Kansas Events, Part 3

KANSAS Event List Three

KS, Decatur, Lincoln Twp.

Jun 1900 Occupation Nathaniel (Nat) TEMPLE-21752
Jun 1900 Census Etta HARRIS-21762
Jun 1900 Census Ona A. TEMPLE-27362
Jun 1900 Census Ollie L. TEMPLE-27363
Jun 1900 Census Clarence Nathaniel (Clarence) TEMPLE-27364
Jun 1900 Census James Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-27365
Apr 1910 Occupation William Leslie (Leslie) TEMPLE-3378
Apr 1910 Occupation Nathaniel (Nat) TEMPLE-21752
Apr 1910 Census Etta HARRIS-21762
Apr 1910 Census Sarah Lucille (Sadie) BELL-25632
Apr 1910 Census LaRue TEMPLE-25660
Apr 1910 Census Ona A. TEMPLE-27362
Apr 1910 Census Ollie L. TEMPLE-27363
Apr 1910 Census Clarence Nathaniel (Clarence) TEMPLE-27364
Apr 1910 Census James Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-27365
Apr 1910 Census Susie P. TEMPLE-27366
Apr 1910 Census Jay R. TEMPLE-27367
Apr 1910 Census Fay F. TEMPLE-27368

KS, Decatur, Lyle

19 Feb 1883 Birth Sarah Lucille (Sadie) BELL-25632
1980 Residence Lisa TEMPLE-60943

KS, Decatur, Norcatur

3 Oct 1887 Birth Elda Alice TEMPLE-25653
24 Feb 1889 Marriage Nathaniel (Nat) TEMPLE-21752 and Etta HARRIS-21762
13 May 1890 Birth Ona A. TEMPLE-27362
1 Jun 1891 Birth Kittie Bertha (Kittie) SMITH-27252
29 Oct 1892 Birth Ollie L. TEMPLE-27363
20 Jan 1894 Birth Clarence Nathaniel (Clarence) TEMPLE-27364
19 Sep 1898 Birth James Edward (Ed) TEMPLE-27365
2 Apr 1902 Birth Susie P. TEMPLE-27366
13 Nov 1904 Marriage Melvin Marian TEMPLE-25650 and Mary Allura (Lura) SLOAN-25656
4 Jun 1905 Birth Jay R. TEMPLE-27367
4 Jun 1905 Birth Fay F. TEMPLE-27368
5 Mar 1907 Marriage William Leslie (Leslie) TEMPLE-3378 and Sarah Lucille (Sadie) BELL-25632
26 May 1907 Marriage Reverend Watson Robbins DEETER-27250 and Elda Alice TEMPLE-25653
21 Jul 1907 Marriage James Zigler (Jim) MC CURDY-25677 and Ethel Pearle (Pearl) TEMPLE-25652
24 Nov 1907 Marriage Alvin Ray (Ray) TEMPLE-25651 and Charity Blanche (Blanche) ADKINS-25670
26 Feb 1908 Birth LaRue TEMPLE-25660
24 Apr 1908 Birth Lola Mae MC CURDY-27268
30 Aug 1908 Birth Vertie Irene (Vertie) TEMPLE-25658
20 Jan 1909 Birth Fayne L. ROGERS-27280
16 Dec 1910 Birth Vaile E. DEETER-27277
22 Aug 1911 Birth Dr. Harold Leslie TEMPLE-3379
10 Feb 1912 Birth Paul Dale (Fox) TEMPLE-27369
6 Sep 1912 Birth Velma Clarissa (Velma) TEMPLE-27278
17 Oct 1912 Birth Elwood Leslie (Elwood) TEMPLE-25666
12 Aug 1914 Birth Mildred Juanita (Mildred) TEMPLE-27279
1 Oct 1914 Birth Loyal Lester (Lester) TEMPLE-25672
28 Dec 1914 Birth Margaret Irene REAGER-27289
2 Jun 1917 Birth Merl William REAGER-27290
4 Dec 1919 Death Golden LeRoy TEMPLE-27386
13 Dec 1920 Birth Vera Mae (Vera) TEMPLE-27387
24 Dec 1921 Death Harold TEMPLE-27385
20 Aug 1922 Birth Nila TEMPLE-27408
26 Jan 1923 Death Fay F. TEMPLE-27368
1928 Death Bertha M. TORLEY-21759
24 Dec 1928 Birth Elizabeth (Beth) TEMPLE-27409
Apr 1930 Occupation Nathaniel (Nat) TEMPLE-21752
Apr 1930 Census Etta HARRIS-21762
Apr 1930 Census Paul Dale (Fox) TEMPLE-27369
8 Nov 1933 Death Kittie Bertha (Kittie) SMITH-27252
4 Sep 1936 Marriage Paul Dale (Fox) TEMPLE-27369 and Ethel Bernadine CLARK-27377
6 Jan 1941 Death Etta HARRIS-21762
22 Sep 1942 Death Ona A. TEMPLE-27362
1963 Occupation Gerald E. TEMPLE-25671
1963 Moved Gerald E. TEMPLE-25671
17 Apr 1967 Death Edith Eunice (Edith) HIGGINS-27373
1976 Death Fayne L. ROGERS-27280
21 Jan 1977 Death Mae Elizabeth GALLETINE-27253
1978 Residence Alvin Ray (Ray) TEMPLE-25651
1980 Residence Suzanne TEMPLE-60942
1986 Residence Loyal Lester (Lester) TEMPLE-25672
6 Mar 1996 Death Gerald E. TEMPLE-25671

