910 Occupation Charles Davis (Charles) TEMPLE Sr.-50667
Apr 1910 Census Charles Davis (Charles) TEMPLE Jr.-50668
Apr 1910 Census Gabia Lee (Gabie) BEARD-50669
Apr 1910 Census Stanley A. TEMPLE-50670
Apr 1910 Census Opal TEMPLE-50671
Jun 1920 Census Naomi Davis (Oma) VAUGHAN-50666
Jun 1920 Census G.B. VAUGHAN-55754
Jun 1920 Census Lou J.-55755

KY, Kenton Co.

1862 Birth Ella TEMPLE-50674
1863 Birth Charles Davis (Charles) TEMPLE Sr.-50667
16 Sep 1864 Death Joseph TEMPLE-69976
1867 Birth George Pearl (Pearley) TEMPLE-50678
1869 Birth Opal TEMPLE-50675
1871 Birth Heber Holbrook TEMPLE Sr.-50661
1875 Birth Annie TEMPLE-50676
1876 Birth Richard TEMPLE-50677
1879 Birth Maud E. TEMPLE-48546
Jun 1880 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-30120
Jun 1880 Census Patsy Ann-30121
Jun 1880 Census Maud E. TEMPLE-48546
Jun 1880 Census Heber Holbrook TEMPLE Sr.-50661
Jun 1880 Occupation Charles Davis (Charles) TEMPLE Sr.-50667
Jun 1880 Census Ella TEMPLE-50674
Jun 1880 Census Opal TEMPLE-50675
Jun 1880 Census Annie TEMPLE-50676
Jun 1880 Census Richard TEMPLE-50677
Jun 1880 Census George Pearl (Pearley) TEMPLE-50678
Apr 1910 Census Patsy Ann-30121
Apr 1910 Census William R. COBB-48545
Apr 1910 Census Maud E. TEMPLE-48546
Apr 1910 Census Virginia C. COBB-48547
Apr 1910 Census Marjorie D. COBB-48549
Apr 1910 Census Wayne T. COBB-48552
27 Jan 1912 Death Sue B. TEMPLE-68128
13 Sep 1922 Death Hattie V.-69883
7 Jun 1929 Death Patsy Ann-30121
4 Feb 1930 Death Elmer Austin (Elmer) TEMPLE-46433
22 Dec 1930 Death Mary TEMPLE-68228
18 Feb 1948 Death Mary H. TEMPLE-69911
1 Apr 1989 Death Rosalie TEMPLE-69924

KY, Kenton, Coker Twp.

Aug 1870 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-30120
Aug 1870 Census Patsy Ann-30121
Aug 1870 Census Charles Davis (Charles) TEMPLE Sr.-50667
Aug 1870 Census Ella TEMPLE-50674
Aug 1870 Census Opal TEMPLE-50675
Aug 1870 Census George Pearl (Pearley) TEMPLE-50678

KY, Kenton, Covington

18 May 1859 Birth Edward H. TEMPLE-30117
Jun 1860 Occupation Dr. Jesse J. TEMPLE-29116
Jun 1860 Census Sarah E.-30115
Jun 1860 Census Charles W. TEMPLE-30116
Jun 1860 Census Edward H. TEMPLE-30117
10 Nov 1861 Birth Mary S. TEMPLE-30425
3 Nov 1863 Birth James J. TEMPLE-30426
Jul 1870 Occupation Dr. Jesse J. TEMPLE-29116
Jul 1870 Census Sarah E.-30115
Jul 1870 Occupation Charles W. TEMPLE-30116
Jul 1870 Census Edward H. TEMPLE-30117
Jul 1870 Census Mary S. TEMPLE-30425
Jul 1870 Census James J. TEMPLE-30426
1871 Birth William R. TEMPLE-50654
Jun 1880 Occupation Dr. Jesse J. TEMPLE-29116
Jun 1880 Census Sarah E.-30115
Jun 1880 Occupation Charles W. TEMPLE-30116
Jun 1880 Occupation Edward H. TEMPLE-30117
Jun 1880 Census Mary S. TEMPLE-30425
Jun 1880 Occupation James J. TEMPLE-30426
Jun 1880 Census William R. TEMPLE-50654
24 Sep 1896 Birth Henry George THOERNER-31807
17 Dec 1896 Birth Elizabeth HULL-31797
Oct 1908 Residence Mary S. TEMPLE-30425
Apr 1910 Occupation Agatch TEMPLE-82941
Jan 1920 Census Mary S. TEMPLE-30425
12 Aug 1929 Marriage Winfred G. HIMMEL-48551 and Virginia C. COBB-48547
Apr 1930 Census Mary S. TEMPLE-30425
Apr 1930 Occupation Nell TEMPLE-78848
12 Aug 1935 Marriage Bernard Lemuel TEMPLE-60295 and Pauline M. STEINER-60300
27 Jul 1947 Marriage William Harry PARKER-3686 and Irene Ann WASILEWSKI-3693
31 Jan 1968 Death Elizabeth HULL-31797
24 May 1998 Death Dr. William K. TEMPLE-52788

