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This site includes about 165,500 people from more than 65,400 familes, covering more than 18,200 surnames. Over 5,000 sources and 512,900 citations provide details on the lines of TEMPLEs. This web site includes 272 trees containing 25 or more people, with 6 of these containing more than 1,000 people each. Those 272 trees comprise over 109,941 of the total number of individuals on this web site. The largest of the North American familes is the line of the original immigrant, Abraham Temple of Salem, MA, (See Name Origin and the Provenance of Abraham of Salem) and includes over 67,400 individuals.

As with any web site on genealogy, there are undoubtedly errors here - but every effort has been made to minimize these. So - please enjoy your time on the web site - and use the information to guide your own research, but verify, verify, verify with the best available records. As with any research project, there are caveats which a serious researcher should know and heed. If you do find errors, let me know and these will be fixed.

Many thanks to all the TEMPLE cousins and researchers who have contributed - this is hardly my own work, and would not be possible without the help of all. I have tried very hard to ensure all sources of information used are identified and peole given credit for their work. Please respect that, and if you use information found here, please cite the web page.

One favor - if you take data away - please contribute something of your own if you can. Also - don't leave without checking the citations. In addition to supplemental information, throughout the citations, there are many researchers' names and e-mail addresses. I am sure they would appreciate hearing from you if you share similar family lines.

Dr. L. Parker Temple III
(A descendant of Abraham Temple of Salem)

Table of Contents

SurnamesSurname List
Want to know if your surname is in the database? Enter here. This is an alphabetical listing of all the Surnames. Find the first letter of the last name (Surname), and that will take you to a full listing of all surnames in the database under that letter. That listing, then, will take you to the given names for each surname. First time or infrequent visitors will find this is probably the best place to start.
GivenIndex of Given Names by Surname for the Main Lines
This skips past the surname listing Surname List (above). If you already know a surname is in the database, this indexed listing goes right to both the given and surnames of all those in the database. This section is recommended only for those who have visited before.
FactoidsIndex of people with the TEMPLE surname whose given names are presently unknown.
Who knows, maybe the TEMPLE, TEMPLES or TEMPEL you are looking for is here - but right now, the sources have only identified them by their last name. This is all I know at present, but you might find that one fact you have needed to solve a problem...let me know if you find one.
Want to know what the sources of the information were? For ease of loading, each section of 10,000 is divided into 1,000 citation increments.
RepositoriesRepositories Containing The Sources On This Web Site
To facilitate your research, the following is a list of all the repositories holding the sources cited. These are the places and sites used to compile all of this information. You should not take anything here for proof - this is web site is at best a good transcription from sources as close to original as possible. The repositories are where you can follow the same path as I have and may find more information to meet your specific interests.
The section is not linked to any citations, but provides over 4,700 sources used. Listed by title in alphabetic order, this listing should be useful for researchers of allied and related lines.
ReferencesThe Essential TEMPLE References
Some of the more important TEMPLE-related sources listed (above) in the Bibliography are discussed and assessed. If you are new to TEMPLE genealogy research, you need to be familiar with these sources. The data from these, updated and corrected by the other sources, formed the core of the TEMPLE & RELATED LINES IN AMERICA database.
MilitaryMilitary Service Records of TEMPLE and TEMPLES
This section leads to a variety of information on TEMPLE and TEMPLES who have served in the military. At present, this section contains indices to resources of the National Archives and Records Administration. The plan is to gradually include abstracted information from the available records.
PlacesPlaces and Events
There are an awful lot of Richards, Williams, Marys, Elizabeths and other common names - but which is yours? If you have a sense of the dates, and something about the location, look here to see if you can find the person you are looking for, then go to the Given Names by Surname listing. If your interest is to find out what went on where, as an aid to searching various courthouses, etc., here is a good place to look. All of the places in TEMPLE & RELATED LINES IN AMERICA are presented here in a listing broken out alphabetically by state, locality or country.
Name OriginName Origin and the Provenance of Abraham of Salem
The TEMPLE name is primarily associated with England, and to a lesser extent Scotland and Ireland (and Anglicized Germans). This section includes several views on the origin of the TEMPLE name.
PlacesPlaces Named For TEMPLEs
TEMPLE place names are rarely named for the TEMPLE family. But, what the heck, it makes interesting reading.

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