KS, Decatur, Oberlin

30 Sep 1914 Marriage Preston STEVENS-27370 and Ona A. TEMPLE-27362
6 May 1929 Marriage Jay R. TEMPLE-27367 and Vera H. DAVIS-27376
7 Jan 1964 Death Ethel Bernadine CLARK-27377
1974 Residence Marcia (Marcy) TEMPLE-60941
1977 Residence Charity Blanche (Blanche) ADKINS-25670
1977 Residence Suzanne TEMPLE-60942
1978 Residence Lisa TEMPLE-60943
1979 Occupation Clarence Nathaniel (Clarence) TEMPLE-27364
1980 Residence Tracey Lea TEMPLE-60944
1983 Residence Suzanne TEMPLE-60942
22 Sep 2003 Death Marguerite Eleanor MAPES-25673
2004 Residence Virginia Sue (Sue) TEMPLE-27392

KS, Dickinson, Abilene

1927 Marriage Charles A. TEMPLE-35037 and Blanche BIRDWELL-35038
bet 1928-1936 Occupation Charles A. TEMPLE-35037
Mar 1928 Birth Charles A. TEMPLE Jr.-35039
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles A. TEMPLE-35037
Apr 1930 Census Blanche BIRDWELL-35038
Apr 1930 Census Charles A. TEMPLE Jr.-35039
16 Sep 1936 Marriage Charles A. TEMPLE-35037 and Alice E. REMFRY-35041

KS, Doniphan, Center Twp.

Apr 1930 Census Marion Delburt (Marion) TEMPLE-10153

KS, Doniphan, Wolf River Twp.

Aug 1860 Occupation Jonathan TEMPLES-87213
Aug 1860 Census Mary-87214

KS, Douglas, Baldwin City

Feb 1986 Death Oakes R. TEMPLE-40139
Apr 1987 Death Lela Alice (Lela)-42360

KS, Douglas, Lawrence

Apr 1910 Occupation Clemmons TEMPLE-82773
Apr 1910 Census Eleanor G.-82774
Apr 1910 Occupation Adam TEMPLE-82775
Apr 1910 Census Eleanor M. TEMPLE-82776
Apr 1910 Census Rowena TEMPLE-82777
Apr 1910 Census Clementina TEMPLE-82778
Apr 1930 Census William L. TEMPLE-27752
Apr 1930 Census Minnie I. PEETS-27756
Apr 1930 Census Julia-42363
1943 Residence Don M. TEMPLE-89807
11 Mar 1959 Death Myrtle Marie TEMPLE-72984
Feb 1976 Death Mabel TEMPLE-28264

KS, Douglas, Wakarusa

Jun 1900 Occupation Richard Gilbert (Richard) TEMPLE-39351
Jun 1900 Census Ellen (Nellie) OAKES-40138
Jun 1900 Census Oakes R. TEMPLE-40139
Jun 1900 Census Mary E. TEMPLE-40140