KY, Kenton, Fort Mitchell

1998 Residence Dr. William K. TEMPLE-52788
28 Apr 2005 Death Hilda PRATT-52786

KY, Kenton, Latonia

9 Apr 1993 Death Edna Mae (Edna) WYROSDIC-52070
25 Jan 2000 Death Jesse Homer (Jesse) TEMPLE Jr.-52069

KY, Kenton, Visalia

Jul 1860 Occupation Joseph E. TEMPLE-21665
Jul 1860 Census Harriet-30118
Jul 1860 Census Harriet TEMPLE-30119
Jul 1860 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-30120
Jul 1860 Census Patsy Ann-30121
Jul 1860 Census Phebe TEMPLE-30122
Jul 1860 Census Edmonia WILTBANK-30124
Apr 1930 Census Ella TEMPLE-50674
Apr 1930 Census George Pearl (Pearley) TEMPLE-50678

KY, Knott, Hindman

Jun 1900 Census Lucy Aline MOSLEY-15839
Jun 1900 Occupation Lindsay MOSLEY-59264
Jun 1900 Census Josephine-59265

KY, Knott, Puncheon

Apr 1910 Census Lucinda C. JONES-51377
Apr 1910 Census George B. BURTRUM-51378
Apr 1910 Census Nellie M. TEMPLES-51381
Apr 1910 Census Rossie BURTRUM-55679
Apr 1910 Census Abner BURTRUM-55680
Apr 1910 Census Urcil BURTRUM-55681
Apr 1910 Census Bessie BURTRUM-55682
Apr 1910 Census Domie BURTRUM-55683
Apr 1910 Occupation Camilla-71686
Apr 1910 Census Bertha J. TEMPLE-71687
Apr 1910 Census Thomas H. TEMPLE-71688
Apr 1910 Census Mary D. TEMPLE-71689
May 1910 Occupation Jasper TEMPLE(S)-50651
May 1910 Census Cora B. BARLOWE-55971
May 1910 Census Verda Mae TEMPLE-55972
May 1910 Census Sarah E. TEMPLE-55973
Jan 1920 Census Emily-75023
Jan 1920 Census Oda (Odie) TEMPLES-75024
Apr 1930 Census Martha J. COOMBS-38372
Apr 1930 Census Martha Belle TEMPLE(S)-38373
Apr 1930 Occupation Thomas E. (Tom) TEMPLE-38376

KY, Knox Co.

bef 1975 Residence Charlie W. TEMPLE III-69862

KY, Knox, Henderson Twp.

Birth Sinasten S. SOPER-59474
3 May 1839 Birth Eleanor DUVAL-59470
25 Mar 1949 Death Adelle (Ada) TEMPLE-66158

KY, Lakeside Park

Occupation Dr. William K. TEMPLE-52788

KY, Letcher Co.

21 Oct 1923 Birth Alexina Kathryn (Kathryn) TEMPLE-3194

KY, Lewis Co.

21 Sep 1821 Birth George W. COFFRIN-41140

KY, Lewis, Vanceburg

Jun 1880 Census Georgie TEMPLE-85526

KY, Lincoln Co.

1820 Census Robert TEMPLE-5254

KY, Logan Co.