KS, Edwards, Kinsley

25 Jun 1991 Death Magnus M. MOWREY-29037
11 Jun 1998 Death Caroline B. (Carrie) TEMPLE-29028

KS, Elk, Grenola

2004 Residence Bret C. TEMPLE-81444

KS, Elk, Howard

Jan 1920 Occupation Charles C. TEMPLES-54401
Jan 1920 Census Alice P.-54402
Jan 1920 Census Alma A. TEMPLES-54403
Jan 1920 Census Doris P. TEMPLES-54404
Jan 1920 Census Eugene R. TEMPLES-54405

KS, Elk, Moline

aft 1899 Death Clarissa TEMPLE-1635

KS, Ellis, Hays

Residence Geraldine (Jerry) PETERS-27266
8 Mar 2004 Death Richard Lyle (Richard) TEMPLE-27391

KS, Ellsworth, Holyrood

Apr 1930 Census Hertha RUSSMAN-78580
Apr 1930 Census Bertha-78582
Apr 1930 Census Lois TEMPLE-78583

KS, Ellsworth, Langley

Apr 1930 Occupation Lee W. TEMPLE-48528
Apr 1930 Census Ruth HENDERSHOT-61349
Apr 1930 Census Harold Lee TEMPLE-61350
Apr 1930 Census G.M. HENDERSHOT-61351
Apr 1930 Census Louise-61352

KS, Finney Co.

1886 Elected George L. TEMPLE-97104
1940 Residence John Arthur TEMPLE-48740
1940 Residence Thomas Edward (Tom) TEMPLE-48741

KS, Finney, Garden City

1934 Residence Edward L. TEMPLE-61267
1962 Residence Jessie L. TEMPLE-60110
19 Dec 2001 Death Naomi R. TEMPLE-88815

KS, Finney, Garfield

Apr 1930 Occupation Arthur Armstrong (Arthur) TEMPLE-48736
Apr 1930 Census Annie CAVITT-48737
Apr 1930 Census Pearl Faye (Pearl) TEMPLE-48738
Apr 1930 Census Dorothy Opal TEMPLE-48739
Apr 1930 Census John Arthur TEMPLE-48740
Apr 1930 Census Thomas Edward (Tom) TEMPLE-48741
Apr 1930 Census Annie Francis TEMPLE-48742
Apr 1930 Census Grace Elizabeth TEMPLE-48743

KS, Ford, Dodge City

Death Rowena H. TEMPLE-29047
22 Apr 1884 Marriage John J. WOOTTEN-30865 and D. Mary TEMPLE-30862
Jan 1920 Occupation Thomas Henry TEMPLE-24071
Jan 1920 Census Anna Adeline (Annie) TEMPLE-24075
3 Oct 1929 Marriage Melvin Orville (Melvin) TEMPLE-29029 and Hazel May BIRCHENOUGH-29038
Apr 1930 Occupation Charles R. TEMPLE-40149

KS, Franklin, Homewood

May 1899 Birth Mary Lulu TEMPLE-61234
Jan 1900 Census Sarajane (Sadie)-61244
Jun 1900 Occupation Thomas Jackson TEMPLE-23745
Jun 1900 Census Clyde TEMPLE-48973
Jun 1900 Census Elizabeth WILES-48975
Jun 1900 Occupation William TEMPLE-48976
Jun 1900 Census Raymond TEMPLE-48980
Jun 1900 Census Geneva TEMPLE-48985
Jun 1900 Census Pearl TEMPLE-49000
Jun 1900 Description Oliver P. TEMPLE-50645
Jun 1900 Census Myrtle A.-61226
Jun 1900 Census Mary Lulu TEMPLE-61234
Jun 1900 Occupation Carl TEMPLE-61243
May 1910 Occupation Oliver P. TEMPLE-50645
May 1910 Census Myrtle A.-61226
May 1910 Census Ethel G. TEMPLE-61227
May 1910 Census Leona G. TEMPLE-61228
May 1910 Census Edith M. TEMPLE-61230
May 1910 Census Mary Lulu TEMPLE-61234
May 1910 Census Clyde TEMPLE-61235

KS, Franklin, Ottawa

Jan 1920 Occupation Matthew TEMPLE-74956
Jan 1920 Occupation Wendell TEMPLE-74958

KS, Franklin, Williamsburg

25 Jan 1910 Birth Gilbert TEMPLE-61248
Apr 1910 Occupation Carl TEMPLE-61243
Apr 1910 Census Sarajane (Sadie)-61244
Apr 1910 Census Richard E. TEMPLE-61245
Apr 1910 Census Ralph N. TEMPLE-61246
Apr 1910 Census Clarence W. TEMPLE-61247
Apr 1910 Census Flora R. TEMPLE-61254
bef Jul 1917 Residence Mary Lulu TEMPLE-61234
1939 Death William L. TEMPLE-27752

KS, Geary, Fort Riley

Jun 1900 Occupation Thomas H. TEMPLE-50101
28 Mar 1908 Death Anita C. TEMPLE-82840
1993 Residence Harland D. JOHNSON-99966

KS, Geary, Junction City

1894 Residence Lt. Oscar Fitzhugh (Oscar) TEMPLE-3259
1993 Residence Cheryl L. TEMPLES-99965
23 Nov 2001 Death Oris H. TEMPLES-73155

KS, Gove, Gove

18 Oct 1931 Marriage Fayne L. ROGERS-27280 and Velma Clarissa (Velma) TEMPLE-27278

KS, Graham Co.

12 Sep 1883 Birth Minnie WILSON-67292

KS, Graham, Hill City

6 Oct 1905 Marriage Floyd J. TEMPLE-621 and Cora E. HILL-730
1980 Residence Clarence TEMPLE-27389
Oct 1982 Death Beverly GREGORY-27397
2004 Residence Vinton TEMPLE-45481

KS, Gray Co.

1889 Residence Ida May (Ida) TEMPLE-38488

KS, Gray, Cimarron

12 Oct 1887 Birth Truston Otto (Otto) TEMPLE-39198
1932 Education Pearl TEMPLE-97103

KS, Gray, Ingalls

May 1968 Death Edith TEMPLE-53833

KS, Gray, Logan Twp.

Aug 1889 Death Jennie TEMPLE-38490

KS, Gray, Montezuma

21 Jul 1889 Marriage Mark E. BAKER-61421 and Ida May (Ida) TEMPLE-38488

KS, Greeley, Harrison Twp.

Apr 1910 Occupation Frank W. TEMPLE-74276
Apr 1910 Census Pearl C. BATES-74277
Apr 1910 Census Virgil E. TEMPLE-74278
Apr 1910 Census Gladys M. TEMPLE-74279
Apr 1910 Census Lucinda T.-74281

KS, Greeley, Horace

1960 Moved Harold Keith TEMPLE-572
1965 Residence V. Louella-55812
6 Aug 1965 Death Harold Keith TEMPLE-572

KS, Greenwood, Eureka

4 Jan 1890 Marriage Robert Bruce TEMPLE(S)-5230 and Harriet Phyllis (Hattie) SILL-5388
20 Jul 1892 Birth Mary Beatrice (Mary) TEMPLE-5389
27 Jan 1895 Death Maria Grandson DUNHAM-5229
8 Dec 1898 Birth George Robert (George) TEMPLE-56051
Jun 1900 Occupation Fayette Addison (Fayette) TEMPLE-4543
Jun 1900 Occupation Robert Bruce TEMPLE(S)-5230
Jun 1900 Census Harriet Phyllis (Hattie) SILL-5388
Jun 1900 Census Mary Beatrice (Mary) TEMPLE-5389
Jun 1900 Census George Robert (George) TEMPLE-56051
6 Jun 1905 Death Fayette Addison (Fayette) TEMPLE-4543

KS, Greenwood, Fall River

12 May 1987 Death Frank William AVERY-58630
May 1993 Death Maggie Pauline BARNES-58642

KS, Greenwood, Neal

8 Mar 1895 Birth Lula Elisabeth (Lula) BOWERS-60111

KS, Harper, Anthony

abt 1885 Moved Thomas Henry TEMPLE-24071

KS, Harper, Harper

15 May 1923 Birth Betty Joyce (Betty) SIMPSON-34023

KS, Harvey, Burton

4 Feb 1889 Birth Florence Almyra WELLS-21345
1896 Residence Melinda P. (Linn) WILKINS-23898

KS, Harvey, Halstead

7 Nov 1967 Death Ruby N. JUVENAL-60123

KS, Harvey, Lake

Jun 1900 Occupation Frank W. TEMPLE-74276

KS, Harvey, Newton

Occupation Maria Ann (Marie) FREY-31725
1886 Residence Mary C.-100260
1886 Residence A.G. SMITH-100261
12 Aug 1886 Marriage A.G. SMITH-100261 and Mary C.-100260
3 Apr 1906 Birth James Orville (Orville) TEMPLE-48513
19 Dec 1931 Marriage McLowern (Mac) TEMPLE-31724 and Maria Ann (Marie) FREY-31725
16 Jun 2000 Death Phyllis M. TEMPLE-77221