Birth Rena TEMPLE-23219
1780 Moved Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976
bef 1800 Moved Colonel Stephen TEMPLE-17169
abt 1800 Moved Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) HARVEY-21981
22 Jul 1800 Birth George Walker TEMPLE-21997
1802 Birth Mary Ann Brooke TEMPLE-5288
1807 Birth Andrew Walker TEMPLE-21998
1808 Birth Eleanor Ettinger TEMPLE-5293
3 Mar 1808 Marriage Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976 and Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) HARVEY-21981
29 Nov 1808 Birth Susanna Green (Susan) TEMPLE-21982
1809 Birth Julia Hancock TEMPLE-29464
6 Aug 1811 Birth Stephen Meriwether (Steven) TEMPLE-21983
1812 Birth Jonathan Clark (Clark) TEMPLE-5291
1814 Birth Dr. Robert Baylor TEMPLE-5292
6 Jan 1815 Death Colonel Stephen TEMPLE-17169
2 Jul 1816 Birth Margaret Ann (Margaret) TEMPLE-21984
22 Sep 1817 Birth Caroline TEMPLE-21985
27 Dec 1818 Birth Henry TEMPLE-21986
1819 Birth George William TEMPLE-29465
8 Mar 1820 Marriage Captain Liston Elliott TEMPLE-23165 and Paulina Frances (Paula) GAINES-30541
1821 Birth Elizabeth Ann (Ann) TEMPLE-5290
30 Mar 1824 Marriage Lewis W. LEA-19658 and Sarah Lee TEMPLE-5289
1830 Census Reverend Benjamin Burnley TEMPLE-4511
Mar 1830 Marriage Captain Liston Elliott TEMPLE-23165 and Paulina Frances (Paula) GAINES-30541
1834 Birth Martha HINCHEE-66553
29 Nov 1836 Marriage Robert TEMPLE-68105 and Ann C. WILLS-68106
1840 Census Ellen Ettinger CLARK-17598
1849 Death Sarah Frances (Frances) BRASHEAR-5370
1850 Census Lucy-71660
Oct 1850 Census Sarah Lee TEMPLE-5289
Oct 1850 Census Ellen Ettinger CLARK-17598
Oct 1850 Census Camilla L. TEMPLE-23206
Oct 1850 Census Harriet Lee NEWMAN-26593
Oct 1850 Census Lucy Ann NEWMAN-26594
2 Jul 1851 Marriage Richard Webb TEMPLE-21990 and Sarah F. STRATTON-25060
13 Nov 1851 Marriage Jonathan Clark (Clark) TEMPLE-5291 and Eliza Wallace PAGE-21562
2 Jul 1854 Death Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976
Jun 1855 Marriage Frank M. SADLER-66556 and Martha HINCHEE-66553
16 Oct 1858 Death Guillielmus (Gooly and Gilly) HARVEY-21981
11 Feb 1859 Birth William H. SADLER-66557
1861 Birth Mary Frances TEMPLE-23210
1863 Birth Warner R. TEMPLE-23211
1865 Birth Robert E. TEMPLE-23212
1872 Birth William C. TEMPLE-23214
19 Mar 1872 Marriage Edward S. STEVENSON-23207 and Camilla L. TEMPLE-23206
30 Jul 1885 Birth Bennie Sue (Bennie) MUNDAY-59387
31 Oct 1893 Death Fannie L. LASWELL-23237
16 Sep 1919 Death Robert TEMPLE-68197
9 Feb 1923 Death Nina TEMPLE-68196
8 Apr 1923 Birth Sallie K. TEMPLE-55310
13 Apr 1926 Birth Rufus Noah TEMPLE-68233
23 Aug 1927 Birth William L. TEMPLE-68238
17 Feb 1928 Death Will TEMPLE-68235
10 Jul 1933 Death Lydia TEMPLE-68249
2 Jan 1943 Death Carrie TEMPLE-69859
7 Apr 1964 Death Monroe TEMPLE-69914
16 Sep 1966 Death Charles H. TEMPLE-69860
18 Oct 1977 Death Fred TEMPLE-69878
19 Jun 1982 Death Johnnie TEMPLE-69891