KS, Harvey, Sedgwick

Death Clarissa Ann (Annie) TEMPLE-23890
Death James BEAL-23906
1876 Moved James Alexander ADAMS-29021

KS, Hodgeman, Jetmore

28 May 1913 Birth Pearl Faye (Pearl) TEMPLE-48738
17 Sep 1918 Birth John Arthur TEMPLE-48740

KS, Hodgeman, Marena Twp.

Apr 1910 Census Viola Lydia (Viola) TEMPLE-48732
Apr 1910 Census Roy O. TEMPLE-48734
Apr 1910 Census Ruby M. TEMPLE-48735
Apr 1910 Occupation Arthur Armstrong (Arthur) TEMPLE-48736

KS, Howard, Belville

Aug 1870 Occupation John TEMPLE-86005
Aug 1870 Census James TEMPLE-86006
Aug 1870 Occupation Smith E. TEMPLE-86007

KS, Jefferson, Nortonville

18 Jun 1899 Birth Pearl I. ROBINSON-27310

KS, Jefferson, Winchester

24 Nov 1886 Marriage William Renwick (William) TEMPLE-26067 and Sarah M. REYNOLDS-26110

KS, Jewell, Burr Oak

Jan 1930 Birth James S. TEMPLE-53440
Apr 1930 Occupation James M. TEMPLE-29411
Apr 1930 Census Elizabeth-53433
Apr 1930 Census Charles Edward (Charles) TEMPLE-53434
Apr 1930 Census Robert G. TEMPLE-53438
Apr 1930 Census John L. TEMPLE-53439
Apr 1930 Census James S. TEMPLE-53440

KS, Jewell, Center Twp.

Apr 1910 Occupation John C. TEMPLE-51881
Apr 1910 Census Anna M. PANTIER-54914
Apr 1910 Census Basil O. TEMPLE-54915
Apr 1910 Census Robert P. TEMPLE-54916
Apr 1910 Census John C. TEMPLE Jr.-54917
Apr 1910 Census Gladys Irene (Gladys) TEMPLE-60952

KS, Jewell, Grant

Jun 1900 Occupation John C. TEMPLE-51881
Jun 1900 Census Anna M. PANTIER-54914
Jun 1900 Census Robert E. PANTIER-61257

KS, Jewell, Mankato

Jan 1920 Occupation John C. TEMPLE-51881
Jan 1920 Census Anna M. PANTIER-54914
Jan 1920 Occupation Basil O. TEMPLE-54915
Jan 1920 Census Robert P. TEMPLE-54916
Jan 1920 Census John C. TEMPLE Jr.-54917
Jan 1920 Census Gladys Irene (Gladys) TEMPLE-60952
1922 Residence John C. TEMPLE-51881
29 Jan 1923 Marriage William Arthur ADAMS-60953 and Gladys Irene (Gladys) TEMPLE-60952
31 Dec 1923 Marriage Robert P. TEMPLE-54916 and Glen E. CHRISTIAN-54918
Apr 1930 Occupation Robert P. TEMPLE-54916
Apr 1930 Census Glen E. CHRISTIAN-54918
Apr 1930 Census Robert D. TEMPLE-54919
Apr 1930 Census Jean C. TEMPLE-54920
bef 1954 Moved Floyd LeRoy (Roy) REAGER-27255

KS, Johnson Co.

1876 Moved George Ann Osborne OZBUN-29020
4 Dec 1877 Marriage James TEMPLE-21361 and Eleanor M. (Ella) REYNOLDS-21385
18 Feb 1893 Birth Mary L. TEMPLE-39977

KS, Johnson, Bonita

12 Nov 1881 Birth John TEMPLE-21394
5 Nov 1899 Birth Lucy Clarissa (Lucy) TEMPLE-38313

KS, Johnson, Leawood

1968 Residence Marcia DEUTCH-89822

KS, Johnson, Lenexa

23 Sep 1920 Marriage Oren Lawrence (Oren) TEMPLE-31314 and Hazel STANTON-31315
27 Apr 1924 Birth William Robert (Robert) BLACKWELL-31379

KS, Johnson, Mission Heights

1947 Residence June Maden (June) TEMPLE-77825

KS, Johnson, Monticello Twp.