KY, Logan, Adairville

21 Apr 1900 Death Lucy Crogham TEMPLE-5295

KY, Logan, Auburn

22 Sep 1824 Birth Lucy Crogham TEMPLE-5295
1852 Death Jonathan Clark (Clark) TEMPLE-5291

KY, Logan, Russellville

Birth Lucie Mc Ginnis HOLEMAN-17602
Birth Roberta Bowling EICHELBERGER-17630
1810 Census Colonel Stephen TEMPLE-17169
1810 Census Margaret WALKER-17175
1820 Census Reverend Benjamin Burnley TEMPLE-4511
1820 Census Robert Webb TEMPLE-21976
1820 Census Wyatt TEMPLE-21978
1820 Census William T. TEMPLE-21996
1820 Census Jesse TEMPLE-29101
1820 Census Jesse TEMPLE-38397
1820 Census TEMPLE-38399
1820 Census TEMPLE-38401
1820 Census TEMPLE-38402
1820 Census TEMPLE-38403
aft 1820 Death Margaret WALKER-17175
bet 1838-1848 Occupation John Baylor (John) TEMPLE-5296
16 Mar 1838 Death Reverend Benjamin Burnley TEMPLE-4511
7 Nov 1843 Marriage John Baylor (John) TEMPLE-5296 and Susan M. BIBB-5367
7 Jan 1845 Marriage Judge Robert Chatham BOWLING-17599 and Lucy Crogham TEMPLE-5295
12 Jun 1848 Misc Joseph E. TEMPLE-21665
10 Aug 1851 Birth Ella BOWLING-17921
1859 Birth Lula BOWLING-17600
3 Mar 1886 Death Judge Robert Chatham BOWLING-17599
bef 1974 Residence Laura TEMPLE-69895

KY, Madison Co.

Birth Kate GRINSTEAD-11456
2 Nov 1792 Birth George HUME-24912
1810 Birth Catherine-54577
1837 Birth Hannah TEMPLE-54560
1843 Birth Mary Frances-54568
1 Sep 1859 Marriage Richard R. TEMPLE-54561 and Mary Frances-54568
5 Dec 1892 Marriage Findley Worth TEMPLE-31811 and Mary Ann ROSS-31812
30 Nov 1893 Birth Admiral Floyd Worth (Floyd) TEMPLE-31813
28 Jan 1896 Birth Connie Mae TEMPLE-31815
13 Nov 1922 Birth Connie Mae TEMPLE-50143
14 Oct 1933 Death Karl B. TEMPLE-68245
8 Jun 1952 Death Mary B. TEMPLE-69909

KY, Madison, Berea

6 Aug 1924 Death Ralph Harold (Ralph) TEMPLE-24522

KY, Madison, Foxtown

Jun 1900 Occupation Findley Worth TEMPLE-31811
Jun 1900 Census Mary Ann ROSS-31812
Jun 1900 Census Admiral Floyd Worth (Floyd) TEMPLE-31813
Jun 1900 Census Connie Mae TEMPLE-31815
Jun 1900 Census Joseph King (Joe) TEMPLE-31816

KY, Madison, Kirksville

1859/60 Moved Isaac M. TEMPLE-54552
1860 Census Nancy A. TEMPLE-54562
1860 Census Susan P. TEMPLE-54563
Jul 1860 Occupation Isaac M. TEMPLE-54552
Jul 1860 Census Patrick H. TEMPLE-54553
Jul 1860 Census Elizabeth TEMPLE-54554
Jul 1860 Census Ann M. TEMPLE-54555
Jul 1860 Census Margaret TEMPLE-54556
Jul 1860 Census Samuel S. TEMPLE-54557
Jul 1860 Census Nancy TEMPLE-54558
Jul 1860 Census Hannah TEMPLE-54560
Jul 1860 Occupation Richard R. TEMPLE-54561
Jul 1860 Census Catherine-54577
Jul 1860 Census Sarah A. PHILLIPS-54578
Jul 1860 Census Margaret J.-54582
Apr 1930 Occupation Grover John (Grover) TEMPLE-31775
Apr 1930 Census Louise TEMPLE-31821
Apr 1930 Census Nella W. (Nellie) LAWSON-31823
Apr 1930 Census Marjorie H. (Margie) TEMPLE-31824
Apr 1930 Census Grover John TEMPLE Jr.-31825

KY, Madison, Richmond

8 May 1901 Birth Grover John (Grover) TEMPLE-31775
8 Jan 2006 Death Doris U. TEMPLE-55779

KY, Magoffin, Atkinson

Jan 1910 Birth Alice TEMPLE-71684
May 1910 Census John W. TEMPLE-69890
May 1910 Occupation Clay TEMPLE-71682
May 1910 Census Martha-71683
May 1910 Census Alice TEMPLE-71684

KY, Mason, Maysville

Jul 1860 Occupation Dr. Walter R. (Watts) TEMPLE-5372
2006 Residence Ashley Ryan TEMPLE-91235
2006 Residence Christopher M. TEMPLE-91237

KY, Mc Cracken Co.