Apr 1910 Occupation Benjamin Bell (Ben) TEMPLE-21928
Apr 1910 Census Artis Mae (Artie) SWANK-21934
Apr 1910 Occupation Leroy B. (Roy) TEMPLE-21935
Apr 1910 Census Bertha Mae (Bertha) TEMPLE-21936
Apr 1910 Census Ella Myrtle TEMPLE-21937
Apr 1910 Census Harry J. TEMPLE-21938
Apr 1910 Census Rolla Morgan (Rolla) TEMPLE-21939

KS, Johnson, Morse

3 Jul 1907 Birth Mildred May MURRAY-88373
19 Aug 1927 Birth Don Merton TEMPLE-31325

KS, Johnson, Ochelltree

6 Dec 1917 Death James Alexander ADAMS-29021

KS, Johnson, Olathe

21 Jul 1843 Birth Clarissa Jane (Clara) PAUL-21381
16 Oct 1878 Birth John Hart (John) TEMPLE-39974
Jun 1880 Occupation William Franklin (Franklin) TEMPLE-21365
Jun 1880 Census Clarissa Jane (Clara) PAUL-21381
Jun 1880 Census Charles David (Charles) TEMPLE-21382
Jun 1880 Census William Lincoln (William) TEMPLE-21384
Jun 1880 Occupation Florence Lavinia (Flora) TEMPLE-21404
Jun 1880 Census David Lewis (David) TEMPLE-40008
16 Jun 1881 Birth Carrie Otie TEMPLE-21386
27 Jul 1881 Death Carrie Otie TEMPLE-21386
4 Apr 1884 Birth Edna May (Edna) TEMPLE-21388
18 Jun 1884 Birth Lucille (Lulu) HARPER-39998
25 Jan 1889 Death Hannah HOLLIS-21387
5 Jul 1889 Marriage Robert Lee TEMPLE-29023 and Lucy Besheba ADAMS-29022
18 Jun 1890 Birth M. Maye TEMPLE-29024
2 Jan 1898 Birth Chester TEMPLE-37927
23 Dec 1898 Death Chester TEMPLE-37927
Feb 1900 Residence James TEMPLE-21361
7 Feb 1900 Marriage Henry W. KASSEL-42375 and Hannah TEMPLE-39975
Jun 1900 Census James TEMPLE-21361
Jun 1900 Occupation William Franklin (Franklin) TEMPLE-21365
Jun 1900 Census Clarissa Jane (Clara) PAUL-21381
Jun 1900 Census Eleanor M. (Ella) REYNOLDS-21385
Jun 1900 Census Edna May (Edna) TEMPLE-21388
Jun 1900 Occupation John TEMPLE-21394
Jun 1900 Occupation John Hart (John) TEMPLE-39974
Jun 1900 Census Otis R. TEMPLE-39976
Jun 1900 Census Mary L. TEMPLE-39977
Jun 1900 Occupation David Lewis (David) TEMPLE-40008
Jun 1900 Census Myrtle Esther (Myrtle) MARTIN-40009
6 Nov 1905 Birth Roy Lewis TEMPLE-40010
17 Apr 1909 Death James TEMPLE-21361
Apr 1910 Occupation Eleanor M. (Ella) REYNOLDS-21385
Apr 1910 Occupation John Hart (John) TEMPLE-39974
Apr 1910 Occupation Otis R. TEMPLE-39976
Apr 1910 Census Mary L. TEMPLE-39977
Apr 1910 Occupation David Lewis (David) TEMPLE-40008
Apr 1910 Census Myrtle Esther (Myrtle) MARTIN-40009
Apr 1910 Census Roy Lewis TEMPLE-40010
17 Apr 1910 Death Edna May (Edna) TEMPLE-21388
24 Nov 1915 Birth William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928
1 Oct 1919 Birth Agnes Marie PRETZ-10154
23 Dec 1925 Birth Lester Monroe (Lester) TEMPLE-31346
Jun 1928 Marriage Charles E. HARRIS-88372 and Mildred May MURRAY-88373
26 Feb 1930 Death Eleanor M. (Ella) REYNOLDS-21385
Apr 1930 Occupation Oren Lawrence (Oren) TEMPLE-31314
Apr 1930 Occupation Hazel STANTON-31315
Apr 1930 Census Don Merton TEMPLE-31325
Apr 1930 Census Bonnie June TEMPLE-31360
Apr 1930 Occupation David Lewis (David) TEMPLE-40008
Apr 1930 Census Myrtle Esther (Myrtle) MARTIN-40009
Apr 1930 Occupation Roy Lewis TEMPLE-40010
Apr 1930 Census Mamie Esther (Esther) MC NALLY-40011
3 Jan 1935 Death Roy Lewis TEMPLE II-40036
21 Apr 1945 Death William Lincoln (William) TEMPLE-21384
11 Jan 1959 Death Myrtle Esther (Myrtle) MARTIN-40009
10 Mar 1959 Death Cinderella C. (Rella) CROMWELL-21356
bef 1967 Residence Oren Lawrence (Oren) TEMPLE-31314
11 Aug 1973 Death William Lincoln TEMPLE Jr.-37928
6 Apr 1975 Death Mary L. TEMPLE-39977
1994 Residence Helen Frances (Helen) TEMPLE-27818
25 Jan 2001 Death Richard Neal STONE-59993