Residence Eve TEMPLE-56240
Residence Anna K. (Annie) TEMPLE-56241
1870 Census Sarah Lee (Sally) TEMPLE-19673
Jul 1870 Occupation Reverend James Norton (James) TEMPLE-5294
Jul 1870 Census Willie B. TEMPLE-5378
Jul 1870 Census Eleanor Ettinger (Nellie) TEMPLE-19676
Jul 1870 Census Robertina (Bobbie) TEMPLE-19679
Jul 1870 Census Susan Polk (Susie) TEMPLE-19681
Oct 1888 Birth Maude Elsie (Maud) WAGONER-56238
Apr 1910 Occupation Adam TEMPLE Sr.-56235
Apr 1910 Census Anna K. (Annie)-56236
Apr 1910 Occupation Adam TEMPLE Jr.-56237
Apr 1910 Census Henry Frederick TEMPLE-56239
Apr 1910 Census Anna K. (Annie) TEMPLE-56241
Apr 1910 Occupation Henry TEMPLE Jr.-56259
Apr 1910 Census Leana-56260
Apr 1910 Census Harold E. TEMPLE-56261
Apr 1910 Census Edith L. TEMPLE-56262
Apr 1910 Census Edgar H. TEMPLE-56263
Apr 1910 Census Lawrence R. TEMPLE-56264
Apr 1910 Census Catherine-56266
5 Jan 1912 Birth Warren TEMPLE-56250
26 Apr 1914 Birth Leonard H. TEMPLE-31030
31 May 1946 Death Adam TEMPLE Jr.-56237
2 Jun 1946 Death Ella V. TEMPLE-68461
10 Jan 1954 Death Maude Elsie (Maud) WAGONER-56238
24 Dec 1957 Death Thomas M. (Tom) TEMPLE-25066
21 Jul 1970 Death Mattie Josephine TEMPLE-5945

KY, Mc Cracken, Hayes Twp.

Jun 1880 Occupation Reverend James Norton (James) TEMPLE-5294
Jun 1880 Occupation Willie B. TEMPLE-5378
Jun 1880 Census Eleanor Ettinger (Nellie) TEMPLE-19676
Jun 1880 Census Robertina (Bobbie) TEMPLE-19679
Jun 1880 Census Susan Polk (Susie) TEMPLE-19681

KY, Mc Cracken, Massac

Apr 1930 Occupation Adam TEMPLE Jr.-56237
Apr 1930 Census Maude Elsie (Maud) WAGONER-56238

KY, Mc Cracken, Maxon Hill

10 Sep 1889 Birth James Rudy (Rudy) WILLETT-56243
Jan 1920 Occupation Adam TEMPLE Sr.-56235
Jan 1920 Occupation Adam TEMPLE Jr.-56237
Jan 1920 Census Maude Elsie (Maud) WAGONER-56238
Jan 1920 Census Anna K. (Annie) TEMPLE-56241
Jan 1920 Census James Rudy (Rudy) WILLETT-56243
Jan 1920 Census Warren TEMPLE-56250

KY, Mc Cracken, Paducah

Death Adam TEMPLE Sr.-56235
1818 Birth Reverend James Norton (James) TEMPLE-5294
20 Jun 1846 Birth Frances Carter TEMPLE-19672
11 Jan 1848 Birth Sarah Lee (Sally) TEMPLE-19673
4 Oct 1852 Birth Mary Barksdale TEMPLE-19675
Jun 1860 Census Mary-81776
Jun 1860 Census Amanda TEMPLES-81777
30 Aug 1861 Birth Robertina (Bobbie) TEMPLE-19679
1862/63 Military Palmer TEMPLE-76905
16 Mar 1863 Birth Mary TEMPLE-19680
1867 Elected John Newton TEMPLE-33200
1870 Birth Samuel Forest TEMPLE-9895
4 Sep 1872 Marriage Francis Napoleon GARDNER-19674 and Sarah Lee (Sally) TEMPLE-19673
abt 1892 Moved Adam TEMPLE Jr.-56237
1900 Death Reverend James Norton (James) TEMPLE-5294
Apr 1910 Census Willie B. TEMPLE-5378
Apr 1910 Census Eleanor Ettinger (Nellie) TEMPLE-19676
Apr 1910 Census Dr. Charles H. BROTHERS-19682
26 Oct 1910 Marriage James Rudy (Rudy) WILLETT-56243 and Anna K. (Annie) TEMPLE-56241
2 Sep 1912 Birth Frances WILLET-56249
8 Jul 1919 Death Anna K. (Annie)-56236
24 Sep 1928 Birth Jo Anne TEMPLE-20062
Apr 1930 Occupation James Benjamin Franklin (James) TEMPLE-20047
Apr 1930 Census Nannie Mae (Nannie) HALEY-20058
Apr 1930 Census Mary Ella TEMPLE-20059
Apr 1930 Census Dr. James Benjamin Franklin (J.B.) TEMPLE Jr.-20060
Apr 1930 Census Sally Stennis TEMPLE-20061
Apr 1930 Census Jo Anne TEMPLE-20062
Apr 1930 Occupation Adam TEMPLE Sr.-56235
Apr 1930 Census Ella-56253
Apr 1930 Census Louie TEMPLE-78849
18 Mar 1969 Death James Benjamin Franklin (James) TEMPLE-20047
21 Jul 1978 Death Nannie Mae (Nannie) HALEY-20058
29 Jan 1984 Death Alton Edward MOUNT-29259

KY, Mc Lean Co.

20 Sep 1912 Birth William TEMPLES-96914

KY, Mc Lean, Livermore

Apr 1930 Occupation William M. TEMPLE-34976
Apr 1930 Census Mary-44529

KY, Mc Lendon Co.

20 Sep 1912 Death William TEMPLE-69934
23 Jun 1936 Death W.M. TEMPLE-68397

KY, Menifee, Mariba

21 Mar 1987 Death Ronald D. TEMPLE-45131

KY, Mercer Co.

1830 Census Robert TEMPLE-5254
1830 Census TEMPLE-34854
1840 Census Robert TEMPLE-5254
21 Aug 1873 Death Telitha-67978
7 Mar 1922 Birth John W. TEMPLE-68421

KY, Metcalf, Edmonton

bef 1977 Residence Kathryn A. TEMPLE-69893

KY, Monroe Co.

1870 Occupation Richard TEMPLE(S)-30827
1870 Census Francis Marion TEMPLE-47174
1870 Census Sarah-47190
1870 Census Martha E. TEMPLE-47191
Aug 1870 Occupation Joel G. TEMPLE(S)-47189
13 Mar 1884 Marriage Cyrus KITTLE-47192 and Martha E. TEMPLE-47191
21 Nov 1895 Marriage Richard TEMPLE-69972 and Sarah TURNER-69973
2 Sep 1904 Marriage John Frank (John) HARP-69975 and Mary E. TEMPLE-69974
4 Jun 1912 Birth William N. TEMPLES-61643
16 Mar 1913 Birth Maude L. TEMPLE(S)-59403
1 Jun 1913 Birth Victoria TEMPLES-84804
16 Jun 1918 Birth James H. TEMPLES-84789
7 Jul 1922 Birth Herbert E. TEMPLES-84788
31 Dec 1930 Birth Ina TEMPLE-61647
23 Jan 1931 Death Ina TEMPLE-61647
22 Mar 1936 Death Martha F. TEMPLE-68398
1942 Residence Herbert E. TEMPLES-84788

KY, Monroe, Abersville

18 May 1898 Death Joel G. TEMPLE(S)-47189
8 Aug 1907 Death Minnie TEMPLES-71649
10 Jun 1917 Death Lizzie TEMPLES-71648
1 Apr 1957 Death Mila TEMPLES-71650

KY, Monroe, Fountain Run

Apr 1910 Occupation William J. TEMPLE(S)-30830
Apr 1910 Occupation Effie E.-47194
Apr 1910 Census Doric TEMPLES-47195
Apr 1910 Occupation Harrison TEMPLES-47196
Apr 1910 Occupation Henry J. TEMPLES-47197
Apr 1910 Occupation John R. TEMPLES-49452
Apr 1910 Census Hannah E.-49453
Apr 1910 Census Snowbelle TEMPLES-49454
Apr 1910 Census Ernest Whitley (Whitley) TEMPLES-49455
9 Nov 1919 Birth Delmar S. TEMPLE(S)-40794
Jan 1920 Occupation John R. TEMPLES-49452
Jan 1920 Census Hannah E.-49453
Jan 1920 Census Snowbelle TEMPLES-49454
Jan 1920 Census Ruby Zella TEMPLES-49456
Jan 1920 Census Cora Mae TEMPLES-55151
Jun 1920 Census Ernest Whitley (Whitley) TEMPLES-49455
bef 1935 Residence Jessie TEMPLE-69886
1936 Residence Martha F. TEMPLE-68398
27 Oct 1957 Death Dick TEMPLES-71651
22 Jun 1962 Death Jasper TEMPLE(S)-50651
12 Jul 2001 Death Maude L. TEMPLE(S)-59403

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