KS, Johnson, Olathe, Aubry Twp.

1920/21 Residence Oren Lawrence (Oren) TEMPLE-31314

KS, Johnson, Overland Park

1992 Residence Robert Albert KELLER-89878
1998 Residence Dr. Scott Dean TEMPLE-66724
2007 Residence Beverly Anne (Beverly) TEMPLE-35394

KS, Johnson, Shawnee Mission

30 Jan 1967 Death Oren Lawrence (Oren) TEMPLE-31314
23 Jul 1984 Death Charlene Frances (Frances) HENSCHEL-40012
11 Dec 1997 Death Richard TEMPLE-89821
21 Aug 2000 Death Mary Katherine (Katherine) MANSUR-35392
24 Nov 2003 Death Richard W. TEMPLE-99522

KS, Johnson, Spring Hill

1867 Marriage Hosea Stebbins PARKER-8160 and Martha D. WILSON-8695
1869 Birth Mary Emogene PARKER-8948
1870 Death Benjamin Allen PARKER-8158
1875 Death Hosea Stebbins PARKER-8160
Feb 1880 Birth Hannah TEMPLE-39975
Jun 1880 Occupation James TEMPLE-21361
Jun 1880 Census Eleanor M. (Ella) REYNOLDS-21385
Jun 1880 Census Hannah HOLLIS-21387
Jun 1880 Census Julia Etta (Etta) TEMPLE-21407
Jun 1880 Census John Hart (John) TEMPLE-39974
Jun 1880 Census Hannah TEMPLE-39975
Jun 1900 Occupation Charles David (Charles) TEMPLE-21382
Jun 1900 Census Olive Anna Lucy WOLFE-21396
Jun 1900 Census Florence Lavinia (Flora) TEMPLE-21404
Jun 1900 Census Julia Etta (Etta) TEMPLE-21407
Jun 1900 Census John W. HARPER-22627
Jun 1900 Census Irwin Smith (Smith) POST-22628
Jun 1900 Census Lucy Clarissa (Lucy) TEMPLE-38313
Jun 1900 Census Lucille (Lulu) HARPER-39998

KS, Johnson, Stanley

14 Jul 1924 Birth Bonnie June TEMPLE-31360

KS, Johnson, Stillwell

1776 Death William PARKER-9022

KS, Kearny, Lakin

Dec 1984 Death Jessie L. TEMPLE-60110

KS, Kingman Co.

1884 Residence Salome TEMPLE-5528
1884 Residence J.B. FRY-37929
6 Nov 1884 Marriage J.B. FRY-37929 and Salome TEMPLE-5528
1885 Residence Lillie TEMPLE-72982
1885 Residence Lewis BUSHEY-72983
1889 Residence Nettie Eleanor TEMPLE-2856
1892 Residence Elizabeth E. (Lizzie) TEMPLE-2857
1892 Residence Charles Allen SHELLEY-17854
1899 Residence Monte Z. SMITH-37930

KS, Kingman, Cunningham

1934 Residence Lillian G. RENNER-63283

KS, Kingman, Hoosier

Jun 1900 Occupation John TEMPLE-97261

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